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Cleveland Playtime


My hubby Carl and I (Fran) drove over to Cleveland to meet a young couple we had been chatting with online. The young man Levi and the girl Bailey had invited us over and if we hit it off they would stay with us at our hotel that night.

We go there early and took a quick nap (middle age is a bitch) and then showered and got ready to meet them. We met them downtown at this relaxed bar and greeted them. Right away there was the immediate attraction by all involved and we knew this would be a good night. We had seen them before with trading pictures and they had seen us, so we already liked how everyone looked, but this was a personality attraction, chemistry. Physical didn't hurt. Levi is about 6'2 and Id say close to 220 or so. Nicely built. He is in landscaping so he has sexy broad shoulders and a great tan. Bailey is 5'4, dark, dark brown hair and still a little chubby from her baby weight. They have a 2 yr old. She has bright lively blue eyes and she is just so beautiful.

I had worn this long flowing purple shirt, black tights and knee high boots, Carl had on a nice button up shirt sexy black jeans (that really show off his cute butt) and work boots. Levi was wearing a white polo shirt and jeans. Oh my, did that boy look good. His light brown hair was kinda tousled and he had sexy brown eyes. He was melting me with his looks. I think I started getting wet just from shaking his hand and saying hello. Bailey was so cute, she has a short pixie hair cut and was wearing this cute denim skirt, dark green camisole top and flip flops.

We had a few drinks and the guys chatted and played some pool. I understand that they went over some agreements and expectations too. I chatted with Bailey for awhile and found out how much I liked her. I found out that she and Levi were high school sweethearts and were each others' first. They decided that to make sure it didn't get stale, that they would do this lifestyle. That way they stayed together and still got to live a little. I told them I know a lot of people that felt the same. I knew they had swung a little but didn't realize how little. Only a couple others so far that they had known real well for a long time. I knew right then I was going to let Levi bareback me if he wanted.

Carl went down to the restroom and Bailey went down the hall too a short time later. Levi came and sat with me and we talked. The whole time his strong young hands were on my legs and he was circling around on my thighs getting me going. He would inch so close to my panties then slide away. He was teasing and it was working. Carl and Bailey came back and they sat down. Carl leaned in and kissed me, as he did he slide something in my purse. I looked and it was Bailey's red thong. Apparently they had done some making out in that hallway. I looked past him and sure enough as she was sitting there, he had her skirt pushed up and his hand gently rubbing her bare pussy.

I suggested maybe it was time to head back to the room. I drove with Levi and Bailey drove with Carl. When we go to the room, I bent over to run the hot tub in our room and I could feel Levi pushing up my top and sliding my tights off. Carl was laying on his back on the bed and Bailey was straddling him. As she did this she was unbuttoning his shirt and taking her own clothes off too. He was enjoying the treatment I could tell. I don't remember the last time we had been with such a young enthusiastic couple. (Levi 23 and Bailey 21.) Levi finished undressing me and Bailey and I got in hot tub.

The guys got some drinks ready and finished undressing. Levi got in the tub and I was about to get out and start playing with Carl, when Bailey stood up first. She climbed out and Carl dried her off while I slid over next to Levi. I reached under and could feel how hard he was already and even in the water I could feel the slick pre-cum at the head of his cock. Carl sat the towel on the edge of the tub, Bailey sat down on the edge and Carl knelt down to work his magic tongue on her. (let me tell you, that might be his best skill). I slid up onto Levi lap straddling him. I could feel his hard cock right along my pussy. He leaned up and started sucking on my wet tits and licking my nipples.

I leaned in and was kissing his neck and sucking on his ear lobes. I could feel his thick hard cock sliding back and forth along my cunt. I'm not sure how long we were kissing but soon his shifted a little and could feel Levi right at my entrance. I told him to give it to me and the young stud pushed into my wet cunt in one long smooth thrust. I moaned long and loud. I heard Bailey giggle and I looked over. I hadn't even realized that she and Carl had moved over to the bed. She had his cock in her mouth, but was looking at me on top of Levi's cock. She winked and went back to work on Carl's meat. He said you look so hot babe, then lay his head back and enjoyed that cute mouth bobbing on his dick.

Levi was still pushing in and out just a little and sucking my tits. I shifted my feet so they were under me and began riding his thick stiffie with long slow movements making sure we were getting into a rhythm. He scooped my ass into his hands and was helping me bounce on his gorgeous young cock. I was oohing and ahhing as his young strong hands cupped my butt. He kept telling me how sexy I was and how he knew this would feel so good. He kept pumping my ego with kind words and pumping my wet slit with his hard meat. His voice and talk had me going more than normal dirty talk ever has. About ten minutes later, I could feel my orgasm coming on fast. I was moaning and picking up pace. He must have realized because he braced his feet against the edge of the tub and was pistoning up into me. I grabbed his shoulders leaned back thrusting my tits into his face and felt like I was passing out in slow-motion. He had a hold of my hips and was grinding me down on his hard young tool. I forgo the stamina of a 23 yr old, because he never even got limper for a second. I was still shuddering on him when he suggested we got out of the tub and onto the bed. On shaky legs I climbed out with him and he dried me off, gently caressing me all the while.

I had totally forgotten about Carl and Bailey but they seemed oblivious to us as well. She was on her back squealing happily. Carl had his arms hooked under her knees driving into her with his hard deep strokes. Her nails had scratched naughty trails all over his back. I knew he would feel them in the morning, but truly doubted he would regret it. That little nymph looked so tight and excited, I knew they were both enjoying themselves immensely. He has a sexy sheen of sweat on his back and she was so hot with her skin all shiny as well.

We go to the bed and I guess he expected me to lie down. All I did was put my hands on the mattress and looked over my shoulder at him. I want you like this I said. He lined up behind me and wrapped my hair around his hand and pulled my hair a little bit. I LOVE THAT. Levi leaned in and sucked on my ear and back of my neck. The he gripped my hips and slammed that cock of his in deep. I whipped my head back moaning. He was pounding into me with abandon. Holding my hips tightly in his hands. I could feel his heavy balls slapping me each time he thrust into my now dripping cunt. At some point I dropped my head to the mattress and was lost in pleasure. Soon I felt loving hands caressing me. I looked up and both Bailey and Carl were on this bed still kissing but caressing my back. All the sensations pushed me right over the edge and I think I startled Carl and Bailey ( probably Levi too) when I called out I was coming. I could feel Levi's cock pulsate as he too reached his climax. Soon I could feel his hot jizz squirting into me and mixing with my own nectar. He held onto my hips and ground his cock in me. I could feel it twitching as it pumped more and more into me. Pretty soon he stepped back and sat on edge of tub sucking in air. II guess I wore him out too. LOL.

We all had happy smiles on our faces. I suggested we order some food before it got too late. We did have some Subs delivered and you should have seen the guys face when Bailey and I answered the door in cute little lingerie. Anyway, we did change it up some throughout the night. Bailey and I got the guys going for round two, but this is getting too long so I will end it here for now. Let me know what you think.

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