tagSci-Fi & FantasyCinderella's Birthday Ch. 02

Cinderella's Birthday Ch. 02


"Well, my dear, as much as I would love to keep you in my bed forever, I actually didn't take you away for selfish reasons. I could see that my sister and nieces would never let you out of that house, and would most likely keep you from the ball tonight."

"I don't see the big deal about going to the ball, anyways. It sounds like just another stuffy party she never lets me go to anyways."

Sopia looked at her strangely and said, "My dear, apparently your stepmother hasn't told you of the significance of the ball. It isn't just any old party, but a matchmaking ball for the prince who is mainly looking for not just any lay, but for a woman that he would like to marry. Usually he takes the women and fucks them first, and if he likes what he gets, then he may pursue further interest. But so far, the women that he has bedded he hasn't found a reason to pursue them. But now that you are of age, you can have a shot at it, and if not marriage, then at least a night of sex with the prince. So we will go to my shop and get you tailored and ready for tonight, with a little pussy licking in between, and then hopefully get you married off, if not to the prince, then some other rich man that will get you out of my sister's house."

And with that, they pulled up to Sopia's store, where Sopia's all female staff were sitting around bored because all the women in town had what they needed for the prince's ball, and so there was no business. But Sopia clapped her hands and announced, "Ladies, this is my goddaughter Cinderella, and we are going to dress her for the ball tonight in my personal 'Classic' outfit. Jeanne, will you bring the girls back?"

"Yes, madam," said Jeanne, who was a short brunette in her early 30s, very busty, and who looked at Cinderella with sparkling, hazel eyes and a smile. She then turned and motioned for the three other women to escort them to the back where a steaming tub was waiting and Cinderella watched as the four workers, Jeanne and three younger women, each disrobed to show their naked bodies having beautiful breasts and shaved pussies, and the foursome split up and Jeanne and beautiful young blonde Keli removed Sopia's clothes and helped her into the tub, and Sopia had her pussy fingered by both Keli and Jeanne as they fingered her pussy while watching as Cinderella was disrobed by young blonde Mari and brunette Tania, who helped her into the tub and sat her on the edge and treated her the same as Sopia.

They continued for twenty minutes until Sopia and Cinderella each came and were planning on continuing until Sopia finally spoke up and said, "Alright ladies, now that we've had our fun, we need to get down to business. Let's get my goddaughter dressed and we can celebrate later." And with an unfortunate sigh everyone emerged from the tub and dried off their naked bodies and didn't bother dressing as they went into the shop to start measuring, cutting, and sewing, all with Cinderella noticing a large crowd of what seemed to be every man in town watching the naked women working and Cinderella being exposed to their leering eyes and tented pants.

"Aunt Sopia, why are all those men at the windows watching us?"

"Don't worry about them dear. They know that if we are ever we work this late, it's because we just got done fooling around with each other and don't feel like getting dressed until it's time to go home to our husbands."

"You mean everyone in here is married?"

"Well, not everyone. I'm not, but each of the others are either married or betrothed. But they know their women would never cheat with another man, just women either here or customers who come in. In fact, their men are in the front row of watchers, and seeing us in here gets them hot and horny for tonight. So just ignore them; we do."

Cinderella didn't mind being leered at, but actually was quite excited by it and was getting horny thinking about fucking all them men out there, especially since she hadn't had a good cock in over a day. She was hoping the prince would like her enough to want to fuck her, and she began to fantasize about walking into the ball and being so beautiful that the prince would walk right up to her, tear off her dress, and fuck her for hours in front of all attendants. As she thought about a large cock plunging into her depths and being flooded by royal cum, she was startled out of her revelry by her aunt.

"Darling, open your eyes and look at your dress for tonight."

Cinderella opened her eyes and saw her beautiful body clothed in a green silk dress that looked like a camisole, with a neckline down to just above her pussy that barely covered her breasts, no back, and the hem to mid thigh with a slit up each leg; green heels; and her hair curled ringlets.

