tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClaire & The Salesman

Claire & The Salesman


Claire gave a deep sigh as she took a sip from her wine glass and half-heartedly watched the soap that was playing on the television with ever increasing boredom. She felt a tad guilty having a wine at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, but damn it, she was bored to tears!

"Unemployment sucks!" the lovely young redhead grumbled morosely. It had been almost three weeks since she'd had a job, and her record prior to that had been somewhat sketchy as well, jumping from job to job almost constantly, and most of them lasting only a few days. Her CV was a wreck and she was beginning to wonder if she'd ever get a stable job.

It didn't help that Danny, her overprotective boyfriend, kept refusing to let her go to interviews. Just last week she'd had a fantastic telephone interview with a kind old businessman who was looking for a pole polisher. She had even emailed him a photo of herself at his request (topless). But when she'd told Danny the good news, he'd outright refused to let her go. It just wasn't fair!

Claire's dejected musings were interrupted by the sound of her doorbell ringing. Surprised, the buxom redhead went to answer the door, by habit checking her reflection in the hallway mirror. She was dressed down for a day around the house, wearing a pair of figure hugging blue jeans that made her firm, round arse look fantastic, and a tight fitting white t-shirt that clung to her remarkable bosom. Her long auburn locks were tied back in a casual ponytail and despite her lack of makeup she still looked stunning.

Claire answered the door and was surprised to see a man waiting on the doorstep with two oversized trolley bags.

"Fred?" she murmured in astonishment, squinting at the familiar man. "Fred Phillips?"

Claire had met Fred when she'd been employed as a saleswoman for the Funky Lady home sales company. The company sold women's lingerie and a few rather risqué adult gift products, and it had been Fred, or rather Fred's wife that had got her fired.

"Claire!" said Fred with obvious delight, "I've finally found...err, I mean what a surprise?"

Claire frowned at the middle aged man. Fred was in his early fifties and was a little overweight, with a substantial beer belly. He was dressed in a rather cheap looking brown suit, and his bald forehead was slick with sweat as if he'd been running or something.

"What are you doing here Mr Phillips?" asked Claire in confusion.

Fred's wife had walked in on her and Fred while she was demonstrating some of Funky Lady's more exotic products to the older man. His wife had got the wrong idea and chased Claire out of the house and complained to Funky Lady management, resulting in Claire losing her job. The lovely young redhead hadn't expected to see Fred ever again, let alone on her front doorstep.

"Please, call me Fred," he replied, grinning widely, revealing his crooked, slightly discoloured teeth. "I'm from Funky Lady and I'd like to show you some of our fine products."

Claire's frown deepened. "You work for Funky Lady?" She was more confused than ever now. How could he be working for Funky Lady?

"Err, yes," replied Fred. "I, um, well I got the job pretty recently. I remember you did such a great job selling to me that I was inspired to give it a go myself."

"Oh," replied Claire in surprise. She was a little flattered that she'd inspired the short old man, but really? Someone like him selling lingerie?

"I, err, realise that you've probably seen the range before, but maybe I could come in and show you through it anyway?" suggested Fred hopefully. "I'm new to all this, and it would be great practise for me, even if you don't buy anything."

"Ah..." Claire hesitated a moment. She was still a bit bewildered by the situation and the way she and Fred had appeared to have traded places. It was throwing her for a loop. Fred did look pretty worn out from walking around town with those big cases though, and she knew first-hand what it was like dragging them all around the place. The poor guy.

"Please," begged Fred. "I haven't had a lot of luck so far. For old times sake?" He looked a little like a lost puppy-dog.

Claire sighed. "Okay, sure, I guess there's no harm," agreed the soft-hearted beauty, not wanting to disappoint the obviously struggling new salesman.

"So I guess the shoe is on the other foot now eh?" joked Fred with a chuckle as Claire led him inside into her lounge.

"Huh?" asked Claire, not familiar with the phrase.

"I mean it's kinda funny how we've switched places and I'm now selling to you." As they walked, Fred admired the way Claire's jeans clung snugly to her lovely round bum.

"Oh, yeah," agreed Claire. "So how did you find me?"

Fred shrugged. "It's just a happy coincidence I knocked on your door."

"Oh, right," nodded Claire.

Fred was fussing around with his suitcases, bent over as he got himself organised. Claire wrinkled her nose a little as she saw that the back of his suit pants was quite low, showing a rather unappealing glimpse of his hairy butt crack.

