tagLoving WivesClimbing the Corporate Ladder

Climbing the Corporate Ladder


It is known that the business world is as unstable and unpredictable as an earthquake. So it would be wise not to leave your career in the hands of destiny alone; push it along and make sure it keeps growing.

Sarah Ford was one of those young professionals seeking to build enduring and continuous supremacy within the company. Many employees were willing to leave their job for a pay raise of 20% or less, but definitely not her. Sarah would rather build stability by moving up the ranks within the firm.

Not only was she smart and motivated, but she actually enjoyed her work. Being a junior executive meant a lot to her and she wanted to show to the company how much she was worth. She has always thought she had to toot her own horn regarding her reputably accomplished productivity because it is unlikely that anyone would do it on her behalf. The job market is a competitive environment and everyone is looking out for number one.

Sarah was confident she would get the promotion she so much deserved. She has strategically associated herself amid individuals in high positions in order to further her career. Her colleagues have mentioned several times that she had seniority in the workplace and treated her accordingly.

The fact that the entire board of the directors, including the CEO, would be replaced came as shocking news, as she has remained visible to affluent individuals in her firm. She considered networking an integral part of developing a name for herself and maintaining constant growth in her professional career.

Coincidently, it was the time of the year that the board reviewed everyone's work, in order to elaborate a top performer list. That list was nothing more than a collection of names eligible for promotion, based mostly on productivity. But, nothing is that simple, and being the best employee on side of the Pacific wouldn't mean anything without anyone to acknowledge her hard work.

It wasn't like Sarah was overly ambitious, but she has made quite a few commitments of her own. Her husband Ted has recently lost his job and she was having a hard time maintaining the budget all by herself. To top that, they just bought the house of their dreams, and it certainly didn't come cheap. Now, they did not have the means to pay for it, and the thought of losing her house haunted her.

This promotion was something she just had to get, and she was working hard for it. Sarah had to be sure this sudden change didn't compromise her goals. She just needed to have a quick talk to her new CEO and boss. These occasions are perfect for demonstrating leadership and organizational skills. Supervisors always notice these attitudes that transpose well into the work place.

"Hi, Sarah." Her workmate Claire brought her back to reality.

"Hey, Claire. What's up?" Sarah asked her.

"Have you met the new CEO yet?" Claire started gossiping.

"No, how is he like?" Sarah was curious.

"His name is Dwayne Malone; I think he is a bit older than us, but physically build and quite charming. A nice guy from all that I heard about him. He gives money to charities and even runs homeless shelters around the city. A respected man and well liked in the community." Clair mumbled.

"Sounds like someone up to the task." Sarah said.

"Indeed. And he believes in casual work dressing as a way to improve productivity!" They both laughed at her commentary.

"Do you think it would be possible to schedule a meeting with him today?" Sarah questioned her.

"I know his late working hours are well known. You could try to reach him after business hours; his office is at the top floor." Clair tried to help her.

"Will do that, thanks Clair." Sarah said as she headed to her work station.

The new CEO might be a fan of casual dressing, but 29-year-old Sarah Ford has always believed in proper dressing, and she has done it with style. She'd always looked younger than her age, and she still looked girlish now, despite the size of her big, round tits, long legs and tight behind. Sarah's blue eyes were wide and innocent-looking, and her long, straight blond hair framed her beautiful, delicate face perfectly.

She was wearing one of those suit's jackets with a white blouse under it, which hung over her large 36C breasts, not even close to touching that gorgeous flat stomach of hers. She also was wearing a matching skirt, which hung to just above, mid thigh level with a black belt around that thin waist.

The skirt showed those long, smooth legs off nicely, encased by stockings. Her long straight blonde hair hung down passed the bottom of her shoulder blades, brushed so it feel behind her shoulders so that her magnificent chest was shown without any obstruction.

She didn't want to use her beauty as a way to achieve professional success, but knowing how to explore her good side was a strong quality. Besides, it didn't hurt to look good, the outfit emphasized her very ample chest. She wore black high heels, to further enhance her presence. She looked a knockout as always. Her blue eyes looked even bigger than normal, contrasting against the mix of black and blonde.

Sarah resumed finishing her report, she had to take advantage of opportunities that came her way, and ones that didn't. Advancement would not be handed to her on a silver platter; she had to work hard and persevere.

