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This is the direct sequel to Cinthesis. I strongly recommend reading it first otherwise you might not get everything in this story.


Chapter 1

The sun peeked through the window, giving Her skin a golden sheen. Beverly couldn't get enough of the sight of Her sleeping form, lying atop the covers on her stomach. It formed such a perfect counterpoint to the Song in Beverly's head, another confirmation that it had been a good decision to move in with her best friend.

It had been Cin's decision, of course.

That didn't mean Bev didn't make any decisions on her own; she did. Like right now, for example, she'd decided how she was going to wake up her friend.

Her hands ghosted over Cin's legs, gliding up the slope of her butt as Beverly crawled forward. 'I've never done this before.' The thought was a wet kiss on her clit. 'We've done a lot of things, but I've never gone here.' Moving Her tail aside with one hand, Bev pressed her lips lightly against one globe and then the other. 'Such a dirty girl. Cin's dirty, hot slut.'

Light kisses turned into little licks that swiftly devolved into a swirling tongue bath as Her taste filled Bev's mouth. The blonde's body sang with lust, a pulsating beat that traveled straight from her mouth to her tits.

Her lips wrapped around Her tail, her tongue trailing a wet path up and down the limp appendage that ended in a gentle swipe through Her crack. Bev's hands pulled Cin's cheeks apart, Her groans signaling She was waking up.

This was an act of devotion, of love. A worship in deed, instead of word. Tonguing Cin's asshole until Her cum splattered the sheets was Beverly's morning prayer. She didn't even need to touch herself, Cin's cries of passion amplified the Song in her head and all Bev knew was bliss. It drooled from her pussy while her mindless tongue continued to eat Her out.


'I've only been back to work for less than a day and I already can't wait for the weekend,' Cin pondered morosely behind the counter. 'Of course, this job sucked when I took it.'

Working at a sporting good store was not what she'd had in mind when she graduated from college, but it paid the bills while she lined up a real job-one that fell into her field of interest. That hadn't happened; instead she was still working at Jane's Sportfashion three years later.

That, however, wasn't the most aggravating thing about working there. No, that prize went to her two co-workers, Jake and Linda, who slacked off at every opportunity. Not in front of the owner, of course, he'd have fired them long ago if they'd been dumb enough to do that.

No, they waited for his back to be turned. Like now: every Monday morning, between ten and eleven, the boss went off for lunch and Linda took Jake back into the stockroom, leaving Cin to mind the store.

She knew what they were doing back there, and up until today that knowledge had only been irritating. But she was a new woman now. Curiosity beckoned. Her eyes drifted to the door in the back, then made a quick scan of the store. She bit her lip. 'There's nobody here, I won't be missed.'

Still looking around as if afraid she'd be caught, Cin stalked quietly into the back. Her sensitive ears already picking up on their lovemaking before her hand was on the doorknob.

'Why am I doing this? I'm not attracted to them; I don't even like them! So what the hell am I doing sneaking in here to watch two annoying people have sex?' It was a good question, but it didn't stop Cin from softly closing the door behind her and creeping up on the couple hidden by a rack of ski suits, because she was curious.

She got an eyeful right away as Linda had just finished lowering Jack's pants and was now busy engulfing his manmeat with her lips. Unlike Cin or Linda, he actually looked like he was into sports. The muscles in his arm stood out as he used them to brace himself against the table.

Most of Linda's body couldn't be seen from this angle, obscured by Jake, the table and some boxes. That changed soon after, when she stood up and pushed her partner back to lie on the table. Linda's lithe body scrambled on top of him and she guided his dick into her with a toothy grin. Within seconds, Linda was happily bouncing up and down, her small titties swaying freely through the air.

Neither of them was all that sexy or attractive to Cin. Yet she was breathing just as hard as Linda, her nipples poking into her bra. Because her senses saw beyond that, saw the joy they experienced. The lust they were satisfying right now was infectious, stoking Cin's own fire.

Hands trembling with desire, she pawed at her clothes as her eyes remained riveted to the scene before her. Teeth pressed into her lower lip, stopping the groan from escaping after a hand finally released one of her tits from its confines. It yearned to be trapped by something warmer.

