tagLoving WivesClaire's Career Ch. 09: The Prostitute

Claire's Career Ch. 09: The Prostitute


Claire was in the shower the first time Bianca called her to ask for help.

She heard her mobile ring through the open bathroom door just as she was shampooing her glossy red hair but left it to go to voicemail. She rinsed her hair thoroughly before working in the conditioner and moving onto her long curvaceous body, carefully soaping her sizeably-proportioned creamy-coloured red-tipped breasts, her flat toned stomach and shapely firm bottom before languorously lathering her lithe smooth thighs.

She spent perhaps a few moments longer than would be considered respectable as her long slender fingers slipped between her gently parted labia and cleaned her pouting plump pussy, sighing at the deliciously pleasurable feeling but virtuously not allowing herself to prolong the sensation.

Her phone rang again after she'd dried herself as she was slowly rubbing moisturiser into her perfect boobs, gently tweaking her petite nipples as she did so.

She strode, stark naked, into the bedroom, walking around to her side of the bed to see that her best friend Bianca was calling her.

Claire didn't have any other intimate female friends other than Bianca. She wasn't sure why she couldn't get close to other women; her boyfriend Danny's view was that other women felt threatened by Claire's stunning beauty whereas Bianca too was utterly gorgeous and could handle being in her company without needing to make any comparison.

In any case, Bianca and Claire, both in their early-twenties, got on like a house on fire, although Claire occasionally felt slightly disquieted by Bianca's insalubrious profession.

Bianca, despite a good degree from a top university, an articulate enquiring mind and a sharp business brain, made a living through a combination of glamour modelling and high-end prostitution, simply because she made stacks of money by doing so.

Claire hardly considered herself prim or prudish but she couldn't morally countenance her friend selling her body for money. It was just plain wrong.

Of course Claire herself had got into some situations where the casual bystander might have misconstrued the situation and thought that perhaps she was maybe providing pseudo-sexual favours in return for goods or services. But of course, Claire knew this was far from the actual truth. She would never either cheat on Danny nor pimp her, admittedly lovely, body for cash or in-kind benefits.

In fact she had nearly got into severe difficulty in her relationship with her boyfriend when Danny had come home inadvertently early and almost caught her deep-throating the penis of her musical agent, Frankie Fame.

Or at least that's how it might have looked to Danny. In fact Frankie had popped round to ask her to come with him to meet an A&R executive from a small record company who was interested in a song she'd recorded but really wanted to see her up close in the flesh, as it were. He'd also suggested that, as he happened to be there, he enhance her voice by lubricating her throat using a scientifically proven methodology which involved Frankie ejaculating directly over her vocal cords. Claire had readily agreed, keen to enhance her every chance of pop stardom

But of course if Danny had interrupted them, he wouldn't have realised, at least initially, that just because she was deep-throating someone's cock didn't mean she was actually having oral sex with him. And because Claire didn't feel any need to complicate matters, she'd jumped up as soon as she'd heard Danny at the door even though Frankie was midway through orgasming copiously down her throat.

She'd quickly swallowed what she could, sucked Frankie's wrinkled member clean and wiped her face with her fingers, licking off the spunk before throwing her bra and top back on as Frankie zipped himself up and arranged himself on the sofa as if without a care in the world.

When Danny had come into their living room he had appeared surprised by and perhaps a little suspicious of Frankie's presence and then angry when Claire explained to him who he was as she revealed the details of her potential single. Once Frankie had left, they'd argued because Claire had kept her embryonic singing career a secret from Danny despite that fact he was a successful DJ.

Danny had always seemed to think Claire couldn't look after herself, that she was gullible and easily manipulated by unscrupulous men only interested in access to her wonderful body. And hence he'd been ridiculously over-protective whenever she wanted to go out and make her own career.

Still, feeling more than a little guilty that her long-term boyfriend and love of her life had almost caught her with another man's penis in her mouth, Claire had reluctantly agreed to immediately end her nascent singing career.

Inside, she'd felt absolutely dejected. She'd put an awful lot of work into her singing; she'd even found herself sexually satisfying her backing band in order to pay them to record her single with her, amongst other somewhat ostensibly dubious endeavours.

But there was no way she could risk losing Danny. She'd been hopeful that perhaps, in the not-too-distant future, they might get married and even have children. It was only because Frankie was so old, fat and ugly that Danny hadn't conceived that she might have been committing an obscene impropriety. She had to be very careful to protect Danny's precious love for her.

