Cindy Lou Makes Her Debut


Cindy Lou looked around for Aaron and saw him, still behind her, his cock erect and wondering what he would do next. She had an excellent answer. "Hey Aaron," she said smiling at him and reaching her hands back to hold her ass cheeks open invitingly. "I've got just the place for that nice, big cock of yours. Grease me up and stick it in me. There's lube at the foot of the mattress."

Aaron was more than happy to do what she wanted. "Cindy Lou, you've got a really beautiful ass and one of the cutest, pinkest little holes I've ever seen. I'd love to get my cock in there and I'll use a rubber."

She knew it would take a minute or so before he would be ready so she curled her arms under Jason's and slowly stroked her pussy back and forth on his cock. "Mmmm, I like that," she murmured to him as he fucked upward to meet her. Your cock feels even better in my pussy than it did in my mouth."

After just a few strokes by her and Jason, Cindy Lou felt hands separating her cheeks and knew Aaron had his condom in place. Pausing with one cock embedded deep inside her pussy, she reached back to help Aaron get her other hole prepared. The next thing she felt was a deliciously cool sensation in her ass as a big dollop of the Aquaglide was squirted in. This was followed by the very pleasant feeling of a long finger being thrust into the same place and spreading the lubricant around inside and on the puckered area around the hole itself. A minute later, while she continued to hold her cheeks apart, there was the delightful, familiar feel of the head of a hard cock seeking entrance.

The head moved up and down, covering itself with extra lubricant before it wedged inside. This was the first real cock to enter Cindy Lou's ass in months and, like ripples on a lake, excruciating pleasure radiated out from the sphincter that had been forced open. She had used a dildo several times since the last time a man had fucked her ass, but even the most cleverly designed plastic could never hope to compare to the real thing.

Once the head of Aaron's cock, which was fairly big, had gained entrance, she felt him thrust forward again and another inch squeezed into her, producing an even greater burst of pleasure. She was tight there, and Jason's shaft filling her pussy made her even tighter. With another thrust, another inch of cock was driven into her ass, sending pure bliss flooding out from all the places that were filled, including the entire length of her pussy. As the second of her holes was filled, an inch or less at a time, the first was compressed, squeezing Jason's cock against her many sweet spots, making her ass and her pussy compete for which one was bringing her closer to ecstasy.

Cindy Lou was clearly the winner of the competition and she wanted more. "I really love your cock," she said, looking over her shoulder. "My ass loves it too and wants it all. I love yours too, Jason," she added, not as an afterthought, because she truly loved both cocks, what they were already doing for her and what they would do once they were both fully embedded in her holes.

Aaron was completely in favor of the idea; he wanted to get all the way into the lady's gorgeous ass so he and Jason could give her the fucking she wanted and deserved. Penetration had been slow at first but he had used plenty of Aquaglide and, as it liquefied and the friction decreased to almost zero, his cock plowed through the tightness more easily. With a few more thrusts, his hips and thighs were pressed against Cindy Lou's soft asscheeks and her entire rear channel squeezed him delightfully, sending pleasure throbbing through his body.

Jason was not at all impatient. Although he lay quietly, waiting for the other man to get his cock all the way in, it was a highly pleasurable wait. As Aaron penetrated deeper, Jason could feel Cindy Lou's pussy squeezing his cock more tightly and massaging him with every thrust. As she had crouched above him before impaling herself, he had realized her pussy was one of the most beautiful he had ever seen and, by the time the fucking resumed, he knew it provided more pleasure as it enclosed his cock than just about any of the others he could remember.

Cindy Lou was close to ecstatic. A marvelous cock was all the way in her ass; another filled her pussy, and she needed only one thing to make her happiness complete. When she looked over at Sean, she knew what it was.

After he and Amanda had both cum, Sean had been left idle. She had climbed on top of Mike, and they had started happily fucking. Since she doesn't really like being fucked in the ass and his cock had partly softened anyhow, he had nothing to do just then. Cindy Lou had the solution to his lack and to hers.

"Hey Sean, I've got a hole just for you. C'mon over here, and leave the condom on."