She has remained receptive to future opportunities by mingling with co-workers from different departments. Reaching the zenith in a specific field of the firm did not mean the stagnation of her career; it simply meant that she would have to seek other ventures in the company for advancement.

She believed that in order to be taken seriously by colleagues, and more importantly superiors, one must show initiative in their work. So she didn't wait for crystal clear explanations from her boss regarding her tasks. She often took initiative, proving she is the best for the job and well on her way to a promotion.

She has been competitive among colleagues because it's a dog eat dog world. No one would step aside to help her get the promotion she has been waiting years for. The business world is a selfish one that doesn't pardon play well with pity.

But going the extra mile did not mean "brownnosing" to Sarah. She has never volunteered to wash the boss' car or to baby sit his children over the weekend. She got her act straight and gained respect for her motivation and proficiency in the work place.

She knew volunteering time would help her reputation and she wasn't afraid to offer time and expertise to train new employees and hold tutorials when needed. These little exploits wouldn't go unnoticed by supervisors who are likely to remember her last name when promotion time swings around or an important rush project needs undivided attention. This helped formulate an alliance with her superiors, which was key in moving up rapidly.

That is what she wanted to talk to the new CEO, she wanted him to be well aware of her actions and history at the company.

*** 6 hours later ***

"No, he isn't back yet. He should have been an hour ago but he's not and he hasn't phoned yet." His secretary answered.

"Thanks, anyway." Sarah told her.

It was way past business hours now, Sarah was the only one left at the floor. She didn't want to give up, but the CEO was simply unreachable at the moment. Maybe he was already reviewing everyone's files and wasn't available. In that case, the only way was to talk to him personally.

She felt she had to try, so she entered the elevator and headed to the top floor. As the doors of the lift opened, she noticed that she was indeed out of luck. Not a single soul there, only empty work stations running the firm's screen saver. She walked down the hallway and finally found his office, a large room by the end of the long corridor.

Opening the office door, without even bothering to knock first, Sarah had a bit of a shock; she hadn't expected to see the man staring back at her, sitting at the CEO desk: Dwayne Malone was about sixty years old, grayish white hair on his balding head, short and way overweight. Nothing like what Claire described.

He wasn't wearing a suit alright, but she assumed he would at least wear something more adequate to the work's environment. His jeans were ragged and faded, showing signs of heavy usage and his shirt was a couple of sizes too small, looking ready to burst.

He was caught by surprise and rushed to the mouse to close the file he seemed to be working at his computer. It was probably some confidential document of the company, and Sarah immediately regretted her harsh action.

"You can't be here!" Dwayne promptly said.

"Mr. Malone, I am terribly sorry to bother you like that. I did not mean to intrude." Sarah said, trying to hide the discomfort in her voice.

"Oh... In that case, what are you doing here?" Dwayne asked her, after regaining his composure.

"My name is Sarah Ford; I am one of the junior executives. I am sure you must have heard of my work, sir." Sarah politely introduced herself.

"Can't say that I have." Dwayne stood there, now with a large smile on his face, obviously ogling at her body.

His dry answer just made Sarah even more nervous, as it was clear that not only she didn't have any chances of promotion, but she was making things even worse by making a fool of herself.

"I have a few matters I need to discuss with you, sir. I was hoping the previous CEO had filled you in." Sarah tried to remain calm.

"He never told me." Dwayne said, "I suppose you had better come in, then."

Sarah moved past the door, shutting it behind her, and walked towards him at his large table. She held her skirt as she sat on the chair, right in front of him. They sat there for a couple of moments in silence, Sarah looking everywhere else while Dwayne seemed to openly ogle her.

"So what can I help you with?" Dwayne finally broke the silence.

"It is about the performer list, sir." Sarah went straight to the point.

"Is that supposed to mean anything to me?" Dwayne harshly asked.

"It's the annual promotion review system, sir. I am sure you've been briefed about it." Sarah reminded him, a little puzzled.

"Oh, yeah, that. What about it?" Dwayne maintained his indifferent tone.

"I know it may sound too forward, but I really think I deserve to be on that list." Sarah finally spoke. It was time that significant higher-up in her work environment must acknowledge that she is indeed all she can be, and this is not solely in reference to the U.S. Army.

"Do you realize how many times I have heard that? Most of the times it's been all talk, why should it be any different with you?" Dwayne asked, incredulous.

