tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCJ Gives Herself to Science

CJ Gives Herself to Science


We first met CJ in the story Saturday Night. You might like to start with that chapter. These stories are written for someone special. I hope she likes it and I hope you do too.


CJ had felt herself in a fog for weeks now. The cause had been that Saturday night with Sarah and the others. It had been a wonderful, intense experience and CJ had loved every minute of it.

She had been tricked into it. It was her workmate, Sarah, who'd set it up and lured CJ in. She felt like she'd used for the pleasure of the others.

But CJ had not complained, not then and not since. She'd had great sex (including with her workmate) and had really enjoyed another woman's body for the first time in years. She'd been fucked by Sarah's boyfriend as well -- brutally hammered by the thickest cock she'd had in a long time. The only cock she'd had in ages. CJ had been thrilled and grateful for Dale's passion and for his cock.

But the person who'd been on her mind ever since was Bess. Oh the lovely, gorgeous Bess. Sexy and sensual with those big tits. Somehow CJ knew Bess was more than 'curious' when it came to fucking another woman. Though Sarah seemed to be just playing out a fantasy, CJ had sensed that Bess was very much into sex with women. Had the problem been the fact that Bess' fiance was there as well?

Since that night things with Sarah had been just fine. In fact, Sarah had been a little extra friendly to CJ while in the office. Then, a couple of times during drinks after work she'd even 'let slip' that Dale (Sarah's boyfriend) might like to have CJ suck him off. And CJ hadn't objected. She knew she would not object if Sarah ever made a serious offer. CJ already knew that Dale had a very nice cock.

Her thoughts had, however, been taken up with Bess. Sarah's friend, the delicious Bess with the double-Ds who knew how to kiss and how to touch a woman.

Sarah had been non-committal the couple of times Bess had been mentioned. She'd been very coy when CJ had hinted she wanted Bess' number. It was probably for the best. Bess had a fiancé and it seemed likely he wasn't as happy about sharing as were Sarah and Dale.

So she'd been shocked to hear Bess' voice on the phone. CJ had needed a moment to be sure it really was Bess, the same woman she'd lusted after on that Saturday night. It was early one evening, a rushed call. Perhaps her fiancé was nearby? She'd kept it brief -- could they meet that weekend, Saturday afternoon? She had something to discuss.

'Yes, I'd like that very much.' CJ tried to stay calm. Bess might enjoy women but she was many years younger and surely had her pick of the pack. And there was the fiancé to consider as well. 'Yes, the coffee shop near the campus would be fine.' She hoped Bess wouldn't notice how worked up she was.

That hope was dashed as soon as she saw Bess walk into the coffee shop. Bess was younger, after all, and very comfortable wearing shorts and a nice shirt that was buttoned low enough to show of her generous cleavage. CJ found herself licking her lips and trying to stop her mouth from drying out. She knew she was shaking a little. Bess wanted to ask her something and CJ knew she'd agree to whatever it was.

'You know I am studying on campus here? I am in a Masters program, human physiology. We have a very important practical component to complete. Its kind of like an experiment.'

'Sure. Sounds very interesting. Is that what you want to ask me about?'

'Well, yes. But its not what you think. You see, our professor is researching human sexual response.'

It sounded odd to CJ and she felt a little deflated. So that was it? 'And you have a survey you want me to fill out? I suppose Sarah told you a bit about my history. I guess she's done the survey for you already.'

'You don't understand. This is a practical, we have to do experiments. We need to collect data on actual human response. Its like doing a whole lot of tests. All the students in the class have already been subjects.'


'That's why I'm asking you. We need people who will undergo sexual stimulation in front of the class while everyone is recording the results and taking notes. Actually, the class is mostly women students but we need a really good female subject.'

CJ was just a little disappointed to think she was wanted only as a guinea pig. 'We?'

'There's nine of us in the class. Seven women and two men. And Professor Ryan is a woman which is why we're focussing on female response.'

'And not Sarah?'

'Like you saw that night at Sarah's place, she is not shy. Sarah doesn't mind someone watching her. But it would be awkward when she went around telling everyone about the experiment.'

'Well I am not the 'kiss and tell' type its true.'