On the table, Linda threw her head back moaning unabashedly as her hands mimicked Cin's actions. Sex hung thick in the air, the raven-haired hybrid breathed it. In and out, out and in.

Her skirt was on the floor, wet panties pushed aside to give her questing fingers access. Her body itched to change. 'No,' Cin denied herself while watching Linda roll her hips. Her co-workers skins gleamed with sweat in the soft light of the stockroom. 'Can't risk it, not here.' A thumb flicked her clit, pleasure pierced her thoughts.

This time, Cin couldn't stop a mewl from escaping her panting lips. Couldn't stop her fingers from playing her body. On the table, Linda leaned back to get a new angle, Jake supporting her without hesitation as if it were a well-rehearsed dance move. Oblivious to their audience or the time.

"Ungh, cumming!" Someone cried out. But nobody slowed down. The energy in the room remained at a feverish pitch.

Linda tilted forward and lay down on Jake before slamming her hips down on his, Jake's hips thrusting up to meet. A slick finger teased Cin's back entrance, circling it once, twice, before dipping back into her sex. 'Screw this: I need a hand, and I know just where to get them.'

"What the hell do you people think you're doing!" a voice thundered, freezing Cin in place. Looking over at the door, she saw her boss. Kenneth Jane was red in the face, his eyes darting from the couple on the table to Cin and back again. "There are customers here! That's what I pay you people for: to help them, not to fornicate while they can hear everything!!!"

Jake and Linda finally seemed to realize they had an audience and started to scramble for their clothes. Cin had a slightly easier time of putting them back on, but that also meant an embarrassed Jane focused his ire on her. "You're fired!" he shouted sounding a bit hoarse. "You're all fired! Get out! Get out! Now!"

Cin's mouth opened, then closed. She wanted to argue, to save her job. 'It's not fair, it's those two who've been doing this for months while I've been doing my job! And now, the one time I did sneak off, I get fired? I need the money, dammit.'

Naturally she wasn't going to say it exactly like that; she could phrase it better than that. Or just beg. Yet something held her back. Something she'd gotten a more intimate knowledge of since the change: instinct.

Startled, Cin realized that, despite her new found power, she was unable to object to him. 'If he tells me to suck him off, I'd actually do it...' Try as she might, she couldn't get upset over it. The prospect of being unemployed was like a punch in the gut, yet she couldn't bring herself to object.

'Because Kenneth is my boss, I'm his subordinate. I agreed to obey him.' She knew, intellectually, that working for someone didn't entail such submission. Not in America. It was an attitude from the other place. The one she'd gotten glimpses of in her dreams. But this wasn't a dream: this was now and this was here. Nevertheless, the idea was hers now and so were the consequences.

"Yes, sir," was all that would pass her lips as Cin hung her head in defeat. She was out of a job. A job she didn't like, granted, but one she didn't want to leave like this. Not without some other sort of work lined up. All because she had to indulge herself.

In a daze, she let her legs carry her out of the stockroom, past the curious eyes of the customers Mister Jane mentioned and out of the store. 'I'm fired?'


Cin wandered without direction, her complete attention turned inward trying to figure out who she was now. She thought she knew, right up until Kenneth Jane had given her an order and her own beliefs had surprised her. So now she tried to find out if there were any other surprises lurking within her.

'What if my Creator came back? Would I obey him?' Cin wondered, dreading the answer. But nothing happened, the feeling she'd gotten with her boss was absent when she thought of her Creator. 'Because we never made an agreement,' she suddenly realized. "That's the key," she accidentally said aloud.

Embarrassed, Cin looked around but found nobody was close enough to have overheard her. 'I don't have to, I can choose now. I always had a choice.' Both felt true, though only one should.

The ex-employee of Jane's SportFashion grimaced as another thought came to her: 'But I'll have the same problem with any new job I find. Except this time, I know full well what I'll be agreeing to, even if my new boss won't.' Fear and lust mixed as Cin's imagination came up with a couple of scenarios when this hypothetical boss did find out.

Something caught her eye and she stopped to look, only realizing now that her feet had led her out of the main shopping area onto a small street Cin had never been to before. There were several shops here, too, but it was one in particular that had drawn her attention.

