tagGroup SexCindy Lou Makes Her Debut

Cindy Lou Makes Her Debut


This is the third in the series of Cindy Lou's sexual adventures in New York. For additional background, see the first two stories.

On Saturday morning, Cindy Lou slept late. She expected to attend her first sex party with Amanda, her roommate, that evening and wanted to rest up for what she hoped would be some strenuous activity. Although there were a few feelings of what might be called "performance anxiety", mostly she was really looking forward to some great fun and was confident her good looks and sexual skills would be much more than adequate.

When she finally did get up and go to the kitchen for coffee, Mandy was there with some bad news and some better news. "Brad, the guy who was supposed to host the party tonight, was suddenly called out of town because his mother is sick. The party had to be canceled but I can still call a couple of guys and have them come over this afternoon, if you're interested."

"I sure am. How many? Will there be some black guys?"

"I'll try to get four. They don't like it if there are too many more men than there are women. Would it bother you if some of them were black?"

"Not at all. In fact, that would be even better. I told you about sucking off the bus driver and how much I liked it. I want some more action like that."

Cindy Lou didn't get everything she wanted that day. All of the four men that came over that afternoon and left their coats and shoes and socks in the closet, were white, and none of them was particularly sweaty, at least not when they arrived. Even so, when she was introduced to them, knowing what was going to start happening in a few minutes, her pussy was already lubricating. All of them were eager to experience the new woman Amanda had described, especially so when they saw how blonde and sexy she was and heard her Southern accent.

The introductions were made while all six people were standing between the two mattresses. Along with all the pillows, they had been dragged into the living room before the arrival of the men, and condoms and towels had been left easily available. Amanda and the friends she partied with believed in safe sex and liked all the action to happen in a group. They had no desire for privacy, considering the public nature of the partying to add to the fun. This was more than okay with Cindy Lou. That was the kind of sex party she had gotten used to in Alabama and that she enjoyed the most, with all the men trading places, especially when two or three of the places were hers.

The handshakes between her and the men were the last formal thing that happened that day, and each was followed by a deep kiss, always with mouths open. Just before breaking off her kiss, with the fourth visitor, a handsome, black-haired man named Jason, Cindy Lou reached down and gently pressed her hand against his crotch. She was elated at the size of the cock there, and was even happier to feel it stiffen as she fondled him. Eagerly, she dropped to her knees so she could unfasten and pull down Jason's pants. His underwear followed, and Cindy Lou smiled lewdly at the stiff cock that popped free, aiming at her face.

Before taking it between her lips, she held it gently in her hands and licked the man's crotch and around his balls to the base of his cock. Jason's skin felt good against her tongue and she liked its slightly salty and musky taste. She continued, licking along the underside of his balls, holding each testicle briefly between her lips while her tongue caressed it. When she reached the front of his balls, she held his cock against her face and caressed it with her cheek while she licked. "That feels good," she told herself. It'll feel even better in my mouth and in my pussy.

That wouldn't happen just yet, though. First her tongue stroked the underside from its base to the ridge and gently probed against the slit in the head of the stiff cock. All around the ridge she licked, and then back down the shaft, as she turned her head to let her tongue fondle the sides. Cindy Lou reveled in the firm roundness of Jason's cock and the tightness of the skin. She had been on her knees and leaning back against her heels but when she was ready to take it into her mouth, she rose up to allow it to pass straight between her lips.

As Cindy Lou was enveloping Jason's cock in her mouth, she felt another man's fingers, she didn't know whose, fumbling with the buttons on the front of her blouse. As she slowly stroked the shaft in her mouth and laved it with her tongue, she reached her arms back so the man could remove the garment and when it was off, his hands went around her, fondling her breasts and gently tweaking her erect nipples. Although his identity was still unknown, it was obvious his hands knew their way around a woman's body.

Those educated hands left Cindy Lou's breasts and unzipped her skirt. Both the women had been wearing only skirts and blouses, just enough to wear when they answered the door and for the men to take off them, with nothing at all underneath to get in the way. As the skirt slid down her thighs, she raised one knee at a time so it could be removed. Naked, the way she most enjoyed being at sex parties like this one, Cindy Lou still knelt in front of Jason with her hands on his hips, but removed his cock from her mouth in order to make a suggestion.