So she had grudgingly refused to meet up with Frankie again to discuss the song. It hadn't seemed to have been going anywhere anyway so what was the point, she'd grumbled to herself cholerically.

And to allay any suspicions Danny might have possibly harboured, she had thrown herself into pleasing him, making sure he was thoroughly sexually fulfilled, taking every opportunity to suck him off unexpectedly or ride him sinuously to blissful orgasm. She'd even, after an accidental slip whilst being vigorously humped doggy-fashion, allowed him to take her up the arse, a new and delightfully pleasant experience to him, although not to her, having somehow found herself with a wide selection of men's penises violating her tiny anal rosebud over the last couple of years.

In any case it seemed to be working: Danny was as loving as ever towards her and he'd not mentioned Frankie or her song for a few days now.

Claire sighed as she picked up her phone, still a little tired from the sound rogering she'd had that morning from Danny before he'd left for work. Life had just been so complicated lately!

As soon as she answered, Bianca excited voice cut into her greeting. "Claire! Oh thank goodness I got hold of you. I'm desperate for a favour. Please please, I so need your help!"

Claire smiled. Bianca was always such a drama queen. "What is it, B?" she asked indulgently.

"Ok, well. Now, don't get cross with me until you've heard what I need but I'm due to have a threesome today with a really important client..."

"Bianca! I've told you that I can't cheat on Danny! And anyway I won't have sex for money," she interrupted, certain that Bianca was about to offer her a chance to make some money whoring.

"Wait, wait. I know you won't do a trick with me although I can't see how it's much different from the some of the things you've got up to recently. Anyway, the other girl who was due to join me has let me down and I can't find anyone else at short notice who's hot enough. This guy only accepts the best. I just need another beautiful woman to come out to dinner with us tonight and then join us in the bedroom. I swear you won't have to do anything. You can even keep your clothes on. He always gets really drunk so he won't even really remember that much so you can get away with doing virtually nothing. I'll do all the work and you get a five-hundred quid. Please, Claire," Bianca said persuasively.

In the end Claire only gave in because of Bianca's promises that she wouldn't have to have sex with the man.

"But I'm only doing it as a favour for a friend. I'm faithful to Danny and I always will be. And I won't accept any money! Friends don't do favours for cash," she affirmed assertively.

Which is how she found herself at Bianca's stylish Kensington flat that evening, making herself look as ravishing as she possibly could.

She'd chosen a tiny bright figure-hugging low-cut ruby mini-dress which she knew went beautifully with her shining auburn hair. The nails on both her elegant hands and adorable feet were painted emerald to match her sparkling green eyes. She'd chosen black floral-patterned hold-up stockings as well as a black half-cup bra and thong set which of course no-one else would see but made her feel confident and sexy. Her look was completed with patent red stilettos a delicate black shrug and a slim stylish black clutch purse.

"Oh, babe, you look absolutely stunning!" Bianca had greeted her effusively. "Good enough to eat!"

Of course Bianca looked eye-catchingly gorgeous too. She was slightly shorter than Claire but still of good height, with a lushly curvaceous body, full fat breasts and a generously rounded bottom by which men seemed hypnotised. Her smooth skin was a creamy-brown colour, her tightly-curled mid-length dark hair artfully piled onto her head in pleasingly gracefully fashion. Her amused brown eyes were wide, her nose finely shaped and her striking face was constantly set in a knowing merry expression as if she were about to laugh. She was wearing a cream crocheted dress that stopped mid-thigh and that hinted at white lacy underwear through its discreet knit. Thigh length cream high-heeled boots, a short fitted jacket and a large tan handbag finished off her outfit fetchingly.

After a few finishing touches to their makeup and a swift glass of pink fizz, the girls took a taxi to the West End, finding themselves in a the bar of a classily appointed multi-Michelin-starred restaurant.

Claire's first sentiment on meeting the client was mild repugnance. Ali was a big man, over six feet tall and very wide, a bit like a rugby prop gone to seed. His eyes were darkly saturnine, hooded but with sharp intelligence and his mouth somewhat hooked into a pensive grimace. His muddy olive skin was scarred and pock-marked, his dark hair short and wiry but, she noticed, his hands, as they cupped Bianca's flawless bottom, were huge.

