Claire's Career Ch. 05: The Secret Agent


She contented herself with knowing that she was fighting the good fight despite Danny's and, to some extent, Bianca's lack of faith in her ability and intelligence.

When Con's call came, the timing was perfect. Danny had just left for the evening for a gig so she had several hours of freedom.

"Claire, this is Con. Can you meet me in Old Elephant bar at 8? I need you to be my girlfriend again tonight."

Claire's breath shortened in excitement. "OK! What do you need me to do?"

"I've got a rendezvous with leader of the terrorists. I need to have a gorgeous young woman with a beautiful face and sexy body draping herself all over me. They're a standard accessory on all international arms dealers."

"OK. I can do that. What should I wear?" Claire asked.

"Hmmm. I want to impress him with just how gorgeous you are. I've got an idea..."

An hour later Claire walked into the bar feeling extremely self-conscious. When Con had suggested her outfit she'd been reluctant but had agreed, bowing to his greater knowledge of terrorist groupies.

He had explained that she had to appear fully under his control and completely in awe of him, even to the point of dressing up in any way he wanted.

She knew that all anyone else could see was a tall curvaceous redhead wearing a short beige raincoat and black stiletto heels.

However, she knew that underneath the coat all she actually had on were her black stockings, a suspender belt and some Chanel No. 5.

She'd been sure that the taxi driver had angled his mirror to look up her coat at her moist pink pussy but she tried to forget that and instead to focus on the task in hand.

She looked around and saw Con as he made his way to her at the front of the dark bar. "Fantastic, Claire! You look awesome," he said as he embraced her.

He stepped back. "And underneath?"

Claire checked around carefully before she gave him a quick flash of her massive tits and neat pussy.

"Oh fuck yes, that is so perfect," Con mumbled. "I mean, that's a fabulous disguise."

"Where is he?" Claire asked as Con put an arm around her, sliding his hand under her coat to fondle her smooth bare arse.

"I've seen him -- he's at the back. Whatever happens, just follow my lead. No matter how weird it gets. Remember, your cover is that you're a Romanian dancer who's in London to find work. Come on then, let's go and meet them.

They made their way to a secluded booth at the back of the bar.

Con greeted the occupant. "Hi. Fiddle. Con Fiddle. You must be Mr. Big."

Mr. Big was small, almost emaciated. Claire thought he looked less like a criminal and more like an elderly shopkeeper or a consumptive window cleaner.

"Mr. Fiddle. Your reputation proceeds you," he said ominously, keeping his eyes on Claire's deep cleavage.

"Ah, I see you've noticed my latest slut, Clarina," Con said. "She's from Romania."

Claire was slightly put out that he'd called her a slut but then realised it was all part of the act. She sat down between them, carefully holding her short coat down over her pussy and trying to remain relaxed.

However when Con idly lent over and slid a hand into the top of her coat to squeeze one of her breasts, she couldn't help but jump.

"She has excellent breasts," Mr. Big commented casually before he reached out to feel her other one. "You don't mind?"

"No, go ahead. After all that's what she's there for," Con replied unconcernedly.

Claire's face was burning as the two men played with her tits. She was just grateful that the booth was shadowed and that no-one could see in.

There then followed a stilted conversation between the two men about 'the merchandise' which could have come from the corniest of spy movies. Claire was amazed at how clichéd their exchange was and how they kept being distracted by her boobs, even leaning forward to lick her nipples occasionally.

Still, she supposed Con knew what he was doing. He was after all a genuine MI5 officer.

So when Con undid the rest of her coat buttons and began to finger her pussy. Claire silently opened her legs to allow him easier access. The things she did for her country, she thought to herself, checking around to ensure they couldn't be seen.

"She's amazingly tight," Con commented prior to allowing Mr. Big to slide a couple of fingers into her moist warm cunt.

"Yes, she is," Mr. Big replied before bending to lick her nipple again.

Whilst Mr. Big was preoccupied, Con took the opportunity to whisper in her ear. "You're doing brilliantly, Claire. You're behaving just like a criminal's whore. Well done! Now slip under the table and suck us off. Me first."

Claire looked at Con and then around the bar in panic. But then, stealing herself, his words of praise ringing in her ears, she pulled Mr. Big's fingers out of her and slid down under the table.

