Cindy Ch. 03


Thoughts of disobeying him didn't even enter her mind, as with nervous finger Cindy fumbled at the buttons of her blouse, her eye jumping from object to object around the room. She looked everywhere except at Richard Masters, who stood waiting patiently for her to undress. Some inner voice was screaming at her to stop, to run, to say no, but her finger kept unbuttoning the blouse. It slipped off her shoulder with a whisper of silken fabric and fell to the floor behind her. Trembling fingers undid the side zip of her skirt, the rasp of the zipper sounding loud in the quite room as she simply pushed it down over her hip and let it fall to the floor around her feet. She stood before him as his eye traveled down her body, seeing her white lace bra and matching panties, black lace garter belt, and jet black stockings. He nodded, smiling slightly and took her gently by the upper arm. Cindy carefully stepped over her skirt, not wanting to catch the heel and stumble, spoiling the moment.

Richard led her over to the drape covered object and let go. Cindy bit her lips, feeling shivers run up and down her body. Half of her wanted to run and hide, screaming no! While the other half desperately wanted whatever he was going to do to punish her for her poor performance.

"This is a replica from a forgotten age," Richard walked slowly around the object, "it was once found in many respectable private girls schools in English. It finally stopped being used, more the pity, with the advent of the modern way of thinking and teaching." He stopped on the opposite side from her, his hand on the top of the drape. His sea green eyes locked with her.

"It could be said, that with its demise, the level of civilized behavior found in subsequent English school girls declined rapidly." With that, he pulled the cover off. Cindy shivered again, looking at the perfectly finished wooden devise. At first, she couldn't grasp its purpose, and she tried to think if she'd seen it in the books.

"I like to call it the 'Pulpit'." Richard Masters ran his hand over the polished wood, drawing Cindy's eyes.

The square upright stand did indeed look a little like a pulpit, but instead of the flat top where a book or papers would sit, this one had a curved padded surface, with polished brass eyebolts strategically located on either side. It didn't take a genius to understand its purpose. This devise was meant to restrain the unfortunate person in is embrace, in this case, herself. The tip of her pink tongue licked her suddenly dry lips, the pounding of her heart loud in her ears.

"Take your shoes of, Cindy, you won't be needed them." With one hand on the 'pulpit' to steady herself, she quickly removed her shoes; thoughts of refusing never entered her mind.

"Good girl. Now place your feet in the holes in the deck." Cindy took a deep breath, stilling the voice in her head that said run and stepped onto the raised platform, placing each foot in a padded hole on each side. Her feet slid easily into the soft interior, feeling a lot like a comfortable slipper, except her feet were widely spaced. Richard did something on the other side and she felt the 'shoes' tighten around her ankles. Now she was trapped.

Panting slightly she tried to extract her feet, but found it impossible, trembling as Richard walk back around to her side. Placing his hand in the middle of her back he gently pushing her upper body over until she was face down on the curved padded surface. She moaned softly, biting her lower lip as Richard buckled a wide leather belt around her waist.

Next he took each of her arms and pulled them firmly back behind her, placing a padded cuff around each wrist and locking them in place before he snapped the 'D' ring to the eyebolt on each side, rendering her helpless. Now she was bent over the devise, bound, and shackled in place or so she thought, until he placed a padded collar around her throat. She heard the lock snap shut and gulped, feeling the constriction around her neck. It was hard to look up, as she couldn't raise her head for long in this position, but she saw him from the waist down walk as he walked round in front of her. His hand lifted her head.

"Open your mouth, Cindy."

"What...ummmm." Before she could even say the words, he slipped something soft into her mouth that pushed her jaw open as it slid inside.

For a panicky moment, she thought she wouldn't be able to breath, until she felt air moving in and out of her mouth. Whatever it was had a large hole down the center for just that purpose. Cindy sobbed, unable to stop her body from shivering in fear and anticipation. Whatever he'd slipped into her mouth almost reached the back of her throat just before the point where she started gagging. After buckling the head strap to hold the gag in place she saw him reach down to pick up the end of a chain attached to the bottom of the frame and attach it to the collar around her throat. He pulled it tight, forcing her head all the way down. Now she was effectively trapped, unable to do anything to prevent him doing whatever he wanted. Tears ran down her face as thoughts or rape, sodomy, and worse rushed through her mind. Then she did try to escape, but it was useless. She screamed around the gag, or tried to, but only saliva and muted sounds came out.

