Authors Note: Dedicated to Darkness Ascending and His slave jesuil


He entered the room, His strong form blocking the light from the hallway. The very sight of Him taking my breath away. My body trembling as fingertips find the edge of the silks. He leans on the doorway, His gaze sweeping over me. Chocolate gaze lowered as I stand as still as possible.

He moves into the room, the door closing softly behind Him with a click. Candlelight flickering across my flesh, their very shadows tickling across my flesh. Slowly He walks around me, inspecting me. Those sapphire eyes piercing to my very soul.

Remaining silent, wishing to only kneel before Him, I can't help but to swallow hard. I can feel the slightest of movements of my silks. With each rise and fall of my chest the silks further taunt my flesh. The light silks suddenly heavy, my knees tremble lightly, my very core stills at the sound of His voice.

"Eyes closed" The command given softly, my body obeying before I can even understand what He had commanded. My sight gone I try to listen. My mind wondering where He is, what He is doing.... My heart racing over loading my senses as I try to listen to where He is.

Then I feel Him. He is behind me. His chest pressed to my back, one hand resting atop my hip. His hand tracing up the curve, and then up the side of my arm. A shiver runs through me as I remain still. His hand finding my neck, rough fingers tenderly brushing the hair aside, His lips fluttering across my neck. A whisper of love shared.

Again His lips flutter across my sensitive skin. My mind screaming out to Him. Begging pleading... just wanting to throw myself in His arms. His fingers trailing along the collar, then down my shoulder, finding the single knot He tugs it, releasing the knot yet holding the silks.

A small gasp escapes me. Then suddenly the air is cold. He stepped back from me and the silks puddle to the floor at me feet. Trembling, aching, tears brimming I can do nothing but stand there. Even the air must tease me, its soft whisperings exciting my flesh more.

I listen for Him. Any sign, any sound, anything to know. His silence is deafening, not even His footfalls reveal Him. Then His hand is tracing my jaw line tilting my lips towards Him. It takes everything not to offer to kiss Him, His thumb caressing over my bottom lip.

His hand moving down to my chest, His fingers light across my flesh, a tear slips free. His finger finds the single tear, scooping it up, and then kissing it. I can hear a soft click as a leash is applied to my collar, His fist tightening in it pulling me to Him, His free hand grasping the back of my neck.

He leans in, his kiss devouring my lips. Strong possessive, He claims my mouth, my heart and my soul, all in that single kiss. a whimper of a plea escapes. Desire, fire, my body of molten heat longing only to be fully claimed by Him.

His grip tightens in my hair, I want to open my eyes and gaze into the endless blues of his, but reluctantly I refrain. His grip tightens as He guides me backwards. My back now pressed against the wall... He releases the leash and my hair, His hands traveling down my shoulders, across my arms. He captures both my wrists, crossing them above my head.

The cold steel is felt then the click heard as he chains me to the wall. His hands begin exploring me. All that is His claiming every inch. His mouth trailing lightly over my nipples, exciting me further, His hands moving lower.

"Open your eyes" He whispers as His fingers claim the heated treasure. Gasping as my eyes flutter open. The need in His eyes dark, possessive, demanding. His fingers delving deeper. Claiming, exploring all that is His.

"They will remain open, you will see how I view you." My heart leaps, my blood boils, my heart calling out to Him. Words lost as I can only nod that I understand. His free hand gripping lightly at my neck, His right hand delving deeper, working my core. The fires lit as He presses me to the wall.

His large form covering me as I fight to remain still my body wanting to press into Him, to beg to be taken. My throat tight in excitement, tears of love, of fire, of desire, of longing burning bright in my chocolates.

Peering nervously into His deep sapphires I am almost lost. I can feel His desire pressed against my thigh, restricted by His pants. His eyes demanding, hungry, longing... hot. Hot to claim me, to be deep inside me. His hunger His love, ravaging Him as much as He ravages me.

"Please Master" I cry out, my body needing His so desperately. His fingers slip free of my core, He steps back, scanning me, hips arched towards Him as the cold air replaces where He had been.

"Please Master" I whimper, as another tear trails down my cheek. He brings His fingers to His lips and licks His fingertips lightly, His sapphires never leaving my eyes.

Slowly His hands find His trousers, releasing His surging manhood from the tight confines of the material. He tugs them off and tosses them to the side. All I want to do is to run my tongue down His chest and kneel before Him. Licking my lips at the thought of tasting Him upon my lips. My hands pulling restlessly at the confines of the shackles.

A small groan escaping me as He reads the desire in my eyes. His soft chuckle breaks the silence, making me long for Him even more.

"Not this night little one, not this night."

He closes the space between us quickly, His hand rough on my throat, His gaze never faltering. The roughness suddenly gone as His hand slips behind my neck, His mouth claiming mine again. His tongue delving deeper, our tongues entwined in a hunger dance. His knee pushes my thighs apart, slipping between them.

His hardness pressed at my core, a soft groan escaping. My back arches out offering all of me to Him, silently pleading with Him. He breaks the kiss; His hungry kisses find my breast. Kissing around the nipples then nipping one lightly taking it in His mouth, then with a sudden thrust, He is completely in me.

My back arches more as I cry out in pleasure, His intensity claiming me, His power, His strength... He owns me fully. And tonight He is reminding me. His strokes are long and deep, taking me to my very core. Small ripples of pleasure course through my body as my hands wring in the shackles. Tears of acceptances, of love, of being hopeless His fall.

His strokes drive deeper and faster, His breath on my neck as he takes me, His hands on my hips driving me deeper, impaling me with His own desire. He growls softly in my ear.

"Now en'safora... cum for me now!" my body yields completely to Him. My head thrown back in ecstasy as the waves of pleasure claim my body. My heart racing, breath ragged, He works faster, harder, deeper, intent on claiming all of me.

Tears unhindered slide down my cheeks, I can feel Him tighten then release in me sending my body through another wave. His pace slows; my body weak as He reaches up ad releases my hands. He slides from inside me and scoops me up in His arms.

"Tonight, en'safora, you shall sleep in My bed"

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