A piece of paper was taped to the glass of the door reading "Looking for a sales associate, must be at least 21 years old..." etc. A quick glance told her she met all requirements, yet it didn't say what sort of store this was.

There were no displays in the window and a screen artfully decorated to make it look like a pair of curtains prevented her from looking inside. On the glass itself a web-address was printed with a telephone number in smaller type underneath. Looking up the raven-haired hybrid saw that the name of the shop was Pandora's Box, which offered no clue either.

Curiosity once more took a hold of Cin. 'I am looking for a job now,' she considered. But another voice argued, 'No; remember what happened not an hour ago!'

She hesitated: that was a good point. 'On the other hand, what's the harm in looking? I'm not agreeing to anything just by walking in and finding out what they're selling.' That ... was true.

Nodding to herself she walked over to the shop's door and opened it. --------------------------------------------------

The sound of tinking bell rang through the store, alerting Sarah Anisidora that someone had come in. She'd been reading the paper, expecting it would be a quiet morning, as most were. Truth be told, her shop did most of its business online, and half the people who came to them physically did so because they didn't want their orders delivered at home. That and your usual gaggle of high schoolers thinking they were so bold and mature because they dared to come into a sex shop.

The person who came in fell in neither of those categories. This girl had long, intensely black hair that flowed freely down her back. Intelligent eyes framed in a fresh face that lacked a tan. Her body looked good, slender and curved in all the right places. Her outfit, however, looked like she worked in one of the other stores. The girl wasn't wearing a jacket even though it was still chilly outside. 'And she's not in a hurry,' Anisidora judged as she watched the girl's gaze slowly travel the various displays.

There were some toys on shelves on the right wall and in free standing displays scattered around the room, but that was only a small sample of their complete catalogue. This left the shop roomy and, aided by the natural lighting, it put customers at ease.

Two mannequins dressed in fetish wear flanked a doorway on the left, leading to what Anisidora liked to think of as her boutique: a room containing their clothing selection as well as a couple of dressing rooms. That was the reason the other half visited the shop, to try it on before buying it.

Still, the behavior of Anisidora's present company was unusual. Not weird-those were common enough even though most of her products were more for her than for him. No, it was the obvious curiosity the girl displayed combined with a lack of furtive glances Anisidora's way. No embarrassment seemed to register even when she lifted a boxed dildo up to examine it.

Anisidora examined her once more trying to guess why she'd come in. When the girl took an experimental swing with a riding crop, seemingly fascinated by the sound it made, she'd had enough. "Can I help you?"

The black-haired girl looked up and blinked as if she'd forgotten she wasn't alone. "Uh, yes," she said while putting the crop back. "I saw you're looking for a sales associate, but there was no clue what you were selling."

Anisidora simply arched an eyebrow. She was indeed looking for a cashier to help her run this shop. Denise had left over a month ago and, while she hadn't been her only employee, Anisidora couldn't really spare the others for this. They had their own jobs maintaining the online business. So far, though, they'd had no applicants that met her standards. Either too eager to work here, or too embarrassed. 'So far, this one's actually the most promising candidate but her remarks better get more intelligent right quick. I can't stand airheads'-a smirk crossed her lips-'in my business,' she amended. 'They have their uses in bed where their mouths are suitably occupied.' Good memories.

The girl answered her smile. "Of course, now I do know. So, what I wanted to ask is if you still got that job opening."

"I do," Anisidora confirmed. "But I think this is a matter better discussed in my office. Follow me," she commanded leading her into the back.


Cin followed the older woman through the store, her eyes naturally drifting down her backside. There wasn't much to see, as the dark-skinned businesswoman wore a smart business outfit with a skirt that reached past her knees. Still, there was a hint here and there of a very fine body. 'No, focus. You're not here for that. You're just curious about the job. Think about that. Money, food, water, a place to sleep. A place where Beverly can sleep.'

Their short journey led into a small office cluttered with paper. A computer with printer were set up on a desk off to the side of the other, by which they sat. "I'm Sarah Anisidora, by the way."

"Cin-dy, I'm Cindy, though my parents named me Cinderella. I don't really like it." She gasped internally. Giving her real name to a stranger, what was she thinking?


"As in the fairy tale," Cin confirmed.

