tagBDSMClaiming Sophia

Claiming Sophia


I woke up to the stillness only a mountain house can have. I was alone in the huge bed and I felt as though I had been asleep for years. The sheets were so fine and it felt like my skin was being caressed every time I moved. My hands moved to the wetness between my legs, I opened my thighs wide and touched my pink folds, playing over the nubbin sleepily and softly. I was only a little sore from the night before, surprisingly, and my fingers felt so good. Soon I forgot where I was and I started pressing my fingers into my slippery, wet tunnel.

I heard him close by chuckling softly, "My Sophia is such a greedy slut, her pussy is always hungry for more." Mr. Rhodes sat beside me on the bed and took my face into his hands. "I want you to cum for me, I want to watch you hold your pussy open and show me." His voice was low and he took the sheet and whipped it off my body, letting it waft over the other side of the bed. He kept his hand on my face and lifted my head so I would look into his eyes. "Today I will give you all the orgasms you have ever wanted and more, but right now I want to see you start your day for me."

He rose and stood right next to me and watched my hands, my face, and my body, as I opened my pussy lips with one hand and began to feather my fingers over my wet opening. I took my two longest fingers and scooped up some of the sticky wet and rubbed it over and over the tip of my clit, which was achingly exposed and stretched by my other hand. I closed my eyes and my hips were rocking as I felt my pussy getting wetter and warmer. I rubbed over the large tip of my protruding clit. I pulled the hood back hard and I started to grip the swollen and hard clitoris and stroke it between my thumb and forefinger. My hips started to buck and my back arched high. My titties started to jiggle as I rubbed faster and harder. My thighs were tense and my feet pointed as I felt my pussy contract and release warm juices. I pressed two fingers deeply inside and continued to rub the walls as I shuddered again, my body jerking so hard. I collapsed on the bed panting, and removed my fingers, letting them rest sticky on my inner thigh.

I felt Mr. Rhodes move between my open legs, he placed two large knobby fingers into the wet hole as I let out a low moan, and he shoved into me very deeply. When he brought them out, he smiled into my eyes and placed them on my lips, his other hand gripping the back of my head, pressing them into my mouth slowly and deliberately. Soon he had them so far back in my throat that I was gagging and choking. He looked into my face as my eyes grew large and frightened. I gagged again, and I felt a little panic creeping up my spine, when he pulled them out with a slight smirk, "Lick your cunt from my fingers Sophia. I do love watching you taste your own slutty juices." He stared into my eyes, "That's a good girl, lick them clean."

When I had finished licking them to his satisfaction, he stood and opened his pants and took out his cock. It was so hard and thick. I was still amazed at its size and I swallowed hard as he pulled my head to his swollen member. I licked and sucked as much of it into my mouth as I could, as he wrapped his hand into my hair. Holding my head, he started to shove his cock deeply into my throat. I began to gag and choke once more, while his cock stretched my mouth, forcing my jaw so wide it ached. Suddenly I felt him forcing my mouth over him hard, shoving me down onto his huge prick, until I couldn't breathe. My body shook and heaved as I pushed my hands onto his thighs, my panic rising again when I felt him grip my hair tighter. My body bucked and thrashed trying to get some air into my lungs. When he pulled my mouth off his thick cock, stringing my saliva out, he lifted his foot onto the edge of the bed and told me softly and firmly to lick his balls and ass.

I gulped in huge breaths of air, fighting the urge to throw up, still gagging and coughing when his hand gripped my hair tightly again and he shoved my face into his puckered hole. My tongue flattened out and I inhaled his musky scent. I stroked around the sensitive area behind his large hanging sac with oozing, thick saliva. My eyes were closed and tears streamed down to my lips, which were tugging and suckling the loose sac. My velvet soft tongue cupped and licked slowly over the sensitive skin. I released his balls from my warm wet mouth, slowly sliding back towards his puckered hole, sawing back and forth and pressing into his sensitive prostate with the tip of my pointed tongue. My nose pressed into him, as I snuffled into his crevice I found his musky sour opening with the tip of my stiffened tongue. I flicked it around the tight rim, teasing it softly. My heart leapt when I heard him moan with pleasure and I started to slowly fuck his hole with my tongue. His hand pressed my face into his ass and I pushed into his tight sphincter, tasting him, rubbing against the smooth interior wall with my tongue as my lips caressed around the opening. My hands were pulling his cheeks open as I probed and licked further into him.

