Claire's Career Ch. 06: The Corporate Trainer


Claire thought about this, flattered that Bobby had said that she was a good trainer.

Bobby continued. "And if we can satisfy their needs they'll tell more people and before you know it we'll be running loads of courses! Come on, Claire," he finished, giving her boobs another squeeze.

"Oh, OK. I suppose you're right, Bobby. I guess I'm just a bit nervous," she agreed.

"Don't worry, darling. Let's go and wow them!" Bobby encouraged.

When they returned back to the main room, the clients were sitting on the circle of chairs that Bobby had arranged earlier around a flipchart.

"Right then, Gentlemen. Let's get started with a little theory before we get onto some practical demonstrations," he said eliciting some good natured booing. He and Claire had agreed that she would sit back and let him handle the initial lecture and she would then lead the more hands-on part of the training.

Claire, sat down in a chair at the front next to the flipchart Bobby was using. She crossed her legs, painfully aware that her panties were completely exposed to the audience and wishing that she hadn't taken Bobby's request to dress attractively quite as literally.

She looked around at the clients who were all middle-aged men of various shapes, sizes and races. What they did have in common was that none of them seemed to paying much attention to Bobby.

Rather they were all staring either at her substantial freckled cleavage or up her tiny revealing skirt. Claire blushed delightfully at their attention but kept her mind focused on what Bobby was saying.

However, despite her best efforts, Claire's mind drifted until she was suddenly brought back to reality as she realised his speech was ending.

"And now, guys, time for the practical session," he finished. The delegates cheered heartily.

"Right let me see... George. Come and sit here at the front in this chair. What we're going to do first is see what your tolerance for being tempted into indiscretion by the opposite sex is just so you know your own limits."

George, an attractive large black gentleman with glasses and salt-and-pepper hair, came happily to the fore, accompanied by catcalls and cheers from his comrades.

Claire was slightly bemused. This hadn't been in the script she and Bobby had agreed. She had been expecting to explain to the gentlemen how one could recognize sexual harassment. Obviously Bobby could sense her concern because he gave her a reassuring nod and wink, immediately making her feel better: after all he was the experienced training professional. Beforehand he had emphasised how important flexibility was to a good trainer.

"Claire, what I'd like you to do is do your absolute best to seduce George. His job will be sit there, with his arms folded, and not move his hands no matter what you do to him. Your job is to make him move his hands by tempting him in any way you want." He turned to the delegates and continued. "The idea of this exercise is for you to see how far you can be pushed before you give in to any sexual offers which can quite often lead to charges of harassment or discrimination."

Claire looked at George, who was tall and well-built, with interest. What Bobby had said made sense and she was determined to do a good job.

"OK, do you both know what to do?" Bobby asked.

Claire gave an uncertain nod but George smiled, saying, "No problem," in a deep voice. He sat back, folded his arms and looked straight ahead with no expression on his face.

"Right, you may begin."

Claire didn't know where or how to start. She supposed at least that she was lucky that George was the subject of this exercise. He was by far the best looking man in the room, if not the only good-looking man in the room. Certainly she wouldn't have wanted to get close to any of the others through choice.

She stood in front of George so that he had to look up at her, his impassive face at the height of her chest.

She lent over him, giving him a good view down her t-shirt of her lovely breasts. "Hi, George," she breathed into his ear, careful not to touch him but certain that he would be getting a good sniff of her light playful perfume.

George ignored her so she decided to be a bit more direct, by kissing his ear and then his neck. "Come on, George. Don't you want to play?"

George gave out a deep low growl, sending a shiver down her spine but said nothing.

She stood back up, certain now that she had caught his interest. She noticed that the room had gone strangely silent as the other men watched what she was doing, wide-eyed and rapt.

She decided on her next method of attack and straddled his lap, facing towards him and began to rub her breasts in his face, remembering how effective this had been with Bobby.

"Come on, George, don't you want to touch by great big boobs? They're really firm and fat. I promise you'll like them," she teased sure that he would break at any moment and reach out for her tits.

When he continued to resist, Claire determined to take her seduction a step further and pulled off her t-shirt to the general and noisy approval of the room. She was wearing an elaborate and pretty black bra, her hard nipples poking through the flimsy material.

This time she was careful to ensure her stiff pink nipples rubbed across his mouth causing him to twitch underneath her. She couldn't be sure but his cock felt big.

She tried this for a few more minutes without much response. However, noticing the sweat beading on his forehead, Claire decided to risk it all and unclasped her bra to groans of wonder from the other delegates.

This time when she put her right nipple to his mouth, she almost shrieked when his tongue darted out and licked it lustily before he began to nibble and suck at her breasts with little, if any, control.

She looked around at Bobby in triumph but he just shook his head made a groping gesture with his hands.

Understanding that she had to get George to touch her with his hands, she held his head to her boobs while whispering in his ear. "Go on, George. Don't you want to touch them. Please, look how stiff my nipples are for you. Oh, that's so nice. Please, George, touch me," she pleaded. His cock was rock hard under her arse. It felt huge.

George was making no pretence of holding back now, burying his face between Claire's breasts, enjoying their springy softness and substantial weight. But he still stubbornly refused to unfold his arms. For Claire this was becoming a matter of pride. How could any man dare to resist her?

She stood up and unzipped her skirt. She was wearing a pair of high-cut black briefs that matched her bra. She paused for moment and made a decision before peeling them off, baring her gorgeous butt and tight wet pussy. Once more, there moans of awe from around the room.

George couldn't keep his eyes of her cunt; she decided to give him a treat and lifted one of her long shapely legs onto his shoulder and leaned in towards him so that her pussy was only inches from his face. Unsurprisingly, he bent his head down and kissed right on her clit, before licking down and up her beautiful lips.