'I know this sounds like a really weird request. I swear its totally legitimate. There's papers you would need to sign and everything. But I sensed something about you that night. You are a special woman and I know you'd be great for our research.'

Bess went on. 'And there's something else. That night... I really wanted... Well I really wanted to find a way to thank you and to give you something special.'

'I don't...'

'This is an experiment in sexual response. Y'see, we have to stimulate you. Repeatedly. You have to be able to get aroused and to achieve orgasm over and over. I was thinking I would like you to have that experience.'

'I am flattered,' replied CJ. 'At least I think so. But in front of a group of strangers?' Actually, CJ didn't mind that so much but she wasn't at all sure how she'd 'perform' in front of ten people since she'd guessed the only naked person would be her.

'Here's some information about the whole thing. Please read it. I'd really love it if you could be a part of this. Its all for science anyway you know.' CJ had to laugh at that. 'And it's all anonymous. You'll see its all explained in the brochure. Your face will be hidden, We have the whole lab set up for this.'

CJ didn't think it sounded quite as much fun as Bess was trying to make out. But she was a little stoked that Bess had wanted to pick her and not Sarah for this experience. And, more to the point, CJ knew that she was going to agree -- if only so she had an excuse to see whether she could interest Bess in something outside the lab.

Which is how CJ came to be standing behind a thin curtain in a university science lab with her all her clothes folded neatly on a bench beside her. She still did not feel comfortable about being a part of Bess' experiment. Somehow the promises about her anonymity hadn't really convinced CJ. The fact she could hear some of the students on the other side of the curtain, 'preparing' the lab, didn't make it any easier.

She was totally naked, apparently it was 'necessary' for the experiment. The brochure Bess had provided explained the whole process and stressed that the students would preserve her anonymity. But she'd be naked all the same. CJ had never been naked in front of so many people at one time. And she knew that at least some of the students would touch her -- to prepare her, to simulate her and to 'record' the responses.

She was a little frightened at finding herself in this situation. Why had she agreed to this? It was as if as if she'd been set up again. Still, CJ knew that she wouldn't refuse anything Bess asked of her for the next hour. In truth, CJ had known all along she would not be able to refuse Bess whatever she wanted. CJ just couldn't understand why she was infatuated with the younger woman. By now she was fairly certain that there was no chance of any more sex play with her. Bess had maintained an admirable but frustrating 'professional' approach. Maybe it really was about the fiancé.

Then Bess and another young woman appeared from around the curtain. She was told they would 'help to prepare her'. CJ was suddenly even more aware of her own nudity. She even felt a little embarrassed by her 34Ds with their blue veins streaking the skin. She almost folded her arms across her chest, as if to hide them. Then CJ realised there wasn't really any point to doing that.

So she tried to distract herself, tried to ignore the sudden warmth in her cunt that she knew was caused by standing naked, available in front of sweet young Bess. So she thought about the other young woman -- Mags, small and thin with tight jeans and obviously no bra underneath her white T-shirt. Those thoughts hardly seemed to help either.

It took only a couple of minutes for the two of them to have CJ up on the table, a smaller curtain hanging from a portable frame placed just below her chin. That was as far as her privacy was to go. The table was padded and long. CJ climbed onto the middle and was surprised when the two students helped her down to the bottom end. It felt like her arse was hanging off the end.

Her wrists were placed into soft cuffs down by her hips. That had not been mentioned in the brochure. CJ wasn't sure why that would be necessary.

Then her ankles were lifted up and she felt herself being spread wide, placed into stirrups. She knew her cunt was totally exposed. At least that seemed reasonable, the process was about her being 'stimulated' and she knew they needed to touch her cunt. The brochure had mentioned that test subjects should shave their pubic hair and CJ had taken extra special care that morning. She realised, too late, that her little chute was totally exposed as well. Both her holes were on display and the entire class would be able to see them.

CJ could hear others in the lab. There were at least two women. One of those voices asked, 'Is she shaved, Bess?' CJ wanted to call out her assurance but her voice was frozen inside her throat.

The other woman continued. 'She looks nice and clean but you'd better go over it once again Jenny. To be sure.'

