tagLesbian SexClick a Chick - Conclusion

Click a Chick - Conclusion

byLisa Summers©

Note - this story is entirely fictional and has no relation to any real life events.


I awoke disoriented, in the dark, wondering where I was and who that was kissing my pussy.

I heard a giggle, and a soft voice asking, "Oh, did I wake you?"

It slowly came back to me. I was in bed with Beth Roberts, a call girl I had booked the night before. We had made a real connection with each other - me, a 34 year old attorney, she an 18 year old part time 'escort', who had never actually 'escorted' before meeting me.

Our first experience together had been more than amazing, and we had fallen asleep together spooning, my arms around her, loving the feel and the smell of her, the small sounds she made falling asleep with me. Curiously, we both still had our panties on, and beyond caressing each other to multiple orgasms, hadn't actually done most of the things that make lesbian sex so damn much fun. The last thing I remembered before dropping off, were our murmured introductions to each other. "Beth, I'm Lisa Summers." "Pleased to meet you, Lisa Summers. I'm Beth Roberts." Followed by soft snores all around.

Now it was, I saw, 3:17 in the dark morning. I was flat on my back, and Beth was between my legs, her face and mouth pressed to the crotch of my black panties. She looked up and asked if she'd awakened me, her giggle most enchanting. My cunt felt fully engorged. I suspected she'd been teasing me for a while before I awoke.

"Um, sure and thank you," I said, wiggling my ass to make myself a little more comfortable. I raised my legs to give her better acces to my pussy, and to spread it open a little more. I was dying to have her tongue deeply inside me. I also didn't mind if she was attracted to my ass hole, and I wanted her to get a look at it. Maybe she'd explore there with her finger, or, excitingly, with her long tongue. Mmmm, analingus is SO much fun! "Don't let ME stop you," I sighed, as she pressed her lips onto my still cloth-covered clit.

"And for the love of god, PLEASE lick my cunt without all these horrible clothes we're wearing!" I exclaimed. Beth hastened to pull my panties down, soaked with the fluid from my many cums of the evening before. As they slowly came off my hips, Beth smiled, her eyes on my little hole, already pouting with desire for her feminine touch. As my small bush, swollen clit and wet, pink slit were revealed, Beth brought her nose to my crotch, inhaling deeply. She left my panties still half on my hips. For some reason I found that even more exciting than if she had just stripped me completely.

I guess it was because it reminded me of being fucked by a girlfriend in an elevator once. She had knelt before me, flipped up my skirt and pulled my panties down just enough, and licked me to a quivering cum, all in the matter of a descent from the 77th floor to the 32nd floor of a Manhattan office building. Then she made me stand in the elevator from the 32nd floor to the lobby with my panties on my thighs, still off my ass and cunt, pussy smelling like sex, while about a dozen nuns piled on (the elevator, not me.)

But I digress. My mind returned to the delightful torment of the present.

"Ohh, that's wonderful," Beth sighed, as she smelled my pussy, my hole becoming as hot as it had been the night before. "And I wonder how you taste, darling," she said, the tip of her tongue already licking along my swelling labia. My hips lifted in reaction.

"Don't be in such a hurry, sweetheart," she whispered. She pulled my panties completely off my hips, as I raised my butt slightly off the bed to help her. Beth slowly eased them over my ass globes, her hands caressing my butt, tickling me. Her index finger lingered near my ass hole.

"Ohh, Beth, baby, I'd just love you fucking my hot little ass hole, sweetie," I coaxed.

"In time, you little slut, in time," she whispered. "I'll be fucking all your moist little holes, long and hard."

I felt cool air on the wet areas of my vulva, and a small trickle of my vaginal cream, along with her saliva, run down to my ass crack.

"Mmm, sweet, hot honey....sweet, hot pussy," Beth murmured, bringing her mouth back to my cunt. She licked along both my fat labia, up towards my clit, but ignoring the pink, juicy pearl itself. She slid her hands under my thighs as she pressed her face into my pussy, fucking inside my hot slit with her tongue, lapping up my cum juice, her face wet with evidence of my desire. I SO wanted to lick my cummy juices off her. She leveraged herself deeper into my cunt. I swore she was trying to climb inside me! The sensations were overpowering.

"Ohh, fuck, Beth, I'm cumming.....fuck me SO good! Lick my hot hole, baby, lick up my cum, feed it to me, taste my cum, honey! Fuck me, fill my cunt!!" My head was rocking from side to side on the pillow, damp with my sweat.

