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byExtreme Bohunk©

'Mmmmmm' she thought. 'If only every shower felt this good.'

Rivulets of soapy bubbles tickled their way down her body as she was enveloped by the warm spray and steamy air. Her senses delighted in the combination of the water's caress, the smell of the soap, and the glow from the candles she'd placed around the room. She took a slow turn under the spray, allowing her entire body to enjoy the embrace of the tiny waterfall. She tilted her head back, rinsing the last of any shampoo from her hair. As she did, the spray began to play down her face and shoulders, almost like a lover's touch. Time seemed to slow as the small stream of suds flowed down her back, and began to run between the cheeks of her ass, causing a delicious tingle

A small smile crossed her lips, she turned to face the water again. As the liquid massage touched her face, breasts, and stomach, it felt nearly alive, like it knew exactly where to tease and bring the tingling she was feeling to a deeper sensation. A small moan escaped her throat. If she was a cat, she would be purring loudly. She thought briefly about 'letting her fingers do the walking', but instead, turned off the shower. The warmth of steamy fog was already beginning to evaporate. She wrapped a warm dry towel around her body and another around her hair. Her reflection peered back at her from the mist streaked mirror

'I'm Queen of the Shower People' she thought, and giggled.

She let the towel slide to the floor and reached for her favorite lotion. As she began rubbing it into her skin, that naughty tingle began again. She closed her eyes, luxuriating in the sensation of slippery hands gliding over her skin. She stopped when she noticed her knees had begun to tremble. The tingle had now become a hunger. She rested her hands on the sink, collecting her thoughts. The room had cooled considerably, she turned on the light and blew out the candles. She slipped on a full length silk robe and pulled the towel from her hair. The robe clung to her still moist body like a warm breeze.

She walked into the next room and was greeted by cooler, drier air which created a new bouquet of sensations, none of which helped to dispel her state of arousal.

'Damn!' 'Why did that guy turn out to be such a loser?' 'Couldn't even get it up' she thought with disdain and exasperation.

She had been seeing him for awhile, but it turned out he was hiding the fact he was a drunk. On the night they were supposed to have sex for the first time, he'd gotten so loaded, he couldn't even perform. She sighed, not wanting to dwell on negative things.

'I should check emails and then hit the sack'

She thought ahead to the next day. The thought of another day of explaining the real world to bright-eyed, naive kids did not really appeal to her at the moment, nor did the long commute between home and work. None of this did anything to distract her from the fact that her body was aching for attention and release. She sat at her desk, and turned on the system.

'I hope this thing logs on before eternity' she thought.

The computer began to go through it's routine, her fingertips drummed a bored tempo on the desktop. She sat back, her robe parted slightly, the end of the sash slid softly down her inner thigh, causing goosebumps over most of her skin. Another small sigh came from within as her breathing got deeper. She opened the robe wider.

'Just to let my skin cool' she told hersef.

She could almost see the heat rising from her body. She began to let the end of the sash play along her thigh, moving in small circles, and slowly upward. There was a fire building in her. Her nipples strained against the silk, begging for attention. She began to rub one, then the other through the robe, as her other hand contined the slow, sensuous ascent up her inner thigh. The combination was electric. She closed her eyes and let the robe fall open, the hunger of arousal licking, nipping, consuming her. She slid deep into the chair, moving her legs farther apart.

She touched herself, causing a gasp and then a groan. Her fingers sought, found, and slowly massaged her swollen clit. They grew wet, very wet.

Her calves flexed, her feet arched to tiptoes. The chair rocked back on two legs. Her hips began to move with the tempo her fingers were setting. She pressed herself into her hand, and her hand into herself, building. Her breathing was a combination of moans and gasps as she began the climb to orgasm. She bit her lip, nearing the peak, when the computer began to make an odd and distracting series of sounds. She tried to ignore it and finish, but every time she did, the sounds got more insistent and distracting. Finally, she opened her eyes to look at the screen, only to see a display she didn't recognize.

It wasn't her email at all, just a blank, gray screen with the message: "If you want the noises to stop, click here"

'What the fuck?!?' she fumed, 'I'm two seconds away from coming and you stop me for this?'