"So can you pretend you're not familiar with the Funky Lady products?" asked Fred. "It'll help me out and be better practise that way."

"Sure," replied Claire agreeably, perhaps this could be fun.

"This is the first time anyone's actually let me inside their house," admitted Fred as he straightened up. He was holding a lacy white bra in one hand and a matching pair of g-string panties in the other.

Claire wasn't too surprised at the rather unattractive salesman's lack of success. "I didn't even know that Funky Lady hired men," she told him. "It's a little, ah, unusual."

"Mmm," Fred nodded in agreement. "I have to adapt the usual pitch somewhat. I don't think I'd quite look as good as you did modelling this stuff."

Claire smiled at his joke, unable to stop herself from mentally picturing the old fellow wearing women's underwear. It wasn't a pretty sight.

"Right then," said Fred, taking a deep breath and holding up the bra and panties. "Let's start with these."

"Wait," said Claire. "Shouldn't you give me a catalogue first?" she asked, remembering the short time she'd spent working for Funky Lady.

"Er, right, catalogue," Fred glanced nervously down at his suitcases. "Um, unfortunately the catalogues are on backorder so I don't have any right now."

"Oh, okay," said Claire in surprise.

Fred handed the underwear he was holding to Claire. "Try these on," he instructed.

Claire frowned in surprise at the rather skimpy looking lace garment's he'd handed to her. "Ahh..." she stammered hesitantly. "I don't know if..."

"Well I can't really model them for you, now can I?" interrupted Fred.

"No, I guess not," agreed Claire reluctantly. "But I'm not sure I want to buy anything right now."

"No, no," Fred quickly waved away her protests. "Remember this is just for practise. You don't have to buy anything, Claire. Just letting me practise my sales pitch is doing me a huge favour."

"Oh okay. No problem then, I'll try them on." Claire took the lingerie and disappeared into her bedroom to get changed.

A few minutes later Claire returned, dressed only in the skimpy white bra and g-string that Fred had given her. Her flawless body looked even better than Fred remembered and his eyes went wide at the mind-boggling sight of the lingerie clad beauty. It was like she'd just stepped out of a lingerie catalogue.

Claire's ample breasts seemed to defy gravity. The lacy, almost transparent bra that Fred had given her to try on didn't have the same lift and support as the Funky Lady products Claire remembered, but her large, firm boobs barely sagged at all, so they didn't really need the lift. They thrust proudly out from her chest like two ripe melons, the dark tips of her nipples clearly visible through the nearly see-through lace, and Fred's mouth went dry at the sight. The rest of Claire's body was equally impressive. Long, slender legs, a flat toned stomach and a firm round posterior were all on display in the 'barely-there' g-string she was wearing.

"Are you sure this is Funky Lady lingerie?" asked Claire with some concern as she stood in front of the stunned looking salesman, her hands on her curvy hips giving Fred a good look at the lingerie. "The material feels a little more scratchy than I remember."

"Oh, don't worry, it's the genuine article," Fred assured her as he stepped closer. Before Claire could protest he reached up and ran one hand over the lace of her right bra cup, his fingers pressing into the soft roundness of her ample boob and brushing over the slight jut of her nipple.

Fred slid two fingers down into the bra, rubbing the lace with his thumb and letting the back of his fingers brush deliberately against her bare nipple causing the red haired beauty to gasp slightly in surprise. It was the same technique as he'd used the first time he'd seen Claire.

"It's the highest quality materials, 100% guaranteed," he explained, reaching out with his other hand and boldly rubbing the lace of her panties over the warm mound of her pussy.

"Ah yes, so I see," replied Claire nervously. Things suddenly felt like they were on very familiar ground.

"And it seems to be a perfect fit," added Fred, cupping both of Claire's sizeable jugs in his palms and squeezing the supple melons through the material of the bra.

"Hmm," replied Claire, slightly distracted by Fred's groping. "The g-string is a bit tighter than I remember; it's wedged right up my bottom!"

Fred frowned and leant around to look at the redhead's bum. The flawless spheres of her buttocks were delightfully framed by the skimpy white g-string. Fred ran his hand over the smooth flesh of Claire's right buttock. He hooked a fingertip inside the back of her g-string, extracting the strip of lace from her butt crack as he gave her bum another squeeze.

"Nonsense, it's a perfect fit," he assured her as he somewhat reluctantly stepped away from her, the back of her g-string snapping back into place as he moved back to his case of products.

