tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClaire's Career Ch. 07: The Magician’s Assistant

Claire's Career Ch. 07: The Magician’s Assistant


Part 7: The Magician's Assistant

Claire put her foot down and drove away from the scene of the crime, hoping that the police hadn't seen her.

Eventually she pulled up outside her house, not remembering exactly how she'd got back home such was her shock at seeing her boss, Bobby Flapjack, being manhandled into a police car.

She had driven to work that morning and parked around the corner before making her way to his flat. She had come to a dead halt, astonished to see several police cars and Bobby being dragged to one by two hefty policemen.

When she'd asked a curious bystander what was happening, he'd shaken his head and laughed, telling her that he'd heard Bobby was being arrested for running a brothel.

Not wanting to be involved, Claire had hastily left to get back home.

Safely back in her house, Claire had time to think.

She'd been working with Bobby for the past six weeks as a corporate trainer, specialising in educating businessmen on the subject of sexual harassment, or rather on how to avoid it.

Claire had been really happy in her job, communicating the ins and outs of sexual discrimination legislation as well as showing the trainees exactly what constituted harassment and what didn't, allowing Bobby to use her body as a kind of live mannequin. For instance, when a client had forced her to give him oral sex and ejaculated in her mouth, Bobby had pointed out that, in a real work situation, this might be considered to be crossing the line between ambiguous playful banter and most definite harassment.

She'd also got extremely adept at one-on-one coaching the delegates on how to resist seduction through active role-play. She prided herself on being able to break down their barriers no matter hard they resisted her advances, all of them eventually coming inside one of her various moist orifices. Bobby had been most complimentary about her 100% commitment to her work and she'd certainly generated a lot of income for him which he'd happily shared with her.

She'd been particularly pleased that she was holding down a well-paid job after struggling to keep one for the last year. And so it came as a real blow to her to find out that Bobby might have been running a whorehouse on the side!

Although she tried, she couldn't work out when he was supposed to have done so. She had generally spent all day with him and not seen anything so she supposed it must have been in the evenings or at the weekends.

In any case, for the next few days she stayed at home, keeping her head down, dreading a visit from the police. Not, of course, that she'd done anything wrong herself but it would have been difficult to explain some of the details of her role to her boyfriend. She guessed that, to someone not versed in advanced training techniques, some of the things she had done with her clients might technically have been considered sexual in their nature. And of course she prided herself in her unwavering faithfulness to her partner.

Feeling somewhat guilty about not supporting Bobby she had secretly hoped that nothing would come of his arrest so she was horrified to read in the local paper that a 46-year old man had been charged with keeping a brothel for the use of prostitution.

She didn't leave the house for another week.

After she hadn't heard anything for a while, Claire began to relax. It looked like, whatever Bobby had been getting up to in his spare time, she hadn't been implicated and for that she was extremely grateful.

She'd told her boyfriend, Danny, that she had been let go because of a downturn in the training market and he had attributed her melancholy to losing her job.

Gradually though she began to get back to a normal routine and demeanour, starting once more to feel dissatisfied with her lack of employment. However times were hard and, despite desperate and diligent searching, no-one seemed to be hiring.

To cheer herself up she agreed to help out at Danny's nephew's sixth birthday party. She enjoyed the company of children and Danny's sister, Megan, had hired a magician which sounded like a lot of fun.

As ever, Claire made sure that her clothes made the best of her tall big-breasted long-legged figure, deciding to wear her favourite low-cut clingy red minidress, black hold-up stockings and knee-length black patent leather stiletto-heeled boots. She felt her outfit went perfectly with her long auburn hair, creamy freckled skin and lambent green eyes.

The party was in Megan's suburban semi-detached house and Claire enjoyed it immensely. The jelly and ice-cream, the silly party games and the unbounded energy of the happy and excited children made Claire feel giggly and content. The four generous glasses of wine she downed helped too.

So it was with huge enthusiasm that she sat down to watch The Great Phellatio, the magician that Megan had booked for the party. She'd always loved magic and she was looking forward to being amazed.

The Great Phellatio was a tall cadaverous man with a pointed beard and slicked back dark hair as well as great stage presence to go with his mysterious accent. He was wearing a dark ruffled shirt and a deep purple cape.