Claire, sighed in pleasure as George began licking her pussy in earnest. For a few moments she forgot what she was doing as he lost herself in the glorious feelings his thick tongue was generating between her legs.

It was the shouting and cheering from the other men in the room that finally got through to her. She glanced around to see several of them opening rubbing their crotches at her lascivious display.

Before she got too distracted again, Claire stood away from George and looked down at his dark face, damp with her pussy juices. Right, time for the nuclear option.

She reached down and slowly unzipped his flies to further applause from the others. As she grabbed hold of his cock and pulled it out, she realised just how big George was. Her eyes widened at his considerable length and girth, her hand looking tiny as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft to wank it. It was a dark mahogany brown in colour with a huge deep pink glans at its end like a fat glossy nut.

She looked up at George and realised he had seen her shocked expression, causing her to blush, although not deflecting her from bending down over him so that her mouth was only a few centimetres from the end of his enormous schlong. She breathed over it and looked up at him with her big green eyes.

"Would you like me to kiss it, George? Do you like to have it sucked? Don't you think it would look nice sliding in and out of my pretty red lips? Don't you want to just..." she started to say before George grabbed hold of her head and shoved his erection into her mouth with an enormous thrust.

Over the last few months and despite having a boyfriend, Claire had sound herself with many different penises in her mouth. But it was fair to say that she had never sucked such a large dick nor had her face fucked so thoroughly. George's big hands grabbed hold of her pigtails and bucked his hips upwards whilst pushing her head down into his crotch, causing her to inadvertently deep-throat him. Her first thought was she had won the challenge but then she just began to concentrate on grabbing a breath when she could.

She had no idea for how long George shafted her pretty mouth but it didn't seem too long before he pulled her face off his dick, lifted her up with his big dark hands and impaled her pussy on his long fat hard-on. Claire, her pussy impossibly full, groaned in bliss as he began to lift her up and down on his knob like she was rag doll.

Claire couldn't help herself. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling his head to her boobs to keep herself steady as he took her unresisting body to heaven.

As it was, after her third or fourth orgasm, things became a little hazy.

George had laid her down on the floor and was drilling her powerfully when a small stiff pasty white cock was forced into her mouth. She couldn't see who it was, because of the large pink-grey beer belly hanging over her face and blocking out any view of a face. Not really knowing what else to do, she sucked and licked automatically and was rewarded almost immediately with a spray of pungent spunk on her tongue without ever working out whose dick it was.

She then recalled that George finally pulled out of her and finished off in her mouth as she willingly gulped down floods of his thick salty jism.

After that all she could remember was an enormous quantity of cock.

The nine men in the room (including, she recalled, Bobby) had taken it in turns to abuse her mouth, pussy and even her breasts. In fact it hadn't been long until her arse had been called into action when, for the first time in her life, she found herself being penetrated simultaneously by two men.

Luckily for her neither was the well-endowed Bobby nor the enormously-hung George but even so she couldn't remember ever feeling quite so full of cock in her life, particularly when another member was also thrust into her pretty mouth.

Her ordeal seemed to continue for hours. As soon as she'd satisfied one man, another would take his place. By the time she'd got through them all, the first would be ready for action once again.

And because her breasts, pussy and clit here almost continuously being stimulated, she found herself unable to stop the abuse that her poor lush body was receiving as she was almost perpetually moving towards yet another orgasm.

Eventually, her stomach, rectum and vagina all full of spunk, the hard penises began to dwindle until she was left pretty much back where she started with just George fucking her forcefully and relentlessly from behind, driving her to an endless series of multiple climaxes.

At some point during her shafting, she must have passed out because when she woke she found herself lying alone on the floor covering in sticky white stains. Even Bobby seemed to have left.

With a groan, she stood up and made her way to the bathroom for a shower. Fifteen minutes under the hot steamy water gradually made her feel human again.

She came out, a white towel wrapped around her firm curvaceous figure, to find Bobby back, sitting at his office desk, counting a huge pile of cash.

"Oh, there you are, Claire! You wouldn't believe how well we've done!" he chirruped enthusiastically. "I have to say you were absolutely brilliant."

"I was?" Claire asked in surprise. She had been a bit concerned that Bobby might have been a little cross with her for not keeping control of the group.

"Yes, you were amazing. After you had finished your session, I tested the clients' understanding of sexual harassment. I didn't want to wake you as you seemed really tired. Anyway, you wouldn't believe how much they learnt today. They're going to recommend the course to all of their friends and business associates."

"They are?" Claire replied, bemused.

"Oh, yes, the feedback was brilliant. The best I've ever had for a course," he enthused.

Claire couldn't help but feel proud.

Bobby continued, "I must say, it was inspired the way you got them to take part in the practical demonstration of all the different types of sexual practice which one has to avoid in the office environment. You showed amazing commitment. I think we can probably expect more bookings very soon!"

Claire smiled and bent down to give the seated Bobby a big hug. "Oh thanks so much, Bobby!"

She'd been worried that she'd screwed it up but as it turned out, she'd done a great job! She was so pleased. Maybe, at last she'd found a career of which she could make a real success.

Bobby squeezed her bottom unexpectedly, causing her to jump up. Her towel fell to the floor, revealing her utterly magnificent body.

She bent down to pick it up.

"Er, Claire? While you're down there?" Bobby raised his eyebrows pleadingly and pointed at the bulge in his crotch. "It's just that I won't be able to count these takings while I've got a hard-on. I don't suppose you could give me a quick blowjob before you go, darling?"

Claire smiled back up at him happily, extremely grateful for the chance he'd given her. "Of, of course, Bobby," she said reaching for his fly and licking her lips. "Anything for you..."

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