Once he'd greeted Bianca he turned to Claire and hugged her to him as he kissed both of her cheeks. She could smell his sophisticated aftershave, something by Bois 1920 she thought, and felt the smoothness of his elegantly tailored navy Italian suit against her full proud breasts. Without breaking eye contact with her, he nonchalantly ordered a bottle of Cristal which they drank at their table while Claire blushed uncharacteristically at his attention.

As it turned out Ali, a successful property developer, was gracious, charming and witty. His range of conversation was urbane and profound. And his largesse, as he ordered a series of stunning wines to match the stunning food, was unbounded.

He appeared very attracted to Claire, his eyes lingering hungrily on her enormous breasts and profound cleavage and his hands freely stroking her arm or squeezing her knee under the table as he made an important or insightful point, causing her to jump tensely on several occasions. Despite this unwelcome attention, Claire played her part and smiled at him attentively as she found herself slowly warming to his charismatic persona particularly as she drank more wine.

In fact, as their meal drew to a close, Claire found herself somewhat light-headed, having imbibed a generous amount of highly-priced and highly intoxicating plonk. She managed to totter out of the restaurant though without stumbling or embarrassing herself.

As she was ushered into the back of Ali's lavishly accoutred Bentley by his chicly suited chauffeur, Claire's eyes widened at the sight of Bianca cupping Ali's crotch as she kissed him open-mouthed and licentiously.

She settled into the plush leather to Ali's right as the car pulled away, her anxiety intensifying as her friend deftly unzipped his trousers and adroitly extracted his long fat penis, already semi-erect. She looked around in panic as they drove smoothly through the streets of central London but of course no-one could see through the darkened windows into the car and the chauffeur seemed utterly disinterested.

Bianca was slowly masturbating her client as he nuzzled her substantial breasts through her stretchy dress. Were they really going to have sex here in the car?

"Oooh!" Claire exclaimed suddenly as, without lifting his head from Bianca's bosom, Ali reached out his big right hand to squeeze her big left boob, caressing it vigorously through her dress. Bianca had said no touching! She reached up to push his hand away but caught her friend's pleading look.

Against her better judgement and for the sake of her best friend, Claire sighed and allowed Ali to maul her boobs, mortified at the thought of what her boyfriend would think of such antics.

Despite her disquiet, Claire managed to compose herself enough to smile fetchingly as Ali sat up and turned towards her. She turned her head slightly as he leaned in towards her, disguising her reluctance playfully and allowing him to kiss her graceful neck.

"Bianca!" she mouthed silently in complaint to her friend as Ali squeezed her tits around his face and snogged her cleavage, murmuring contentedly.

Bianca shrugged perplexedly before whispering, "I know!" and plunging her lush ovalled mouth down on Ali's sticky erection.

Ali groaned blissfully as Bianca's tongue danced up and down his shaft; inspired by lust, he reached neatly into Claire's low-cut dress and scooped her right boob out of her bra before beginning to suck enthusiastically on her small red nipple.

Claire moaned half in distress, half in pleasure as her boob was licked to the accompaniment of the lewdly soft squelching sound of Bianca's breathtaking blowjob.

Luckily, they arrived at Ali's hotel, one of London's finest, before matters could go any further. After a little sartorial adjustment, Claire stumbled out on the pavement with a heartfelt sigh of relief. She had to be careful not to let Ali go any further with her.

Claire, still feeling inebriated, hardly registered the smiling doorman, the beautiful marble-and-oak-decorated foyer, the gentle piano music and the speedy lift to the top floor before she found herself in Ali's large suite.

"Make yourselves comfortable, ladies," he said before excusing himself to visit the lavatory.

As soon as he was gone Claire turned to Bianca furiously. "Bianca! You said he'd get so drunk that I wouldn't have to take my clothes off!"

"Well, you didn't really take anything off, Claire," she began to reply before Claire interrupted.

"Bianca, he was sucking my tits! Friend or no friend, I'm not being unfaithful to Danny! You'll have to make an excuse – I'm leaving now!" she hissed apoplectically.

"No, wait please, Claire. I really need you. Ali's an important client and he really wanted a threesome. Look, I know he's not that drunk yet but we can ply him with more champagne. It's just possible you might need to take off your clothes and I'm sorry for that. And it would probably be a good idea if you let him suck your boobs which, by the way, are just amazing. And perhaps if you could just wank him a little bit? It's not really proper sex is it? Please?" Bianca begged.

"What do you mean it's not really proper sex?" Claire squeaked indignantly.