Who was this Jenny? And why couldn't they see that CJ had already shaved her cunt that morning? And who were all the other people who had gathered in the lab? CJ could only hope they were Bess' fellow students and that they'd observe the protocols by staying the hell on the other side of the flimsy curtain.

Numerous hands came next, taping small instruments to CJ's skin, around her neck and her chest. 'To record you,' Mags whispered. CJ tried to concentrate on Mags' tiny nipples poking through the black T-shirt. It wasn't easy because she could also feel the unmistakeable sensation of something warm and wet being applied to her cunt lips. Then she felt the razor being gently applied to her labia. CJ knew her face had turned bright red. This was only a science experiment but she felt deeply humiliated.

Suddenly there was another voice. 'Are we ready now? We need to get started.' It was an older voice, authoritative. CJ knew it must be Professor Ryan. Strangely, she didn't feel any more comfortable knowing that the senior woman was now present.

Everyone was hidden behind that curtain now. It hardly mattered as many hands again went to work on her.

'We're almost ready Professor.' It was a man's voice, young and soft. CJ had almost forgotten that Bess had two males among her classmates.

Soft straps were applied to her legs and another across her hips. CJ knew she was immobilised completely. Why had Bess not mentioned that? Someone was softly drying her labia with a towel and then she felt something clipped onto the outer labia on her left side. Another 'recorder'? The same thing was done to her right side. She really was a test subject.

Next, the final torment, something was slipped into her anus. That was a shock and not pleasant. CJ grunted in response and she heard someone being admonished for being careless. Mags appeared again to reassure CJ -- as if that was possible by now.

'Just a little thermometer,' she smiled softly. 'We need to keep track of all your reactions.'

CJ heard chairs being dragged across the hard floor of the lab and in her mind she could see the class gathering closer to watch everything that was to be done to her. They could all see her most private openings. They'd all have notebooks too, of course, or probably laptops. Then the professor spoke again.

'Alright. This is subject D7. Margaret and Jennifer are conducting this session. Donald will assist. Bess will ensure the equipment is ready. The camera is functioning. All the paperwork is correct. You may begin.'

Only a second later something soft was placed on CJ's clitoris. It felt small and warm. She realised it was a finger, a woman's finger. Someone was just barely touching her clit, slowly stroking her. CJ wanted to disappear into an enormous hole. She had to fight to stop her hips from lifting off the table. The straps were firm but she didn't want the students to see her arousal.

That was pointless, too, because of course the machines were betraying her responses.

'Yes that's good,' said a male voice. Must be Donald. 'The preliminary stimulus is showing up really well.'

'Take your time everyone,' came the professor's voice. 'Make sure we get the most positive response possible.' She heard murmurs of agreement from the students but still CJ was frozen, her voice trapped somewhere inside her. She was a test subject she remembered. This was all for science. But she knew her cunt was getting damp from the fear of having an unseen stranger play with her clit.

The finger stayed a few more moments, stroking first up and then down. Then it left her and CJ felt like she could breathe again. Something was being shuffled around between her legs. Some apparatus was being wheeled into position. She knew it for sure when again something softly touched her clit. But this was hard, much harder than a finger.

The slightest vibrations started and instantly CJ felt them flowing through her clit and into her belly. She tried not to tense up. Bess popped her head around the curtain and smiled at CJ. 'Just try to breathe. That makes it easier.' Bess knew this was true because, as CJ now recalled, the professor had insisted the students experience all this before they were allowed near 'live subjects.'

The buzzing became a little stronger. It really was pleasant, even a pleasure. CJ gulped as she realised that soon the entire class would be able to see her wetness spreading from her hole.

'We are getting good readings,' announced Donald. 'I'll get mine ready.'

CJ's mind began to race. What did that mean? But Donald had sounded very matter-of-fact. It seemed the students really were treating this as an experiment and treating CJ as a 'subject.' She tried to think of herself that way, just an object that was being used for another purpose. She hoped that would keep her cunt under control and her juices at bay.

'Pass that one to me,' came another voice. The four of them were talking softly, almost as if CJ wasn't there. She recognised Bess' voice. Oh Bess, why had she gotten CJ into this predicament?