"Well, dear, do you like it?"

Cinderella could hardly speak, she had tears in her eyes, and leaped into Sopia's arms and deeply kissed her, wishing she could do more than that, and went down the line and kissed each woman as she held them to her as they grabbed each other's ass. After the last seamstress, Cinderella was escorted to the carriage shaped like an ivory colored pumpkin waiting to take her to the party.

Sopia watched the carriage go and knew it was time for the celebration for a job well done to commence, so she walked naked out in front of the store and allowed all the onlookers to get a good look at her nude body as she whispered to each of the husbands, "If you guys are horny enough, I promised the girls a celebratory orgy after we finished. So come on in and help yourselves." The four of them grinned and left her standing by herself naked and surrounded by a half dozen horny men, along with a couple of women, and knew she wanted to get fucked, since she looked inside and saw the men naked and either fucking or sucking her employees. "Looks like it's going to be a long night," she thought as she led her entourage into her private bedroom and bath as they proceeded to fuck and suck each other all night long, with the store remaining closed to celebrate throughout the day.

As Cinderella's coach approached the palace, she found it alive with lights and music as guests arrived, and even along the drive she could tell that there were some people celebrating early as she saw them naked and fucking in various ways and positions. Pulling up to the entry, she saw the men impeccably dressed, while the women were dressed in the most revealing, sluttish outfits she had ever seen, with some even being led on collars and leashes by their dominatrix dressed in leather, hopefully to lure the prince to bed with a promise of both of them. But when Cinderella stepped out of her carriage, she found that all eyes were on her as her toned, tall legs made way to her tight body and unusual long red hair that was accentuated by her green dress.

The valet who opened her door and helped her out, a short man with a hooked nose, dark eyes, but physically impressive, caught a glimpse of her shaven pussy before looking up into her green eyes and with a catch in his voice said, "Welcome to the palace, dear lady."

"Why thank you, dear man. Do those doors lead to the ball?"

"Yes. Just follow the other guests."

"Thank you," was her reply, leaning down to kiss his cheek, which he knew would make the other valets jealous.

She proceeded into the castle as eyes followed her and men and women licked their lips, envisioning what lay underneath her short dress and what they would like to do with it.

Inside the ballroom, guests from all reaches of the kingdom were gathered, hoping they would be chosen by the prince to be at least his next bed partner, and watched as he danced with one person right after the other. The prince was quite a handsome man, who at twenty five years old stood just over six feet tall and while he looked wiry, was a muscular man who also had a nine inch cock that he used effectively on all his female conquests. It was said that he had never refused a woman, but at the moment, he was having a horrible time as he danced with a tax collector's daughter, who was a short twenty something with a whiny voice that made him want to run away and sleep for the rest of the night. To get his mind off her, and the rest of the night of dreadful formalities, he began thinking back on the night before, when he had been fucking the exquisite Gardin triplets who enjoyed feasting not only on him but each other as well. He just wanted to get the night over with and slip into bed with a few little pieces of ass, and as his present dance ended and he proceeded to go refresh himself, he noticed that all the people around him were looking towards the doors, and when he did as well, he could only stare.

A few hundred feet from the prince stood Lucilla, Rowena, and Gleena, all planning on how to lure the prince into their bed, when they heard the music stop and looked towards the orchestra situated near the entrance. What they saw left them speechless, for it was none other than Cinderella in the most revealing and sexiest outfit they had ever seen. But the fact that everyone was staring at her, including the prince, had her unsure of herself made them quite happy, until the prince apparently gathered his wits and was walking towards her. This changed their view of her from sex toy to rival, which only served to begin their hatred of her.

Cinderella had walked down the hallway, unaware of the effect she was having on the guests, until she stopped outside the entrance to check her reflection in the mirror and saw a group of men following her. She was afraid until she noticed the lust in their eyes was for her, and suddenly she was no longer afraid but felt empowered and knew that it was going to be a very good night, even if she didn't get the attention of the prince. But she was unprepared for what she encountered, since apparently word of her had spread ahead, and as she entered the entire ballroom was quiet and all eyes were upon her. She started to become unsure of herself and was almost ready to walk out until she saw the prince start walking towards her, and she noticed how sexy he was, and she decided against leaving.