"Well that's what you said to me about that time you tossed off those schoolboys when you were working in that charity shop. Come on, Claire, please..."

Claire paused briefly, remembering that she'd actually done a lot more than that although she hadn't admitted it to Bianca. "Umm. Well, I suppose. Oh, um, er..."

"Yes! Thank you, babe!" Bianca grabbed Claire and hugged her, pecking her on the lips.

"Oh, Bianca. OK. But I won't put his cock inside me! No matter what! That would be really letting Danny down."

"Thanks," Bianca said kissing Claire happily once again.

"Well, ladies! That's perfect. Why don't you give me a little show, babes?" Ali ordered as he returned from his ablutions.

Bianca giggled saucily before pulling Claire down onto the bed next to her. "Just play along!" she whispered before kissing Claire full on her mouth.

Claire had never had a Sapphic experience in her life and nor had she even considered one. So she was a little bemused as her best friend slipped her tongue into her mouth and squeezed her boobs, gently pinching her nipples through her dress.

Despite her initial reluctance and the awkwardness of the situation, Claire relaxed and began to kiss Bianca back, her passion slowly building. She hadn't realised quite how much fun it would be to make out with another woman. She noticed that Ali was groaning at the sight of the two delightful young women snogging and fondling as he slowly wanked himself.

When Bianca paused to aid Claire out of her dress, Claire allowed her to do so before helping her disrobe in turn. In fact she forgot that Ali was in the room for while as she lost herself in her best friend's intimate embrace.

So when she felt Ali cup her arse, Claire started at the sudden intrusion into her reverie.

She sat up abruptly, immediately and acutely aware of what she'd been doing, almost knocking the champagne flute out of Ali's hand.

"Gorgeous, so so gorgeous," Ali sighed as he passed the two girls some fizz. Claire's eyes widened at his entirely naked torso, hairy and powerful despite his excess flab. His cock was hard and threatening, of substantial girth and length and menacingly hirsute. She knocked back her champagne in alarm, pressing her back against the headboard of the king-size bed.

Bianca however smiled warmly, before leaning forward to grab Ali by his erection, angling her glass to mischievously slide his heavy cock into the cool sparkling wine.

Ali's startled exclamation turned immediately into a deep groan of pleasure as Bianca pulled him out of the cold glass and into her warm mouth, passing the flute to Claire. For a while Claire watched in wonder as Bianca expertly fellated her client, gently licking around the rim of his glans before plunging her mouth down on him to swallow two-thirds of his outsized member. Without thinking, Claire downed Bianca's champagne before putting the glass on a bedside table.

Eventually, Ali grabbed hold of Bianca's hips and lay back on the bed, swivelling her around and pulling aside her white thong so that he could reach her perfect fresh twat with his thick brawny tongue. "Both of you suck me," he commanded before burying his face between Bianca's long smooth thighs.

Bianca clamped her legs around his face, grinding her arse down onto Ali's lucky face before looking up at Claire beseechingly. "Please," she murmured to her friend, holding out Ali's cock to her.

Claire settled on the bed between Ali's legs, tentatively reaching out to encircle his fleshy stalk with her graceful fingers, slowly masturbating him. "No!" she hissed. "You said that I'd only have to wank him!"

Bianca glanced down to make sure Ali's ears were completely covered as she rubbed her slick pussy over his face. Satisfied he couldn't hear them, she looked back up at Claire imploringly. "Please, Claire. It's not that bad. You're still masturbating him. You're just using your mouth, that's all. Oh go on, babe. For me, your best friend," she entreated dramatically, bending forward to lick Ali's knob but without losing eye contact with Claire.

Claire's hand was sliding up and down Ali's pole as she drunkenly considered Bianca's appeal. Shaking her head resignedly and sighing, Claire lent down and joined Bianca in slurping on Ali's meaty dong.

Despite herself, Claire found herself enjoying giving head with her friend, their tongues duelling over Ali's sensitive glans. She began to enjoy the rhythm of their respective head bobbing and their intuitive teamwork as they worked over his genitals with their hot hungry mouths. As Claire sucked on his big hairy bollocks and tickled his anus and perineum with the tip of her tongue, Bianca lashed the apex of his cock with her lithe tongue; as Bianca licked her way down his shaft, Claire moved up to slurp heartily on the head of his knob. All-in-all their instinctive collaboration was most satisfying. Judging from Ali's muffled moans he was enjoying it somewhat too.

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