Just as he moved over to accept her invitation, getting up to leave one mattress and join the group on the other, the two men already there started fucking Cindy Lou. Aaron withdrew his cock almost all the way from her ass, paused and, while he was slowly plowing it back in, Jason pulled his most of the way out. Seconds later, his cock surged back into her pussy while the other was being withdrawn from her ass again.

Like a pair of slow-moving pistons, the two men's cocks alternated driving in and out of Cindy Lou's highly fuckable holes. She was by no means passively accepting of what they were doing. Timing her movements to match their rhythm, she thrust her pussy down and back to meet Jason's cock, followed by fucking her ass up and back until she felt Aaron's legs flattening her cheeks as he plunged deep into her. Already, it was easily the best fucking she had gotten since her marriage had collapsed and she could feel it getting better by the second.

Although the double penetration was sending waves of intense pleasure rocketing through her whole body and causing her to writhe between the two men, Cindy Lou wanted more. With Sean kneeling beside her, she engulfed his condom-clad cock in her mouth. She doesn't care for the taste of latex but she loves the taste of her roommate's pussy juices and she knew that they had been smeared all over the condom while Amanda was fucking, especially when she was cumming. After licking them off, Cindy Lou took Sean's cock out of her mouth, removed the condom and drew it back in again, wanting to taste his semen. There wasn't much there, but it was delicious, as expected, and she left his cock in her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue, so she would get every drop, and so she would be able to feel it stiffen again.

Even while relishing the taste of Amanda's pussy and Sean's cum, Cindy Lou wanted to mostly concentrate on the cocks that were stroking in and out of her ass and pussy. Jason and Aaron were moving slowly, wanting their fun and hers to last as long as possible. She was moving much faster, though, as she fucked back to meet them, one after the other, and every time a cock plowed into her, she could feel intense pleasure radiating from both holes. Her bliss mounted quickly, ratcheting upward with every thrust by either man, and she could tell she was nearing an ecstatic orgasm. She had sucked all the semen out of Sean's cock so she took it out of her mouth to tell the other men how much she liked what they were doing and how she wanted them to keep doing it.

"You guys are the greatest. This is the best fucking I've had in a long time. Keep it up and you're gonna make me cum really bigtime."

They already knew Cindy Lou was close to cumming from hearing her loud moans, even with a cock stuffed in her mouth, and from the way her body was thrashing between them. Jason was lying flat on his back, his head comfortably nestled in a pillow. His hands had been resting on her hips, helping him drive his cock into her pussy and guiding her movements to meet his, giving them both the most pleasure. Knowing she was ready to cum, he moved his hands to place them on just above her ass so he could push down when he drove his cock into her pussy, giving her clit more contact with his cock.

Aaron was crouching above her, his feet on the mattress, his legs outside of hers and bent at the knee, letting him plunge his cock into her in sync with Jason. His hands were on her shoulders, holding her steady and helping him drive into her ass even harder and deeper. With every stroke, he was met halfway, and he could feel his pubic hair brushing against the inside of Cindy Lou's cheeks.

Sean was lying with his cock beside the lady's face. She had taken it out of her mouth when she felt the need to vocalize her pleasure and urge the others to fuck her harder. For the time being, he was just a spectator, but her soft hand gently fondling his cock, which had become erect inside her mouth, promised great pleasures ahead.

Besides the two men whose cocks were pistoning into Cindy Lou, he could see Amanda and Mike on the other mattress. They had begun with her on top but had somehow rolled over into the missionary position. Mandy's legs were squeezing her partner and her arms were around his shoulders as they rocked back and forth and sideways, accompanied by a duet of moans and whimpers from the intense pleasure they were sharing.

Cindy Lou would have been happy enough to know about how much Mike and her roommate were enjoying themselves but just then she was on the verge of cumming. "Yes!" she encouraged the two men who had brought her to that state. "Keep fucking me! Make me cum!"

Seconds later, "Uh! Uh! Uh! Yes! God, yes, I'm cumming," she cried joyously. Sandwiched between the two men the way she was, she couldn't move around much but her arms flailed wildly and her feet kicked the mattress in time to the cocks that were still pistoning into her.