When he got to her, she gave her best curtsy and found him bowing to her and then took her hand and kissed it as she said her best, "Good evening, your highness."

"Good evening, dear lady. May I ask if your ocean of admirers would be upset if I stole you away for the next dance?"

"I'm sure they'll make an exception for you, sire. If not, I can always start to make a list to fit them in, though I'm not sure one night would be sufficient for them all."

"Well then, let's not waste any time. Shall we?," he asked, holding out his hand as she took it.

She nodded her acceptance and took his hand as he led her onto the floor and as they danced talked about themselves and discussed the dance, her dress, and her ocean of admirers. And during that time, his hands were roaming up and down her back, across her ass, and then finally under as he happily discovered she wore no panties and traced the crack of her ass down to her dripping pussy that he began fingering on the floor. While he did this they brought their lips together and began making out while her hand traveled downward and found his rock hard cock that she began stroking through his pants. Their teasing on the dance floor was the focus of everyone until neither could take anymore and she whispered to him, "Fuck me, oh please fuck me now, sire! I want your cock!" And with that he picked her up and carried her to the nearest table, cleared it with his arm, and yelled for his personal guard, who hurried out and formed a solid wall of armor around the table, giving the horny couple some semblance of privacy where they couldn't be seen to anyone but each other, but could be heard by the rest of the ballroom.

He laid her on her back and ripped her dress off and looked upon her hot, tight body with spread legs and pussy that she rubbed while pinching her nipples, as she watched him drop his trousers in record time and looked upon his powerful erection. She grabbed hold of his cock and stroked it while pulling him forward and guiding him to her wet pussy, which he thrust fully into her on one stroke that brought her to an instant orgasm but couldn't rest as he began forcefully fucking her with hard, pounding strokes that got them both so hot that they only lasted a few minutes until he unloaded his cum into her pussy and left them naked and sweating but far from finished. Cinderella removed herself and stood and began sucking his cock until he was hard again and she pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him, where she sank onto his cock and began riding him as he held onto her ass, then her tits that he sat up and began alternately sucking, nibbling, and pinching that brought her to orgasm and want to taste him, so she kept riding him until she felt him tensing and then got off and on her knees told him, "I want to taste your royal cum." He couldn't argue and stood as she jacked and sucked his cock until he filled her mouth that spilled out onto her face and tits, which she happily scooped into her mouth.

After this, he knew that he was not finished with her but wanted a more comfortable locale, so they both dressed and emerged to find the ballroom had erupted into a massive orgy, with the majority of the people fucking and sucking, and others happily participating as voyeurs and awaiting their turns at certain places. They knew they would not be missed from that point, so Cinderella and the prince made their way towards the royal suite, with her passing a group and noticing it was her stepfamily fucking away at the Gardin triplets with strap-ons. But she didn't care as the prince picked her up and carried to his bed where he ripped off her dress, was naked in moments, and was balls deep and fucking hard and fast as her legs came around his waist and they went two hours until he gave one more deep thrust and flooded her pussy as they collapsed together and fell asleep.