Con's cock tasted no better than the previous day. She licked his balls lavishly before, gliding her tongue up his shaft and flicking it repeatedly on the tip of his knob. This was obviously just too much for Con because he grabbed her head with both hands over her ears and rocked her head back and forth on his erection.

Unfortunately this meant Claire couldn't hear the conversation any more although she could still make out some muffled laughter.

Once Con had shot his repellent semen down her throat, Claire wiped her mouth and shuffled round to service Mr. Big.

Mr. Big's cock wasn't exactly big but rather long and very thin, with heavy balls. He had obviously become excited by feeling her body, because he came quickly filling her mouth with an impressive quantity of thick salty spunk that dribbled out of his penis for several minutes after he'd first begun to spurt. Conscious that she had to please him, Claire lapped it all up, grateful at least that he was relatively sanitary.

By the time Claire had licked both cocks clean and made herself presentable again, the two men had obviously finished their discussion although Claire did manage to catch Mr. Big slipping Con a small bundle of £10 notes.

Leaving Mr. Big in the booth, Claire and Con left the bar and made their way to Con's car, a battered old Corolla.

As soon as they were in, Claire let out a huge sigh of relief. "Wow! That was so tense. How did I do?"

Con reached out to hold her hand. "Claire you were amazing. You're a brilliant actress. The way you sucked us off, it was like you really were a dirty little slut. Well done."

Claire clapped her hands together girlishly. "Oh, thanks, so much. I love this job! Did Mr. Big just pay for arms? Is the deal done? Have you got enough to arrest him yet?"

"Um, yes, that's right. He gave me an, er, deposit but we still need to do more before we can bring him in."

"OK. That makes sense," Claire said. "It looked like he only gave you about £50. I guess illegal weapons must cost thousands."

"Er, yes, that's right. Anyway, I think we need to go somewhere isolated for a debrief. Let's see what we can find."

Con drove them to a business park that was completely quiet at this time of night, parking where they couldn't be seen from the main road.

"Right this will do for now," he said, reaching over to stroke Claire's right thigh.

Looking around the cabin, Claire commented, "This doesn't seem like a very flash car for an international playboy."

"Um, well, no. Actually it's an MI5 pool car. All they had left. I think all the Astons were out. Still at least it's inconspicuous. If they enemy are watching then they'll just think I'm lying low."

"Oh, that's really clever," Claire said, impressed with Con's thinking. "Do you think they could be watching us now?"

"Well, yes, there's a really good chance. Maybe we should be more intimate while we discuss what happened. Here, why don't you lick this while I talk?" Con said, offering Claire his cock.

Con seemed a little preoccupied as Claire sucked him hard again, although he confirmed that he thought they had hooked Mr. Big and it was now just a question of reeling him in.

Eventually his cock was fully erect again and Claire began to bob her head while sucking as hard as she could, keen to satisfy him as quickly as possible. She was surprised when Con stopped her.

"Er, be careful, Claire. I was just thinking that, if they're watching, the enemy might be suspicious if I come in your mouth again. After all you are supposed to be my girlfriend, not just a slutty whore I've picked up."

"Oh, yes, good point. We should probably do something more loving and intimate. I know - why don't we fuck?" Claire suggested ingenuously.

"Good idea," Con replied in a strangled voice.

They clambered into the back seat and Claire opened up her coat before impaling herself on Con's stubby cock. While he buried his face between her breasts Claire prattled on happily telling Con what she thought of the meeting.

Despite his tongue on her nipples, Claire wasn't particularly enjoying the shag as Con's cock wasn't as big as she would normally prefer. However she did her best to really act the part and faked an orgasm before lifting off him and finishing him off in her mouth.

"How was that?" she asked once he had finished spurting over her tongue.

"Wonderful, Claire. You really are the best agent I've ever met," he replied dazedly.

"Oh, that's so kind," she said happily, kissing him in gratitude.

As Con drove her home, Claire asked him for advice. "Con, do you really think I could work more officially for MI5?"

"Of course," Con answered. "You virtually are now."

"Oh, great. I noticed on the website that you can apply online. I'm so excited!"

Con chuckled and casually tweaked her right nipple as he drove.

He parked a few hundred yards from her house.

Claire kissed him again as he briefly squeezed her tits. "Con, my boyfriend Danny's out tomorrow night as well, so I'd be more than happy to help you if you need then. We can fuck again if it would help to maintain the cover or whatever you want. Please, I'll do anything to make a success of this job!" she begged him.

