City Heat

bySensuous Storyteller©

Jacquie gave herself one last look in the mirror that was hanging on the wall in her hotel room. What greeted her in return was a lovely woman with her dark hair pinned up and just a curl or two tumbling down to her bare shoulders. The spaghetti straps of her pastel flowered sun-dress rested gently on her deeply tanned shoulders. The tight bodice of her dress bound her rounded breasts tight so that even without a bra they only bounced slightly when she walked.

Turning right then left she continued to admire herself in the mirror. She was pleased to note that the tight belt cinched her already slim waist making it look even slimmer. The skirt hid the sensuousness of her shapely hips but not for long she thought to herself. Even though the day was a hot one, Jacquie opted to wear her silky stay up stockings. Normally she would have just slipped her bare feet into a pair of sandals rather than the spiked sling-backed heels, but today she was going for sex appeal not for comfort. Jacquie slid her lipstick across her sultry lips one last time; pressing them together tightly to smooth it out. She kissed the air and giggled.

"Look out, New York, here I come!"

Quickly, Jacquie stepped out of the air conditioned lobby by pushing through the heavy plate glass doors of the hotel, not waiting for the doorman. She was slapped in the face by the hot humid air of the big city but nothing was going to bother her today. The admiring gaze of the doorman as he rushed to help her did not go unnoticed either and further helped her good mood. She lavished in the feeling of self assurance that only those kinds of admiring glances can give a woman. She turned and asked him to flag her a cab. Stepping to the edge of the walk, he whistled and seconds later a cab pulled up. The doorman quickly opened the back door and waited for her to step in. Jacquie smiled her thanks and slid into the seat knowing her skirt slid high on her thigh. The doorman didn't miss his chance to peek at the lacy tops of her stockings before he closed it for her. He tipped his hat at her before he sighed deeply and hesitantly turned away to go back to his job.

The driver asked, "Where to, mam?"

Not giving away how excited she really was, she calmly gave him the address and she sat back in the seat gazing out of the window watching the city streets as they whizzed by. About twenty minutes later, they arrived at a tall building with the address emblazoned in bold brass numbers and letters above the tall glass doors. Reaching forward Jacquie paid the driver, tipping him well. The driver thought the quick glimpse of her naked breasts and the soft scent of her perfume was tip enough but he said 'thank you' as he took the money.

The click of her heels on the pavement made clacked loudly as she bounced briskly into the building. A different tone echoed when those same heels clicked across the cold bare floor as she found her way to the bank of elevators. Jacquie perused the heavy wooden plaque with names and suite numbers displayed in shiny brass. Finding what she was looking for, she stepped into the elevator when the doors quietly slid open.

Three men standing in dark suits were blatantly admiring this lovely vision that had joined them.

Flashing white even teeth, she smiled at the men and said, "Good Morning."

Her voice was as soft and sweet as the rest of her. One man chirped a hello in return but the other two found that their 'hello's' got stuck in their throats. Grinning, Jacquie turned to the man on her right and asked him in that to push 41, ' Please.'

His finger tripped over the panel in confusion but a few seconds later he found it and they were on their way. All the men were traveling to higher floors, so when the doors silently whooshed open and Jacquie stepped out onto the carpeted floor to walk away, the three men simultaneously stepped forward to peek at the lovely ass with the pretty skirt swaying to and fro as she walked out of their view.

Stopping at a large polished desk, Jacquie saw the little letters making up the name Chris on the little holder and knew immediately that she was in the right place. Chris was Mike's secretary. Looking up and down the long hallway, Jacquie noted that Chris was no where in sight.

"Perfect" Jacquie thought to herself, "couldn't have been better if I had planned it this way!"

Walking behind the desk and over to the big heavy door, Jacquie gripped the brass handle and quietly opened it.

Across the large office, Jacquie could see Mike staring down at something on his desk. So engrossed in whatever was placed there, he didn't hear her enter. Since he hadn't noticed her, she took the time to look him over. She loved his smooth shaven chin as it dipped in front of his crisp white shirt, a bold tie loosened already even though it was still early in the day. The gorgeous body that she knew he owned was hidden behind his large formidable desk.

Enjoying the fact that he did not even realize he was being watched, Jacquie decided to tease him. She wanted to slowly get his attention but more importantly she wanted to hold it. The thick carpet made sure that her heels did not make a sound as she walked further into the room. There was a beautiful antique armchair placed in front of his desk, presumably for his guests to sit as they discussed matters of importance.

