Hi everyone,

This is another story that has been a long time in the writing – as you can see I'm trying to 'catch up'. It's on a new tack! I wanted to explore some different ideas so I decided to write a series of 'encounters' using the same guy. I was always taken by the Faust legend and particularly enjoyed a 'modern' fantasy version I read in my youth about a guy who trades off various things for advantage so I thought I'd adapt the legend in this way. The first one I submitted was Katja in the Celebrities group [and, yes, I know I spelt the name with a 'y'. That was a slip of the keyboard!].

Difficult to know what section to put this episode in because the whole series is really Fantasy and SF but each will have a different focus. Anyway I chose Loving Wives – though it will probably get vilified! Read it to the end to see why I chose LW. Be warned there is, as per usual, plenty of hard but loving anal sex and all other kinds as well.

It is pretty much my usual fare so please read and enjoy. This story stands alone but, if feedback is positive I might take it further into Claire's marriage and some group sex.

It was a great weekend with Sandy and Hannah, sex, sex, sex, all the way. I hadn't seen them for six months – all the time I'd been with Karen so they were pretty frisky! I did manage to satisfy them both though, particularly their arses which seemed to miss my cock more than their cunts. They both took three loads there and seemed to enjoy sucking the lot out and passing it between their mouths – very sexy and usually resulted in me managing another session.

I particularly liked having them leaning over the arms of my settee: one at each end. This pushed both arses up in the air and allowed me to drive down into them, changing now and again. But enough of them – well they couldn't get enough really – they were bloody insatiable. I'd be glad when Bruno came over!

I drove them both back on Monday morning intending to stay down in Brighton for the day and have lunch with them then stay a night or two. I seldom went to their houses because I didn't want to start any gossip, that's why I usually saw them in my flat in London.

On the way back they told me about Claire. She was one of their 'circle'. Just a year older than Sandy at 38, she was an attractive woman according to the two of them. Attractive and very, very, frustrated.

"Her marriage is OK," Sandy told me, "but there's no buzz. He's quite a nice bloke and quite dishy really but, oh hell Mike you know, he doesn't really appreciate her. Well not sexually anyway. They only do it now and again and she doesn't get much from it," she smiled sexily, "she needs a 'cock' input!"

I laughed, "Sandy love, your solution to any female problem is a stiff cock!"

"Mmm," she laughed, "preferably yours, eh Hannah?"

Hannah laughed in return, "You bet! Seriously Mike, she's only ever been with him and she has these wonderful fantasies. We've told her about you . . ."

"Not ALL about me I hope," I interjected, "I'm not sure a naïve woman could stand hearing about ALL we do."

They both laughed, "No, not ALL," said Sandy, "not about the DP's and the gang-bangs!"

"I should hope not."

"Anyway," continued Hannah, "I don't think she really believed us. We're pretty sure that she didn't have much idea of what a man and a woman can really get up to – not like you anyway." I nodded and smiled in thanks.

"We want you to meet her Mike. We've arranged lunch today so it can happen."

"And we want you to seduce her!"

I laughed, "Ladies, ladies, I'm only human. You two are far too much for me!" Although, in truth, I was intrigued and, after all, I had finished with Karen – or, rather, she had finished with me! Not that I minded however.

"We aren't anything like too much for YOU, you devil! Anyway, we don't mind if you 'neglect' us for a while," she pouted, "you have for the last six months with that young dolly of yours, and it will be good for Claire."

Well I now am reluctant to disappoint a lady so I agreed. "I'll meet Clair," I said, "but she may not like me!" Unlikely I know because, if I liked her I would go to work. Mind you, if she was a frustrated as they said, it wouldn't be too much of a problem.

I dropped them both of at home so they could change then went to the restaurant to await their arrival in the bar. They were going to pick Claire up in a taxi. They arrived about an hour later looking much more the businessman's wife than they did in town. There they dressed to kill – and they did. Here they were dressed smartly. The woman they entered with was quite a looker and, I assumed, must be Claire. Well! One look told me that this would be a very, very pleasant assignment.

She was taller than both of them and darker. Her hair was auburn and fell straight to her shoulder. It framed a broad face, eyes wide apart, distinctly intelligent and very, very dark. Most important of all she wore spectacles. Now, and I know this is going to seem strange, but I do find them a turn-on. Above the specs, lovely eyebrows and long lashes. Soft nose, almost too small for her face, above luscious red lips. God, I thought, her husband must be bloody blind if what they told me was true. But then, well perhaps we men don't recognize just how lucky we are; take things for granted. Might have been me before the divorce – not any more though.