My ears heard his ragged breathing and his low voice rumbling that I was a good little ass licker. "That's right, little girl, fuck my ass with your tongue." He instructed. "Slide a finger inside and curl it up towards my balls. You will learn to milk me, you will learn my little slut Sophia," When he said my name, my heart stopped for a moment, and my tongue thrust deeper into him before withdrawing to slide a finger into his wet, slick hole. I pressed deeply into him and I felt the muscles contract and then relax. My hand pushed into him as far as I could and I slowly added another finger as I pulled almost all the way out and then pressed back into him. Curling my fingers toward my hand I felt the bulbous prostate through the membrane and I began to massage it with the pads of my fingers, my mouth having moved back to licking and suckling his large balls. His moaning and groaning turned into growls of pleasure as I pressed my fingers further into him, and my mouth licked and lapped at his hanging sac.

His cock was in both of his hands and he was slowly jerking it as he looked down at me. His eyes were glazed and almost dangerous looking. His lips were curled into a sneer and his eyes burned into me as I massaged his inner walls with curled strong fingers. My mouth opened a little wider and my tongue slipped back and pressed hard into his swollen gland, sliding it and pressing into him. My fingers massaging him with the pads as firmly as I could manage, I started to feel his balls tighten and he growled, "Give me your mouth now slut!" I sat up and rose to open my mouth as he pointed the head of his cock at my lips. The ropes of cum shot onto my face and chest as my fingers shoved into him until the knuckles of my hand were white. I rubbed and sawed them out of his ass as he yelled out, "Oh Fuck!" and another rope of cum hit my nose and cheeks. It started to ooze down his hands as he squeezed it and milked his cock.

His cock spent, he looked at me and smiled wickedly and placed three fingers on my lips. He pressed them into my mouth again deeply. His cum coated fingers sticky and wet, slid down to the back of my throat as he murmured in a low voice, "Suck them clean and gag for me. I love that sound." He wrapped his other cum coated hand into the back of my head and entwined his fingers into my hair. Tightening his grip, he shoved harder, until my lips stretched and my face covered in globs of his cum paled and then reddened when I heaved and choked again, coughing, sputtering, and grunting. His eyes gleamed and he looked at me with a dangerous leer and his cock twitched. He pulled his fingers out of my mouth while my eyes spilled over and salty tears rolled down through the trails of cum. He smiled as he looked at me, pulling back a little and taking my whole form in, and said in a eerie pitch, "Look what a mess you are."

He lifted me to standing and chuckled as he gazed at me from head to toe. He pressed me down again after looking me over, and told me to crawl to the bathroom and make sure to keep my legs wide and sway my ass like a good girl. Then he added, "Make sure you lick up any cum that drips onto the floor, sweet Sophia."

Crawling to the bathroom with my face turned upwards, I heard his footsteps behind me far enough so that he could appreciate my posture as I crawled. My thighs were sticky from my own emissions as I swayed slowly to the bathroom, my legs wide and my back arched. My neck was long and sinewy as I tried to keep my face from dripping onto the floor. I reached the bathroom and I felt a glob of cum running down my jaw and to my horror, it dropped to the floor.

I moaned low in my throat, and as I looked down to lick up the glob, my whole face started to drip onto the tile. I was leaning over licking up all the drops, lapping it, with my head down and my ass high and spread for him when I felt a sharp slap on my ass. His open palm came down again, hard and sharp on my smooth pale skin. My bottom jerked and I hunched to try and get away, but his large hand came down on my ass again and again. These were hard and stinging slaps that reverberated down my thighs and across my chest. His breathing got ragged in his chest from the exertion of the spanking he was giving me.

I laid my head on the floor turned to the side, my eyes were large and I was trying so hard to not make any sound at all, to be as still as possible, but my eyes betrayed me. The tears spilled down, as the pain of his large strong hand left red imprints on my ass and the skin rose to a rosy red glow. My chest was pressed into the heated tile floor and I was weeping when he suddenly stopped.

"This ass is mine. I have left my mark on your ass. You will never forget that this ass belongs to me." He paused and I heard him say softly in a low rumble, "You are so beautiful when you show me your submission like that; weeping so prettily on the tile, offering your sweet bottom to me, and holding so still and quiet when I spank you. Now, crawl into the shower, and kneel on the floor."