"Are we done then?" asked Claire. "Can I get dressed again?"

Fred pulled out a small white tube of cream. There was a sticker on the side of the tube that had the words 'Erecto-sure' scrawled on, in what looked like ball point pen. "Actually Claire, I think this is the perfect time to show you another product, one of Funky Lady's top sellers."

Claire frowned as she looked at the tube. "I thought the Big Boy Toy was the top seller?" said Claire, referring to one of Funky Lady's vibrators. "And that tube of Erecto-sure doesn't look like I remember..."

Fred waved away her protests. "It's a new and upgraded formula," he explained as he pulled down the zipper on his trousers. "If you just rub some on my penis, I'll show you how much better it works than the old stuff."

"Wait a minute Fred!" protested Claire quickly, her eyes wide as she watched the older man's descending zipper. "My boyfriend Danny has no trouble getting it up. I'm not interested in trying out the Erecto-sure."

"Oh?" replied Fred in disappointment, he looked crestfallen. "You're not going to rub it on my cock, just for practise maybe?"

"Ahh..." Claire's mind raced as she tried to think of some way to change the topic. "What else did you bring along Fred?"

Fred bent over his bag once again and quickly produced another tube of product. "Pussylicious? Makes any pussy taste fantastic, increases sensitivity."

Claire grimaced, crossing her arms over her substantial chest and suddenly feeling uncomfortable to be standing in front of Fred wearing only lingerie. "Fred, I'm not sure I need any Pussylicious." For some reason, without a sale on the line, Claire wasn't so keen to let Fred use the cream on her.

"Hmm," murmured Fred, not looking too happy at all. "Your pussy did taste naturally delicious," he admitted. He looked mournfully at the tube of cream in his hand. "Guaranteed orgasms?" he added hopefully, reading from the label.

Claire sighed. "How about one of the massage lotions?" she suggested, remembering the range of products she had previously been selling herself, that should hopefully be safer ground. "We didn't try those when I was at your place."

"Massage lotions?" asked Fred with a confused frown.

"Yeah, Funky Lady has a whole range of them, they must be in your sales kit somewhere," Claire moved forward to help Fred look through his bags of products.

"Er, no," Fred stopped her in her tracks; he'd gone quite red in the face. "I think I might have left one of the bags at home."

Claire frowned, that was strange. She'd only ever had two bags of products herself when she'd been selling Funky Lady.

Fred grinned sheepishly. "I told you I wasn't very good at this. I'll never make a sale!"

Claire's heart softened at his despair. "It's okay Fred," she assured him. "You did a wonderful job demonstrating the products to me. I'm sure you'll be brilliant."

The balding old salesman seemed pleased with her compliment. "Thank you Claire. I really do appreciate you letting me practise with you. You're the best."

With that, Fred stepped forward and embraced the rather surprised, lingerie-clad redhead, squeezing her lush body against his. Claire was taken aback, but nevertheless hugged him back, putting her arms around his shoulders. She stiffened a little as she felt Fred's hands slip down to cup and squeeze her firm buttocks as the cheeky salesman copped a quick feel.

Fred gave Claire's smooth bum one last grope and then released her. "I really do appreciate your help Claire."

Claire smiled warmly in reply. "Anytime," she said with a shrug.

Fred gave a despondent sigh, form some reason he still looked disappointed by something. "Well, I guess I'd better get back on the road. I've got some sales to make."

Claire nodded. There was a moment's uncomfortable silence as Fred stared expectantly at her.

"Er, Claire?"

"What Fred?" What was it he wanted?

"I'm gonna need the lingerie back," he told her, nodding at what she was wearing.

"Oh!" remarked the busty redhead in surprise, realising she was still wearing the lacy bra and thong that Fred had give her to try on. "Sorry." She disappeared into her bedroom and quickly got changed back into her own clothes, re-emerging in the same jeans and t-shirt she'd been wearing when Fred had arrived.

The curvy redhead saw Fred to the door. "Bye Fred."

"See you later Claire," the puffing salesman waved goodbye as he struggled down the sidewalk with his two heavy cases of lingerie and sex toys.


Not long after dinner that same evening, Claire was just about to sit down with her boyfriend Danny to watch a movie when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Claire answered.

"Is that you Claire?" hissed a voice on the other end of the line.

"Yes, who's this?"

"It's me, Fred Phillips."