The apparatus on CJ's clit was taken away without warning. Just as suddenly it was replaced with another. CJ was sure she couldn't tell the difference. But suddenly the new vibrations shot into her and she failed to stifle a small grunt of surprise.

'Please Bess,' came the professor's voice. 'Take care of that will you. We cannot have distractions in here.' And then Bess appeared, her soft eyes smiling at CJ. The 'subject' wanted to say something, to appeal to Bess. She wanted to hear Bess reassure her, tell her she was to be freed. Instead Bess silently placed a large, soft piece of leather on CJ's face. A small soft piece of material was pushed between her lips and teeth. In seconds it was tied into place. A gag! -- CJ had been gagged. It even had something for her to bite down on. Oh, but surely that was for the best because CJ didn't really want these hidden strangers to hear her involuntary noises.

Donald kept commenting on his instruments. Something new was applied to CJ's clit and straight after she felt something being inserted into her cunt. It was thin and hard. Some kind of measuring device? It wasn't moving or buzzing. Just lying there but somehow that seemed like a torment to CJ. These strangers were stimulating her clit and yet they were happy to leave her cunt hole alone?

'I think we need some extra measurements,' said Donald. 'I'll do it,' said another voice. It sounded like Mags. The thing in her cunt was removed and at the same time CJ felt a clamp being attached to her left nipple. This was the extra measurement? Then another was applied to her right nipple. They were a little tight and CJ realised that the added sensation was very agreeable. She was certain that the gag was good idea after all.

'That's good,' reported Donald. 'Nipples nicely swelling now. Better measure the clitoris too.'

A new clamp was applied, this time right onto CJ's clit. She felt her eyes fly open and stifled a small cry of pain.

Something new was being inserted into her hole. This one was larger. The unseen hand pushed it forward until CJ felt it bump into her cervix. She could no longer decide what was worse -- being treated like a test subject or being denied proper stimulation. What kind of experiment was this?

The clamp on her clit was removed and again CJ wanted to cry out. 'Put it back,' was her only thought. As if by magic, the clamp was closed around her clit again bringing another grunt of delight from her. These little bastards were starting to drive her crazy. Now she understood the need for restraints and the gag.

The others in the class were obviously watching intently. They were beginning to ask questions now. They wanted to know all about temperature, pulse, muscular response and even 'moisture response'. They actually wanted to measure the amount of juice that CJ's cunt was producing. She felt ashamed but she also felt horny. She didn't really want her cunt to gush for them but she hoped the class would give her at least one orgasm.

'Stage two now,' said someone and her cunt was emptied again. It was only for a few seconds.

A new object was inserted. As it was being slowly pressed into her CJ noted this one was larger. In fact it felt like a small vibrator.

'Number five first,' said Mags. 'The next one has the new moisture probe incorporated'.

The unseen hand then began to slowly slide the object back and forth. 'At last, sweet heaven,' thought CJ. Someone was slowly fucking her with some kind of object. Hell, it felt good. Then she worried that this was just more measuring, that the students would continue to ignore the strengthening need deep inside her.

She wanted to beg, to beg for more and beg them not to stop. Surely it was Mags' hand. Though maybe by subject D7 even the males in the class has had enough practice. CJ hardly cared. Because the thrusting was too regular and slow, too gentle. It was better but still it left her feeling denied. This was an experiment in sexual response. She dreaded the thought of cumming in front of a group of strangers but why wouldn't they bring her to climax already?

They continued on, as if oblivious to her needs. What the fuck were those instruments for anyway? She heard something heavy being moved. It had wheels, as if some sort of trolley was being positioned down near her privates. Now she understood the need to have her arse perched on the end of the table. The experiment had been meticulously planned and CJ was positioned precisely so that the class could access her holes with all their damned apparatus.

'Right,' said Donald, 'that's a good temperature reading. The clitoral monitor is doing well too. Can we do moisture again now?'

'Number 9 is ready,' said a voice. Jenny? 'I'll start by hand.' CJ decided that she might as well not be there. The students were totally in control. She was just something to be used by them. She was totally helpless, forced to take whatever the experiment dictated they do to her. CJ hoped they'd all get good grades after tormenting her like this.

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