"I'll call you tomorrow, Claire," he promised with a huge grin.

That evening, Claire applied to become a spy. She made sure she put Con down as a reference and detailed her two encounters as evidence of her suitability for entry to MI5. She didn't tell Danny because he'd probably just laugh at her. Little did he know - she couldn't wait to show him!

The call from Con came the next evening.

"Claire, I need you to be at the Value Inn on Felcher Road in 45 minutes. Room 201. Look your sexiest. I need you to seduce Mr. Big and get the password from him. I'll meet you there."

Claire chose her underwear for the encounter carefully, in the end deciding on a classic look: a lacy low cut black bra, a tiny matching thong and hold-up stockings. She slipped into an emerald green satin dress that plunged to reveal a deep valley of cleavage and hugged her sinuous hips silkily. She also decided on shocking red lipstick and green eye-shadow and brushed her long red hair until it shone, leaving it loose across her shoulders.

She looked as hot as she possibly could.

When she got to room 201, she paused nervously before she knocked. She breathed a huge sigh of relief when Con opened the door.

"Oh fuck me, you look seriously seriously hot. Wow!" he exclaimed when he saw her, his jaw dropping.

Claire blushed. "Thanks. Where is he?"

"Oh, yeah. Um, Mr. Big will be here in half an hour," he replied. "I just wanted to make sure you knew what you were doing. Just to be sure you're being seductive enough, why don't you show me what you've got on under that dress?"

Claire undressed quickly and gave him a twirl.

"Oh, yeah, baby. You look smoking hot," Con murmured as she bent over to allow him a good view of her pert bum, bulging pussy and long smooth legs.

Claire came and sat on the bed next to Con. "So, what do I need to do? You know, with Mr. Big."

Con ignored her, staring at her huge bosom.

"Con! Stop looking at my boobs! He'll be here soon and I don't understand my mission," Claire complained irately.

"Um, oh, yeah, sorry. It's just that, well I know you're here to seduce Mr. Big, but look what you've done to me." Con replied standing up in front of her, releasing his erection a foot from her face.

"Oh, Con!" Claire reddened, not believing what he was doing.

"Sorry, Claire. I just can't think right now. You're body is so amazing, please give it a quick suck. I won't take long and then I can brief your mission properly," he begged.

Claire sighed in annoyance. Still, she was here trying to be as seductive as possible so it was no surprise that Con had got a hard-on looking over her lovely tight body. And she had to find out all about her mission so she needed him to focus.

She gave his cock a sticky kiss, marking the tip with her lipstick, before sliding her mouth down him all the way to his balls.

Con moaned in pleasure as Claire began to bob her head frenetically as he squeezed her magnificent breasts, unable to contain his excitement. He came quickly, filling her mouth with his familiar rank jism.

Claire swallowed and cleaned him up with her agile tongue before popping a mint into her mouth as he explained what she had do that night.

"Thanks, Claire. Right, let's get back into character. Even though you're supposed to be my girlfriend, Mr. Big was really impressed with the way you sucked him off yesterday and he wants more. Now normally I wouldn't just hand over my girlfriend to a business contact like she was a cheap slut but I thought it would be a great opportunity for you to use your amazing body to seduce him and find out his secret terrorist password."

"His terrorist password?" Claire asked puzzled.

"Yes. All terrorists have secret passwords so that they can identify other members of their evil organisations. Your job tonight, Claire is to do whatever it takes to find out that password."

"Um, OK," Claire said unsurely, but trusting Con's MI5 background. After all, he was a secret agent.

"Just do whatever he wants and I'm sure he'll trust you enough to divulge anything. He'll be here in ten minutes. And don't forget your Romanian accent."

Con left, wishing her luck, while Claire reapplied her makeup and made sure her hair was tidy.

When the knock came at the door, Claire jumped, as nervous as she'd ever been. Come on, Claire; you can do this, she thought bravely to herself.

Mr. Big was as she remembered. Stick thin, old and wrinkled. He was wearing a shiny looking suit over a white t-shirt.

"Ah, hello Clarina," Mr Big said, greedily running his hands over her huge boobs and down her hips while he kissed her. "You look delicious."

Claire did her best to put on a heavy Eastern European accent.

"Zank you, Mr. Big." She came to a halt not knowing what to say next before deciding to get to the heart of the matter. "Um, vould you like me to suck your cock first or do you just vant to fuck?"

