tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClaire's Career Ch. 03: The Actress

Claire's Career Ch. 03: The Actress


Part 3: The Actress

Claire couldn't believe that she'd lost three jobs in as many months.

She'd been very happy as a receptionist at a small hairdressing salon but when they had closed she was made redundant.

Then she'd had a short stint selling lingerie and sex products at parties but she'd been sacked when she was caught demonstrating some of the more interesting merchandise on a client's husband, or rather not really the client's husband; in any case it was someone's husband and she hadn't been very happy to find Claire naked in her living room with husband thrusting himself vigorously in and out of Claire's admittedly tight and appealingly perfect arse or, as Claire saw it, trying out a new lubricant.

And then she'd made a brilliant start at a local independent school as a teaching assistant to Mr. Forsythe, the Biology teacher. She'd been popular with the staff and pupils and had really helped the older students with their practical anatomy. Until she'd blown it. Almost literally.

It had all gone wrong when she'd become very fond of one boy, Amir, a pupil of Indian origin who, although an eighteen year old in his final year of school, was one of the smaller students. She liked him because he was sweet and shy and smiled every time he saw her.

After she had taken part in a practical sex education session with him and the rest of his class, he had become even more devoted to her and when he'd asked for some private tuition on female anatomy, for no other reason than to help his studies of course, she'd found herself easily persuaded into agreeing to a few lessons with him.

She had stayed behind after school with him and allowed him to carefully scrutinize her body, permitting him to concentrate on those areas of the female body with which he was least familiar such as her enormous firm boobs, her tight juicy pink-lipped pussy and her peachy taut bottom. Unfortunately and, in retrospect perhaps unsurprisingly, Amir had had a regrettable reaction to the sight and indeed the feel of her lovely leggy body. Unable to think of how else to help him, Claire had relieved him at the end of each lesson, initially with her hands and breasts but then progressing to using her mouth. In fact the lessons had become perhaps a touch more relief-giving than actual teaching.

Claire had justified her behaviour by reminding herself that, despite appearances, she wasn't actually sucking Amir off. All she was doing was providing a practical and caring service in her role as his teaching assistant. After all, as Amir had said, who knew what harm it would do for him to have an almost permanent erection as an unforeseeable consequence of what were, after all, important and essential lessons. She had felt it was almost her duty to make sure he went home without a painful hard-on and so had happily allowed him to fuck her mouth and squeeze her tits while she slurped enthusiastically on his cock.

However, when the headmaster had caught her frantically bobbing her head in Amir's lap in the Biology lab one evening, he hadn't been as accepting of her reasoning. In fact he had insisted she leave the school immediately. To add insult to injury, she'd had to be at her most persuasive to stop him telling anyone else why she was leaving her job.

She'd spent an evening in his study using her most creative influencing skills to keep him silent. When she pleaded that he not make public the reason for her dismissal he had, taking a long hungry look at her creamy cavernous cleavage, asked her what she would do in return for his keeping her secret. When she had replied that she would do absolutely anything he had released his erection and asked her show him exactly what she was doing to Amir. Over the course of the evening Claire had strenuously satisfied his every fantasy reasoning that, as this was a kind of payment in return for the gift of silence, it didn't really count as sex.

In any case, her mouth, pussy and bottom had been sore for several days afterwards, so thoroughly had he abused them with his thick lengthy erection.

She'd also had to placate Mr. Forsythe, the Biology teacher with a final goodbye sperm-collection session which involved giving him what the ignorant might have considered a topless blowjob. Although he'd appeared devastated to lose Claire, he'd looked a little happier when she had promised to stay in touch by visiting him at home periodically, which would be easy enough as he was a neighbour.

In any case the most important thing was that her boyfriend, Danny, hadn't found out what she'd been doing. He wouldn't have really understood that some of the recent circumstances in which she had found herself weren't actually in any way sexual, despite the fact that she had been repeatedly penetrated by several penises in all of her lovely moist orifices. In fact she considered herself, as a rule, very faithful to him and didn't want to upset him so thought it best to avoid any such disclosure.

