tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCleaning More than the Garage

Cleaning More than the Garage


It was a brisk Sunday morning in June as I turned towards the house after my morning run. The sun was slowly climbing the sky and the smell of dew sodden grass filtered through the air.

I stopped near my front porch and started my warm down stretches.

"Morning Matt," breaking the soft morning silence, "I have some lifting that needs doing, I don't suppose you could give me a hand?"

Lifting my gaze from my sitting position I saw Miss Thompson, the widow from next door, peering over the hedge, smiling down at me.

I had always fancied her, ever since she moved in last summer even if she was in her late 30's. She was wearing a dark blue dressing gown, covering every inch of her 5'4" lean frame. Her deep blue eyes shimmered in the morning light as her full rosy lips smiled the most devastating of smiles.

I remember watching her by when she was sunbathing by her pool last summer, her tanned body lying exposed in the golden sun, wearing a wonderful French underwear style bikini, leaving little of her 36DD's to the imagination, or at least I guessed they were that size. And at the same time her bikini bottoms clung to her tight ass like a second skin. Many nights that summer were spent, cock in hand fantasizing about what I had been graced with that day. What else is a horny 18 year old to do.

As I rose from my position on the floor, I smiled back at her and walked forward.

"Hi Miss Thompson, I need to change first, but I can come over in about an hour, if that's okay?" I said still slightly breathless and all too aware that I needed a shower.

"Thank you Matt, Take your time, I'll be in the back yard when you're ready," and with a quick smile she turned and walked back inside. I couldn't help but watch her firm ass as it swayed its way down the path, some things are just good enough to eat.

After I had showered and changed I made my way downstairs to fix myself some breakfast. I sat with quiet eagerness about spending several hours trying to catch careful glimpses of Miss Thompson, under the guise of helping her out.

I made my way out the back door and toward the gate separating our garden from Miss Thompson's. As I reached for the latch I was greeted with a vision worthy of any renaissance painting. She stood with her back to me examining her garden, as her cotton dress was caressed by the sun, revealing the body that lay beneath. The contrast of dark skin behind soft white linen was mesmerizing, it was all I could do to tear my eyes away in time, before she turned and saw me. It was more than just a smile that greeted me as she turned and walked towards me.

I slowly unhooked the latch and swung open the gate. "Right," I said pausing to draw a deep breath and regain some composure, "Where do you want me?"

"I need the garage emptied," she said, trying to make it sound less of job, "I still have junk in there since the work I had done last Fall."

Rubbing my hands together and pushing out my chest, "Well, lead the way, let me at it."

Following close behind, we walked through the house. Watching as I went, dreaming of that awesome bikini clad ass I had fantasized about so many times before. We reached the kitchen and went down a small staircase into the garage. As Miss Thompson explained what she wanted moved I realised this really wasn't going to be a quick task, but what the hell, I got to spend a few enchanted hours with her.

I had worked for about two hours when Miss Thompson came in with some drinks and motioned for me to sit with her and have a break. We sat and chatted for a short while until it was time to get to work. My next challenge would be to move the water heater that had been removed since the refurbments last year. Miss Thompson said she would help me or at least try.

We positioned ourselves at either end of the heater and took hold of it. With a brief pause we lifted, in doing so we realised in a flash that it was still half full with water, I managed to take the weight but poor Miss Thompson couldn't lift it for all her effort. And in a flash, with the heater now tilted, almost on its end, the water surged forward and broke through the rusty panels and soaked Miss Thompson from head to toe.

I stood motionless for a second or two not wanting to drop the barrel on my toe, or worse. As I slowly lowered the load to the floor a poor sodden image came into view. Poor Miss Thompson was drenched, this however was not the first thing I noticed. Still wearing her light cotton dress, Miss Thompson's chest had now been made completely visible through the fabric, and while not wearing a bra which was previously evident, made for a few I for one would never forget.

She stood in front of me, her mouth wide open as if she had just jumped into a lake during winter. Her mountainous chest heaving up and down furiously, and her nipples standing to attention almost piercing her dress. However this wasn't the only, or maybe the best sight I was treated to that afternoon.

As I continued to drop down and lower the heater my eyes never once left the sculptured body in front of me. As they travelled down over her heaving breasts, and across her flat glistening stomach, my body frozen and I felt a sharp jolt up my spine. I was looking straight at the biggest cock I had ever laid eyes on. I had never even seen anything in a magazine this big before. It just lay there pulsing from the shocking cold as the soft material clung to it like a second skin, outlining each and every bump of the strong thick veins running along its length to the large plum shaped head.

I didn't want to be looking at it but at the same time couldn't take my eyes away. As the heater finally lay down I fell to my knees, never for one moment did I remove my gaze from the python five feet away. I found my mouth starting to salivate and my heart beat began to race as I watched the weighty shaft bob in front of me from the shivers of its owner.

There I sat in my mesmerized state completely unaware of anything else, when the realisation that the object of my interest began to move closer to me. First to the left, then slowly it came closer and closer until it was there right in front of my face, no more than 6 inches away. Up close and personal it looked even bigger, even better, and all the more delicious. "What are you saying?" I thought to myself in a brief moment of clarity, "That's a cock! And moreover, its on your next door neighbour, your female next door neighbour!"

Hundreds of questions, statements and exclamations swirled around my mind, but only one thing mattered at that moment. I had only ever seen one cock in the flesh, so to speak, and that was my own. And now, sitting in my neighbours' garage, I was face to face with another and I couldn't get enough of it.

