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Cindy Lou Goes Au Naturel


This is the latest story about Cindy Lou, the sexy blonde swinger from Alabama and her carnal adventures in New York. For more background on her and her beautiful roommate, see previous episodes.


One Friday evening in July, when Cindy Lou Dobson came home from work to the apartment she shared with Amanda, her cousin and frequent sex partner, she was already looking forward to the party she expected them to attend the next day. She and the pretty brunette kissed each other's cheeks, rather than kissing on the lips, which was what their greeting had been on Thursday.

As they make a custom of doing, the latter would have meant at least one of them wanted to get together for sex later. Kissing each other's lips, followed by lesbian activity, is something they do almost every Thursday when they are horny, and they had done so the previous evening. On Fridays, both women are usually sexually satisfied from their mutual orgasms the previous night and looking forward to the next day's sex orgy.

As they ate the takeout fried chicken Cindy Lou had picked up on her way home, they discussed what they would be doing that weekend. "I have some good news and some bad news," Amanda said.

"Okay. Tell me the bad news first."

"Hank and Carrie are having their apartment repainted this weekend, and they won't be able to host the party tomorrow."

"Geez, that is bad news. So, tell me, what's the good news?"

"They rented a bus and we're all going to a nudist camp on Long Island. They told me tomorrow is National Nude Day, and this would be a good way for us to celebrate it. The place is rented for the weekend by our group alone, so we'll have the place to ourselves, for fucking and sucking in the sunshine and grass and fresh air."

"Oh. Alright, I guess."

Cindy Lou was less than enthusiastic about the idea. First, the idea of being part of a crowd that was crammed into a bus and driven all the way out to Long Island filled her with distaste. She rides public transportation every day to and from work, and was extremely turned off at the idea of doing the same thing on a weekend.

Second, the idea of a nudist or naturist camp sounded like a dumb place to spend a Saturday. Occasionally, she had seen naturist magazines, always printed on the cheapest paper, and it seemed to her they consisted mostly of grainy pictures of fat men and women playing volleyball or swimming. The latter exercise might be alright, but she thought a bunch of people spending Saturday knocking a ball back and forth over a net was a stupid waste of time that could be better spent fucking or doing other things that would be so much more fun.

She really enjoys the Saturday orgies and, with her blonde good looks and sexy body and willing attitude, is a favorite at them, among men and women. Even so, the only other alternative to the nudist camp would have been for her to hang out in the apartment and get herself off with her dildos and, although that was not such an unpleasant possibly, she decided to go and spend the day with Mandy and the rest of her sexual playmates.

So it was that on Saturday morning, Amanda and Cindy Lou took a taxi over to the building where Hank and Carrie have their condo and got out to wait for the bus. They saw other members of their group, some of them eager for the new adventure while others had attitudes more like that of Cindy Lou. Like her, they would have preferred the more conventional orgy, but going to the nudist camp was a lot better than missing out altogether.

When their host and hostess arrived, Cindy Lou couldn't help thinking they were driving an unusually long stretch limousine, rather than a bus. That feeling increased after she and the others climbed aboard. The vehicle had soft lighting, plush carpets on the floor and tinted glass windows, so no person who was outside would be able to see what the people inside were doing.

The seats were wide and in pairs, positioned diagonally to the sides of the interior and looked more like easy chairs than seats on a bus. They also tilted back, like airline seating, making for plenty of leg room. Apparently, Hank and Carrie had been able to obtain the kind of vehicle which was used to take large groups of party goers or celebrants to athletic events or similar gatherings. Things were definitely looking up for her and for those who had shared her reluctance.

When they boarded, Amanda and Cindy Lou deliberately did not sit together. Since they are frequent sex partners at home, both of them prefer the idea of associating with others at the weekly parties, and it seemed only logical that would also include the trip to the site of the orgy. Everybody else feels the same way, and hardly anybody ever does any fucking or sucking with a spouse or other steady partner when they are at one of the weekly parties.