In many ways Danny had been pleased that she given up her job at the school, although she had had to lie about the reason, telling him that her lack of any knowledge of Biology as a subject had, in the end, proved too difficult to overcome.

Danny was, Claire felt, a little over-protective of her, continually worrying that she was going to be tricked and abused by virtually every man she ever met, based on a few unfortunate instances where her goodwill had been maybe slightly exploited.

For some reason he thought she was too gullible to be allowed to go to work so he'd not been too worried that she didn't have a job but he did feel that she needed something to keep her out of mischief during the day.

So after a few days of boredom, when she had noticed that the local amateur dramatic group was auditioning for their avant-garde production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, he'd been a little reluctant yet happy enough to support her application.

Claire had always fancied herself as an actress. She knew she was attractive with pale lightly freckled skin, deep green eyes, a generous willing mouth, rich auburn hair and a tall, slender yet generously curved figure. Her breasts were large, high and firm, her stomach toned and flat, her buttocks tight and shapely and her legs smooth and very very long.

She's always been told she could sing well and she was without doubt an excellent dancer, fit and agile and sinuous in her movements on the dance floor. As for acting however, she'd never actually tried it but, frankly, it really didn't look that difficult. How hard could talking loudly on a stage actually be?

Dreaming of the West End and Hollywood deals, Claire decided to call the number on the theatre company flyer to arrange an audition with the director, Justin.

She arranged to meet him that afternoon, knowing that she needed time to get her outfit exactly right. She had to present an image of assured urbanity whilst looking extremely and effortlessly hot. She settled for a stretchy white v-neck jersey, a tight dark grey miniskirt, flower patterned black hold-up stockings and high black stiletto heels with elaborate strapping over the ankles all under a knee length sage green lightweight raincoat.

Tying her long red hair back into a high pony tail, she checked herself out in the mirror. She looked great: her breasts looked unreservedly massive under her clingy top and her lithe legs appeared endless under the tiny miniskirt which stopped halfway down her long toned thighs, only just below the lacy tops of her hold-ups. She wore green eye shadow and bright red lipstick that matched her elegantly painted nails. Without a doubt, knowing she looked marvellous made her feel poised and confident.

"You can do it, Claire," she said to herself as she left to meet Justin.

Justin's house wasn't as outré as she'd been expecting. In fact it looked like a fairly standard modern home.

Justin himself was also a disappointment. He was of average height, in his forties and grossly overweight with several chins and a huge bulging belly hanging over his over-tight jeans. His eyes were beady and his ears protuberant. However he did have long unruly greying hair and a beautiful deep voice so maybe there was an air of the bohemian actor about him.

He seemed a little startled by her appearance as he carefully looked her up and down but, after a pause, invited her in and took her into his living room. She saw several photos on the mantelpiece of Justin with whom she presumed were his wife and teenage children.

"Welcome, my dear. I am Justin Maltravers-Fosteringhall, the artistic director of the Southbury Players, West Southbury's premier amateur dramatic troupe," he intoned sonorously as he held Claire's hands in his.

"Oh, hello. I'm Claire," she replied a little awed by his larger-than-life personality and physical stature. She did her best not wrinkle her nose at the sour rank smell of his body odour as she took off her coat to reveal her lovely tight body.

"I understand, Claire, that you are here to audition for a role in my insouciant little adaptation of the Bard's finest romantic comedy?" he asked leaning in close to her to reveal both discoloured uneven teeth and remarkably foetid breath.

Claire didn't really understand what he meant so nodded uncertainly and smiled back at him.

"And in what fine productions might I have seen you? I feel like I recognize you. Did you play Viola at the Vic last year? Or maybe Portia at the Globe? Or maybe I saw you table dancing at the Pink Pussy club last week?"

A little confused, Claire replied "Er. No. That wasn't me. I haven't really done much acting before. But I'm really willing to have a go."

"Aha!" Justin shouted dramatically. "A novice, no less! Hmmm. I can see some potential in you," he said as he walked around her examining her body carefully.

Claire jumped as he bellowed from behind her, "But I must warn you! Titania is the only female role I have left to cast and there is a lot of competition. You will have to audition supremely well to make it into my play! I have the very highest standards. How much do you want this part?" He continued to walk around her.