Mr. Big wanted to have his cock sucked first.

Over the next two hours, Claire did everything she feasibly could to take Mr. Big's wrinkly pasty body to heaven, using her hands, mouth, breasts and pussy to stimulate his genitals as completely and satisfyingly as possible.

Not only did she lovingly suck his grey crusty cock, she adoringly licked his hairy balls, she tenderly nibbled his craggy shaft and she bravely tongued his repellent arsehole.

She didn't just fuck him with her on top, her enormous tits bouncing in his face, or doggy-style, her delightful arse wobbling as she writhed her hips athletically back against him. In additions, she bent her lithe body into unusual and extraordinary positions, desperately sliding her tight hot cunt up and down his member in novel and exhilarating ways.

She dropped a few hints about wanting to join his organisation to see whether he would give her the password but this proved difficult as she realised she didn't know what his organisation actually did.

It was after he had come twice, once in her mouth, once in her pussy, that she made some progress.

She had made a herculean effort to lick him hard for a third time, using every trick she knew to get him rigid once more. As she sucked him, she considered what she could now do to give him even more joy. She decided to play her trump card.

"Mr. Big," she hissed seductively in her exaggerated accent. "Vould you like to try out my arsehole? It eez very tight and I vill clench for your pleazure."

Within thirty seconds, Claire was squealing as Mr. Big slowly pushed his long thin dick into her tightest, naughtiest and most exotic hole.

"Ugh!" she grunted as he thrust in another inch. "Oh, yes, Mr. Big. Fuck my tight butt. Do it to me up my arse. Ugh!" she squeaked as his cock finally slid all the way into her tiny puckered browny-red bumhole.

It took Claire a few minutes to get used once more to feeling of a cock forcefully rogering her arse but, when she'd recovered her composure, she then tried her best to get him to divulge her password.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Big. I love how your huge rough cock is splitting apart my tiny sweet bottom. I never vant you to stop doing my arse."

"Oh, yes, Claire, I mean, Clarina. You're fucking fantastic. You're just so fucking tight. I love you," he screamed his orgasm as she pushed her hips back against him and clenched her butt to milk him dry.

Afterwards, Claire, swallowing her revulsion, licked his cock clean even though it was fresh from her own arse.

"Mr. Big, I enjoyed that so much. You are ze best lover I have ever had! Let's do it again. I vill do anything you want. I can be even dirtier!"

"OK, love. I really can't go again now though." Mr. Big sighed in satisfaction as Claire slid her tongue under his soiled foreskin and swirled it around as he softened.

Claire tried her final gambit. "I know, Mr. Big! Let me join your group. Please, tell me the password. I will do any-zing you want. Any-zing!" she begged in her best Romanian accent,

Mr. Big smiled sinisterly. For a second Claire's heart leapt into her throat. Had she been found out?

But then he continued. "Password. Of course, Clarina. I can see that you are a very trustworthy individual and you would be a real plus for the organisation. The password is 'gullible'."

Claire clapped her hands girlishly and gave Mr. Big a hug. He took the opportunity to feel her bum and finger her arsehole. "Oh, thank you, I mean, zank you."

Eventually, Claire said goodbye to Mr. Big, having promised him she would meet up with him next week and bring along a leather minidress, a foot-long dildo and some chocolate spread.

She got home and sat down to call Con with the great news, wincing slightly at her sore butt.

"Con! I did it! The password is 'gullible'!"

"Really, that's brilliant," Con answered on the phone, laughing out loud.

Claire was delighted that he was so happy at her work.

"How did it go?" Con asked. "Don't leave out any details."

Claire gave Con a blow by blow, and suck by suck, account of the evening's events. He asked several specific questions about what she had done and even sounded slightly agitated and out-of-breath as she told him about some of the positions they had tried and how she had begged Mr. Big to bugger her.

He seemed to relax quite suddenly, even expressing his pleasure at Claire's work with a muffled, "Oh, yeah, baby!" on the other end of the line.

"Are you OK, Con?" Claire asked in concern as he cried out.

"Um, what? Er, yes, I'm fine. Just really excited at how well you've done tonight. When can we next meet up, Claire? I think we might need to recreate every detail of your evening with Mr. Big. Just to make sure we haven't missed anything important, of course."

"Oh, OK," Claire agreed. "How about tomorrow? Although I think I'll bring some lubricant to stop my arse getting sore again."

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