She was one of the first persons to board, took the seat by the window and was elated at the man who sat next to her. Cindy Lou recognized the curly red hair and freckles; it was Aaron, and she knew him to be unusually talented at eating pussy. He had, in fact, been the first man -- Mandy was the first person -- to bring her to an orgasm after she arrived in the big city, and he had done it with his mouth.

"Hi Aaron," she greeted him, puckering her lips for his kiss.

"Hi, Cindy Lou," he responded, accepting her unspoken invitation and kissing her lips, even thrusting his tongue between them.

That kiss brought back fond memories of her first sex party in New York. She has been to many others, and her pussy has been eaten by Aaron since then, but cumming against his face that first time is still one of the high points in her career as a swinger. Not being the least bit coy, she told him about those fond memories.

"That's interesting," he responded. "I'd eaten a lot of pussies before yours, and I still recall yours as being the juiciest and hottest one of all. I haven't changed my mind since then, either. Even now, between your thighs is my favorite place to have my mouth."

Cindy Lou smiled when she heard that and thought about it and another of her earlier sexual experiences, this one on a bus on her way to the Big Apple. "You know, I've been expecting this to be a long, boring ride out to the camp, but it doesn't have to be. Boring, I mean."


"No. What's to stop you from kneeling on the floor in front of me and eating me out right here and now?"

It was Aaron's turn to think about something foreign to his experience. Like most city dwellers, he thinks of riding a bus as being on public transportation and something to be endured, not a place to have fun. However, he could think of nothing at all wrong with the sexy woman's suggestion. After all, privacy wouldn't mean anything while they were on that bus, because they and their fellow riders would all be naked and sexually cavorting together a few minutes after their arrival at their destination.

"You're right," he answered, reaching under her short skirt and caressing her smooth thigh. "There's nothing to stop me except these clothes you're wearing."

"Well, they're sure no problem."

She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and leaned forward while Aaron removed it and unhooked and took off her bra, letting her big, luscious breasts spill out. He took off his own shirt too, and all the useless articles of clothing were hung on the corner of Aaron's seat while Cindy Lou pulled on the lever to allow her to lean back as far as she could, almost in a reclining position. Before sliding forward on the seat cushion, she raised the back of her skirt so Aaron would be easily able to pull down her panties when he was kneeling in front of her.

Others on the bus saw what they were doing, realized there was no reason to wait hours before starting the orgy, and started to emulate the rather daring pair. Like Aaron, they had been thinking of busses as being conveyances to ride on while going from one place to another, rather than places to have fun. They also realized there was nothing stopping them from getting naked and starting to have that fun on the way to the nudist camp rather than waiting until they arrived there. The tinted windows would stop nosy people on the outside from watching them, and their fellow passengers wouldn't pay them any more attention than they would in an apartment or other place where their orgies are usually held.

Cindy Lou and Aaron didn't know until later what they had started; they just knew what they wanted to do. He leaned forward over her recumbent form, held one of her succulent breasts in his hand and started to lick the nipple. She cooed happily, and her body started squirming, remembering her earlier adventures with the same man and how she had been eaten out on a bus by another man while on her way from Alabama to New York City.

Across the aisle from them, a woman was so inspired by the show being put on she suggested something similar to the man beside her. He was all for what she wanted to do so, seconds later, he was looking down on her long dark hair as her head bobbed up and down, taking his stiff cock in and out of her mouth. In a seat directly behind Cindy Lou and Aaron, a naked woman was straddling the legs of an equally unclothed man and her body was moving up and down as his cock plunged in and out of her pussy.

All over the bus, passengers were following the example being set by Aaron and Cindy Lou, but those two were having too much fun to take any notice of what was going on around them. In the way both of them most enjoyed, he started on her big, pink nipples, licking them with broad strokes of his talented tongue or with short jabs using just the tip. Aaron alternated between her adorable nubbins and, after a few minutes, Cindy Lou's succulent body was squirming with delight. He is very good at what he was doing for himself and her and, when he saw the time was right, he drew one of the luscious white globes into his mouth and started to suck.

