Click on Chat


Disclaimer: "Click on Chat" is an erotic thriller that touches on bondage, smoking fetish, cross dressing and other adult themes. As such it is intended only for mature readers. It is a total work of fiction and any similarities between the characters and actually persons living or dead is only by chance. Laws differ between states about what constitutes "justifiable homicide". Most hold that there should be a "clear and present danger" but even that is open to some interpretation. Should one be contemplating such an action, it would be wise to check the statutes in the state where you live.

Chapter One

Julian Moore glanced at his wrist watch. 12:30 pm. Just a few more minutes on the computer and he needed to get down to the bus stop. He'd checked his email earlier this morning, read some of the hometown newspaper and about 2 hours ago he'd begun his daily visits to his favorite dating sites. The morning had just flown by and soon he would have to get to work. At age 37 he was still single and living on his own for the first time which is quite a departure from his previous years. His physcologist of late had applauded his progress. Certainly his abilities to focus were much improved however, Julian still lived much of his life in fantasy.

One more cigarette to enjoy while surfing and then downstairs. Lighting up his Marlboro Julian opened up his favorite site, one for "adult minded" people and started to browse. Soon a "pop up" jumped to the left upper corner of his screen announcing that SlyFox would like to chat with him. If you wish to chat with this person click the icon and you will be added to their chat room. Julians heart rate jumped. He moved the curser to the icon and hit left click

Axeman has entered the room.


SlyFox: Hello to's it hanging. Grin.

Axeman. Ok I guess.....have we ever chatted before?

SlyFox Not that I can remember....but I've only been on here a few times before. How about you?. Do you come here often?

Axeman Just started really. I'm a little behind on my computer skills.

SlyFox Tell me a little about yourself.....Single...Married and cheating....AXE

Axeman. Single yes, actually never married. And no I am not an Axe Murderer.

Slyfox. So why do you call yourself AXEMAN Grin...

Axeman College fraternity. AXE

Slyfox What college?

Axeman Boise State

Slyfox Hmmmm I love college men. Very sophisticated. I find that sexy...Are you sexy Axeman? What did you major in sexy axeman?

Axeman Business........very sexy by the way.......but I need to get off to my job. Can we chat later tonight?

Slyfox What line of work are you in sexy college axeman....grin....

Axeman Real estate developer...can we chat later?????

Slyfox OK sexy axeman college stud....I'll be on tomorrow morning. I only have access to a computer at work so evening hours are not possible.....Check you tomorrow sexy college axeman.....bye

Axeman bye to you.......

Julian hit a series of left clicks and closed off his computer. He was late and he needed to get to the bus. Within moments his feet were going down the stairs of his 3rd floor efficiency apartment. The afternoon heat of the dry Boise, Idaho air hit him like a brick. Chino slacks, white shirt and Nike running shoes adorning his slender 5' 9"frame were all a blur as he sprinted across the parking lot. Just in time. Jumping from curb to bus steps Julian flashed his bus pass to Ed the regular driver. Ed nodded back remarking to himself that Julian had ridden the same bus, at the same time for the last 6 months. After the first week Ed knew what day and month Julians pass would expire. Ed had given up trying to chat with Julian. Julian was special, perhaps a little slow maybe, but not like his other riders.

Julian took a seat a few rows back as the bus pulled away from the curb. Moving over to a window seat on the right side he glanced out the window. As the bus accelerated to the next stop, the air conditioning picked up blowing cool air on Julians face. He'd learned last May which seat had the coolest air. Nothing slow about Julian. His thoughts went back to his chat room experience. Real estate developer. Good one Jules. If there was some dirt sticking to his shoes that was about as close as he would ever get to being a real estate developer. Actually he was on his way to the best job he'd ever had. The evening shift at a "call center" taking after hours calls for businesses that were closed for the evening and inputting computer information. If you ever bought a product from a late night low budget TV advertisement you talked with someone just like Julian.

The bus rolled through Boise swaying side to side. A left and then a right and then a stop. Before long Julian was looking out at the old AXE fraternity house. The faded letters still visible on the brick building 10 years after the college had banned the AXE chapter for drinking and drugs. The building had set vacant for several years before the county bought it up and converted it into a half way house to ease felons back into society. That's how Julian got his log on. A year at the half way house.

