Claire's Career Ch. 01: The Saleswoman


"OK," he said, "you've convinced me. I'll take the full set."

"Oh, fantastic!" Claire breasts bounced delightfully as she clapped her hands girlishly, forgetting that she was topless, before reaching across for her order pad.

Fred stared at her glorious breasts as she carefully wrote out the product details. He planned his next steps.

"Right, what else can you show me?" he asked once she was finished.

"Erm, how about some of these..." She turned around and bent over to rummage through her open case once more. The lips of her pussy bulged invitingly around her g-string. Fred squeezed rubbed himself again until she'd found some other underwear to show him.

For the next half an hour, she showed him another three or four sets of lingerie. He didn't ask her to try any of them on as he didn't want her to remember that she was bare-breasted and put on a bra. Each time she showed him something else he prevaricated before allowing her to win him over. If he'd had any intention of actually buying all this, it would cost him a fortune!

After a while, Fred noticed that Claire still hadn't opened up her other case.

"What's in there?" he asked.

Despite the fact that her breasts had been groped, her pussy had been felt and that all she was wearing was a skimpy thong, stockings, suspenders and high heels, Claire had remained fairly relaxed. However Fred's question caused her to blush enchantingly. He was pointing to her case of massage lotions, sexual lubricants and erotic toys.

"Um, well, those are some of the more interesting accessories we sell," she said.

"Really? Great. Belinda asked me specially to get her some stuff. What have you got?" Fred asked noticing her discomfort. What the fuck has she got in there? he thought.

Claire tentatively opened the case and reached in for something, trying her best not to reveal the range of dildos and vibrators. She pulled out a small sampler bottle of Nipplicious.

"Wow, what's that," Fred snatched away the bottle to have a look at it. "Cherry-flavoured nipple drops. Makes nipples more sensitive," he read.

He looked up at Claire and then down at her lovely fat tits. "Do they work?" he asked.

"Of course!" Claire asserted, although to be fair she'd been warned that the efficacy was much more psychological than real. However, she realised that Fred was interested and, at £30 a bottle, she sniffed another order.

Fred had opened the bottle, pulling out the dropper and giving it a sniff. "So what you're saying is that if I put this on of your nipples it would become more sensitive than the other one?"

"Erm, well yes I suppose so," Claire replied less enthusiastically, now very conscious that she was still topless.

Fred smiled, "Come here then. Let's give it a go."

Claire considered briefly before sitting down beside Fred and pushing out her nipples for him.

Fred sighed in pleasure as lifted up her right breast with one hand before applying two drops of Nipplicious to the cherry-red tip.

"Oh! It's a bit cold!" Emma gasped. Her nipple immediately swelled until it was rigid.

Fred couldn't stop himself. "Let me test how sensitive it is now." He bent down and began to suck her left nipple.

"Mr. Phillips! I'm not sure that this is appropriate!" she gasped, although she didn't pull away. "And anyway that's the wrong nipple!"

Fred gave the nipple another lick before looking up at her. "I need to test them both out and compare how horny you get as well as how it tastes. I just want to make sure it works before I buy a few bottles," he casually added before starting to lick and suck once more.

"Oh, well, I suppose that's OK then," Claire squeaked as he flicked his tongue forcefully over her erect nipple.

After a few minutes on her left breast, Fred sat up and asked, "How was that?"

Claire looked at him and decided to play it cool. After all, she wanted to encourage a sale. "It was OK. Here why don't you try this one," she offered holding up the other breast which had the drops on.

Fred smiled at her artlessness before diving down and taking it into his mouth. The cherry flavour was over-sweet and artificial but he ignored it, concentrating on the tremendous feeling of her hard bud in his mouth. While he sucked, he continued to massage her other boob.

Claire decided that she had to appear more aroused now he was sucking the treated breast. She closed her eyes and imagined it was her boyfriend Danny licking her nipple.

"Oh, yes. That's really nice," she over-acted. Fred chuckled to himself but decided to carry on taking advantage of the situation.

Claire began moaning and groaning, allowing herself to become excited at Fred's touch. She was even slightly disappointed when he stopped although he continued to play with her tits.

"Well that definitely seems to work. I'll take a couple of bottles."

