tagErotic PoetryCircles of Magic

Circles of Magic


As your beautiful body lay in my bed
With your limbs so firmly bound
My tongue drew circles of magic
As it caressed you round and round

Your delicate moans filled the room
And were a symphony to my ears
Your sensitive body bucked and writhed
And knew not the slightest fear

My tongue performed a song of love
As it barely touched your sensitive skin
I licked and flicked your every nerve
And felt your pressure build within

I didn't miss one single nerve
From your head down to your toes
Your moans became screams of delight
As your body tossed to and fro

When I knew that you could take no more
I brought you over the top
It seemed as if a thousand years
Before your beautiful thrashing stopped

DaLovePoet (Mike Diaz)

July 4, 2000

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