She was dressed pretty primly in a business suit but it did show off her curves, particularly her hips which were wide and when she turned I saw supported a gorgeously full bottom. Her breasts were fairly large as well and I longed to get a true sight of them. She wore high heeled boots that accentuated the thrust of her bottom and I couldn't help but think that those two hellions had prompted her to wear them knowing my particular preference.

"Hi Mike," said Sandy as they sat at the table. "This is Claire. Claire, Mike." She flashed a glance at me but didn't seem able to meet my eyes for very long. She was obviously embarrassed and shy. Thinking about what they had told me about her I could understand why. She must have wondered why they wanted her to have lunch with me but she must have been just a little bit aware!

I took her hand and raised it to my mouth, planting a soft kiss. "A pleasure Claire," I said and didn't let go until she did meet my eyes then I smiled my most fulsome smile and planted just a suggestion of desire in her mind, a flash of sexual desire. She smiled shyly back and blushed.

Hannah laughed, "Claire's not used to meeting handsome men," she said, "So you'll have to forgive her Mike."

I looked at them both and could see they were feeling somewhat superior to poor Claire so I thought to pop their bubble. "It's always nice to meet an attractive woman for the first time," I said with a smile, "and it is particularly pleasant just now." Now she met my eyes and smiled back.

"Thanks," she replied with a deep breath, unable again to meet my eyes. Time to take control.

"Do sit now ladies." They wanted Claire to sit next to me but that's not my style. I wanted her opposite so I could look at her. A longer look inside her mind told me that she wasn't really unhappy with her husband, it was just that their life was fairly uninteresting: particularly in the bedroom. I was surprised that she hadn't been with any other man either before or after her marriage. I think she loved him, in a non-sexual way, but was clearly frustrated; not much appeared to happen in the bedroom. She was also very, very nervous about meeting me because of what Sandy and Hannah had told her. Her manner suggested that I was portrayed as some kind of sexual athlete, although I hoped they hadn't told her all that we got up to. So my task through this meal was to ease her mind and to show her that I wasn't some kind of animal.

"Claire, you sit opposite so I can gaze into those lovely eyes!" I laughed as Sandy and Hannah rolled their eyes.

"He's always like that," laughed Sandy, "take no notice."

"But Claire does have lovely eyes," I went on, fixing her with mine and laughing at the other two, "so, no arguments. Claire you sit here, Hannah, Sandy, here." This is how I like to eat, with my partner opposite and, in this particular situation, my 'partner' was Claire – she was the one I wanted to impress and watch and you can do that better full face.

It was a pleasant meal spoilt only by Sandy who throughout continued to blast us all with double entendre causing Claire considerable embarrassment and much amusement to her and Hannah. To be honest I was getting a little bit annoyed with them, particularly Sandy who, I think, was showing off. It wasn't fair on Claire and I think she was becoming more and more uneasy as the meal went on. It got to the point where I had to say something.

After one particularly crude comment about my performance I turned to her and, with a great big smile, said, "Sandra my dear," that caught her attention. I rarely used her full name, if ever. "Sandra my dear I think you are embarrassing Claire," she glanced at me thankfully. "Now, if you don't stop I think I might have to put you over my knee and smack your delectable arse – HERE!" She looked at me rather sharply then at Hannah who shook her head.

"I think you'd better Sandy. You know Mike. He would do it!" She was right – I would have!

Sandy looked rather contrite and turning to Claire said, "I'm sorry love," she laughed, "I got carried away." Then she went on, rather embarrassed, "I think I need to go to the loo: coming Hannah?" Hannah nodded and they both left leaving Clair and me alone.

"I shouldn't be surprised at Sandy really," I said with a smile, "she's a little . . . hot?" Claire smiled shyly in response and nodded in agreement – she knew? Made me wonder what they all got up to when they met? I reached across and touched her hand on the table. "I really would like to take you to dinner without those two. Get to know you better. Any chance?"

She looked flustered, "Errrmm. Oh, errm, I don't know. It's difficult in the evenings." Not a negative so there was a chance.