She closed her eyes and picked up where she had left off. Just as she was about to come, and hard, the system started up with the noises, distracting her just enough to leave her balanced on the edge between reality and ecstasy. Shaking and panting, she grabbed the mouse to shut off the system, but it did nothing.

It seemed the only thing it would do was to point the arrow over the now flashing message: "If you want the noises to stop, click here".

She clicked on the message and the screen went blank. She stared in surprise, waiting. 5 seconds. 10 seconds. 30 seconds. Nothing.

She sat forward, the robe falling from her shoulders, and it seemed that somehow, as if from a distance, the screen was beginning to lighten. There was an odd sequence of flashes, and then suddenly, the system returned to normal. The email page came up. There were about 10 new messages.

'I'll get to those later' she decided, and shut off the system.

'Now where was I?' she asked herself.

She sat back, closed her eyes and once again started the climb to release. She moaned, turned her head to one side, and settled in. It only took moments before her breathing became labored and she began to moan in rhythm with her thrusting fingers. There was a touch on her bare shoulder.

Her eyes flew open in surprise, her pussy jerked against her fingers, almost coming in spite of herself. She sat bolt upright as another hand joined the first, and began a firm, yet gentle massage of her shoulders and neck. She froze in fear, she was definitely not alone, yet too terrified to turn and look.

A soft low voice came from behind her. A man's voice. It sounded like honey poured over smoke.

"It's ok," said the voice "Don't be afraid."

All her instincts said to scream and run, but there was something about that voice that told her it was ok, she didn't have to be afraid. Plus, those strong hands caressing her shoulders were turning her into jello. It had been too long since she had felt a man's touch.

Her fear gave way to curiousity, and she asked. "How did you get in here?"

"You invited me" answered the voice.

The hands continued, now moving downward.

She asked, in a huskier voice, "How long have you been there?"

There was a low, sexy chuckle that told her he had been there just long enough. The hands alternated between massaging and caressing, creating ripples through her body like circles on a pond. She relaxed and gave in to the wash of pleasure. Her body would not allow her to move, to do anything but savor what was happening.

The hands cupped her breasts, causing her to groan with pleasure. What she had felt earlier paled in comparison to what was rising in her now. Her body was hungry. She raised her arms behind her, to touch the arms creating the fireworks within her. They felt hard, strong, like a man should feel. She slowly ran her hands up and down them as the mystery hands began to tease and delight her nipples.

"Ooohmmmmohhhhhh!", was all she could sigh.

His fingers knowingly played her nipples like a finely tuned instrument. She could feel wetness spreading on her thighs and gathering where she sat. Her body shook with desire. She was adrift on an ocean of pleasure.

The hands moved to the side, under her arms, and began to lift her from the chair. Her legs trembled and her knees threatened to give out for a second, but he held her until she got her balance. She could tell he was tall, over 6 feet, and powerfully built. He was holding around her waist with one arm while his other hand brushed her hair back from her face, and off her neck. His lips followed, she was glad he was holding her with the other arm.

She rested her hands on the desk, her head raised back as the kisses continued down between her shoulder blades, leaving a trail of fire in their wake. Her robe slid fully off, coming to rest on the arm he was holding her with. She was naked and ablaze with a passion she had never felt until this moment. His kisses moved back up, this time to her ears, adding fuel to what was already an inferno.

She pressed back into the length of his body, her hands moving to feel him. He was shirtless, but wearing pants. They felt like jeans. She raised an arm to pull his head closer to her.

"I want to kiss you" he whispered.

She turned to face him, to see his face for the first time. She looked into a pair of dark eyes. Eyes that seemed to see into her soul, that knew her innermost desires. He pulled her closer, cupped her face with both hands and kissed her. The flames burned even hotter. Time stood still, she was lost in his embrace. The kiss seemed to go on forever. She finally had to stop and catch her breath.

She rested her head on his shoulder and wanted this moment to last an eternity, or at least until her knees quit shaking. Small droplets licked her thighs, marking trails of her desire. Her hand drifted down and found the growing bulge in the front of his jeans. A smile came to her lips as she squeezed and felt it expand to fill her whole hand and fingers. She looked up into those eyes again, and he scooped her up in his strong arms. Her robe fell softly to the floor. He kissed her again. She was glad he was holding her, her knees couldn't have taken any more.