"Erm, well, lots. I mean I really really want to become an actress. I'm sure I can prove to you that I'd be a great Titanium," she said with conviction.

"Good, good. It's Titania, the Fairy Queen, by the way."

"Oh, sorry, Tatiana," Claire tried to correct herself. The Fairy Queen! It sounded like a big and glamorous part. She wondered if the costume would be pretty.

"Yes. Well, you certainly have the look of an actress. Beautiful. Even features. Outstanding figure. Pleasant voice too. But how do I know it's not all a sham?" he challenged.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I have been fooled by lovely young women before! How do I know that you aren't trussed up in a corset under your admittedly skimpy clothing? How do I know those enormous and fine breasts are real? How do I know your perfect skin is as flawless under that tiny skirt? My interpretation of this play requires the actors to reveal their bodies uninhibitedly. I need to be sure that your body is as splendid as it appears and also that you are able to function effortlessly even when unclothed."

Claire took a few moments to work out that he meant. Eventually she asked, "Do you want me to take my clothes off?"

"Why, yes," he smiled. "That would seem to be an excellent idea. Go ahead. And remember! I am looking for a fey combination of innocence and wisdom coupled with great tits."

Claire didn't know what to do. On the face of it, Justin's request seemed reasonable. She knew that actors sometimes did nude scenes and that a director might want to make sure that she was comfortable doing them, as well as making sure that her body was good enough. She was very confident on both concerns: she knew her body was awesome and she was very relaxed about being nude in front of others.

In fact that was the problem. Would Danny be happy for her to be naked in front of an audience?

Justin had sat down in an armchair with a big leering smile on his face as he rubbed his hands, waiting for her to disrobe.

Claire made up her mind. She would do it. She might not get the part anyway in which case Danny would never find out that she'd shown a stranger her lush naked body. And if she did get the role, she would persuade him that it was all right, using all the considerable assets at her disposal.

She pulled her jersey over her head, causing Justin to let out heartfelt moan as she revealed her gauzy black bra, clearly showing off her red nipples.

"Are you OK?" she asked concernedly.

He coughed. "Oh, I'm fine. That was just a vocal exercise I practise every now and again."

"Oh. OK." She slipped out of her skirt to reveal a tiny black thong and the tops of her hold-ups. Justin did his vocal exercise once more and crossed his legs.

Claire asked, "Er, can you see enough or do you want me to...?"

"Er, well feel free to leave the stockings and heels on but take the rest off please," Justin rumbled deeply.

As she unclipped her bra, her breasts surged forward without any real sag. She pulled it off assuredly knowing that her boobs were possibly her best features, large and plump and creamy-skinned with high and relatively small red nipples.

Within seconds she had taken off her thong and stood hands on hips ready for Justin's inspection.

"Is my body OK?" she asked,

Justin stood and walked around her awkwardly, carefully studying her beautiful figure.

"Are those breasts real? They seem too good to be true," he said incredulously.

"Oh, yes, they're perfectly natural. Have a feel, if you don't believe me," Claire said indignantly.

Justin licked his lips before reaching to cup her large tits. He lifted them one by one before beginning to caress them more forcefully.

"Hmmm, yes, they are amazingly firm yet they do seem nice and soft and very natural. Extraordinary. And your nipples are lovely too," he said rolling them between thumb and forefinger.

Claire waited patiently as Justin thoroughly confirmed that her breasts were indeed real before turning his attention to her peachy bottom.

He squeezed her arse vigorously and methodically. It was obviously to his satisfaction as he nodded before turning his attention back to her breasts.

"I just want to see what they look like aroused," he said before leaning down unexpectedly to suck on her right nipple.

Claire, although surprised, uncomplainingly held his head to her bosom as he licked and sucked first one and then the other nipple.

He stood back before fondling them once more, her hard nipples rubbing against his podgy palms.

"Yes, without a doubt you have fabulous boobs and a lovely tight bottom. Your skin is unblemished and smooth. Your legs are long and faultless. You're a beautiful young woman. I just need to check your vagina."

At first, Claire wasn't sure she'd heard him properly. "You want to see my pussy?" she asked for clarification.