"Yes!" Claire exclaimed without thinking but Fred didn't seem to have noticed.

Still feeling a little flushed she added the items to the order sheet. While she was doing this, Fred had moved over to the other sofa, adjusting his erection surreptitiously, and had pulled another bottle out of her bag.

"This looks interesting!" he said. Dreading what he might have, Claire was actually quite relieved he'd found some Pussylicious, Nipplicious's sister product. It could have been a lot worse. Again she wasn't sure how well it really worked. She would have to be really persuasive to make a sale.

Once more Fred read out the label, "Makes any pussy taste fantastic, increases sensitivity -- guaranteed orgasms! Hmm. Looks interesting. I might buy some of this as well. Belinda does like to have her cunt licked," he added unnecessarily.

"Really? Anyway, yes, it's a very popular product. Can I put you down for two bottles of that too?"

"Maybe," Fred pretended to deliberate. "I mean if it definitely works as advertised..."

Belinda contemplated for a few seconds. Danny would probably be upset with her but he didn't need to know. Anyway this was about her career and not about sex.

She stood up. "Would you like to try some out on me?"

Fred stared long and hard at her crotch which was now just a few inches in front of her face. Her thong looked slightly damp and he was sure he could smell her pussy.

"I suppose that's probably the best way," he agreed and, without asking, peeled down her g-string.

Claire eagerly stepped out of it and kicked off her heels, thinking that it should be easy enough to convince him of the efficacy of the drops. She lay back on the sofa and opened her lithe stocking covered legs.

Fred was incredulous. The most attractive woman he'd ever met was lying virtually naked in front of him freely offering him her cunt. This wasn't a fantasy; this was real! He knelt in front of her.

The first thing he noticed was that the little patch of hair above her pussy was as red as the hair on her head. He could also now see that her lips were slightly damp, a consequence of his vigorous work earlier on her nipples.

"I think I should have a good taste first, before I try the drops out, just so I've got a good basis to compare," he said before burying his face between her long smooth thighs. She actually tasted fantastic -- fresh and clean with just hint of heady saltiness. He delicately licked up and down her lips a few times before flicking his tongue over her erect clit.

"Oh!" she squealed as he sucked her clit harder. She bit her lip and tried her best not to respond as he slid a finger into her cunt and bent it upwards to massage her from the inside.

Despite her best efforts she couldn't help but let out the odd squeal as Fred, playing along with the game, did his best to make her come. After a few minutes, he decided he would try the drops.

"I've got to say your pussy tastes lovely and you seem quite sensitive already," he told her.

She blushed at the unusual compliment before gasping as the cold drops ran from her clit down her moist lips to her arsehole.

"Right let's see how you taste now," Fred bent back to his task immediately, allowing his free hand to rub himself through his trousers.

Once more he licked, sucked and nibbled her pussy. The strawberry-flavoured drops did nothing for him but he took no notice and continued to enthusiastically lick her.

Claire allowed herself to relax and enjoy the feeling of a stranger slurping on her cunt. She considered faking an orgasm to really emphasise how great these drops were but rapidly realised she didn't need to -- she was going to come anyway.

"Oh, Mr. Phillips!" she screamed as he sucked relentlessly on her clit. Fred felt her thighs convulse around his face. Had she just come? He couldn't tell whether it was real but was happy to play along anyway.

"Yes, that really seems to have worked; a definite increase in sensitivity, wouldn't you say?"

"Oh, yes, um, yes, that was really good," Claire gasped as she recovered from her orgasm.

Fred was now desperate from some relief himself but knew he'd have to play it carefully. He sat down on the sofa opposite her.

"Have you got anything for me to use?" he asked.

"Um, yes, hang on. Let me get into some clothes and I'll show a great new product."

"Actually," he replied, "no need to get dressed. I might want you to demonstrate some other products later so please don't bother."

"Oh. OK. I suppose that's OK. You've seen everything anyway!" she joked.

This time she brought out tube of cream from her bag and handed it to Fred.


"Yes, it's an organic and natural cream that not only guarantees a sure long-lasting erection but it also accelerates post-climactic recovery and increases both sensitivity and the volume of ejaculate," she read from the packaging. "It's a bit like Viagra but with added benefits and no side-effects or artificial ingredients. And it's completely edible too."