"Why don't you lie down so I can enjoy sucking your nice, big cock even more? It'll be more fun for you too," she suggested to Jason, smiling prettily and looking up at him with her blue eyes.

Cindy Lou hoped he would lie down. They would both have more fun in that position and she would be able to lean forward on her hands and knees, giving access to her pussy to the man behind her. What she most wanted was for him to lie on his back and slide between her legs. Juices were already trickling down her thighs and she had an urgent desire to feel a tongue sluicing them up, followed by stroking her pussy until she climaxed. Cindy Lou expected to cum several times that day and she always liked the first one to be from someone's tongue.

Jason was glad to take her suggestion. Even though she had just started sucking his cock, the pleasure her mouth was giving him was so great that his knees already felt weak and he was happy to lie down while she continued. With Jason flat on his back, she finished removing his pants and underwear and tossed them aside. Kneeling beside him, her legs spread, she leaned over him with her mouth wide open. Slowly, Cindy Lou's lips resumed stroking his cock. She was careful to position herself with plenty of room on the mattress behind her so that when somebody crawled underneath her to eat her pussy, he would be comfortable.

As she had hoped and expected, seconds after Jason's cock again filled her mouth, another man's head appeared between her legs and she felt his hands on the fronts of her thighs. Seeing his curly red hair and freckled forehead, she recognized him as Aaron, which made her even happier, remembering his strong and agile tongue when they were kissing. She leaned back slightly so her pussy was against his mouth, where she knew they both wanted it.

His tongue immediately lived up to its promise. With firm strokes, Aaron licked up the fresh juices from her thighs, and his oral caresses evoked more of them. "Mmmmm," she murmured, delightedly, both from the feel of the cock sliding in and out of her mouth and the tongue avidly caressing her. With her mouth full, she couldn't say any more than that and had no need to.

After licking the soft skin of her inner thighs and swallowing the juices there, Aaron's tongue started to do the same for the narrow bands of skin between her legs and her pussy. He used just the right amount of contact to send shivers of delight through her body and, to enhance what they were both feeling, Cindy Lou moved to give him even better access to where they both wanted him to lick. She was well on her way to ecstasy from what his tongue was doing as it caressed where her skin was the most sensitive. Her tactile sensations were multiplied by the soft lapping noises Aaron was making. Besides the wet sounds, she loved hearing his happy murmuring as he thoroughly licked all around her lovely pussy before his tongue started stroking her swollen lips.

Aaron was having a great time too. "This is an absolutely gorgeous pussy," he had told himself while sliding between Cindy Lou's legs. The blend of creamy skin, soft blonde pubic hair and varying shades of pink and red was a treat to his eyes, just as the aroma was to his nose. When he started licking her thighs, the sensuous feel of her soft skin was a rare delight to his tongue and the juices that had trickled there were even more delicious than he could have expected. He was fully aware that she had one of the most marvelous pussies he had ever eaten and he wanted to take his time and make it last, prolonging the pleasure for both himself and her.

Besides the wonderful things that were happening to her pussy, Cindy Lou was getting enormous pleasure from what was going on with her mouth. Jason's cock felt unusually good in there, long and thick enough to provide a good mouthful but not so big that she couldn't move it around with her tongue. While he lay on his back, Cindy Lou was directly over him, one hand gently holding his balls and the other hand supporting her weight. Straight up and down she bobbed her head, every stroke enveloping his cock slowly, till it reacted the back of her throat, followed by raising up again until just the head was being fondled by her lips. With every stroke, as it went in and out, her tongue laved the thick shaft that was filling her mouth so satisfyingly.

Cindy Lou relished the way the smooth shaft felt slipping between her lips and the way the taut skin felt on her tongue. Jason's cock was just the right size to pleasure the whole inside of her mouth so she moved her face around while stroking it. Sometimes she turned her head and let it slide in, caressing the inside of her cheek, all the way to the back. At the end of every stroke, while she held the head of his cock between her lips and before engulfing it again, she used the tip of her tongue to lick the slit at the end. Cindy Lou loves sucking off men, especially in the position they were using, where she is in control of the speed and depth of the strokes and can give herself the greatest pleasure. She is fully aware of how much fun the man gets from being sucked off by a woman who is good at it and whose face is as pretty as hers, and that gives her a feeling of pride.