"That's it, Cindy, struggle all you want. I am going to punish you, so the next time you will remember to behave yourself.

His hands stroked her bottom, first one cheek, then the other, before wandering down to her thighs and between her legs. It felt erotic and humiliating at the same time, whereas before, she always been able to stop any hands from wandering down there, now she couldn't. His hand slipped between her legs, gently touching her most intimate place. Cindy tensed, forcing her hips to remain still against their need to move in response to his touch.

"My goodness Cindy. Wet panties. That won't do at all." Despite all the panty liners could do, her pussy had betrayed her, feeling a flash of humiliation spike thought her body. "Yes, these will definitely have to go. We can't have you sitting around in wet panties now, can we?" His soft laugh added to her humiliation.

Then she felt him remove the last barrier to her modesty, not just pull them down, but completely remove them by cutting the side bands. He then did the same with her bra, hearing the snip-snip of scissors as he cut it away. Now she was totally exposed and helpless, feeling ashamed and turned on at the same time as his hand wandered over her body.

"That's much better, Cindy. Now you're dressed the way you should be for your punishment."

Cindy sobbed, thinking of just the garter belt and black stocking she was wearing. He walked around and cupped her breast, as if weighting them in his hands before caressing the hard nipples with his thumbs. Her body shivered at the touch of a strange hand caressing her breast, and despite herself, Cindy moaned around the gag in pleasure.

"Very nice, Cindy. The perfect size, but we have to see what we can do about displaying them in a better fashion instead of hiding such beautiful charms away behind a bra all the time."

Cindy suddenly had a horrifying vision of being made to walk around bare chested all the time where everyone could see her small breasts. Yet, even that terrifying thought was strangely erotic, her pussy pulsing in response. Richard Masters continued his exploration of her body, his hand feeling hard and soft at the same time. He stroked her hair for a moment before trailing his fingers slowly down her back. His target was obvious yet his didn't rush, taking his time to let his fingers dance back and forth. At last, his hand reached her bottom, stroking and caressing across the firm roundness of each cheek. Now he had both hands on her hot skin, trailing his fingers down the outside of each thigh to her knees, then returning slowly up the inside. Cindy wanted to scream, her whole body trembling in fear, shame and anticipation, unable to stop her hips rotating, desperately wanted and not wanting him to touch her most secret place. His finger traveled up but only skirted the outside of her pussy, then along the cleavage of her bottom. Cindy sobbed around the gag, incoherent thought jumping around in her mind. His fingers trailed downward again, this time returning deeper between her open legs.

This time, she thought, this time he's going to... Two fingers traced the outline of her pussy and over her mount of Venus as if exploring unknown territory. Back and forth, once, twice, three times, now just touching the super sensitive lips of her sex. Cindy knew she was soaking wet by the way his fingers slipped across her skin, and even if her mind said no, her pussy disagreed. Without conscious violation on her part, Cindy pushed her hips back against his exploring fingers, wanting him to touch her. No matter what her mind said, her body knew what it wanted. At last, an inquisitive finger slipped between the wet lips, eliciting a long drawn out moan as she panted around the cock gag. The finger played back and forth for a moment until at last it found her bud. The moment it touched, Cindy felt something like an electric shock shoot through her body, stiffening every muscle as she climaxed, but unlike before when she touched herself there, it didn't stop.

It was as if his fingers had found an on switch to her most secret and forbidden fantasies. They raced though her mind, all the scene from her own imagination and the story of 'O' collided together. Without warning his thumb slipping inside her pussy while two fingers played and caressed her clit. It was too much and her climaxed again as the walls of her pussy gripped his thumb. Hell fire and arctic ice roared through her veins as she climaxed again and again, something that had never happened before in her life. At last, he withdraw his hand and Cindy slumped, sobbing in defeat. Right now he could do anything he wanted, take her any way he pleased, but instead he walked away a moment then returned to stand in front of her. Cindy looked up, moaning around the gag at what she saw. Richard Masters held a three-inch wide, stiff leather strap in his hand for her to see. In all, the thick strap was about two-foot long with a handle.