She placed her foot onto the seat of the chair allowing the skirt of her sun-dress to rise. Taking one manicured finger, she slid it up her leg from her slim ankle to her bent knee continuing upward to crumple the flared skirt of her dress making it to rise with her until it finally bared her lacy topped stockings and offered the first glimpse of bare thigh.

Hearing the strange sound of nail upon silk, Mike looked up. His eyes looked into hers and he smiled. Noting that had she lowered her eyes to the task at hand, his eyes followed to see what was to happen next.

Jacquie's free hand held the folds of her dress against her slim waist and with her leg still bent at the knee. Mike saw that the lovely limb was covered in silk with lacy tops holding it in place. Looking higher, his eyes caught sight of the satiny smooth strip of white that was melded tightly against her soft womanly folds.

Mike stared... Jacquie moistened... He knew... She smiled... Looking at him through passion glazed eyes; she saw her own passion mirrored in them.

Still as a statue, Mike stayed seated. He couldn't move. He just looked at her... watching her...

Taking her finger, she slid it across the smooth patch of material that was concealing her shaven cunt. Mike thought of that lucky strip of material as it darkened when her body betrayed her by making it obvious that she was just as aroused as he was. Jacquie saw his nose twitch and she knew he was trying to catch a hint of her womanly scent.

Knowing Mike couldn't look away if his life depended on it, Jacquie slipped her finger ever so slightly into her panties. She grinned when she saw the look on his face as he lost sight of it. There was a bulge of her finger beneath the wet material of her panties as it playfully moved around. Mike strained to see what her finger was doing... wishing it was his finger... wishing it was his tongue. He wanted to enjoy the show she was giving him so as difficult as it was he had decided not to disrupt her play.

Jacquie looked into his face and could see his eyes glued to her cunt. She knew he wanted to see more. She bent her finger and just the shape of her knuckle pushed out against the material. He knew her finger slid silently inside. While she continued to play, the leg of her white satin panties moved allowing Mike to catch just a glimpse of one swollen smoothly shaven cunt lip. He sighed.

When her finger buried itself deep into her moist dark slit she moaned aloud. Mike raised his head to look at the source of the moan only to see a white column of throat as she tossed her head back in the heat of passion. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and her lovely hair was falling from its perilous perch to hang softly down her back. What a vision!

Mike's cock was hard as a rock! He felt an ache so deep in his gut it almost hurt. Starting to get up, he stopped mid stride as Jacquie yelled, "Stay!"

Reluctantly, Mike sank slowly back into his chair as watched the most erotic woman he had ever seen.

His breath whooshed from his lungs as he stared at her little pink tongue just as it slipped out from between her pouty lips to moisten them. Watching as if his life depended on it, he saw her slip her shiny finger from her cunt to her mouth. He groaned again as if in serious pain... and he was in pain...even if it was delicious sensuous pain. He thought he could smell her; he wanted to smell her as he watched her greedily suck her finger clean.

Finally deciding that the poor man had had enough, Jacquie decided to offer him a little gift. She slid the dampened white satin panties down her slim legs and tossed them onto Mike's desk. He grabbed his prize and crumpled them into his hand. Clutching them tightly in his fist he brought them to his nose; inhaling deeply, as if taking his last breath. Mike savoured her scent and held it in, not wanting to let it go.

Lifting his face from his treasured gift, Mike saw her lovely completely shaven cunt. Her smooth, pouty labia glistened from the moisture that had flowed from her body. Mike watched her play. She turned her back to him and faced the chair. His eyes eagerly searched her body wanting to catch a glimpse of her soft white cheeks but Jacquie toyed with him a bit longer by letting her skirt stay down. She opened her legs slightly keeping her knees locked and she bent from the waist to place her hands on the seat of the chair. Reaching behind her, she scrunched up the fabric of her skirt. Just like the curtain rises slowly on the stage of an eagerly awaited play, the dress lifted until her soft ass was bared before him.

Unzipping his pants, he was no longer able to keep his painful erection harnessed. He gripped it tightly in his fist and began to stroke himself as slowly as he could; trying hard to make sure the fun did not end before it really got started.

Looking closer he could see Jacquie's feet in her spiked heels with long legs marking a path to her bare bottom invitingly displayed for his pleasure. Those lovely ass cheeks spread ever so slightly, allowing him only a tiny peek of her dark hole. But what intrigued him the most and almost made him spill his seed too quickly was the sight of her thick swollen pussy lips painted with the glistening sheen of her own arousal. Mike's eyes moved to take everything in.