"Alright, Cindy, you were interested in the position?"

"Uh, right. I am ... recently unemployed," she finished awkwardly. "Actually, I just got fired. Hence my lack of a résumé," Cin tried to joke.

"Hmmm, I can work around that. Where did you work?"

"At Jane's SportsFashion."

"You worked for Kenneth?" Miss Anisidora's face twisted in distaste. "Guess I won't be asking for a reference then. I'm not his most favorite person in the world, and the feeling's mutual. Bigot's been complaining about my business since I opened. So, why did Kenneth fire you?"

'This was a bad idea,' Cin concluded thinking back on this morning. 'Once she hears what happened, she'll show me the door.' So, with a deep breath, she took the plunge and told Miss Anisidora what happened.


When Cindy was finished, Anisidora remained quiet for a moment. "He shouldn't have fired you, not for that." The girl across the desk blinked at that; relief started to spread across her features, which was why she pressed on. "I'd have fired you too," the businesswoman made clear, "right then and there. Can you figure out why?"

She waited and observed Cindy as the applicant thought her words over. 'Well, even if she's not a candidate for this place, there's another position I think she'll be interested in,' she thought recalling the way Cindy's eyes had taken in her store. Anisidora wetted her lips. 'Several, in fact.'

"I ... I should have said something to Mr. Jane. About them, ah, spending time in the stockroom."

"Exactly. Loyalty is all well and good, but, and it galls me to say this, you owed Kenneth some of it too. I'm not a prude like him, so I don't care who you fuck or watch fucking. I do care, however, if you blow off work for it and still expect to get paid."

Cindy flinched at the thrust. She didn't know it yet, but she wasn't being tested for the job. Or not just the job-though, if Anisidora did give it to her, that would mean she'd have to give up on that. She didn't sleep with the people that worked for her.

"But tell me," Anisidora continued. "Why were you working there in the first place? Do you have any ambitions or dreams?"

Cindy shrugged. "It was supposed to be short-term, you know. I did college, got my major in journalism and then my plan fell apart. I'd lined up an internship at this history magazine when it went belly up. I've been sort-of drifting ever since. I suppose I could've looked elsewhere, but my boyfriend lived here, so does my best friend, and next thing I knew three years have gone by. And then things suddenly changed. I changed. You asked me about my dreams ... I don't think I know what they are right now."

Anisidora quietly filed away how she spoke about her boyfriend in the past tense. And the part about changing sounded promising, too. "Sounds to me like you came in here looking for something more than a job."

Before she could say anything more, the bell rang, signaling somebody else had entered the store. Anisidora would have to postpone their dance: "Sounds like our time is up. Tell you what," she said as she retrieved a business card. "Instead of you or me deciding anything right now, why don't you send me your résumé. Here, I'll write down my private email-address. If you're still interested by the time you get home, that is."

Cindy took the bait. 'Great. I'm still not sure about her for the job,' Anisidora mused, 'but her CV should answer that. And if I don't, it would only be "nice" of me to take her mind off of things.'

Chapter 2

"And that's why I'm not sure about pursuing this job right now. I don't want to submit," Cin said distractedly reclining on the bed as nude as Beverly. The blonde herself didn't respond immediately, her mouth otherwise occupied nibbling, sucking and all-around feasting on Her tit.

The hand on her back stroking her approvingly, Bev's head rose a little so she could answer. A trail of saliva still connecting her lips to Cin's nipple. "Why should it be you?"

"What do you mean?" She asked as Her tail started to ghost over Beverly's thigh.

"Hmmm, I, I mean, why are you the one who must submit? You don't have to agree to that to work for her."

Cin looked thoughtful, Her head tilted to Her right as she mulled it over. Bev pressed on. "You've got powers now. She can submit to you. Think about it. The way you described this Sarah, it's obvious you find her attractive," she went on not feeling a hint of jealousy. In fact, the image of this Sarah Anisidora, with her cafe au lait skin and toned body, kneeling before Cin was turning her on.

"Would it be right to take her?"

"Of course it would be! You took me and it was the best thing you've ever done for me. To have your song in my head ..." her voice trailed off as the Song rose in volume at that reminder, derailing her thoughts.

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