"Ah. Ahhh!" she cried out as she climaxed. Her back arched, followed by a total relaxation of all her muscles. Jason and Aaron continued fucking her but slowed down their strokes. They had taken great delight in bringing the beautiful woman between them to her climax and they wanted her to have another. Like most men, a major part of the pleasure they get out of sex is from knowing how much enjoyment the woman is receiving from what they are doing together.

Cindy Lou lay between the two men, enjoying the feel of the two cocks that continued to plunge slowly in and out of her. Even after her ecstatic climax, she could already feel her pleasure building up again. Sean was still lying on the mattress and she opened her mouth and leaned toward his cock. He saw what she wanted and moved closer, setting his hand on her shoulder, to let her take it into her mouth again. Slowly, she caressed him with her lips, subconsciously duplicating the same rhythm as the two cocks that were surging into her ass and her pussy.

"Yes! Yes! I'm cumming," was Amanda's happy cry. Cindy Lou couldn't see her roommate because Sean was lying between the two women and she had her face close to his body, greedily sucking his cock. She could hear what was being said, though, Mandy was telling Mike how he should keep fucking her and what a wonderful cock he had. The thought flickered through Cindy Lou's mind that she would have to see later just how wonderful it was, but for the time being, she had three very good cocks to attend to.

One of these was Sean's and, like Jason's, it was a good size for sucking. Cindy Lou reveled in the round hardness as it slid cleanly between her lips until the firm tip was pressed against the back of her throat. Her head moved to and fro slowly, stroking his cock, her tongue laving it as it plunged in and out of her mouth. She loved the feel of the skin, the way it seemed to be stuffed so full, and when her mouth had drawn back so just the head was held in her lips, she licked the tiny slit and all around the ridge. The small amount of his cum she had tasted before had been delicious and she wanted more, but not until a long and pleasurable time had been spent sucking him off.

The other two cocks were still in her ass and her pussy but Cindy Lou felt a change in the way they were fucking her. Jason was lying on his back, unmoving, his cock buried in her pussy and his hands on her hips. Aaron was more active, thrusting his cock into her ass, pulling back so just the head was inside and driving all the back way in. Each time his cock surged into her, Cindy Lou's entire being was swept by bliss from four parts of her body, from the sphincter that was being forced wider, from the path that was being plowed inside her ass, from her pussy, as it squeezed the shaft that was filling it so well, and from her clit as that most sensitive spot was forced against Jason's cock.

Cindy Lou was closer to absolute ecstasy than she had been in a long while. This was her favorite thing to be doing, being pleasured by three strong, young cocks and giving them all the pleasure she could in return. She fucked her ass back to meet Aaron as he drove into her, delighting in the incredible sensation as his cock achieved maximum depth and in the way her clit was being massaged by Jason's hard shaft. She was unable to say anything coherent with her mouth so delightfully filled by Sean's cock, but her moans of bliss and the way her arms and legs were flailing aimlessly while her body was writhed between the two men said more than words ever could have.

For a long time, Cindy Lou's pleasure mounted, driven upward by the three cocks inside her. From the way the one in her mouth started throbbing, she knew Sean was about to reward her with a mouthful of semen. She sucked faster, tightening her lips on his shaft and leaving her tongue in place to catch his cum.

"Uh! Uh!" he grunted, his cock jerking as he thrust it deeper into Cindy Lou's mouth while pulling her toward him. She was used to this kind of reaction and kept her tongue where she wanted it. The first big gob landed perfectly and she savored its taste before swallowing it and getting her tongue back to catch the rest. The second and third were smaller and she let them collect, relishing the slightly salty, meaty taste of Sean's semen. When he was through ejaculating, Cindy Lou rolled his softening cock around in her mouth, letting the last drops ooze out, and when it was almost flaccid, she took it out of her mouth and licked off the head and around the ridge.

Sean rolled over onto his back, his cock drooping across his thigh. Looking over him, Cindy Lou saw Amanda and Mike sitting quietly on the other mattress, watching her and the others and waiting for them to finish. She gave them a sly wink and concentrated on what was happening to her ass and her pussy.

Wonderful things were happening. She could tell Aaron was close to cumming from his rapid breathing and from the way he was ramming his cock harder and harder into her. Cindy Lou fucked back just as hard to meet him scraping her clit across Jason's cock with every stroke.