"Oh, yes. It's the only part of you I haven't yet approved. I need to make sure that any part of you that might be exposed to the audience is up to standard," he said. "Lie back on the couch and spread your legs."

Claire paused but sat on the coach and drew her legs up and apart so he could have a good look at her cunt, displaying a tidy strip of red pubic hair and long pink moist lips. Justin knelt down heavily in front of her.

"Oh, fuck, yes," he murmured before sliding a finger down her pussy and back up again to rub her clit gently. Claire suddenly felt a little warm and flushed but let him continue as he slid a finger into her.

It was only when he bent closer and licked her up and down before sucking her clit that she said, "Are you sure you need to do that?" she asked unsteadily.

"Hmmm," Justin moaned. "Oh, yes, I just wanted to make sure you're thoroughly aroused to ensure there was no significant change in appearance. I'm happy to confirm that it's just as beautiful."

"Oh, thanks," Claire said as he sat back into his armchair with his legs crossed awkwardly.

"So my body's good enough then?" she asked.

"Oh, yes. I think we can safely say that," Justin replied with a huge sigh.

"Oh, great," Claire said brightly, reaching for her clothes.

Justin sat up. "Er, before you do that. I need to tell you about my adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Please sit down."

Claire sat on the couch, still nude, interested in what he had to say.

"I assume you're familiar with the play?" he asked.

Claire decided to lie. "Oh, yes."

"Well then you'll know that it's a romantic comedy with multiple subplots and a bawdy undertone. My research has shown that when it was originally written by Shakespeare, the play was actually significantly more lascivious and explicit. It was bowdlerized in the puritan times of the mid-17th century. I wish to revive the original ambience in my production with some previously unperformed scenes. I want the audience to go away shocked and excited and aroused!"

"Really? How wonderful!" Claire commented enthused by his passion.

"Why don't we try a quick reading? Here," he said passing her a script, "just read these lines for me. Titania has just woken after being enchanted to fall in love with whomever she first sees. This is what she says to her new love."

Eager to please, Claire stood with her legs apart and bare chest thrust out and, holding the script in her left hand, allowed her other arm to wave dramatically as she spoke.

"Um. Right. I pray thee, gentle mortal, sing again: mine ear is much enam-enam-enamour'd of thy note; so is mine eye enthralled to thy shape: and thy fair virtue's force perforce doth move me on the first view to say, to swear, I love thee." She'd stumbled over some of the words but on the whole she thought she'd done a good job.

Justin looked stunned as he stared at her chest.

"What did you think?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, very good," he said smoothly. "Hmm, yes, I can see you have definite potential. But let's leave the script for now. I want you to improvise now as the scene progresses. Do you think you can do that?"

Claire thought that this meant that he just wanted her to make it up as she went along which sounded easy enough. "Oh, yes. Of course!"

"Good, because all good thespians are able to extemporize when required to do so."

"Er, I'm not one of those. I like men," Claire replied uncertainly, confused by his convoluted method of discourse.

"Right. Of course. Anyway. The next scene is crucial to the plot. Titania is completely enamoured of Bottom. She falls to her knees in front of him and fellates him with gusto. Let's try that, shall we?"

Claire was even more perplexed. "Do you mean that you want me to um, er...?"

"Yes, that's right, she gives him a blowjob."

"And you want me to improvise by pretending to give you one now?" she asked.

"Oh no, my dear! As any professional knows virtually all sex scenes that one sees on stage and on film are completely authentic, that is actual full penetrative sex! Realism is all important. It must look like as if the protagonists are truly engaging in proper full-on shagging. We only act as if it is feigned to avoid giving offence. I assume you want to be a professional one day, my dear?"

"Well, yes, I suppose. I didn't realise it was all real; I honestly thought they were just pretending. But I just want to check: do you definitely need me to really suck your actual cock?"

"Of course. How else can we proceed?" Justin said huffily. "In method acting, the method is all important," he added cryptically.

Claire thought about what Danny would say. She just couldn't do it even though the thought of putting Justin's penis in her mouth didn't really bother her that much despite him being so obese, ugly and smelly.

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