Jason was truly getting immense pleasure from what the pretty woman was doing to his cock. He delighted in looking down his body and seeing her blonde head moving up and down and his cock disappearing into her face. He loved the slurping noise Cindy Lou was making as she sucked his cock in and out. Even more, he relished the way her lips were just tight enough as they squeezed and released him, and the wet smoothness of her tongue as it caressed the entire length of his shaft, followed by licking his cock head. He moaned and sighed as his ecstasy mounted with every stroke of her mouth, until he knew he was close to cumming.

"Cindy Lou, I'm almost ready to cum. Do you want me to cum in your mouth?"

From the way Jason's cock was throbbing, she already knew he was on the verge of cumming. Rather than stop what she was doing to answer him, Cindy Lou signaled "OK" with her thumb and forefinger. She not only wanted him to cum into her mouth, she wanted to swallow all the juices he could give her. To prevent any from leaking out, she tightened her lips and started sucking faster, expecting to take great pleasure in her first mouthful of New York semen.

She was taking even greater pleasure in what Aaron was doing for her pussy. Using just the right amount of pressure, he slowly licked the entire length of one swollen inner lip, all the way to her clit hood. Delicately, his tongue briefly caressed her engorged love button, which had pushed its way almost entirely out from under its protective hood, before returning to her crotch. Cindy Lou's pussy was already squirming against his face and, from the thrill of the brief touch on the sweetest of her many sweet spots, she started fucking down into Aaron's mouth. Fresh juices were running down her legs and she was thrilled when Aaron's tongue stroked her thighs again, licking them all up, and continued up her other pussy lip.

It was obvious to Cindy Lou that Aaron's tongue had gained its skill and strength by eating many pussies because he was a master of the art. She reveled in the movements of his tongue as it slowly undulated upward, caressing all the surfaces of her inner and outer pussy lips. By the time it had once again licked its way to her clit hood, she knew she was almost as close to cumming as the man whose cock was in her mouth.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Jason was whimpering, his hands clenching and opening, as Cindy Lou's lips rapidly stroked his cock. She was no longer licking his shaft because her tongue was poised to catch the semen when it started spurting. The positioning was perfect and when, with a loud grunt and a jerk of his hips, Jason started cumming, the first gob landed perfectly. She relished the rather garlicky taste and swallowed it, just in time to catch the second one that spewed from his cock. That one and the third were as delicious as the first, and Cindy Lou swallowed everything he gave her.

When his ejaculating was done, she put the ball of her thumb at the base of the underside of his cock and drew it upward, milking out all the viscous fluid that was still inside. As more semen oozed out, she caught it on her tongue and, when her thumb reached the end, she swallowed what she had and licked the head and all around the ridge. Smiling at Jason after having had so much fun sucking him off, Cindy Lou looked over to see how Amanda was doing on the other mattress.

She was doing just fine. Like Cindy Lou, she was pleasuring two men at once and being pleasured by them. Mandy was on her hands and knees, sucking the cock of the rather chubby man, whose name was Mike, while Sean, the tallest of the four men, was kneeling behind her, slowly fucking her doggy-style, while she was thrusting her pussy back to meet him. As Cindy Lou watched his cock driving in and out of Amanda, she felt a brief, irrational flash of envy because it was bigger than Jason's cock that she had just sucked off and intended to soon have in her pussy.

It was no more than a brief flash, mostly because of the skillful way Aaron was slowly bringing Cindy Lou closer to her orgasm. After licking to the end of her second pair of pussy lips, his tongue again fondled her swollen clit, teasingly, not enough to make her cum, but enough to bring her closer to the bliss she craved. She gave herself over fully to the pleasure she was getting, writhing, moaning and fucking harder into his face.

Growing weaker from her mounting ecstasy, she leaned forward to support her upper body on her forearms rather than her hands. Jason was still lying in front of her, recovering from his own climax, but he moved to give her room for when she started cumming. From the thrashing of her upper body and her moans and whimpering, he could see that would be very soon and he was ready to hold her in place if she needed it.

