tagErotic CouplingsClass Is In Session Ch. 01

Class Is In Session Ch. 01


His cell phone vibrated softly against his chest, nestled safely inside the breast pocket of his shirt. It wasn't a call, that would have triggered the bluetooth in his car to pick up. Either he had dropped cell service long enough for a call to go right to voice mail or it was a text message. With the music playing from his iPod docked into the car's sound system, he would not have heard the notification cheep from a text. That was why he kept it in his pocket, so he could feel the vibration even if he happened to miss the audio cue.

As he looked down the road, he saw he was almost at the service station located before his exit. He also checked the time, and while he was close to running late, he decided to stop and check the message anyhow. Normally, he might have chanced checking the phone while on the road, but it was dark and had begun to rain, making the road slick as it was only mid February and the ground was still frozen. He slowly pulled off the interstate, rolling past the sign reading "Charlton". As he pulled into the lot, he slowly slid to a stop and put the car in park, turning off the headlights as not to blind anyone else sitting in front of him in their cars. As he unlocked the phone, its soft glow illuminated his face. It was tired but excited, a smile just forming on the surface.

Opening the phone, he saw the icon for a waiting text message. He was glad he hadn't missed a call. It was less and less as of late that he had gotten to hear her voice, and he hated missing any opportunity to enjoy her dulcet tones. He tapped softly on the notification icon, opening the app. His smiled widened as he saw the text was from her. He tapped again to open the thread, and was greeting by a small button labeled 'Download'. His finger brushed it immediately, the smile deepening on his face. After a few moments, an image appeared on the screen. Two silky legs, clad in black sheer stockings. He recognized those legs, and subconsciously bit his lips, a stirring beginning somewhere deeper inside him. There were four words under the picture, words he barely read but instantly understood as he was already sliding the phone back in his pocket. They read: "Class is in session."

He slid the car into reverse and pressed down on the gas a bit harder than he intended to and felt the wheels slip as the car roared backwards out of its parking spot. Smoothly he pulled backwards, moving the car's shifter into Drive and immediately felt it begin to move forward. He deftly maneuvered out of the rest area and back onto the interstate, quickly coming up to and then passing the local speed limit. He looked down at the clock and cursed under his breath. While he was rewarded with a preview of what awaited him, precious time had been lost. His eyes continually roamed his mirrors, keeping vigilant for any signs of law enforcements, but thankfully it looked like luck was on his side in that respect.

The rest of the ride passed without incident, passing an accident but it was only a minor fender-bender, probably some idiot following too close. There was a tow truck there as well, so there was no thought of stopping. As he got closer, there was only one thought: her...waiting. He felt a pressing in his slacks as his mind began to guess at what the rest of her looked like tonight, piecing together bits from previous encounters and some his mind just made up on the fly. He turned on the GPS, mostly as he hadn't been to tonight's destination before but also to distract his mind a little so he didn't end up driving off the road.

He took the final few turns, and at last was at his destination. Pulling around to the back of the building as was instructed, he noticed no lights on that were visible to the outside. Either she was in there in the dark, or some interior room that did not show to the outside. He wasn't sure which he hoped it was. He slid out of the car, locking the doors from inside, closing the door softly as not to raise any more noise than needed. He looked up at the building in front of him and bit the inside of his lip again, reading the sign above the building. Irvington High School.

He took a piece of note paper from his pocket and unfolded it, looking at the directions on it as he walked up to the back door of the building. He found it slightly ajar, a small stopper keeping the door open, just as he was told there would be. Sliding inside, he nudged the stopper inside as well, letting the door quietly close behind him, hearing the lock click. She was in here somewhere waiting for him. He looked down at the note and moved forward, searching.

As he followed the directions on the note, there began to be a hint of music on the air, something light and ethereal. However with the echoes in the hall, it was impossible to place where exactly it was coming from. Note in hand though, he moved forward, the sound becoming clearer and then without warning, he began to notice her scent on the air. He hadn't smelled her in quite some time, but he knew for certain she was close. He rounded one last corner, checked the note, and then slid it back in his pocket before opening the door to the room in front of him.

It looked like a science lab, six long tables, set up in three pairs of two, with a long teachers desk sitting at the far end away from him. Their eyes met and the connection was immediate. She sat on the desk facing him. Those sexy legs that he had been treated to during the drive clad in black sheer stockings. Most of her was covered in a gray sweater skirt that ended just about at the top of the stockings, offering a hint of the black garter belt that lay beneath it, covering her soft warm flesh.

It felt like eons that they stared at each other, taking each other in, drinking in the moment they had longed for. Finally she broke the silence, a wry, sensual smile playing on her lips. "You're tardy." The words melted from her lips and seemingly seeped into his soul. He slowly nodded his understanding and began to explain, but before he could, she raised a finger to her lips, silencing him. "It does not matter why. You are tardy. And there are consequences for being tardy." Her smile deepened, plans forming in her mind. "Come here," she ordered. He complied without hesitation, her voice linked directly to his subconscious. "And close the door behind you."

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