"Look," I said with a smile, "I'm down here for a couple of nights and, if you can make dinner tomorrow, I would be very pleased." I gave her my best smile and sent a small positive tweak into her head. As I've explained before, I can't actually get people to do anything they don't want to, I can only suggest, gently persuade, or plant ideas. If the desire is there in the first place it is much easier and, in Claire's case, I could sense that she wasn't against dinner, just saw the difficulties.

"I don't know," she said thoughtfully. Then she smiled shyly, "I suppose I could say I was going out with Sandy and Hannah."

"Mmm," I said, "Good idea but I think it might be best if they didn't know just yet. Here," I went on, "here's the hotel card with my room number on it. If I don't hear from you I'll assume you can't make it." I fixed her again with my eyes and added, "And very disappointed that will make me."

She blushed a bright red and I longed to see her naked, wondering whether she blushed all over. For a man like me there is something terribly beguiling about a mature woman who is relatively inexperienced. I find it even more exciting and enjoyable than with a young ingénue like Karen. Claire took the card and tucked it into her handbag as the others came back. For the rest of lunch Sandy was somewhat subdued and, at the end, stayed behind as Hannah led Claire out.

"Hell, I'm sorry Mike," she said apologetically. "It's you." I raised my eyebrows. "You know how I always get excited when you're about." Then she smiled her sexy smile, "I'm on my own at home?"

I kissed her cheek, she is a sexy lady is Sandy and I was, well fond of her I suppose. We weren't 'together' or an 'item' but we screwed regularly and I enjoyed her abandoned wantonness. "You, dear lady, are a houri. You would suck me dry given the chance!"

"Mmm, yes please!" she interjected laughing.

"No, you know I won't come to your house. It's too dangerous. It's good now, no danger. No problems. Anyway you've just had a weekend of being fucked silly and next month Bruno's coming over so . . ." I kissed the end of her nose, "you and Hannah will have to wait."

She poked her tongue out then, "What about Claire? Will you . . .?"

I laughed, "Never you mind," I said, "if I do I'm sure she'll tell you. Now off, they'll think I'm giving you one in here."

"I wish," she said laughing as she flounced away. I watched her arse as she left. God she is a sexy cow!

I went back to the hotel and booked in for the night then strolled along the seafront. It was a pleasant, early summer, afternoon and the female representatives of our race were in evidence. Aren't women wonderful? All shapes and sizes, glorious in their differences. Ah me! So back to the hotel for a pre dinner drink then to await the phone call that might come. It did come just as I was going in to dinner,

"Hi," I said, "is that Claire?"

"Mmm, yes. Look, errm, I can get out tomorrow evening. Is that all right?"

I smiled into the phone, "Yes, I look forward to it very much. How will we do it?"

There was a pause, "I, errrr, can get out for half an hour a bit later. I've said I have to see a friend. Can I come to the hotel?"

She was keen! Mind you there was no way I was going to attempt anything in half an hour! "Mmm, that would be nice. What time?"

"About 10?"

"I'll be waiting. Bye," I ended as the phone went dead. I supposed she was having trouble hiding the call from her family. So I had dinner then found a table in the bar from where I could see the hotel car park. A Mercedes drew up about five past ten and Claire emerged. I got up and met her at the door.

A big smile, "I'm glad you could make it," I said taking her hand. "I've nabbed a quiet table." She smiled shyly and allowed me to lead her inside.

"I can't stay long," she said breathlessly as she sat at the table.

I smiled, "Can I get you a drink?"

"I shouldn't, I'm driving. Just a fruit juice please." I got the drinks and returned to the table. I could tell she was as nervous as a kitten. I didn't know whether it was just meeting me or the worry that someone would recognize her but I decided to go on the offensive.

"You look very lovely tonight," I said appraising her with my eyes. She blushed, again making me think of her naked. Then she met my eyes.

"Sandy said you had a way with words," she said with a shy smile.

I laughed, "Did she tell you I'm known for my truthfulness? You do look lovely!" This brought an even redder blush and an embarrassed giggle – so becoming in a woman of her age.

"I'm, errm, oh heck I'm not used to doing this," she met my eyes.

"Why did you come?" I asked softly.

"I don't know," she said holding my eyes with hers, "I think . . . I think I like you . . ." she looked away embarrassed at the admission I think. It wasn't surprising really. I had been gently dropping positive images into her mind since she arrived and they were taking root.