The next few minutes were lost in waves of ecstasy. Sensations of pure pleasure shot through me, my clit happy to convert her tongue's caressing of my vaginal walls and swollen labia into passion gushing from my hips through me to each extremity, until I was weak from the release of erotic tension. My hips shook with pleasure, my chest heaving as I gasped.

"Umhhhhhhhhh" I wailed, overcome by this young vixen. Beth slowly nibbled on my labia, knowing that my clit was probably very sensitive. I dreaded her touching it, as I thought I'd shoot through the roof, but I SO wanted the pleasure that would come from direct clitoral stimulation. My clit was hot and pulsing. I felt as though it was the size of a man's dick, and idly thought how nice it would be to fuck Beth with my clit.

Beth returned to simply kissing my vulva, then drew herself up to me, bringing her face to mine. She hesitated above me, I suppose that she wasn't sure if I would want to smell and taste a woman's cum on her face. Well, there was only one thing I wanted more than tasting my own cum, of course, and that was HER cum. I put my hand on the back of her neck, and pulled her beautiful face to mine. The smell of pussy was strong in my nose.

Our lips joined in a slow, soft kiss that rapidly grew hot, fast and hard. I wanted to express my passion and love for her, and begin to pay her back for all she'd done for me. She was lying next to me, our breasts pushed together, her nipples hard, her breasts soft and warm. I broke our kiss, then slid my way down her body, kissing her breasts, lightly biting her thick nipples, then continuing downward.

She rolled onto her back from her side as I moved down. I kissed her tummy, the tiny swell of her stomach so adorable to me. She spread her legs, her panties obviously wet at her crotch, now willing to give herself over to me for whatever I wanted to do. I tongued her hot little navel, so salty, and she giggled with pleasure, and need. My fingers roamed over her panty-clad mons, hot and moist. Her mount bulged out a little, no doubt her labia and clit were swollen with desire.

I could smell her pussy now, excited and hot, and just a shade different from the fragrance of my own, like two competing, rich perfumes. I imagined that rubbing our dripping cunts together would produce a third, rich fragrance, suitable for bottling, and sale to lovers everywhere.

"Do my pussy, Lisa!" Beth said. "I need you so bad!" I smiled at her.

"Okay, baby...." I said. And thought to myself, "...eventually." I kissed her thighs, as I traced the hem of her panties, at her waist, and thighs. Easing my fingers under, but making no real effort for her pussy, though I longed to taste and feel her there. Beth squirmed with excitement.

"Unnh, you're...teasing, you bitch. Please, please, fuck my hole, she's so fucking hot for your touch!" I planted a firm kiss on her clit through her panties, and Beth sighed.

"Mmm, would you like me to lick your fat little pussy lips, honey?"

"YESSSSS," she hissed.

"And kiss your hot, swollen clit, all pink and gleaming with your pussy cream?"

"OH, YESSS," she hissed, again.

"And slide my fingers DEEP inside your tight little pink hole, fucking in and out, while I lick your wet pussy lips, and my thumb frigs your sensitive pearl?

"OH, FUCK YESSSS!!" she whispered. "I can't stand it!"

"Okay, roll over, cunt. I want your ass first," I commanded. She protested, but I turned her onto her side, and swatted her left butt cheek through her panties. She yelped, but continued until she was lying on her stomach, her cute butt in front of me, her beautiful, long brown hair spread all over her upper back.

"Ahhh," I cooed. "Beth, as lovely as every part of your body is, I absolutely love a beautiful girl butt. And now it's my turn to worship your adorable ass." Beth turned her face to the side to look up at me. I could see her smile.

"Then please do," she said. "I'll try to put up with it. But please, I need to cum!" I planted several kisses on each ass cheek. The thin fabric was hardly even there, and it was damp and hot. It smelled like Beth, and just the way I imagined Beth would smell after a day of work, and a night of sex with another woman. My clit tingled with pleasure. I slid first one hand over her right ass cheek, by going under the fabric at her thigh, caressing that full, plump, beautiful ass until she sighed with pleasure.

Then I did the same to the other ass globe, gently massaging both cheeks to maximize the pleasure of contact with her intimate area. Her ass was so smooth, her butt cheeks soft and warm, and so round. Beth wiggled with pleasure, squirming and pressing her thighs together.

"Oh, fuck this!" I finally said. "I want that hot ass naked, and now!" My impatience was overcoming me. I put my fingers on each hip, under the hem of her panties, and shimmied them down her hips, and thighs, then off completely. Her sweet ass was open to me for torture and teasing, and most assuredly, for fucking.