Claire watched in wonder as he worked through a series of astounding tricks involving top hats, rabbits, doves, glittery explosions and teddy bears. She clapped her hands girlishly along with the children at a complete loss how he managed to perform such amazing illusions. In fact, if she didn't know better, she'd have believed that he actually was a real magician. How else could he be doing such amazing tricks?

So when The Great Phellatio announced that he was almost finished, she groaned along with the rest of the young audience.

"For this last trick I need a volunteer," The Great Phellatio said in his sly enigmatic voice. Claire smiled as every child in the room put his or her hand up immediately.

"I'm afraid I need a much taller volunteer, a grown-up perhaps. Hmmm. Let's see. Yes. Let's have the delightful young lady in the beautiful red dress. Yes, you my dear," he gestured to a wide-eyed Claire.

After some more cheerful encouragement from the children, Claire, blushing slightly, stood up and joined the illusionist at the front of the room, who put his arm around her waist familiarly.

"And what's your name, my dear?" he asked with a smile, his hand slipping down to pat her bottom gently.

"Claire!" she replied with a snigger.

"Claire. Good. A beautiful name. Claire, I need you answer a question for me. Are you ticklish?" he asked squeezing her buttocks.

"Yes," Claire giggled, her body feeling sensitive just thinking about being tickled.

"Good. Now, Claire," he said, handing her a battered looking teddy bear, "As you can see Edward is a very ordinary bear. I'd like you hold Edward the Bear high above your head, where everyone can see him. You're a tall young woman, particularly in those boots, so there's no way that I can in any way reach up and interfere with Edward. I must emphasise that no matter what, you must keep your arms high in the air."

Claire laughed as she held the soft toy high above her. She a little concerned that her dress was riding a little high and exposing the tops of her stockings but she didn't think the audience of young children would particularly care although she did notice the a couple of dads at the back of the room staring at her thighs intently.

"And now, children we're going to do our best to make Edward the Bear laugh. Because when he laughs something very special will happen! He will give everyone a sweet!"

The children cheered.

"But unfortunately he's not very ticklish."

The children groaned.

"But Claire is!"

The children cheered again.

"And I think if Claire laughs hard enough then so will Edward. So I am now going to cover Claire with this magical sheet," he said grabbing hold a glittery blue sheet with a large hole in the middle.

He draped it over her, putting the hole over her head so that her body was covered at the front and back while she continued to hold the teddy above her.

"And now, children, who would like to tickle Claire?"

Within seconds Claire had tears running down her face as the roomful of children mobbed her and tickled her mercilessly under the sheet. She did her absolute best to keep her arms high above head but struggled to do so, unsteadily writhing around, trying not to topple over, wishing she hadn't worn such high heels.

So she was relieved when The Great Phellatio called the children off leaving her red-faced and snorting with laughter.

"Well done, children. Hmm. Let me check whether Edward has laughed yet," he said standing right up close to Claire to peer at the cuddly toy, his body pressing against her.

He stood back dramatically. "No I'm afraid he still hasn't laughed. What should we do?"

The kids started screaming that they should tickle Claire more but, luckily, the magician shook his head with a smile.

"I don't think that would work. I think the only thing to do is my own magic tickle!" he said portentously.

The kids cheered as The Great Phellatio stood behind Claire and slid his hands inside the sheet from each side.

Claire's eyes widened as his hands rested on her flat toned stomach briefly before he began to gently tickle her sides.

She began to wriggle and chuckle as he tickled her harder for a while and then drew in a sharp breath as his hands wandered up her body to lightly caress her full high breasts, all unseen by the audience under the sheet. This certainly felt very different to the children's frenetic tickling. It was more like stroking, fondling even. But, she supposed, it was magic tickling after all. He began to squeeze her breasts more firmly causing her to squirm in embarrassment.

"Remember to stand as still as possible, Claire," he reminded her before dropping his hands back to her tummy to tickle her again.

Claire began to giggle hard once more but then, after a while, let out an involuntary squeak as his hands dropped to her thighs and slid up her dress, one on her firm peachy arse and the other cupping her plump slightly moist pussy.