I continued to cry quietly, but my heart was racing and a huge wave of emotion encompassed me. I was thunderstruck, I loved him. I would do anything for him. My ass was on fire with the sting and burn of the intense spanking I had just received, but I felt such an exciting rush from his pleasure and his praise, I felt an exaltment, something I never considered possible.

Each time I crawled I could feel the ache and burn of his hand, it felt like I was being fucked, my pussy was swollen and my heart ached for the intense feelings I was having. My mind was racing, I felt like I had been drinking from the emotional and sexual high I was experiencing. This man was telling me that I belonged to him, like he owned me. I felt that he was deeply and intensely correct. I had never felt anything overtake my sense of who I was, more than the declaration of his ownership. He was claiming me like a thing, but I never felt more a part of anyone in my life. The whole idea shocked me, thrilled me, and made me need to please him all the more.

I crawled into the shower and I turned to face him, kneeling back on my heels and looking up into his eyes. He lifted his flaccid cock and pointed it at me and he let a stream of warm dark golden piss hit my chest and my nipples, he pointed it at my pussy and peed on my cunt. Then he lifted it and looked at me as I closed my eyes and he let it stream over my face and hair. I was shocked again. I knelt there smelling his piss, and feeling his warm urine run down my face. I sat there silent and still, but my heart was beating so hard and I was panting through my nose. I heard him say, "I will mark you again and again, to remind you, and anyone ever touching you that you belong to me, utterly."

I heard him turn on the shower and the warm spray of water fell over my hair and down my face. I tilted my face back and I felt the water hitting my forehead and streaming down cleaning me and refreshing me. My ass felt a sharp sting as the water ran over my bruised bottom.

I looked up and he reached down to me and lifted me up to my full height. Standing with him, he began to wash me and kiss me tenderly and softly. His lips enveloping mine with a quiet hunger as his tongue slipped into my mouth gently playing over my inner lip. I moaned and leaned into him, standing up on tiptoes and wrapping my arms around his neck. My hunger matched his, while my body clung to his, as though for dear life. His arms wrapped around me completely and he leaned back a little so that my feet did not touch the floor. Looking deeply into my eyes he put me back down slowly, sliding down his body with mine. I did not let go of his neck and I never wanted to stop kissing his mouth.

He chuckled and broke the kiss, pushing me back to the full spray of water. Soaping my hair and rinsing it as he alternately rubbed his great big hands over my breasts and nipples. My smile was infused with the sort of happiness few people ever experience in one lifetime, and my throat was tight with emotion.

He turned me away from him and he began to soap over my tight puckered anus. Pressing his soapy fingers into me and whispering that I would be claimed there too, in time. I tensed straight up and my eyes grew with the thought of his huge organ fucking my little asshole. He chuckled and prodded into me very deeply, fucking me slowly and with long soapy fingers. "Every part of you will be marked by me Sophia, you are mine, and I want you more than I have wanted anyone in a very long time. Your ass will be taken by me, and you will love it little girl, I promise you."

He turned me to face him again, sliding his fingers abruptly out of me, and kissed me deeply and hard. My body trembled at his words and my pussy ached for him again. Suddenly, he thrust me back and he took the shower head from the wall and brought it to my pussy. Aiming the strongest spray on my fat clitoris, I let my head fall back and I opened my legs wide. He sat down on the bench in the shower and told me to present my cunt, I opened my pussy lips wide with both hands, grasping the outer lips and pulling them back hard. He placed the spray right on the tip of my engorged clit as he held me in place, bucking on the harsh spray over my sensitive nub. Panting and heaving, I felt my orgasm building quickly, my thighs already hard when my rocking against the spray became spasms. The wrenching cry that came from me surprised even me, I bucked and shouted as my pussy convulsed with a hot flood of cum, my eyes furrowed and my mouth twisted into a growl.

I tried to back away from the hot spray now, but Mr. Rhodes held me firm and would not let me move away from it one bit, I looked at him frantically, feeling my clit get hammered when it felt like needles of pain and pleasure burning into my sex. He whispered that I was a little slut, always hungry, and that he was going to give me just what I needed.

He looked down as I writhed and felt the pain of the hot water hitting my clit so hard, and I could not believe it, but I felt another orgasm starting to build within my loins. My feet felt like I was on needles, and my body started to spasm in great heaving jerks, and I heard that sound coming from my throat again, a howl that started low and ended in a high squeal. My body was not my own anymore, I had given it away to this man.

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