"Beth, I'm going to lick you, and slide my tongue inside you, and caress you until you cum a thousand times," I said, my own clit throbbing. Beth said, in a muffled voice, "For god's sake, fuck me, I'm going crazy here!"

I dove back onto her ass, separating her full ass cheeks with my hands, to reveal her pink, puckered ass hole. God, what a beautiful sight! I love how beautiful a girl's anus is, so pink or tan around the delightful opening, and then so deeply pink inside, after the time spent coaxing that shy opening. I began licking and kissing her naked butt cheeks, working my way to the damp, hot crevice between them, the fragrance of her body increasing as I neared her hot anus, twitching and pulsing as cool air touched her there.

I moved my face in closer to her hole, then tentatively reached out with my tongue to taste the wrinkled skin around her anus. Beth moaned, and her ass lifted right up into my face, my mouth going fully onto her hot rear hole in a lewd, but very pleasurable kiss. We both seemed to be enjoying it, so I kept my mouth on her anal sphincter, as her butt descended back to the bed.

As well, I slid my right hand under her pussy and began stroking her there. Her plump pussy lips parted, her hole ripe and ready for fucking. She was a veritable waterfall of girl cum, her fluid dripping over my fingers. I thrust two fingers inside her pussy, as my tongue re-thrust inside her ass hole.

"Ooohhh, god, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME," Beth crooned, as she alternated impaling herself deeper on my hand, and then on my tongue. I was lapping madly at her hot, sweet ass, while frigging her furiously, my saliva running down from her ass to join with the liquid from her wildly excited pussy.

"Cumming, I'm cumming!!" Beth gasped, as her body spasmodically shook with seemingly never-ending waves of feminine pleasure. I roughly humped into her cunt with my hand and fingers, her pussy holding tight to me, and lapped furiously at her delicious girl anus, her sphincter tightening and opening frantically. "UNNNHHHH!" Beth moaned, her movements slowing as she gave herself up to ultimate pleasure at the hands (and tongue) of another woman.

I moved up to spoon with her once again, my hand still between her thighs, wet and slick and hot. My pussy pressed into her ass, loving the feel of a woman's plump, round bottom on my own tender clit.

Beth was breathing heavily, and moaning quietly, little tendrils of sexual and erotic excitement still occasionally coursing through her body and brain. I kissed the nape of her neck, sweaty and hot, lapping at her skin like a kitten at a bowl of milk, the salty, feminine taste delicious. After a little while, she fell back asleep, our bodies comfortably nested.

I lay awake, though, looking at Beth. I felt a restless energy, the excitement of meeting one's mate, and knowing it was something more than a one night stand, more than just a simple night of fucking. God, she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever met. I sat up, my back against the headboard, a few pillows supporting me, and just watched her, a beautiful young goddess in heat.

I was so content just looking at her - her long hair, damp and sweaty in some places, lying across her white shoulders like a shiny wave in others, a few strands partially covering one eye, hair flying up comically every time she breathed. Her smooth complexion, so fair and natural, the essence of sweet youth. Her soft lips, opening and closing slightly as she dreamed, perhaps kissing me in those dreams?

As she slept, she sought out the comfort of my body, of my touch, laying her head in my lap as she slept, my little kitten, and I stroked that lovely hair, and her soft cheeks and arms, and watched over her, unable to close my eyes for fear that she would disappear. I guess I watched her for three hours at least, just....loving and watching my love. At some point, just as the early morning sun was breaking through our window, I fell asleep, my eyes moist with tears of joy.

After tons of wonderful dreams, I woke, and remarkably, Beth and I were back in our spoon position, my right hand on her soft belly, occasionally straying to her damp, fuzzy patch above her clit. Beth was snoring softly, and I smiled, remembering our mutual pleasure. I looked over to the bedside clock. It read 8:30. I thought we'd better start getting up, as I had to check my Blackberry, and Beth had already overstayed her 'appointment.' But there was no way our first liaison was going to end without me tasting her pussy.

I eased myself away from Beth's luscious body, and she rolled onto her back, still asleep. I gently moved her legs apart, and lay between her slim thighs, then eased my face down to her pussy for the first time. Her pussy was a beautiful pink inside, though very tight, with fat labia, reddish and shiny with moisture. Her pubic hair was light brown, closely groomed and only visible above her clitoris.

Her sweet little clit was small, but bright red and swollen, still wet from the moisture of her pussy. The hood was retracted and fleshy. I leaned down closer, licking her labia, finding invisible, downy hairs there. Her taste was salty and sweet, and heavily intense and musky, which you might expect after the last 24 hours, and which pleased me immensely. I love a clean woman's real scent and taste, especially after hours of sex with another woman.