"Really?" Fred asked. "Well if it does all of that I'll take a few tubes. But how can I be sure it really works?" He glanced down at the bulge in his trousers.

Claire's eyes widened as she noticed his erection. Her first thought was that she needed to leave immediately. But the she forced herself to relax. She was in charge of this situation. She had already made £400 on this order and she sensed there was a lot more to come if she played it right.

She looked up at Fred who was reading the fine print on the tube of cream and hadn't realised that she had seen his arousal. Claire felt a wave of sympathy for him. It was no real surprise the poor man had an erection; he'd just spent the last hour licking her pussy and tits. She knew she was a good looking woman and it was probably embarrassing for him to have reacted this way when all he was doing was trying to get something to please his wife.

Maybe she could persuade him to try out some of the cream on himself and then have a wank. But then how would she be able to ensure he had such a fantastic experience that he bought lots of the product? She didn't feel that confident of the cream's effectiveness to leave it to chance. She had an idea.

"Would you like me to rub some into your penis for you, Mr. Phillips?" she asked. "I don't mean in a sexual way; I just want to be sure you can experience how well the cream works as if your wife were here with you. You can close your eyes and pretend it's her if that helps."

Fred had been doing his best to think of a way to get his cock out and into her hands but couldn't think how without being overly direct. So when she offered, he silently thanked any gods who might be listening. Had she really just offered him a handjob?

"Well I suppose, you could do that but we really mustn't discuss this with anyone," he warned mock-sternly.

"Oh, of course this is all completely confidential, like a doctor. I wouldn't tell anyone what you've bought or how I sold it to you." Well that was certainly true, she thought.

Fred decided to push it just a touch further. "I'm just worried what my wife would think if she ever found out that you'd rubbed cream into my hard cock."

Claire blushed despite herself. "But it's not like I'd be masturbating you to give you pleasure. We'd just be trying out a product. It would be completely innocent! And anyway, she won't ever find out. Please, Mr. Phillips, give me a chance to show you how well this cream works."

Fred couldn't resist any longer he opened his legs. "OK then, come over here and try it out."

Claire gave a huge smile and had to stop herself punching the air. She knew she had it in the bag now. She knelt down between Fred's legs and reached up to unzip him.

She pulled out his dick and lightly stroked it up and down. It was quite small and covered in unattractive grey hair but already hard. She took the cream from him and applied a generous portion before rubbing it into his cock and balls with long firm strokes.

"How does that feel?" she asked looking up at him with her big green eyes, the tips of her breasts brushing his knees.

"OK," Fred said, doing his best to not swear. He thanked goodness that he'd had a wank that morning otherwise he would already have exploded over her face. I can't believe this is fucking happening, he thought to himself.

She was slowly languorously masturbating him now, while her other hand fondled his balls.

"Oh, look," she breathed. "It's got so much longer now. You're so big. Mr. Phillips," she lied keen to make him feel good. "Why don't you just lie back and pretend I'm Belinda." He could feel the tickle of her breath over his scrotum.

Fred decided to try and raise the stakes. "I'm sorry, I can't."

Claire's eyes widened. "Why not?" she asked. "Doesn't it feel nice?"

"Oh it feels very nice but it just that Belinda never tosses me off. She always uses her mouth."

"Her mouth?" Claire repeated, aghast.

"Yes, she loves to give oral sex. So it's really difficult to compare..." He didn't finish the sentence.

"Um. Well, I suppose it wouldn't do any harm is I used my mouth. Do you think you could pretend I'm Belinda if I gave it a suck?"

"I'm not sure but I'm willing for you to give it a go. You did say it was edible didn't you?" Fred asked.

Shit, Danny would kill her if ever found out, she thought. She kissed the head of Fred's dick, before drawing back. It tasted slightly off and smelt of urine. The cream hadn't improved the flavour in any way. But she had to pretend she was loving it and make the whole experience fantastic for him as well as ensuring he lasted well. Concentrate, Claire, she said to herself.

Fred sighed in unqualified pleasure as Claire lent forward and licked his cock. She then alternated between slurping on his balls, licking his shaft, sucking his glans and bobbing her head up and down his entire length. He knew he wasn't very big but he was impressed with the way she managed to swallow him whole.