Claire glanced nervously over at Danny who was sitting on the couch waiting for her. Although Claire hadn't been having actual sex with Fred when she'd first met him and demonstrated the Funky Lady products, there was no way she'd want Danny to find out that she'd let Fred cum in her mouth, vagina and bottom in the process of the demonstrations. At least her run in with Fred earlier that day that had ended a lot more conventionally.

"What do you want?" hissed Claire, stepping into the kitchen and keeping her voice low.

"Claire, I need your help."

Claire frowned. "Why? What do you need?"

"I'm begging you, Claire," Fred sounded desperate and Claire's heart went out to him, despite her reservations.

"What is it?" she looked anxiously towards the lounge where her boyfriend was waiting.

"I didn't make any sales today and the lady at Funky Lady said I'd be fired if I didn't make a big sale tomorrow," explained Fred.

"I'm not sure how I can help you Fred."

"Please Claire," beseeched Fred. "You're the best saleswoman I've ever met."

"I still don't know what I can do to help Fred. Do you want to practise with me again tomorrow or something?" Claire wasn't sure she liked the idea of that, she'd ended up feeling rather uncomfortable doing that today, but she had to admit she was rather flattered that he'd said she was the best saleswoman he'd met.

"Look Claire," said Fred. "I've been thinking really hard about my sales techniques and I think I've figured out what's going wrong. When you sold all that stuff to me, you did a wonderful job and were so practical and hands-on in your product demonstrations. Plus you make the lingerie look amazing, I'm sure every woman wants to buy some to look even half as good in it as you do."

Claire blushed a little at the praise.

"There's just no way I can show off the products as well as you can," continued Fred. There was a slight pause on the end of the phone. "But now I've figured out what to do."

"What will you do?" asked Claire curiously.

"It's perfect," Fred sounded very pleased with himself. "You'll come with me and model the products. Once the customers see how great you make the lingerie look they'll be buying it by the bag full!"

Claire couldn't help but grin at Fred's enthusiasm. "That might actually work," she admitted.

"Excellent!" said Fred. Claire could almost hear him smiling down the phone line. "It's settled then, you'll come with me tomorrow."

Claire's heart lurched. When she'd said Fred's idea was a good one, she didn't mean she actually wanted to go through with it!

"I'll pick you up at 8 o'clock," announced Fred.

"Fred, wait..." but before Claire could protest Fred had hung up. The curvy redhead stared at the phone in her hand in shock. What had she just agreed to?

"Who was that?" called Danny from the lounge.

Claire froze, suddenly feeling guilty. "Um... wrong number."


True to his word, Fred arrived at Claire's house at 8am the next morning.

Fortunately, Danny had already left for the day so Claire was alone. The stunning redhead greeted Fred at the door wearing the same outfit she'd worn the first day she'd met Fred, back when she was the one selling lingerie. The curvy goddess was wearing a cream business suit consisting of a fitted jacket and mini-dress. Her long, slender legs were bare and she wore matching cream stiletto heels to complete the outfit. Claire figured that if she was going to help Fred sell lingerie she might as well be as professional as possible about it.

"You look amazing Claire," breathed Fred in awe as he took in the sight of her astonishing figure. The combination of her incredible long legs, large breasts and firm round bum was out of this world. "You're going to make me a hell of a lot of money."

"What?" asked Claire with a slight frown.

"I mean, we're going to sell truckloads of brassieres today," Fred quickly replied.

Claire gave a relieved smile. "Now remember, after the... er... incident, I'm not really allowed to work for Funky Lady, so we have to keep this a secret."

Fred nodded. "Don't worry, it's our little secret. You're doing me a huge favour Claire."

"I'm happy to help. So what's the plan?"

Fred started to lead Claire down to the path to his car. "I've got a really big appointment lined up first," he explained. "Mrs Thompson at 63 Pine Avenue. Her daughter is getting married in a couple of months so I'm hoping to sell her enough lingerie for the entire bridal party. Plus maybe a few little extras for the hen party."

"It sounds promising." Claire's short dress slid up her sleek thighs a fair way as she got into the car.

Fred reached over and gave Claire's bare knee a friendly pat. "Thanks again for agreeing to help Claire."

"My pleasure," she replied. Claire was actually feeling pretty good about helping out Fred now, her initial reluctance almost completely gone. He seemed like he was genuinely trying hard to make his new sales job a success, and Claire knew first-hand just how hard that could be. Even though Claire was currently unemployed herself, it still felt great to be able to help someone else out.

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