"Oooooh!" she moaned loudly although she supposed no-one else could see what was going on.

As he tickled her genitals Claire tried to stand on her tiptoes to avoid his roving fingers but he just lifted his hands before deftly slipping them inside her thong, one to the front and one at the back.

She wriggled in alarm as he began to finger her cunt and arsehole simultaneously. This certainly was a different kind of tickling. Just as she was about to protest, he pulled his hands out and with a flourish grabbed the teddy from her hands, leaving her gasping.

"Did you hear Edward laugh, children?" he shouted.

"Yes!" they screamed back.

"Oh, yes, and look what he's got for you!" he said. To Claire's astonishment he began pulling out bags of sweets from Edward's tummy, which he began throwing to the kids.

"How did you do that!" she asked him as she took of the sheet, knowing that the sweets hadn't been there when she had held the bear earlier.

The Great Phellatio winked at her. "Indocilis privata loqui!" he said cryptically. "I tell you what though come and see me later and I'll tell you. You know, you'd make a great magician's assistant."

Claire clapped her hands in excitement more than a little anticipation as he bowed at the applause from around the room before turning to collect his props and leaving showily. How wonderful! Maybe he had a job for her!

She made to follow him but was interrupted when Megan asked her to help with the kids' party bags.

Although she worked as quickly as she could, Claire ended up taking over half an hour helping distribute the bags as the kids left with their parents and then helping Megan tidy up.

She felt frustrated because she had really wanted to catch the magician before he had gone. His offer to find out more about his magic was interesting but his throwaway comment about being a magician's assistant had really caught her imagination. She sighed disappointedly before leaving to walk back home.

She stepped outside and turned to leave when she heard her name being called.

"Claire! Over here."

She walked to the roadside to see The Great Phellatio in the front of an old blue van, leaning over and hailing her through the window.

"Oh! Hello," she said. "You waited for me! Thank you."

"I promised you I would tell you how I did that trick. I owe you an explanation," he said.

"Really? Oh, yes, please!" she replied in excitement.

"Great, hop in, my dear."

Claire paused briefly. After all she was about to get into a virtual stranger's van. But he seemed to so nice and they would be sitting tight outside Megan's house so she didn't feel particularly threatened. In any case, he might have a job for her and she was completely fascinated by magic. What harm could it do?

The Great Phellatio's van was as battered inside as it was outside. And he looked very different wearing a t-shirt and jeans although he still had that mysterious dark look in his eyes.

He appeared to be in his mid-thirties, maybe ten years older than Claire. He was skeletally thin and his dark hair was tight against his scalp in a widow's peak.

"I'm glad I caught you, Claire. I feel I need to explain why I was so was, er, intimate with your delicious body when I was tickling you," he began.

Claire blushed slightly as she remembered his fingers probing her pussy and bum.

"Er, it's OK. I know you were just trying to tickle me magically. I don't really mind a bit of fingering," she said keen to impress him with her understanding and open-mindedness.

"You don't? Oh, good, well, you're absolutely right. My own particular brand of magic requires a strong sexual contact to channel the relevant spirits."

Claire was amazed. "Really? I wondered why you stuck a finger up my cunt. I thought magic was all just trickery!"

"Oh, well, a lot of it is and so is a lot my act. But I am also one of the very few true magicians. I wonder, Claire, whether I can trust you with my most intimate secrets?"

Claire, enthused by thought of finding out how magic really worked and flattered that he might confide in her, nodded her agreement. "Oh, yes, please!"

"OK, Claire. You do have a very trustworthy face. You see I'm on the lookout for an assistant and I think you would be perfect! Come, let's go back to my office and we can discuss this further."

Claire couldn't believe her luck. She hadn't got up today expecting to find a job and here was one just falling into her lap! And a brilliant one too!

"Oh, yes, please. Thank you much, Mr. Phellatio."

"Please, call me Kevin," he answered.

The Great Phellatio's, or rather Kevin's, 'office' was more of a large lock-up garage behind some council flats. It was full of props including various unusual cabinets which Claire assumed were used in magical stage-shows.

They sat down on two old chairs amongst the junk before Kevin leaned forward to take Claire's hand in his own.