"This should do to start your punishment, Cindy, the caning will come later." She tried to scream no, but it was futile, as was fighting against the restraints, not that she had the strength any more.

His hand wandered over her bare bottom and down between her open legs, a finger slipped between the soaking wet lips of her pussy, caressing and fingering her clit, knowing exactly where to touch.

"Oh, you are a naughtily little girl, aren't you Cindy, all wet and inviting." That brought fresh sobs. "Do you do this to yourself every night, Cindy?" In desperation, she did the only thing she could do, and shook her head. He laughed. "What a liar you are, Cindy. That will get you an extra spanking." His hand stopped playing with her pussy and he stood back.

"Whoosh-WHACK! Whoosh-WHACK! The string slaps landing across both cheeks of her bottom, intense and burning. Whoosh-WHACK! Whoosh-WHACK!

Cindy screamed in earnest, but it did little good as the thick leather strap landed across her burning bottom again and again. Struggling did no good, screaming did not good, as the strap continued to land. Whoosh-WHACK! Whoosh-WHACK! Until she was nothing but a limp sobbing heap lying across the padded leather top of the pulpit. Then he stopped, coming around to bend down beside her head and slowly withdrew the gag from her mouth, gently wipe her face and chin with a soft towel.

"Are we going to have any more nonsense? Cindy?"

"No, sir." She sobbed; I'll be good from now on."

"I'm sure you will."

"Yes, sir I will, I promise."

"Good, and to make sure you do. From now on you will be spanked whenever I feel you need it, is that understood?"

"Yes, sir. " She murmured, the burning pain in her bottom adding feeling to her words.

"Good. I definitely feel you are in the need of strict training in obedience, don't you agree, Cindy?"

"Yes, sir... I do... Please train me sir." She blubbered, cursing herself for even thinking that, let alone saying it to him.

"We'll see after your final punishment if you can do what you are told, without question."

"I will sir, I promise I will. I'll do whatever you tell me." And meant it with all her heart and soul.

"When I release you, you will stand up and place your hand on top of your head, understood?"

"Yes, sir."

He did release her, and on shaky legs, she stepped down from the pulpit, desperately wanting to rub her bottom. Instead, as instructed, she placed her hands on top of her head.

"Good, now go and kneel in that corner, and stay there without moving until you are told to otherwise. Cindy did, feeling slightly ashamed. Angry, humiliated, disappointed, and elated, all at the same time. Crying softly to herself she did as ordered, wincing as she knelt in the corner.

"Sit up straight, Cindy!" His voice had a snap to it now, and she sat up as straight as she could.

After a few moments, he left her to her own thoughts, which were many. He hadn't raped her, much as she expected him to and in a way, there lay the seat of her disappointment. Why hadn't he availed himself of the opportunity? She could have done nothing to stop him, or say anything afterwards. He spanked her hard, and the burning sensation in her bottom felt like it was spreading to the rest of her body. Her face felt flushed and red, both from the punishment, and from crying. Thinking about what she must have looked like, almost naked, bent over the pulpit like that sent another wave of shame and humiliation racing through her, making her angry he'd treated her this way. It was if she was nothing more than a disobedient schoolgirl in need of discipline, then, biting her lip, knew the truth, she was.

Gradually, Cindy felt the fire in her bottom diminished, cooling to a dull throb. For a moment, she started to shift her body to relieve the pressure on her ankles, as she hadn't knelt this way for a long time. Then she froze, remembering what he'd said. Could she risk moving without him knowing? Probably, but then again, he might ask. What would she say then? Lie and say she hadn't? No, she'd tell him the truth and be prepared for an additional punishment, and so she remained still. But what about the caning he'd promised? That made her shiver. Only having been caned a few times at school, it wasn't something she wanted to repeat.

"Put your blouse and skirt on," a disembodied voice announced, "then come up to the office." Carefully she stood, looking around for the source of the voice, at last spotting a small video camera mounted in the corner of the room. So, he would have seen if she'd moved, thankful she hadn't. Obeying his odd request, she stepped into her skirt and pulled it up, donning the blouse and tucking it in before zipping the skirt.