He broke the kiss, and began rocking her playfully from side to side. She squeaked as he dipped her dangerously low, and then snapped her up. Somehow, he was able to get his thumb into her ribs and jabbed. She erupted in peals of laughter, causing her to squirm. Every time she tried to get away from his perfectly placed thumb, he'd toss her up slightly, taking away any leverage she had. Of course, she'd land back in his arms, right into his tickling clutches, only to start the whole process over. He teased her, letting her think she could get one foot on the floor, but every time she got close, he'd mercilessly renew the assault, and pull her up shrieking and gasping for air. Finally, she got a leg around his waist and was able to pull herself to him.

She wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck and kissed him. She was still having mini giggle fits as he kissed back. He sat, still wrapped in her arms and legs as they shared the moment, looking into each other's eyes, faces inches apart, breaking the gaze only to kiss again.

He unwrapped her legs from his waist, and stood. As he did, he took her hand. He looked into her eyes. Though he hadn't said a word, there was no mistaking his question. She gave him her other hand, and he pulled her to her feet. Still clasping her hands, he drew her to him and began to walk backwards, stopping occasionally to place a kiss on her shoulders, her neck, her ears, her lips.

As they entered her room, soft music began to play from somewhere, a mixture of slow saxophone and sea sounds. The room was lit with two candles.

He bent and again picked her up, but this time he held her differently, like a rare treasure. She put an arm around his neck and snuggled in close. She knew instinctively that something special was going to happen. She closed her eyes and kissed him. She felt him move toward her bed and gently lowered her, never breaking the kiss. He moved along side of her, and she to him, pressing their bodies together.

His fingertips brushed along her spine, down the the cleft of her bottom, and up to her neck in slow circles. Her unfulfilled passions raged again to the surface, as his fingers continued their journey along her flesh. His lips replaced his fingertips. She could swear she had a series of mini orgasms, tiny rises and releases. She was like a pot at the boiling point, but just barely spilling over. She had never felt anything like it. She realized he had begun to move downward, bit by bit.

He left a trail of wet kisses as he did, sometimes using his tongue. She didn't know or care where the feelings started or ended, she just wished they would go on forever. She shook uncontrollably, panting, and a string of sounds pouring from her she didn't know she could make. He stopped. With an effort, she opened her eyes.

He was holding her feet. It seemed she could not look away as he pressed his thumbs into the arches. A whole new wave of sensations enveloped her. An intense relaxation was taking over her body, yet doing little to quiet the storm of desire raging inside her. She was balanced between two worlds, experiencing the best of both. Her breathing, still deep, had returned to near normal. She felt she was in the eye of the storm. The center of calm with all hell breaking loose around it.

He dug into a spot just above her heel, she felt her aching wetness relax. She gave a deep sigh and was able to find a deeper tranquility.. She felt she was floating outside her body, yet still in it. She stretched like a big cat and gave an approving sigh, giving herself over to another level of conciousness, somewhere between rapture and meditation.

She slowly realized that he was no longer massaging her feet.

He had begun to kiss them, the tip of each toe, along the top, down and around her ankle and along the arch, beginning again at the toes. He was alternating between kisses and his tongue, sucking, licking. Chills and heat collided within her.

The eye of the storm was passing, she was beginning to tremble again. He was inching his way up her legs. Just as he got above her knees, he turned her onto her stomach. The feel of his lips on the back of her knees brought it all to the surface. She panted as he switched back and forth between them. He inched up the back of her thighs, planting a trail of fire. She pressed her sex into the bed, straining for release. Her fists clawed the sheet as his tongue found the soft curve where her thighs joined her ass. He traced the rise again and again.

She grabbed the headboard with both hands, teetering on the edge. Her legs moved apart, he brushed her pussy with a kiss. She started to come, but as her hips bucked, he pulled away. It was a tiny release, but went through her body like a shock. A low guttural sound came from her, almost feral.