Melody Sullivan closed the chat room screen when she heard Suzettes foot steps coming back from the ladies room. A new screen took it's place which contained seemly random computer codes. To the untrained eyes it looked just like computer gibberish but in actuality it was the inner workings of a vast computer database. That's what Mel and Suze did for a living. Data base consultants. Suze looked over Mel's shoulder at the screen and recognized a problem with it immediately. It hadn't changed in over 90 minutes. She thought to herself "damn it all Mel, quit fucking around and get back to doing something productive". Putting a chipper edge to her voice however.

"Making any progress on the Riviera".

"Not really" Mel responded. "I don't think it's coding at all. More than likely this section of their archive is the victim of a faulty transfer disk. But.....I need a cigarette and get away from this cubical for a break."

With that Melody picked up her leather cigarette case containing her Virginia Slims 120 menthols and headed for the front door. At age 45 Melody (Mel) Sullivan was still great looking. Blonde hair, green eyes, 5'7" and boobs to die for. Her first job in Las Vegas was that of a dancer. After 25 years she still moved with ease albeit with a slight limp to her left foot. After dancing for several years at a variety of Vegas casinos she injured her left ankle. Trying to come back too fast made it a permanent injury. She then hostessed for a few years but the standing around put an end to that. Then a cashier until the ATM's cut the staff in half. From cashier to the accounting department to on the job computer training and from there to owning her own computer business. Three husbands, no kids, and bundle of boy friends later she was now single living with her cat Mocha in a nicer two bedroom apartment in one of Las Vegas's premier adult communities. Mel still enjoyed spending time at the casinos however. That was still her passion as her ex husbands can attest too. She had run through a fortune before each of her ex's had caught on to her gambling addiction.

Mel snagged her cell phone off it's charger on the front desk.. A VS120 already dangling between her red tinted lips she pushed open the front door into the mid-day Las Vegas heat. Pausing just briefly to put her BIC lighter to the end of the cigarette, and taking a deep deep drag she continued over to the umbrella covered patio table where she took her "ciggie" breaks. Seating herself in the shade of the umbrella, she glanced over to MID TOWN Barbers. Yep. Right on queue there was Rodger. Rodger almost always appeared in the window when Mel took one of her ciggie breaks. Although she had never talked with nor meet Rodger, Mel knew he had a fetish for smoking women. She often speculated that his neck muscles must be getting huge by now from turning around from his clients to see if Mel was out there smoking. She didn't mind, she'd been doing this deliberately for years.

Mel started smoking back in her dancing years. It helped keep the weight off her for one thing and for another almost all the girl dancers smoked. It seemed like the natural thing to do. Once she realized that having a package of cigarettes visible in the bars could get you free drinks from the guys her addiction was now firmly in place. Mel's finely crafted instinct about men still paid big dividends. When going out to solicit new clients for the data base business she liked to play this game. Interview with a man, leave your cigarette case visible in your purse, low cut blouse and client. Never failed. Suzette didn't quite understand this however. Because of Suze's anti smoking attitude, Mel got to entertain Rodger in the Las Vegas heat several times a day.

Suzette watched the glass door close behind Mel. Off she goes for another cigarette she mused to herself. Suzette Rampling was several years younger than Melody. Divorced once many years ago she had two daughters both teenagers. Summers were their time with their father up in Seattle which Suze envied. Not being with her ex that is, just being someplace out of the desert heat. After 15 years of these nasty hot summers she longed for her hometown of Portland Oregon. Suzette was no slouch in the looks department either. Similar in height and weight to Mel, Suze only lacked the boobs and the grace of Mel. Unlike Mel, her makeup was neat and nearly transparent. Lipstick in the desert was as much a necessity as anything, but Suze favored the lighter pinks as opposed to Mel's carry-over-from-my-dancing-days reds. Suze was intelligent and a college graduate in computer science. She did have a work at home job with a national data base company which allowed her to work anywhere in the US. When her ex-husband and she split up, due to his infidelity, Suze got the Vegas house and split custody with her daughters Terri and Tina. Since that time the house had tripled in value. When she got laid off from her previous job she hooked up with Melody. At first she contemplated just hanging around Vegas until the end of the school year, but after working with Mel for a few months she bought into the business as a full partner.