Beth moaned above me, and I felt her hands on my head. "Unnh, lick me, Lisa," she whispered. "Make me cum again, baby." She directed where she wanted me to lick, and I gently, slowly and lovingly tongue fucked her feminine hole, lapping up her hot syrup, sticky and sweet. Beth's hips were rotating and rocking, and I could tell that she was building to a different kind of orgasm than she'd experienced before.

She talked to me, softly and sweetly, the whole time, it was turning me on as much as the taste and the smell and the feel of her under my mouth. I put my hand between my own thighs as I ate her, stroking my pussy and squeezing my clit as I licked her. "That's it baby, your tongue feels so rough on my poor litle clit, lick me so good," Beth moaned, her hips rocking into me.

"Fuck my pussy with your divine tongue...yeah, that's it, baby," she crooned. "Lick my hole, make me cum....god, I can't believe you're gonna make me cum again....ohh, fuck yeah, ohhh, on my clit.....unnhhh..." Beth was moaning, and babbling and I didn't really know what she was saying, but I surely knew what she was telling me. As I fastened my lips gently, lightly on her clit, hot and swollen, her hips shook wildly, almost throwing me off her cunt.

"Unnh....fuck, so good, so good.....goddamn Lisa!!! I'M FUCKING CUMMING AGAIN!! FUCK!!! YESSSSSS!!!"

A gush of liquid from inside her pussy, I swallowed as much of the salty fluid as I could, but it drenched my face, and then I came too, flashes of color and pleasure coursing through my body and brain for what seemed hours. I know I babbled my pleasure into her pussy as I orgasmed.

Eventually, I pulled myself up to her pillow, and Beth and I kissed - softly, gently, sweetly, all the things that make love between two women so much more than exists in any other union. We just....breathed together, existed together, felt so much, together. I thought I'd never met anyone so, I don't know, so much like all of what I could want from life.

"Beth, I-" I began, not knowing what I'd say, but knowing it would be right - "live with me," "\marry me," "fuck me eternally..."

Who knows what I would have said? But Beth began kissing me, her lips now my universe, distracting me, and the long hours spent watching over her, and our frenetic, physical lovemaking all night conspired to make us fall asleep yet again, something nagging at me as I dreamt. I dreamt Beth was running away from me, looking back at me as she went, a look of love on her face, blowing me kisses - but leaving me nonetheless.....

I woke again, this time with sunlight streaming in over my shoulder. Beth was not in the bed with me, I assumed she was showering, though I had hoped we could shower together. "Beth?" I called, with no answer. There was no sound of water running in the bathroom. I slowly struggled awake. Maybe she was in the living area, drinking her morning coffee? I got out of bed, and draped myself in the sheet - not out of any sense of modesty, for Beth had seen me naked, and I desired nothing more than for her to see me that way again, but because I thought it might be a sexy entrance to begin yet another round of lovemaking.

"Beth?" I said, as I walked through the opening to the living room. No Beth, just the leftover wine and food from the night before. Where could she be? I thought, as I walked back into the bedroom....TEN O'CLOCK!! The clock on the bedside table screamed.

I was upset that Beth was gone without a word, but I had to get out of there myself to make my appointment at the State Department. I could figure out what to do after I completed my assignment. I showered and made up, finished dressing, the perfect professional woman look. Out of habit, I straightened the tangled bedsheet as I replaced it on the bed, and noticed a pair of white panties caught in them. Beth's panties, of course.

I clutched them as a drowning man clutches a reed, and smelled the damp material. Soaked with Beth's sweet juices, the thin fabric brought memories of the night before rushing through me. I put them in my purse, as I didn't want hotel housekeeping rummaging through something now so precious to me.

My appointment went well, though I was distracted throughout it. When the Under-Secretary suggested I take him to lunch, something I would normally do in order to seal the deal, I had to beg off, pleading a 'migraine.' As he was a friend of some years, no damage was done, and I promised him I'd make it up to him the next time around.

Now I had to work on finding Beth. She'd honored her commitment, and stayed until her time was up, then had left. Maybe she didn't see our evening together the same way I did, though it seemed impossible that we would misunderstand each other after such an intimate meeting. But I had to know - I wasn't interested in never seeing her again, she had become part of me. I thought I'd communicate with 'Click A Chick', and get in touch with her that way, since I didn't have Beth's cell number, or really, know much else about her.

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