Claire's Career Ch. 03: The Actress


"Oh, I just don't think my boyfriend would want me too..." she started before Justin jumped out his chair and interrupted her.

"Do my ears deceive me? I thought you wanted to be an actor!| Did dear dear Larry complain when he had to take Dame Judi roughly from behind at the National whilst playing Antony to her Cleopatra? No, he just turned her over and did his duty as if he were born to it! Did the Divine Sarah balk at sucking off the entire cast and production team of La Dame Aux Camelias at the Comédie-Française as recompense when the company payroll was stolen? No she was on her knees like a flash, mouth open and ready to gobble for her art!" he ranted spectacularly.

He continued "These, Claire, are the heroes and heroines up to whom you must live if you want to become an actor. The theatrical life demands many sacrifices and absolute unquestioning devotion. Now kneel down and get into character."

Inspired by Justin's rousing oration, Claire dropped down immediately and unzipped his flies. She could tell he was already into his role as his cock appeared semi-erect.

"Yes, that's right my dear. Now remember, you are Titania, proud Queen of the Fairies. But you have been enchanted to fall in love with Bottom and you are willing to do anything for him."

As Claire pulled his trousers down, the smell from his crotch hit her almost physically. This was going to be difficult but she was determined to act convincingly. However what Justin had just repeated did concern her slightly.

"Bottom? Does that mean you want to do it up my bum too?"

"Er, not exactly; Bottom is the name of the character by whom you are mesmerised. Although, having thought about it, I do believe the infamously excised anal sex scene is actually next so we can practise that in a little while. First I think though that Titania should worship Bottom's priapic member as Shakespeare originally intended."

"Sorry?" Claire asked confused.

"Suck my cock."

"Oh, right." Claire took a deep breath before pulling down Justin's grubby y-fronts to reveal a small ugly hairy erection sticking straight out from under his enormous pasty belly.

"And remember, my dear, being able to please Bottom is Titania's deepest desire. Now show me how you can improvise."

"OK. Right. Here goes," Claire said.

"Oh, Bottom, your, er, penis is so big and huge and lovely I must kiss it," she started woodenly, before giving his the end of his grubby cock a quick peck, leaving a red lipstick mark at its very tip.

"Oh," Justin groaned deeply. "Er, remember you're supposed to be doing this passionately as if it's your ultimate dream to give me, I mean, to give Bottom fabulous oral sex!"

Claire looked up at him although she could hardly see his face with his stomach in the way, before leaning forward once more to give him a tentative lick. She almost retched at the utterly foul taste.

Suppressing her lack of enthusiasm, she opened her mouth and sucked briefly on his knob. The taste was even worse but she forced herself to slide her lips down him and then up again a few times as if she sucking on the most delectable lollipop, reluctantly swallowing the build-up of rank saliva.

"Hmmm, that tastes delicious," she lied before closing her eyes and beginning to suck hard and bob energetically, keen to get the whole experience over and done with. Justin helped her by grabbing her by her pony tail and thrusting in rhythm to her rocking head.

At every down-thrust, so small was his penis, Claire found her face being pushed into his greasy greying pubes, the smell of which was indescribably unpleasant, although she did her best to appear enthusiastic.

"Oh, yes," Justin moaned in appreciation of her excellent and vigorous mouth action as she began to flick her tongue over his glans on every upstroke.

Justin shouted in appreciation before, without warning, ejaculating an unfeasibly large quantity of stinking jism into her tight hot mouth. He rocked back and forth for a while, spurting the final dribbles over her tongue before pulling out with a pop and leaving her with by far the biggest mouthful of semen she'd ever experienced. He fell back heavily into his armchair, leaving her on her knees in the centre of the room.

What Claire wanted more than anything in the world at that moment was a bucket to spit into, closely followed by a toothbrush. However there was nothing to be found around her and in any case, she asked herself, what would Titania do?

Looking up at Justin, she swallowed noisily. "Mmmm. That was so lovely. I just love the taste of your great big cock," she added trying her best to appear enthusiastic and in love.

"Wonderful, my dear. Quite, quite wonderful. So far you have been a very convincing Titania. The next part of the scene though is crucial. This is when Titania, still desperate for Bottom's love offers him her lovely bottom for his satisfaction. But first she touches herself lustfully for his enjoyment, before allowing him full use of her mouth once more and then her vagina in a variety of positions.