"Uhh!" he grunted with every thrust into her ass until he gave one loud moan and Cindy Lou could feel his cock seem to swell up inside her and she knew he was cumming, filling his condom with semen. With two more plunges into her ass and a deep sigh, he relaxed and she could feel him sprawling across her back.

He didn't stay there very long. Aaron pushed himself back up to a crouching position, pulled his cock from the tight hole where it had given and received so much pleasure and backed away from the others. Cindy Lou glanced at him as he joined the three persons on the other mattress. He removed his condom and, when he sat down beside Amanda, she bent over him and enveloped his cock in her mouth.

Cindy Lou knew she was on the verge of cumming too. With just herself and Jason left of the four who had been using the mattress, she drew her legs underneath herself and got into the cowgirl position, which she preferred when she was ready to cum. With all the great fucking she had been getting, it wouldn't take her very long.

Back and forth she rocked erratically, moaning from the intense pleasure she felt, dragging the base of her clit against Jason's cock. He moaned too, feeling her clit against the entire length of his shaft. His hands were on her thighs, holding her steady and, as her body thrashed above him, arms flailing and luscious breasts bouncing, everybody in the room knew she was about to cum.

"Yes!" she cried out joyously. "I'm cumming." She fell forward on top of Jason. He wrapped his arms around her and continued plunging his cock into her pussy. Her hips swiveled and rocked from side to side and back and forth as Jason's cock pummeled her clit. "Yes! Yes!" she kept repeating.

With another happy cry, Cindy Lou climaxed, her body jerking and her back arching. After her orgasm, she lay quietly on top of Jason who moved his hands to her hips and continued thrusting his cock in and out until, with his own happy shout, he also climaxed, ejaculating heavily into his condom. After that, they lay quietly with her on top, gathering strength, until his cock slipped out of her pussy.

Cindy Lou rested for a few minutes and then looked around. Amanda had gone from sucking Aaron's cock to swinging over on top of him into a 69. His shaft was fully erect and she was slowly stroking it with her mouth. Mandy's pussy had gotten a good working over from Sean's and Mike's cocks and Cindy Lou knew how a tongue could be very soothing, especially one as talented as Aaron's. She could use the same kind of therapy after being so thoroughly fucked by Jason while another cock in her ass was compressing her pussy.

After cumming twice, Jason seemed satisfied to lie on his back and rest. A few feet away, Sean seemed equally content and his cock was equally flaccid. However, that was not the case with Mike. He was lying next to Amanda and Aaron, one hand fondling his semi-erect cock, looking as if he wanted some more action. Cindy Lou decided to give him some, emulating what her roommate was doing with Aaron. Before doing that, she used one of the available towels to wipe the lubricant from her ass so it wouldn't drip on Mike. On her hands and knees, she crept over to join him, juices smeared all over her pussy and more trickling down her legs.

Mike saw her approaching, smiled, and moved over to make some room between himself and the two who were 69ing. Guessing what she had in mind, and hoping he was right, he pulled a pillow under his head and watched while she took his cock in one hand and started licking the head. Seconds later, his bigger wish came true; her leg swung over his face, leaving him inches from one of the wettest and most beautiful pussies he had ever seen. No time was wasted in starting to lick up her juices, which were as delicious as he had known they would be. HERE Cindy Lou smiled at the delightful sensation of another man's tongue licking all around her thighs and crotch. On Thursday, every minute of the evening had been marvelous when she and Amanda had taken turns eating each other's pussies and they expected to frequently do more of the same. Even so, because of the basic heterosexuality of her nature, Cindy Lou preferred having a man eating her pussy. And, although eating out her roommate had been fun, she really preferred the taste and texture of a hard young cock on her tongue and lips.

Not only a cock but Mike's whole pubic area, and it was doubly enjoyable because of Mandy's pussy juices that were clinging to him. She licked all over his crotch and his balls, relishing their taste and enjoying the feel of his cock, almost fully erect by that time, rubbing against first one cheek, then the other as her tongue caressed the sides of his scrotum. After covering the entire area, she slowly licked his shaft, all around its ridge and the head of his cock, concentrating on the slit in the end. When it was good and hard and wet and ready, she took the tip between her lips and slowly lowered her face until her eager mouth had enveloped the entire shaft.

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