The material rubbed across her still sore bottom, like sandpaper, wincing slightly as she made her way up to his office. He met her at the door and motioned her to follow. Meekly she did, exiting and waiting for him to lock up. Barefoot and feeling slightly embarrassed at have no panties or bra on in the street, she followed him to the beauty shop next door.

"Doreen, how are you today?" He greeted the petit brunet that came to meet them.

"Wonderful seeing you again, Richard. How are you?"

"Very well thank you. May I introduce my new assistant, Cindy."

"Hello, Cindy, how are you?"

"Um... well, feeling confused at the moment." Doreen laughed and took her by the arm.

"That's alright; a lot of people who come here are confused." She looked over her shoulder at Richard. "What will it be today?"

"The works, of course, she deserves it."

"Good, come back at about three, she should be ready by them." Looking over her shoulder, she saw Richard wave and depart, smiling at them both, and Cindy wondered what 'the works' were.

The works turned out to be a shower, followed by a steam bath, then a full body massage, and a facial. By the time Doreen put her in the hairdressing chair Cindy felt she was so relaxed her body felt like a limp noodle. Doreen cut and styles her hair before coloring and giving her a perm, not that she cared what Doreen did at this point. While she worked, another girl gave her a pedicure, then a manicure.

As a final touch before removing the curlers and brushing out her hair, Doreen redid her makeup, saying something about using dyes, rather than regular makeup. Cindy heard her from a long way off, almost asleep at that point. She never been so pampered in her life, and it was intoxicating. The sharp smell of ammonia under her nose, brought her awake with a start.

"Oh my!" Cindy sat up in the chair, blinking, marveling at the beautiful honey blond haired girl in the mirror. Her hair now glowed with life, and the pageboy style framed her face perfectly. The makeup was something else, with sliver to gray eye shadow, thin black eye liner, and bright glossy rose colored lipstick that seem to make her lips look full and pouting.

"Do you like it?" Doreen asked, standing behind her and smiling.

"Oh yes! It's perfect."

"You should make an appointment to have your makeup re-touched in about three months."

"Three months?"

"Yes, unless you would like to change it, then just come back in."

"I can wear this for three months?"

"Yes." Doreen laughed.

"Wow that will save time in the morning."

"Yes, it should, you don't want to be late for work again and get another spanking, do you." She giggled, seeing Cindy's shocked expression.

"Don't worry; your secret is safe with me." Doreen leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. 'By the way, Richard will be her in five minutes or less to pick you up."

"Oh, I'd better get dressed."

"No need. The robe you have on is sufficient and Richard threw your other clothes away. He's going to take you out the back way." With that cryptic remark, Doreen helped her out of the chair just as Richard came through the front door.

"Is she ready?"

"Yes, she it." Doreen stood back and gave a graceful wave of her hand.

"Oh, I like. That's so much better."

"Thank you kind sir." Doreen laughed, giving him a curtsy.

They hugged then kissed, and for a moment, Cindy felt the little green monster of jealousy rear its head. They parted, and Richard gently took her upper arm and led her out the back way. This led to a service ally that ran behind all the shops, used mainly for deliveries, trash bins and gas meters. With just a pair of dust slipper and a thin robe, Cindy felt naked as he took her down the alley. But it wasn't far before he stopped and knocked on a door. It opened, and going inside, she found they were in the back of the Millinery shop next door to the bookstore. The willowy blond owner met them, and gave Richard a hug, then a smaller one for her.

"Come on in, Cindy, I've been expecting you."

"You have?"

"Yes, Richard arranged for your appointment this morning. He told me you'd be going to the beauty parlor first, and I must say Doreen did her usual wonderful job."

"Oh... I see." She didn't, but wasn't about to say so.

"I'll leave you two alone," His gave a wave and headed for the front door. "When you have finished Cindy, come back to the shop. I'll leave the front door unlocked for you."

"You look absolutely stunning, Cindy, let's see what we can do to dress you accordingly."

"Dress me?"

"Yes, Richard wanted me to fit you for your new uniform, if you can call it that."

"I need a uniform?" This was getting more puzzling by the minuet.

"Yes. As Richards new assistant, you have to look the part to fit in with the Book store décor, just like a waitress, or a maid, just a lot better." She smiled as she ushered Cindy into a small sitting room.

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