Still trying to avoid retching, Claire coughed before replying. "Wow! It's a really intense scene isn't it? And do you want me to do the whole lot as part of the audition?"

"Oh, yes. I feel it's important that you show me exactly of what you're capable as an actor. Why, I should let you know, some of those who have auditioned for this role would have baulked already. You have shown admirable enthusiasm to have got so far. But you should also know that others have already shown me the full gamut of their talents."

Claire tried to decipher what he'd said. She thought that he meant that she was doing really well but that she still hadn't got the part. She decided to make one final eager push to see if she had what it took to be a great actress.

"OK." She sat back down on the couch and cleared her throat. "Bottom, I hope you liked your blowjob. Why don't you watch me play with myself before I suck you hard again. Then you can fuck me however you want. I'll even take it up the arse for you," she added stiltedly before spreading her legs wide to expose her delicious cunt.

"Yes, very convincing," Justin growled as he watched her slide her long nimble fingers across her full generous breasts, tweaking her own nipples mischievously, before sliding her right hand down to her pussy.

Claire began to masturbate herself, taking care to keeps her legs wide, maintaining eye contact and making lots of satisfied moans and gurgles. Her nipples were nice and hard and her cunt lovely and moist. Gradually she forgot where she was and began to enjoy the warm pleasure caused by her own dexterous fingers.

"Mmmm. Oh yes. Ooh, Bottom, wouldn't you like to fuck me with your huge hard cock? Don't you want to try my nice tight arse? I'll clench it tight for you while you fuck me there. Oh yeah," she panted as she flushed in pleasure.

Justin was opening masturbating his diminutive penis now, slowly stiffening as he watched Claire's licentious performance. "Oh, fuck, yes. That's lovely, Claire, I mean Titania. Fuck, your cunt is beautiful."

Claire came with a cute squeak and, after her shudders had subsided, she slid down onto the floor again to continue the scene with more oral sex.

"Why don't you let me suck that, Bottom?" she suggested playfully before taking Justin's cock into her mouth once more. Pleased that he tasted slightly better this time but still mindful of his ripe reek and overhanging hirsute belly, Claire used every trick she knew to get him hard quickly again, feeling that Titania would do the same. She nibbled and licked, sucked and slurped, keen to show that she could throw herself into the role absolutely. She even took his enormous soiled hairy bollocks into her mouth one by one and sucked them, despite feeling more than a little nauseous.

In good time, her enthusiasm had its just reward and Justin was fully erect once more.

As soon as she thought he was ready, Claire stood up and straddled him, before sliding straight down onto him, his cock snugly lodged in her tight welcoming cunt. As she began to grind her hips back and forth, several points became apparent. First, Justin simply wasn't big enough to give her any real pleasure. She thought that this was probably a good thing and she hoped that, if she got the part, the actor with whom she would be working in reality wouldn't be too big or she might lose concentration.

Second, as his face was now only a few inches from her own, Justin wasn't going to be happy until he'd had a passionate tonguey kiss. She knew this pretty much immediately he tried to stick his tongue down her throat. She considered resisting but then reminded herself that she was in the role of Titania and Titania would have been more than happy to kiss her beloved Bottom.

She did her best to hide her queasiness as Justin's sluggish fat tongue snaked around her teeth and his foetid breath invaded her mouth and concentrated on thrusting her hips faster to try and bring him to climax quickly once more.

Justin was holding her delectable arse in his hands and he even managed to wiggle one of thick stumpy fingers into her tight arsehole, causing her to squeak in shock.

She finally managed to pull her face away from him and leant back allowing him access to her big bouncing breasts instead, which he immediately began to suck intensely.

Claire rode him for what seemed an age, before remembering that they were supposed to try out different positions.

"Oh Bottom, my love. Do you fancy having a go on me doggy-style next, prithee?" she offered in her best Shakespearean tone.

"Oh, fuck yes," Justin replied with a huge smirk on his face.

Claire pushed herself off him and then, after taking a moment to recover, got onto her hands and knees on the couch, showing off her lovely bottom and plump wet pussy. "Go on then, Bottom. Stick your cock up me," she suggested, looking over her shoulder at him through long eyelashes.