He had wet two fingers and was tracing her anus. She was surprised, but her hips began to rock with the motion of his fingers. Within a minute, she was panting ragged breaths between grunts. He increased the pressure, now directly on the puckered center. She tried to speed up, but he continued the same steady pace.

His other hand cupped her drenched pussy, squeezing in an opposite pattern of what his fingers were doing to her ass. Her hips swung back and forth between caresses. She felt it begin deep inside her, she pressed into his fingers harder. He pressed back, and ground the heel of his hand into her swollen mons. It was too much, there was a moment of nothing, and then an explosion of pleasure. Her body rocked as a long series of spasms tore through her. She heard a long moan, and barely realized it was her own.

She gradually floated back to her body and became aware that he was holding her. He planted small, tender kisses about her face. He blew softly on her brow, cooling the sheen that had formed during her exertions. His hand was softly stroking her, playing lightly with her pubic hair. She was still twitching from the force of her orgasm.

He sat up. There was a 'No questions' look in his eyes. He took her hands, raising them to the headboard.

He told her "If you let go, I'll stop."

His mouth descended, capturing hers. She wanted to pull him to her, but remembered what he had said. His kiss sent shivers from her lips to the rest of her body. It served to reignite flames that had not gone out.

He moved up and kissed her wrists, the inside of her arms, the crook of her elbow, where he spent considerable time with lips and tongue. Her mind wondered what his mouth would do to her already quivering wetness, but was snapped back as his lips moved to her delicate neck and throat. She could not help but squirm as he nibbled and sucked her neck. She wanted him to continue in one area, yet the rest of her was crying for attention as well. His mouth worked it's magic all around her chest, just brushing her nipple enough to swell to the point of aching. Her back arched as he teased, and teased, and teased some more.

As he finally closed on it, she released a breath she didn't realize she was holding. His lips pursed and held it while his tongue danced at the tip. The mini orgasms had started again. It took all her will power not to let go of the headboard and wrap her arms about his head. He started on the other nipple.

If the first was fire, this was electric. Her hands became slick on the headboard, and she groaned in delight. It seemed his lips had an instinct just where to touch her next, as they floated on and found her stomach. It was almost too much. Her skin danced and her back arched while he traced her tender stomach with the tip of his tongue, round and round her bellybutton until she thought she was going scream.

Like a cat, he suddenly moved between her legs, lifting them with his hands at the back of her knees. He moved her thighs apart, exposing her heated femininty to him.

She opened her eyes and found him staring at her with a look of hunger and lust. Then he looked her in the eyes. She realized she might not be the same after what was going to happen next.

She knew that somehow, he was wating for her to tell him 'Yes' .

"Please" she breathed, "I can't wait any longer."

He hugged her legs and then ran his tongue from the inside of her knee to the top of her thigh. Her eyes closed and she held the headboard. He changed direction at the top of her thigh, moving along the pubic line, his tongue tracing patterns of sweet torture wherever it went. It moved down the other thigh, stopping where it had started. And then he did it again. And again. Each time slower, each time coming closer to her soaked love nest, but just moving past it.

Almost inaudibly, she begged. "Please."

He started just below her bellybutton, moving lower. His mouth touched her softly. He carefully kissed her outer lips, she was too aroused for any abrupt moves. She gave a long low groan and pressed into his kiss. Her entire being was centered around the one part of her body he was finally, blissfully at. His tongue began to caress her up and down, but not touching her aching pearl of pleasure. She was lost in a vortex of rapture, as his tongue parted her lips, moving just inside her.

Every muscle in her body tensed as he neared her clit, and then with the tip of his tongue, gave it a series of flicks. Her body jerked with each pass of the slick velvet, coaxing her closer to an edge she would beg to jump from, screaming.

He moved between kissing her lips, licking from bottom to top, just grazing her love button. Finally, mercifully his mouth closed on her center of need. He licked and sucked with a combination of finesse and wild abandon. She was rocking the entire bed with her motion. The head board slammed off the wall, putting a beat to her chorus of sounds. He brought her to the edge several times, and then wrapped his arms around her thighs. His mouth centered firmly on her clit.

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