For the next half an hour she sucked him like a professional, bringing him to the brink of climax several times, before calming him down and starting again

By this time, Fred had forgotten he was supposed to be pretending she was his wife.

"Please, Claire," he groaned. "I need to come," he pleaded as she brought him to the brink once more. This time Claire thought she would make him come. By now he should agree that it he'd had a sure long-lasting erection as well as increased sensitivity as the packaging had promised. She'd done her absolute best to give him the blowjob of his life. She certainly didn't go to this much trouble for Danny, her own boyfriend!

She nodded around a mouthful of his cock and was just about to pull back and finish him off over her tits when he said, "Please don't swallow my come yet. I want to see in your mouth how much cum I produce."

Claire had had no intention of swallowing anything but, realising he was still testing out the cream, decided to make an exception just this once. So when he started to buck and squirt into her mouth she held it there while tossing him slowly to completion until his shudders had totally subsided.

His jism tasted unpleasant, faintly rank and very salty but she dutifully opened her mouth to show that it was full.

"Wow. That really is a big mouthful of spunk. Ok you can swallow it now," he ordered.

Claire suppressed a retch as she forced it down her throat. "Mmm. That was delicious," she lied, still keen to please. "How was that for you? You certainly showed lots of stamina. Did it feel good?"

"Claire, I can honestly say that was the best blowjob I've ever had. Thanks. That cream really does work!" he added just to keep the game going.

"Great. Can I put you down for two tubes? How about three?" she suggested.

"Wait a minute. We haven't tested out how quickly I can recover. Usually I wouldn't be able to get hard again for an hour after such a big orgasm. Why don't you use your mouth on me again to see how quickly I can get hard. That's what Belinda would do."

Claire's smile disappeared. Her neck and knees hurt after her marathon blowjob. And if she got him hard again, she had a feeling it wouldn't just end there. Still three tubes would be another £200 or so...

She bent her head down and began to lick him hard, thinking that it wasn't like she actually having proper sex with him or anything.

Fred stroked her head as she bobbed on him, knowing that it wouldn't be long until he was aroused again. He decided to see what else was in the case.

As he began rummaging through the contents, he felt Claire moan around his cock as she saw what he was doing.

He pushed her head down. "Don't worry. I'm just working out what else I'd like to buy. You just get me hard and show me that how well that cream performs."

Claire mentally sighed but she kept sliding her mouth up and down him. He was already beginning to respond. Maybe the cream really did work.

Fred meanwhile had found a fascinating range of vibrators and dildos. He smiled to himself and brought two out.

"These look interesting," he said to Claire. "I'd like to get one for Belinda. Which one would you recommend?"

Claire looked up and blushed. Fred was almost hard again now but she kept tossing him with one hand and stroking his balls with the other as she answered.

"Oh, yes. Those are two of our most popular rechargeable vibrators. The flat one is a Fairy-Flutterer. It's designed for clitoral and labial stimulation. The long one is a Big Boy Toy. Although it can be used externally, it's also fantastic for penetration."

"Have you tried either of them?"

"Er no," she said hesitantly.

"I'd like to see which one is most arousing," he said, holding out both too her.

"Oh." Claire was hugely embarrassed. Perhaps it wasn't rational but she'd been relatively accepting of the oral sex; however the thought of this ugly little stranger watching her masturbate with a sex toy just felt really uncomfortable.

But these were top of the range vibrators and it would be a phenomenal sale if she could pull it off. She decided to close her eyes and think of Danny.

She lay back and turned on the Flutterer. She was conscious that Fred's face was inches away from her pussy as she started to rub it gently over her clit. At least watching her would help him get fully hard.

Despite her reluctance, it wasn't long before she started moaning as the Flutterer did its work. It really did feel fabulous on her lips and on the hood of her clit. She began to rub it rhythmically up and down the top part of her pussy.

Fred was entranced. He'd never seen a woman masturbate in real life before and Claire was a particularly beautiful woman. He decided to get involved.

Claire's eyes shot open as she felt something hard nudging at the opening of her cunt. She looked down to see Fred's broad grin as he began to push the Big Boy inside her.

"I thought maybe they would together well. I could always buy both of them," he said as he turned it on.

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