The next morning the prince woke up to find that not only was she a great fuck, but also gave the greatest blowjob he had ever received as her red hair bobbed up and down while her luscious lips devoured his cock while he felt himself building and suddenly grabbed hold of her head as his hips lurched and unloaded down her throat. She didn't release right away but continued to lick and suck until he was fully done and then separated herself and licked her lips. She then crawled on all fours up him, kissing and licking the whole way until their lips met in a deep kiss as he rolled her onto her back and said, "I realize, dear lady, that you have tasted my royal juice twice already, but I have failed to return the pleasure. So lay back and relax as my tongue finally tastes what my cock has over and over." And with that he licked his way down her body, paying prolonged attention to her small but firm breasts as he licked and nibbled on her breasts, which fascinated him with their size since he was used to overly busty women. He then continued down until he finally reached her lips which were engorged with excitement and dripping wet. He began by licking around her pussy, circling closer and closer until he traced her slit up and down from her clit to her ass, then spread her lips with his fingers and dove in and speared her as deep as his tongue went, which brought a yell of excitement as he then began wiggling inside her. And for the next hour he feasted on her lips, clit, and juices as she had multiple orgasms brought by his licking and fingers that he inserted and pumped until she collapsed in full exhaustion. "Please, your highness, I beg of you no more! I am too sore to continue"

But he was in no mood to stop, with his full erection obvious as he got to his knees. "My dear girl, are you refusing your prince his pleasure?"

She shook her head no.

"Good, because there is one more location I have yet to explore. So I want you to roll over onto your stomach and just go with the flow."

He knew Cinderella had no choice but to comply, but didn't hear any complaining either, leading him to believe that she wanted him to fuck her ass, and he smiled as she rolled over and automatically reached back and spread her ass. He then reached into a drawer on his nightstand and pulled out his own special brand of lube which he not only coated his fingers in, but also inserted and poured. He next inserted his fingers and pumped to loosen her up, but he didn't feel very much tightness, and that meant that she had been fucked in the ass before and explained her complicity in his wishes. So he pulled out, used the excess lube to coat his cock, and began to ease himself through her entrance, which brought a moan from both of them, and when he felt himself hit bottom, he laid himself on her back and turned her head so that they could kiss while he thrust in and out. When she shoved her head into a pillow from the pleasure he pulled her ass upright and began speeding up his strokes until he was pounding furiously as she began screaming and his sweat dripped onto her naked ass and back and joined hers to soak the sheets, along with the juices running down her legs.

He slapped her ass a few times and grabbed her hair to pull her head back and said, "You like getting fucked in the ass?"

"Yes, very much."

"Do you want me to stop?"


"Where do you want me to cum?"

"In my ass."

"You asked for it," he told her, and grabbed her hips and slammed forward, emptying herself into her and they collapsed onto the sweat and cum stained sheets and he held her as they drifted to sleep.

She awoke to find herself being lowered into a warm bath and he slid behind her and took a soft sponge and began to rub her body while they took the time to talk.

"You know, I never did learn your name?" "Cinderella. And I need to tell you that after all these years I never learned your name, or will I never see you again and only know you as the prince?"

"Nomen. And if you think I'm going to let you go after one night of awesome sex, you are sadly mistaken. Now I have a few more questions for you: Why had I never seen you before last night, and how did you get to be such an incredible little sex machine?"

"If you must know, they are actually one in the same. I've never been here before because I only turned 18 a few days ago, and my stepmother and sisters turned me from being manual labor to their sex toy. They fucked me silly that first night, then turned me over to the farm hands, and finally to my godmother, Aunt Sopia, who was supposed to only have me as payment for their dresses she wore for them to wear the first night of the ball. And while she did fuck me into utter senselessness, she and her employees also made my dress that you so lovingly tore off in order to continue to fucking me last night."

He looked on the floor and saw the tattered dress and remembered just how sexy she looked in it, which made him ready for another round in bed, as well as knowing that he could never find another woman who could ever replace her in bed.

"Tell me, Cinderella, if I were to ask you to marry me, and you were to accept, how fast would she be able to make a wedding dress?"

"Is that a proposal, your highness?"

"As a matter of fact it is. I have never met anyone like you before, especially with your skills at sucking and fucking, which I find amazing after only a few days. And also, this is the last year of not finding someone on my own from the ball, and if I don't name someone by tomorrow night, then Parliament will make me marry someone who would be politically correct. So, will you accept my proposal to by not only the queen of my kingdom, but also of my heart?"

"You are quite the silver tongued devil, your highness, and I will accept your proposal, but on one condition?"

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