As I continued my examination, tracing every thick vein with my eyes, as they wound their way along the meaty, pulsating shaft, I was suddenly aware that the thin see-through fabric wrapper was being slowly lifted upwards. As the deep purple, shiny head came into view, a short sharp gasp escaped my lips. The head was only just covered by a ruffle of skin that seemed to be sliding ever so slightly to and fro with each movement.

The dress was lifted further, revealing more of the sculptured obelisk in front of me. And now without any form of obstruction I saw it in its purest form, as the massive plum head started reaching, bobbing gently up and down, my head was doing the same, completely taken, in metronomic time with my new fascination.

I watched on, as the gorgeous veins throbbed, the skin started its journey up the shaft pushing the purple head closer to me. I gazed down across the pole dancing in front as it rose closer to my face, I caught the slight musky aroma and I remember thinking how intoxicating that could be. It was getting real close now.

I hadn't noticed that Miss Thompson was now standing above me, dress crumpled up on the floor. With her hands on her hips she stared down at me faced with her gigantic erection beckoning me forward. I hadn't even realised that I too had started undressing, and at that moment was frantically stroking my own 7" cock as I wished I had the courage just to reach out and touch it. I didn't need to wait.

As the realisation of the situation took hold and whilst cross eyed still watch the growth in front of me, the giant head brushed my lips gently. I was surprised at the feeling to start with, silky, soft and warm, not at all what I expected. It was then I felt a gentle but firm hand on the back of my head pulling forward.

I felt the head touch my lips again, and in a split second its direction and any objections were clear or forgotten, a I nervously opened my mouth wide and felt the velvety head slide inside my mouth. "IT'S HUGE!!" or at least I think that's the first thing I thought, however like a large sweet my mouth soon got used to the size.

From my point of view it was certainly surreal, I gazed forward in awe at this thick dark cock, impaling me through the jaw as it made its way to a lovely flat stomach. I tilted my head back slightly and saw Miss Thompson staring down at me with a happy smile over her huge tits. And if, what I was doing wasn't enough for me, the thought of those delicious mammaries hovering above this gorgeous cock would certainly do it.

As I stared upwards I felt a slow movement in and out as I was fed more and more of her thick cock. I must have had about 3 inches in my mouth when I suddenly gagged for air. I could feel the head pushing the back of my throat and pulled back quickly, coughing as I did.

It didn't scare me, if anything it spurred me on. I looked back, through watery eyes at the hard 10 inch prick bobbing in front of me, and the only thing I was thinking was, "I want more, and I want it NOW!" and with that I dove my head forward encircling and sucking my way along the rigid shaft until I felt it choking the air out of me.

Lunge after lunge I tried ramming inches of cock meat into my mouth, tasting as much as I could, and every time wanting more. I stroked it with both hands and my mouth was clasped around the end and there was still room. I pushed and pushed, sucked and sucked, above my own slobbering noises all I heard was a muffled continuous, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," from above. The hand on my head remained, stroking my hair in an appreciative way.

I had gotten used to the feeling of suffocation by now and was slowly pushing against my throat with renewed vigour. I felt my throat stretch slightly on each attempt, until suddenly and with a slight popping sound I felt the gigantic presence of a cock in my throat. I would have smiled proudly at my achievement if my mouth wasn't stretched to bursting point.

I slowly pulled her cock from my mouth and stared back at the slippery pole, dripping with my spit as I pumped it up and down in my fists. I wasn't finished, not by a long way.

For the next ten minutes I serviced that cock like no one else could have, or so I'd like to think. I devoured her dick like a starving man, and I would not stop until there was no more to swallow. I felt like I could go on for hours. Each time I swallowed I would hum from my throat vibrating the thick throat pole I was enjoying. Each time I did that it was greeted with, "Ahhhhhhh," or "Mmmmmm," which only fuelled my own desire. With one last push I felt a pair of lemon sized balls bouncing on my chin as I bottomed out and realised there was at last no more to swallow.

"Mghmghmghmgh," was the only exclamation I could muster, and it seemed I was not the only one running out of steam. I slowly pulled back, I could feel the massive schlong throbbing more and more every inch. I reached the head, locking my lips over the top, and sucked gently while massaging it softly with my tongue. I Gently pumped the shaft as I twisted my head from side to side, the hand on my head was no longer caressing, it was forcefully impaling me each time. "mmmmmmmmm, Oh my God!" Was all the warning I was given or even needed, as the back of my throat was pounded by the first jet of hot cum to stream from her cock.

I pumped and pumped, my lips never releasing their vice grip, and load after load of creamy spunk was hurled down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but there was too much. I released the cock from my mouth as cum poured down my chin dripped on to my own exploding dick. Catching my breath, but stilling pumping, I was hit square on the nose by the next burst, again and again. Slowly the shots stopped as her load was spent, down my throat, on my face and drizzled over my own cock, I was covered.

I fell backwards exhausted but content, When I woke up this morning I certainly never expected this. Licking my lips tasting the delicious fruits of my labour I opened my delirious eyes and saw Miss Thompson staring back at me with a devilish sexy smile on her face, stroking her spent cock and sucking her nipple.

"I should have had my garage cleaned out a long time ago..."

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by Anonymous10/24/15

Very Hot

You were able to describe highlight the sensual anticipation of the moment in a very hot way. It's a shame you haven't written more shemale stories. I could read 100 variations of this story written bymore...

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Soooo hot!!!

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Wow! I could feel that juicy cock in my mouth every second! Cleaning that cock EVERY day!

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