Chapter Two

Julian pushed the button to bring his computer on line. While still towel drying his medium length red hair, he lit his second of the morning Marlboros and waited impatiently for the computer to boot up. He mused about his thoughts of SlyFox last night. After getting a ride home from the call center, he checked the web site he was last on looking for a profile of SlyFox. Wow. What a hottie. A little bit older than he was, but still what a turn on. Divorced, living in Las Vegas, owned her own business and a smoker. Julian always checked the smoking section first before fantasizing about these women. He could almost tell from memory over a hundred women smokers on the web sites. Of course he could little afford to do anything about it but he had plans in mind to make some big changes in his life.

Slyfox has entered the room

SlyFox Are you in here yet sexy Axeman?

Axeman Right here, missed you last night....

SlyFox Aww Did you find another woman to entertain you...?

Axeman Only have eyes for you darling, only have eyes for you....grin

SlyFox That's so sweet. I don't believe you...but that is so sweet. So...did you develop any real-estate last night?

Axeman Nope...saving that for later. Did you fix any data bases yesterday?

SlyFox Oh my goodness....Axeman has done a little homework on me. You must have checked out my let me think...was I a dominatrix in that one, or did I play the school girl routine.....grin...

Axeman Domme would be girls would tend to get a man in trouble.

SlyFox Yeah, but I live in Vegas baby! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....grin..tell me a little about yourself.... now that you know I have a boring job sitting at a computer all day. Better yet, why don't you post a profile of yourself. You got to see my picture why can't I see yours???

Axeman Hmmmm Don't have the time to answer all the I haven't posted because I'm a tad bit shy, and I'm pretty well know around town and pretty easy to recognize. Might be bad for sales don't you think.....

SlyFox Yeah I suppose....but you could tell me a little more about yourself. Never married?

Axeman Never found the right type of gal I guess..Nobody ever as gorgeous as you...grin

SlyFox You are the charmer. I was married and divorced three times....does that scare you sexy axeman?

Axeman At least you got divorced....tell me what happened...never understood would any man let a beautiful babe like you get away....

SlyFox You are the charmer axeman....well...let's best to put this in the short version. Each of my exes ran into some financial difficulties and blamed little ole me. After a few years their nagging got to me decision to split.

Axeman What did they find to nag you about?

SlyFox Well let me see, my smoking, my constantly dressing in low cut tops and silk blouses. Tight skirts and high heels. I thought all men liked girls to look like girls....

Axeman I can't find anything wrong there.....I love it that you smoke...I do myself too...what brand do you smoke?

SlyFox Virginia Slims 120 menthols.. Have for years. What about you?

Axeman Marlboros....for years...

SlyFox So you won't nag me about my smoking?

Axeman Hell no!!!! I think you're so sexy...I can just picture you now lighting up....hmmmm

SlyFox Me too. Except my partner is a smoking Nazi. I have to go outside to have a ciggie. I think she should get a life.

Axeman Tell me a little about your husbands. Wasn't any of them thoughtful and considerate?

SlyFox Oh yeah. One in particular I was so in love with. The sex was fantastic and we just got on so well together....miss that ya know?

Axeman What made the sex so great if I might ask.?

SlyFox Long day I caught him trying on my underwear. He was shocked when I caught embarrassed....I just laughed...I told him it was ok...we were married right. I thought it was so neat. I went shopping the next day and got him his own outfit. On Friday night I set a little trap for him. I told him if he didn't follow my instructions I'd tell his golfing buddies about his silliness. I had him strip, bath and shave his body hair complete...then I got out my packages and had him dress. He just sat there meekly with this big hard on. Wig, makeup, fake nails.....I even painted his toe nails...all the while he had this big woody....After I was finished I had him sit on a chair and I cuffed his wrists and ankles. Put a blind fold on him...and then....I snapped off a bunch of was hilarious. That made him real thoughtful after that.