After it left her clit, Cindy Lou felt Aaron's superb tongue start pleasuring her dripping pink hole again. It had been like a sponge on her pussy lips but it became like a stiff but flexible cock, probing all around the edges and catching the juices as they squirted out, then thrusting against the precious wet hole and squirming inside.

"Yeah! Yeah! Right there! Put your tongue in me!" Cindy Lou encouraged him.

As good as his tongue had felt earlier, it felt even better when it was inside her and Aaron started rapidly flicking it upward, tickling the top of her love hole. She could feel it on the base of her clit, a bolt of pleasure ripping through her body from every touch.

"My clit! Lick my clit!" she urged Aaron.

He was almost ready to do just that, but first his tongue stroked the narrow space between the hole it had just left and Cindy Lou's engorged love button. When it reached her clit, she felt his fingers move what little of the protective hood was still in place. The next thing she felt was a mouth engulfing her where she most wanted a mouth to be. Ecstasy flooded her body as his lips clamped on her highly sensitized clit and increased dramatically when he gently sucked while his tongue caressed top and sides.

"Suck my clit! Make me cum!" she begged and, seconds later, Cindy Lou got her wish.

"Yes!" she blurted out when she started. Her legs slid out behind and she slammed her pussy into Aaron's freckled face, grinding into him as she rocked from side to side.

His hands grabbed and held tightly to Cindy Lou's lovely ass cheeks and he held her clit in his mouth to continue sucking and licking. Her whole body thrashed on the mattress while her hands clutched at the fabric. Jason saw she was in no danger of any injury and watched her whole she had a great time cumming, happy for her and enjoying the sight.

He especially enjoyed seeing her climax. Just at the moment or orgasm, her back arched, jamming her pussy hard into Aaron's face. Seconds later, all her muscles relaxed and she sprawled loosely on top of the mattress. A lake of fragrant juices was available as a reward for the man whose skillful tongue had brought her to such ecstasy and Aaron claimed it as his. From her thighs, her crotch and all over her pussy, his tongue licked off the delicious treat reward he had earned.

"Yes! Yes! I'm cumming," was Amanda's joyous pronouncement. Cindy Lou looked over at her roommate and saw that she had stopped sucking Mike's cock, although it was fully erect and available. Her whole body was writhing in front of Sean and she was fucking back to meet him as he pounded his big cock into her pussy.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Mandy cried and he was doing just that until she climaxed, her body jerking, and sprawled forward on the bed. He stayed with her, pumping his cock in and out, until Cindy Lou saw his buttocks clench as he gave one strong thrust, followed by several short ones before collapsing on top of her. Mike knew what would be happening next and he put on one of the condoms from beside the mattress.

Cindy Lou lay belly down on the mattress, happily recovering from her great orgasm and enjoying the feel of Aaron licking off here fresh pussy juices. As she lay quietly, she watched what was happening around her and became even happier when she saw Jason's cock, almost fully erect and only a foot away. When she reached out and held it in her hand, he moved closer so she would more easily be able to take it into her mouth again.

By the time Aaron had finished licking off all the fresh juices from her pussy and crawled out from under her, Cindy Lou was ready for more. She got to her hands and knees again and drew Jason's cock back into her mouth, but only briefly. After cumming from having her pussy eaten by an expert, she wanted to fuck, and she wanted it to be with Jason, for starters. With a few strokes of her lips, his cock was wet and fully erect and ready to be enclosed in the condom she had picked up from between the mattresses.

After rolling it into place, she crouched, straddling his legs. Cindy Lou held open her lips and he held his cock in place while she lowered herself until the tip was right at the entrance to her pussy. Holding herself open with the fingers of one hand, she guided the cock with the other until the head slipped into her tight opening. She smiled at the delightful feeling.

Aaron, assuming Cindy Lou would want to fuck, had thoughtfully licked the juices only from the outside of her pussy, leaving the ones inside to fulfill their natural function. They did this perfectly and she lowered herself to take another two inches of Jason's cock inside herself. She sighed with pleasure as her pussy was stretched by the shaft that was entering her and continued sighing and moving up and down until the entire length was deep inside her. Jason's cock did just as good a job of filling her pussy as it had of filling her mouth.

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