His tongue was even more active, caressing the pebbly areola and the nipple, which was fully erect by then. Cindy Lou's breathing was ragged and her body was writhing in bliss on the seat. Her eyes were closed too, so she didn't see Amanda fucking on the floor next to her seat. Aaron decided his partner had reached as high a level of excitement as she could from his mouth pleasuring her breasts, and it was time for him to kneel in front of her and start on a place that was even more interesting. When she felt him remove his hands and lips from her breast and start to rise from his seat and move to kneel in front of her, Cindy Lou knew why, and she smiled in avid encouragement.

The first thing he had to do was remove her panties, which were soaked by then. He reached under her skirt and inserted his fingers in the waistband and started to pull them down. Cindy Lou raised her ass to allow him to do so, and he placed the soggy garment on the seat he had just left. She much prefers to indulge in sex while totally naked, so she had already unfastened her skirt, and she pushed it down for him to remove also. Completely naked and loving the deliciously wicked feeling, she raised her legs so they could rest on Aaron's bare shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her into the position most comfortable to him while he would be eating her out. With both of them where they wanted to be, he gazed raptly at the gorgeous pussy before him.

The skin surrounding her there is even creamier in color than that of her face, and is sparsely covered with soft blonde hair. Some women shave their pussies, for cosmetic reasons or to increase their sensitivity, but Cindy Lou has no need to do either. Her pubic hair actually enhances her beauty, and is so downy-soft it feels as good to a tongue as bareness would, while her very fair skin is more than sensitive enough already. By that time, her inner lips were swollen and a rosy pink in color, and were blossoming through her slit. When Aaron gently spread the sides of that aperture, he was met, as he expected, by a great fragrant cloud, and when he reached out with his tongue to lick some of the freshest juices from the inner lips, they were just as delicious as he knew they would be.

However, all her nectar is such a heavenly treat he didn't want to waste any of it, so he started licking up the few drops of the ambrosia that had spattered onto the insides of her thighs. From there, his tongue progressed to her crotch, to sweep the freshest of her juices into his mouth. When that was gone, his tongue began caressing one of her outer lips, while Cindy Lou was writhing and cooing in bliss. The texture of the lip was as delightful as Aaron remembered, and he took his time and enjoyed every second. Her pubic hair was as soft and fine as feathers, except the flesh under it was firm and warm and delightful to touch as silk or satin. Everything about his partner's pussy was as pleasing to all his senses as he remembered.

The trip was expected to take two hours, and Aaron would gladly have spent all the time eating Cindy Lou's pussy, except she would need to climax before that time, and he was horny also. Even so, he decided to take as much of it as he could and elevate her to the peak of her sexual arousal before taking her clit into his mouth and bringing her to a climax. That would make her orgasm the best possible for both of them and, after all, they had all day once they arrived at the nudist camp.

When Aaron's mouth finally reached Cindy Lou's Mount of Venus, her body was writhing in her seat and she was moaning in pleasure from the long time his tongue had already spent on her breasts and pussy. He kissed her and his eager mouth quickly returned to the place it had begun, where he licked off all the fresh juice that had flowed from her. Her other outer lip felt just as good to him, and he licked her there the same way, slowly and thoroughly, even kissing her mons again when he reached that soft white mound. Besides her sounds of joy, she had started fucking up against his face by that time, and her body was rocking from side to side on the upholstered seat.

"I love that! I love that, Aaron! Keep eating me and make me cum," she urged the freckle-faced young man.

That was exactly what he wanted to do, but the time was not right yet. After devouring all the nectar the hotsy had just produced, his tongue started on a pair of inner and outer lips, beginning with the smooth and soft and highly sensitive area between their origins. His tongue repeatedly caressed this small area, as Cindy Lou's movements became wilder, and from there he started up between the labia. When he reached the place where the lips are close together, he tilted his head slightly so he could slide his tongue between them. This has always been one of Aaron's favorite parts of eating a pussy, next to the lady's cumming against his face, because he derives so much pleasure from the contrast between her slick outer lip and the inner one, which was puffy from being swollen with Cindy Lou's lust.