Axeman don't know what to say...but

SlyFox Tell me about your sexual adventures mister sexy axeman college stud?

Axeman Nothing like that....that's a dream date to fact you should turn professional

SlyFox Naw not for me. Oh there's plenty of gals around that will do that sort of thing, and most make more money than I do. but I like the fun and challenge of pleasing a partner.

Axeman Got any names and phone numbers of these gals.....

SlyFox Nope...not for you anyway....what time do you have to work today?

Axeman Oh shit....bye...tomorrow......

SlyFox. Sure just keep thinking of me ok....bye

Julian flew down the stairs pulling on his sport shirt. Damn Damn Damn. I need to set some kind of timer on the computer. Since his parole, a dick head type PO, had been checking up on him all the time. Work tardees just weren't to happen. Julian lucked out however. Ed was running a few minutes behind, and when Julian wasn't at the stop he kept the bus there while he took a pee break.. When he returned to the bus Julian was in his usual seat. Julian stared blankly out the window as Ed maneuvered through traffic. His mind was a million miles away in a Las Vegas motel room with the woman of his dreams. It was just like she knew his history. She was in his head big time and he couldn't think of anything else. But could he arrange to meet SlyFox...Would she even agree.....How.

Melody hit the door with her cigarettes and cell phone in hand.

"Watch the phones Suze, I gotta go entertain Rodger"

"Of course" Suze mused to herself. How does she even know his name is Rodger? She's never even been over there. Suze continued her computer work as usual. After a few minutes she needed a visit to the ladies room, and on her way back glanced at Mel's desk. On the edge sat her cell phone. Strange. Oh yeah. Picking up the cell phone and looking closely, it was Mel's. She'd grabbed up Suze's phone by mistake. A while back they had taken advantage of an offer to combine cellular phone plans. It saved em both a few bucks and they got new phones. Only problem with that was the phones were identical and Mel was constantly grabbing Suze's. One weekend Mel went home with one phone in her purse, and another on her car seat. Not realizing what she'd done, Suze went without a cell phone all weekend. Suze placed the phone back into the charger and while doing so, noticed a missed call. Looking a little closer, the caller ID said the call was from their attorney. Strange. Not wanting to appear as a snoop, Suze didn't say anything other than "Mel, you took my phone outside with you...did I miss any calls?"

"No" was Mels curt replay.

Chapter Three

Julians usual bus ride to the call center went by in a blur. His first though was of his private benefactor Harold. Well, benefactor might be a stretch. Harold was actually a victim. During his stay at the half way house, taking some long evening walks, Julian had picked up some of Harold Lee Carpenters out going mail. Quite simple really. Harold had left his outgoing mail in his mailbox with the red flag raised. Julian simply took it back to his apartment and went through it. On several occasions, Harold had mailed a credit card payment. Julian carefully opened it, copied down his account numbers, both credit card and bank routing numbers from his payment check, then resealed them and posted them in a regular drop box. One fine holiday weekend, checking Harold's box on a Saturday morning, Julian got his Social Security check.. Repeating his process but only in reverse, he copied the numbers and returned the check on Monday. Nobody being the wiser.

The half way house was limited as to how many residents that could be managed at that location. Accordingly, there were several vacant rooms. Generally speaking, the longest vacant rooms were undesirable and had been converted to storage. But they still had mail boxes in the main hall. During a cleaning detail, Julian was able to get a key to one of the vacant mail boxes out of the supervisors desk drawer. Using that mail box, and Harold's credit information, Julian now had several bogus credit cards. Using them very sparingly, usually for online purchases and always paying up in full using Postal Money Orders, his credit limits were now extended to over $10,000. Transitional residential establishments are filled with men (and women) whom were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nearly universally, all were innocent human beings. That withstanding, everyone knew somebody who knew somebody who was questionable. Nobody ever did drugs, but they knew somebody who sold drugs. Nobody there ever counterfeited drivers licenses either, but they knew somebody. Funny how Julian was able to obtain an Idaho Drivers license with his picture and vital statistics with Harold's name, and a non-existent address so easily. Even easier was it for Julian to obtain some white crystal GHB the "date rape" drug. Yes, very funny indeed.

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