"Well, Claire. Thanks very much for coming back with me. I noticed you today in the audience because I could immediately sense your ethereal connection to the spirits. There's something about you that's fascinating."

Claire's eyes widened in excitement. "Really? Me?"

"Yes, Claire. And as soon as I touched you, I knew we would be working very closely together. I think the spirits would have it so. Which is why I think you would be a wonderful assistant for me."

"Golly!" Claire gasped thrilled by the job offer and her own specialness. "So there really are spirits then?"

"Oh, yes," Kevin said, pulling his chair close to hers and patting her thigh gently. "Most of the illusions you see me perform are just that -- illusions - pure trickery and misdirection. However sometimes I perform true magic," he added ominously.

"Gosh! How do you do that?" Claire asked.

"This is my most intimate secret, Claire. I have never told anyone this. Will you promise never to share this with anyone?" he said, his hands sliding up Claire's skirt to the tops of her stockings.

Claire nodded solemnly. "I promise, Kevin. I will never tell anyone."

Kevin paused in thought for a few seconds. "OK, Claire," he eventually said. "My secret is that I can only commune with the spirits when I am sexually aroused. Somehow this expands my mental sphere and allows me to perform magic."

Claire was flabbergasted. So that was how it was done! And that was why Kevin had played with her pussy and bum during the trick. She had lots more questions but Kevin went on.

"As perhaps you can tell, in the past I was much more than a children's magician. I have played many glamorous venues such as Vegas and Croydon and astounded many audiences with my mysterious stage show with my first assistant, Nikki. Unfortunately you find me in somewhat diminished circumstances as I just haven't been able to find another helper with whom I've been able to recreate that special connection. That is, until I met you," he finished, staring into her eyes whilst he stroked her long firm thighs in a friendly manner.

Claire, blushing at his flattery, asked, "So, what happened to Nikki?"

"Ah, unfortunately she left me to go and work for an overblown stage psychic. Of course she came crawling back to me after a while but the spirits were betrayed and I wouldn't have her back. And since then I've worked with a succession of namby-pamby wishy-washy girls none of whom have really understood me like you seem to."

Claire, feeling a little light-headed at his intensity but thrilled at his flattery, said, "So what would I have to do?"

Smiling broadly, Kevin gave her thighs a last squeeze, before sitting back on his chair.

"A good magician's assistant has several roles: to provide ornamentation or misdirection; to act as a living prop or to move them on stage. I would also need you to use your delectable body to provide me with occasional sexual stimulus, purely to help me channel the spirits, you understand."

Before Claire could ask what 'occasional sexual stimulus' meant, he continued.

"And understand, Claire, the spirits exist! Although much of the work I do is just trickery, I am privileged to be able to do real magic if circumstances are right!"

Once more, Claire was intrigued. "Really!"

"Oh, yes, Claire. Just a minute ago you might have noticed me feeling the tops of your thighs. I did this so that I was aroused enough to access the spirit world to allow me to read your mind."

Claire, excited beyond measure, breathed, "And what did you see?"

"Claire, I can tell that you're uncertain how to proceed. You're fascinated at the opportunity yet wary of doing something so unusual."

Claire gasped at his accuracy.

He continued, "And I can also see that, although you may appear confident to others, inside you're often unsure. Oh, and that you're frustrated that people underestimate you and don't trust you to be competent."

"Oh my god!" Claire exclaimed. How could he know that? He'd only just met her. Unless of course, he really could read her mind!

"When can I start?" she said, clapping her hands in glee.

Kevin smiled at her once more. "Excellent! Before we finalise the arrangement, I'd just like to check a few anatomical details. Please can you take your dress off."

"I'm sorry?" Claire said, surprised at such a forthright request.

"Oh, it's just that I need to check whether your skin-tone matches some of my props such as this," he answered, showing her two odd mechanical feet attached to a cabinet.

"What are those?" Claire asked incredulously.

"These are part of a fairly standard sawing-a-girl-in-half trick. The box jumper, sorry, my assistant squeezes up in this end of the cabinet. I saw through the middle here and we fool the audience into thinking you've been cut in half using these pretend feet which appear to wiggle, driven by electric motors. Simple really. I just want to make sure your skin-tone matches my original assistant's."

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