His tongue slowly advanced, while his partner thrashed about in her seat and her joyful noises grew louder. The other passengers didn't even notice them any more, because their actions were resulting in the same kinds of movements and noises, but the hot blonde's reactions were immensely gratifying to Aaron and highly pleasurable to the woman who was making them. When his wet giver of pleasure finally reached the end of the inner lip, he briefly raised his head to survey the state of her clit.

The little morsel was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. Cindy Lou's clit was so swollen, it had pushed its way completely out from the hood, which was formed by the junction of her inner lips and resembled a lovely pink pearl. He smiled at the sight, because he knew the little cutie would be in his mouth in a matter of a few more minutes, returned his face to the place where he had started and feasted on the nectar that she had just secreted.

Cindy Lou felt as if she were in Heaven from the incredible things Aaron's agile tongue was doing for her. She gave herself completely over to the excruciating pleasure, and her head started tossing back and forth against the back of the seat. Her eyes were closed, while her mouth was partly open in a smile of bliss, and she could feel her body bouncing up and down and pitching all over the comfortable bus seat. She didn't care; all she was sure of was that she was on the verge of a momentous climax from what the incredible tongue and lips of the red-haired man were doing to and for the most sensitive part of her body.

"I need to cum, Aaron," she implored him. "Suck my clit and make me cum."

Grinning, Aaron began licking between the other pair of inner and outer lips the same way as he had the first ones. He heard what the hotsy wanted him to do, and he wanted the same thing, but it was still slightly too early. She had not yet reached the maximum sexual excitement, and he wanted to delay her climax until she had. One of the reasons the young man is known as such a skillful eater of pussies and inducer of orgasms is his ability to bring a woman along to that high state before she starts cumming.

He licked slowly and carefully between the two lips, reveling in the way Cindy Lou's body was thrashing all over her seat, her pussy was ramming against his face, and her moans of bliss had turned to whimpers. Besides the movements of her body, her head was rolling from side to side against the back of the seat, while her hips were swiveling under his face, making her legs thrust back and forth over his shoulders like a pair of beautiful, creamy white pistons.

When he raised his head slightly and looked more closely, he saw how Cindy Lou's thigh muscles had turned slightly outward, presenting her pussy to him as fully as possible. Her arousal was at a maximum, and it was time to bring the gorgeous blonde to a climax. After licking off and relishing every drop of the freshest nectar, Aaron moved his face back up to engulf Cindy Lou's precious morsel in his mouth.

She saw his head move and felt her swollen clit being enfolded within his lips, which immediately formed a seal at the base. The sensation was one she would never grow tired of, a mouth sucking on the sweetest of her sweet spots and a tongue caressing the sides and top. Her movements became stronger, and her whole body started to sway from side to side.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she whimpered in time to the mouth working over her clit. "Oh, god! Oh, god!" she cried out ecstatically as she started cumming.

Cindy Lou's thighs clamped onto the sides of Aaron's head, and her hands twined themselves into his red hair, jamming his face and her pussy together. Her legs swung from side to side, and she fucked her pussy up even harder against his face, while keeping up a running commentary about how good everything felt. He enjoyed the whole time immensely, and his arms clung to her thighs as he reveled in being pulled back and forth while keeping her clit snugly held in his mouth.

When she climaxed, Cindy Lou let out a cry of absolute ecstasy, so loud it was heard by all the other sexual adventurers on the bus. Her back arched; all her muscles clenched, and her pussy was squashed against Aaron's face for an ultimate time. After her great orgasm, she relaxed, with her legs still draped over his shoulders, and Aaron greedily devoured all the fresh nectar that was gushing from her pussy, his tongue sluicing it up from her thighs, crotch and all around her lips. He even sucked the fresh juices from the pink hole that had produced them, rather than leaving a natural lubrication for somebody else to use while fucking the lovely blonde. When it was all gone, he got back onto his seat, with his cock hard and ready for whatever she wanted to do with it.

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