Justin stood up behind her and slid in first go, fucking her powerfully with his belly slapping her gorgeous arse with every stroke.

"Oh, yes, Bottom," Claire encouraged. "Go on, fuck me, do it to me hard! Use me for your pleasure, my love!"

Justin continued to shag her from behind while fingering her tiny rosebud arsehole as Claire pushed her hips back in time with him, once more keen to satisfy him quickly.

"Oh, fuck, yes, Bottom. Shag me hard. Do you want to do it up my bum? Go on, it's really tight and hot," Claire urged eliciting another growl of lust from Justin.

He pulled out and positioned his cock at her pretty bumhole. Claire reached back around herself and parted her arsecheeks wide to allow smooth entry.

"Oh, yes," Justin shouted as he pushed himself all the way up her butt in one go, his passage eased by Claire's slick pussy juices.

Despite wanting him to do exactly that, Claire was still startled at his entry. "Oooooh! Oh, fuck! Ugh. Ugh. Ugh," she grunted as he shagged her up her delicious silky arse. As promised, she pushed back against him and clenched her anus to give him the tightest, hottest and wettest most possible fuck.

This was too much for Justin who, with an incomprehensible bellow, climaxed noisily up her back passage once more filling her with copious quantities of thick stinking spunk, before collapsing heavily on top of her in a stupor.

Claire, trapped under his heavy bulk tried to wiggle her way out but his cock was still lodged tightly in her bottom. She eventually managed to rouse him enough for him to pull himself out of and off her and stagger into the armchair.

Claire stood up, gingerly tensing her poor sore bum. She got back into character.

"Oh, Bottom. I hope you enjoyed my pussy and arse. Is there anything else I can do for you, my love?"

Justin took a few moments to compose himself. "Erm, no, really that's wonderful." He paused while he looked around vainly for a tissue. "Actually, you can probably help me by cleaning me up with that pretty mouth of yours," he suggested.

Claire, looked down at his shrivelled spunky dick which had only just been up her butt and sighed before kneeling down in front of him to lick him clean, trying to ignore the taste of fresh bum.

Once she had finished, she got back up and began to get dressed.

"So, how did I do?" she asked, anxious to have landed the part.

Justin considered. "Yes, very well, considering that you've never acted before. However, I'm just not sure..." he tailed off in contemplation.

Claire agitatedly said, "Oh, what is it?"

"Well," Justin replied, "I have several more experienced actresses who really want this part. I just feel that you didn't quite get across Titania's unconditional love and adoration for Bottom. There were a few moments when you were servicing Bottom with your perfect pretty pouting mouth that I just felt that maybe you weren't really enjoying what you were doing. It was almost as if you wished you were somewhere else."

"Oh, no, I promise I really want this part so much. Please let me have another go and show you how much I really want to suck your dick," Claire begged.

"Hmmm, even if wanted I'm not entirely sure I shall be able, my dear," Justin apologised, gesturing down to his thoroughly satisfied dick.

Claire bit her lip delightfully as she thought. "Oh, I know! How about I come back tomorrow and we go through the whole scene again. I promise you'll be amazed at how well I'll perform. Please!"

Justin shook his head while he thought. "Oh, I suppose that would be OK. I really shouldn't but for some reason I can't help allowing you to wrap me around your little finger, my dear! Come around at 11. My wife is going out for a hairdressing appointment. Oh and you might want to consider sporting some red underwear. I believe Bottom is most partial to it."

That night, Claire decided not to tell Danny about the audition, reasoning that, if she didn't get the part, there really was no point in worrying him about nude scenes and the like.

She was back at Justin's house the next day in a blue and white summer dress, blue heels and a red bra and knickers as promised.

Claire was half undressed by the time she got to Justin's couch so keen was she to show how well she could act. She even initiated an open-mouthed snog with him to start things off, trying to picture Danny in her mind rather than an old hideous obese slob with poor hygiene standards.