I reached across to take her hand. "Claire love, this doesn't have to 'go' anywhere if you don't want it to." I laughed, "Sandy is delicious but she does tend to get a bit carried away. I don't know what she's told you . . ." Now I noticed a look of apprehension cross Claire's features so I guessed Sandy had told her quite a lot. Certainly all that two people could get up to! ". . . but we can just have dinner. I will enjoy that and I hope you will too."

Her look seemed to be one of relief. A quick look in her mind showed that she was so, so nervous about all this. She was interested, very interested, in a sexual liaison but she didn't want to jeopardise her marriage. That was clear. She loved her husband but it just wasn't working in bed and she was desperately frustrated. Rather, it wasn't 'not working' rather just 'not happening'. It was made worse as Sandy and Hannah had been filling her head full with (some of) their escapades.

To be truthful, although I am a bit of a bastard, taking women as I feel like it with my powers, I really don't like to break up marriages or hurt them. The guy I have my contract with isn't too fond of that approach, he would rather I was nastier about it but he'll have to wait a few years then he can have his pound (or rather several pounds) of flesh for eternity. It's a bit scary when I think about it but I tend to live for today!

So I wasn't keen to press Claire. Of course I wanted her, she was a new conquest, a new woman, a different women and that's what I lived for since my pact with Satan. In truth it was all I had really. No money worries: my investments took care of my financial needs – investments provided by himself. I decided then to let her decide, make the choice. No more tampering with her mind. She was lovely though and, I suspected, such a sensuous woman underneath.

Now she smiled, a full smile – the first I'd seen and I wondered, basking in that smile, how her husband could possibly neglect her. But then, well there was Sandy, there was Hannah, there were all the others. Husbands really don't know what their missing half the time if only they'd make the effort they'd find so much more pleasure at home than over the desk in the office.

"It's nice to see you smile," I said returning it. "Now tell me something about yourself. We didn't get much chance at lunchtime." And so we chatted for half an hour. I heard about her kids, her husband – he was the manager of a local bank so they weren't short of money. She seemed, I don't know, apologetic when she talked about him, as if she felt guilt about just having a drink with me. I tried to ease her mind, let her know that this drink together or even the meal tomorrow evening didn't mean that she had to sleep with me.

I decided to be blunt, "Claire love," I said touching her hand, "you haven't done anything yet." I laughed, "It's just a drink and a meal."

She fixed me with her eyes, "I know," she said, "but . . . " she hesitated, " . . . but it's what I'm thinking!"

"And what are you thinking?" I asked although I could look if I wanted to.

Now she blushed bright red again, "I don't really think I could tell you," she said with a shy smile.

I touched her hand again and felt some of her tension. "OK," I smiled, "I'll just have to imagine but Claire darling, it's all up to you isn't it. At the end of the meal tomorrow you'll know, I think, what you want to do." I took a deep breath, "Claire, I don't want to break up your marriage. Despite what Sandy and Hannah may say I'm not some kind of beast. If you decide you want to . . . you know . . . move on then I will be the most discrete person you could imagine." I smiled, "Anyway, you never know you may learn a few things to spice up your marriage!"

She looked at me wide-eyed and I could guess what she was thinking – well some of it anyway. Certainly if Sandy had been bending her ear! Then she looked at the clock. "Look," she said suddenly, "I think I have to go. What shall I do about tomorrow?"

"Just get a taxi to the hotel," I said, "I'll join you. OK?"

"Mmm. Time?"


"OK. I must go!" She seemed reluctant. I stood and led her to the door. She seemed nervous and in two minds. "I'll see you tomorrow."

I smiled, "I look forward to it," I said as I lifted her hand and kissed the back, "very much!"

She blushed again and slowly withdrew her hand then returned to her car. I must admit that, as I watched her fulsome bottom sway across the car park I rather wished she wasn't leaving! Back to the room then for a quite night in. Mind you, after the weekend I had had with Sandy and Hannah I could do with the rest – despite my enhancements!

I spent Tuesday mostly on-line dealing with a few business issues then a long stroll on the front bumping into a few old friends. Returning to my room I showered and prepared for the evening. I was really looking forward to this because I'd set myself the challenge of NOT tampering any further with her mind. Would she 'succumb' without and further tampering? It was going to be fun finding out - and I do have an ego!

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