Jacquie knew he is dying a slow death in his chair but the game of seduction was the fun and she didn't want it too end too soon either. Playing it for all it was worth, she turned her pretty face to the side and looked him straight in the eye and smiled so sweetly. He moaned. Her smile lit up the room. Her sexy hair was all a tumble over her pretty face and her sultry eyes peeked through at him. And just as he thought he was going to loose it and cum, the door to his office opened.

'Wow, what a way to meet Chris', was Jacquie's first thought.

Chris pretended to stumble over her words, "Oh, I am sorry, sir."

Embarrassed as hell, Jacquie was about to get up and pull herself together, when Mike yelled, "Stop!"

Both Jacquie and Chris didn't move, neither one of them knowing which one he was referring to. With difficultly, Jacquie retained her position over the chair and Chris took her hand off the door.

During their many telephone calls, Mike had mentioned to Jacquie that Chris was at the very least bi-sexual if not totally gay. So whether this was fair or not, Jacquie felt that she was more prepared for this than poor Chris. Flustered, Chris looked up at her boss to see what he wanted to happen next.

"Please join us, Chris. I was hoping you would step in." he said, grinning from ear to ear.

Chris was not as unprepared as they thought. Chris had listened in on her boss talking to Jacquie on the phone many times without them knowing. She knew far more than either of them realized.

With a smile and her own secret thoughts, Chris moved further into the room and stood next to Jacquie's raised bottom. Without any hesitation she placed her soft hand and slid it across the smooth flesh before giving it a quick slap. The noise cracked in the room, startling Jacquie to an upright position and making Mike laugh right out loud.

"Get down" Chris said as she pushed Jacquie's head back down onto the seat.

Mike stopped laughing and his cock immediately swelled and began throbbing again.

Chris was dressed neatly in the 'traditional secretary's uniform' of black skirt, white blouse and low comfortable pumps. But the not so traditional secretary stood behind Jacquie and gripped the white cheeks of her ass. A red mark was slightly visible from the slap she gave her and Chris bent to kiss the pink welt.

Startled, Jacquie tried to stand again but Chris added pressure to her back and pressed her down again. Her fingers spread plump cheeks, and her tongue slid down the crack to her dark star. Again, Jacquie tried to rise but Chris just gave her a resounding slap on her other cheek.

Stunned Mike watched avidly as his secretary lowered her lips to Jacquie's ass kissing away the gentle sting. Mike was sure he saw Chris inhale deeply. He knew she was filling her lungs with the erotic scent of this aroused woman just as he had with her panties. His cock throbbed so much that he had to grip it tightly again. Stroking slowly he watched as Chris kneeled down between her legs and spread open those soft pouty lips with her thumbs. Mesmerized, Mike saw Chris's tongue slide out to lick the pink petals of Jacquie's cunt. Her tongue slid across the wet slit from clit to asshole and he watched as Chris delved deep inside her inner lips; dipping her tongue in to scoop out the wet juices from Jacquie's body.

Moans echoed in the room but because it was from all three of them, they went unnoticed. Mike's hand gripped his cock tighter and he pumped it faster as his eyes never left the vision of these two women in front of him. In the agony of ecstasy he was barely aware of the hot cum bubbling in his balls and of his tummy as it tightened. Ropy streams of cum shot up through his shaft and into the air landing on his long forgotten work laying ignored on his desk.

As her orgasm approached and took flight, Jacquie screamed out into the room. The absolutely arousing tongue danced across her body. Jacquie knew it wasn't just the talented tongue that brought her to orgasm but it was also from the fact that she had never felt the lips of another woman on her cunt before. Pushing her ass back as far as she could, Jacquie ground her soaking wet cunt onto the pretty face of Mike's secretary. She came and came. Her pussy painted Chris's face with her juices.

When Jacquie felt her bearings return and she knew her flight was over, she tried to stand up but found that her legs would not hold her so she quickly turned and collapsed exhausted into the chair. Chris placed her hands on the arms of the chair and leaned in to kiss Jacquie's mouth; leaving the taste of her own juices on her lips.

Chris walked over to the door before she turned back to her boss, "Anything else. Sir?"

Grinning like an idiot, Mike answered, "Thank you, Chris. That will be all..... for now!"

As the door closed on Chris's back, Jacquie looked up at Mike and laughed!

"You planned this, didn't you?"

Mike said, "...and what if I did?"

Jacquie answered, "Well, plan it again. I am coming back to this city!"

© 1998, Misty's Erotic Stories © Revision, 2005

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