Matters progressed much as the previous day, starting with an energetic blowjob. Claire made a real effort with him trying out various tactics to see what pleased him the most, including some brave but much appreciated anal reaming with her long pink tongue. She also made sure she brought him back from the brink of orgasm several times, reasoning that Titania would want to give as much pleasure as possible to Bottom. She also gave him a nice slow tit-wank before sucking him so hard that he exploded uncontrollably in her mouth, filling it to the brim with his offensive spunk. She swallowed as much as she could and she made sure that she licked up any that escaped, even off her own big fat tits.

After she had played with herself for his amusement using one of his wife's vibrators, Claire sucked Justin hard again before riding him again in a variety of positions, once more allowing him to finish off in her snug moist bumhole.

She licked him clean, making sure that she showed nothing but devotion and enjoyment on her face as she lapped his filthy jism off his cock. She knew she had done a much better job and she just felt grateful that he'd given her another chance.

"Well, my dear. That really was astounding. An astonishing performance. I have to say I would like to work with you further. Indeed I have a proposition for you."

Claire clapped her hands girlishly. "Yes!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"You were the final female role I needed to cast but I still need to find my Bottom. I was wondering if you'd like to help me audition the shortlist." Justin suggested.

"Oh, yes. I'd love to. What do I need to do?" Claire asked.

"I just need you to go through the scene we've practised today with the potential players."

"So I just need to give them head, play with myself, suck them hard again before shagging them and finishing them off with my bum?" Claire posed.

"Er, yes. I suppose so."

"OK! I can do all of that and it will be great practise for the play," she said happily.

"And, um, maybe you could get here early so we can rehearse it before we get to the audition. Just to make sure you've got it absolutely right."

"Oh, thanks so much, Justin. I really am lucky to have found such an understanding director. I really appreciate you giving me a chance," she said gratefully giving him a kiss and allowing him to grope her arse.

The audition the next day went to plan. She got there an hour early to go through the whole scene with Justin before the first potential Bottom turned up.

Justin had explained that in the actual scene Bottom would be wearing an ass mask, so his facial expression wouldn't matter too much. Despite having read the play several times, she didn't really understand why Bottom's head needed to look like an actual bottom but didn't really suppose it mattered.

However she was still startled when the most hideous man she had ever seen turned up for the part. She had never seen anyone with such a misshapen face and contorted body. He obviously already knew Justin and, having had a good look at Claire, he thanked him effusively for the opportunity of the audition which Claire thought was sweet.

He was so ugly that she felt a little sorry for him so was extra nice to him during the audition, making a real effort to lovingly suck his revolting penis, tenderly kiss his repulsive features and adoringly fuck him with both her delicious hot pussy and her tremendous tight arse to a magnificent climax. He seemed exceptionally grateful for all of her help during the scene.

She was definitely getting better at acting.

Justin obviously wasn't sure about him because he set up several more auditions over the next few days, each with a different man, all of whom knew him but also seemed to be remarkably unattractive.

With Justin allowing her to practise with him every day as well, Claire did her best to really throw herself into role enthusiastically and was certain that no-one could tell that she wasn't utterly in love with her fellow actors when she performed with them.

After each audition, the potential Bottom would spend some time with Justin in private although she noticed more than once that they were giving Justin money. Justin explained that, in certain circumstances with much sought-after roles, candidates would pay the director a fee to audition. Justin explained that he had waived the fee in her case because she was a novice at which Claire gave him a huge hug which led to a snog and then to an impromptu blowjob in gratitude, under cover of further rehearsal.

Although Justin didn't seem to be able to find the right actor to play Bottom, overall Claire was excited and pleased at how her acting career was progressing which made it even more upsetting when disaster struck.

She turned up for a rehearsal with Justin one day when he broke the news to her.

"I'm afraid my adaptation of the play has been rejected by those Philistines at the Southbury Theatre," he said dejectedly. "We can do a traditional version of A Midsummer Night's Dream or none at all."

Claire came and sat down, putting an arm around his considerable shoulders in sympathy.

"Oh, it's OK, Justin. Don't be so upset. We'll just have to go ahead with the play in the conventional adaptation."

Justin buried his face into her bosom. "You don't understand, Claire. I'm also being forced to give the role of Titania to that horrible old hag, Beatrice Bassington-Black. She's the chair of the board of trustees. I'm so sorry but I have no part for you," he added as he blubbed into her cleavage.

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