"I am hard working and reliable, sir. Besides, I am very productive." Sarah brought her best side to attention.

"That is what I pay you for! Do you think you are doing me a favor?" Dwayne seemed upset with the way this conversation was going.

"Not at all, sir. I didn't mean that." Sarah was caught off guard.

"Cause it seems to me you feel you are better than your peers and you want some sort of privilege around here!" Dwayne continued.

"No, sir. I would never think that way." Sarah replied, clearly shaking now.

"So is there anything else? I am a busy man, you know." Dwayne finally tried to break the conversation.

"I am sorry, sir. I really think we started on the wrong foot here." Sarah told him, while remaining professional.

"I certainly think so." Dwayne replied.

Sarah took a deep breath and started explaining her point of view. She thought the key was to take authority, or rather, act as though she could be the next boss. So she described her milestones, her envisioned goals and how she had focused her career path. She did plan her rise to the top with proper visualization and aspirations after all. She took the opportunity to present him some of her projections and set optimistic but attainable goals that would drive her to surpass her original plans and push the envelope.

"That was quite illustrative, Mrs. Ford." Dwayne said, looking very bored.

"Thank you, sir. It really means a lot to me." She smiled.

"But, I can clearly notice there is more to it than simply your devotion to work. What is it really?" Dwayne confronted her.

"The thing is that my husband and I are going through some tough times, and that promotion would help us get on our feet again." She finally said, being quite sincere.

"So you are expecting me to be sympathetic?" He measured the authenticity of her voice tone.

"I just wanted to be honest about the situation, sir." Sarah continued.

"Fair enough, Mrs. Ford." Dwayne concluded.

"So you will consider me for promotion, sir?" Sarah hopefully asked.

"I will tell you what, Ford, you have guts to come here and ask me that, so I am willing to take a risk." Dwayne told her.

"Thank you, sir. You won't regret it." Sarah assured him.

"But I have to be sure I am not taking a hasty step first, so I need to know some background information about you. Is that alright?" Dwayne asked her, in a serious tone, while he seemed to reach her file at his computer.

"I understand, sir. Please go ahead." Sarah complied.

"So how long have you been working for this firm?" He asked without stopping what he was doing.

"Five years now, sir. I first started as an intern." Sarah promptly answered.

"It says in your file that you are one the most promising young professionals around here." Dwayne stated.

"I am glad to hear it, sir." Sarah's smile widened.

"How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?" Dwayne continued.

"Twenty nine, sir." Sarah replied.

"And how long have you been married?" Dwayne shifted the focus to more personal questions.

"Four years, sir." Sarah was very private about her life, but it seemed fair that her new boss wanted to know more about an employee, especially in this case.

"Do you always wear that kind of outfit to go to work?" He stared at her. Sarah usually looked amazing, but in that figure hugging business suit, she looked radiant, and so unbelievably fuckable.

"I believe so, sir." Sarah blushed.

"Your husband is a lucky man, indeed. You have kids?" He praised her.

"None, sir. I am focusing on my career at the moment." Sarah answered.

"And what kind of underwear are you wearing right now?" Dwayne pushed further.

"Excuse me?" Sarah thought her ears must be playing tricks on her.

"The way I see things, Ford, what the hell, I am just gonna call you Sarah from now on." Dwayne tried to explain his actions. "You are skilled, dedicated and you probably deserve that damn promotion. But that ain't gonna happen!" He continued.

"I don't understand, sir." Sarah expected a CEO to have better arguments than that.

"It is quite simple really, Sarah." He resumed his point. "If you want the promotion you need to give me something in return, and by that I mean that lovely piece of ass of yours." Dwayne boldly stated.

"What? Are you fucking serious?" Sarah shouted, outraged.

"Do I look like I am kidding?" Dwayne kept his indifferent posture.

"This is sexual harassment, I will have you fired and charged for this!" Sarah threatened him.

"You can do whatever you damn please, Sarah, I don't care." Dwayne didn't seem to mind. "It will be your word against mine and by the time it gets sorted out your promotion will be gone. So let's just be practical about it." He continued.

"You fucking pig!" She yelled as she slapped him hard on the face.

Sarah got up and rushed to the door, there was no way she was gonna walk in front of this guy and give him an excuse to view her ass. She got out and slammed the door behind her.

"Dirty old bastard!" She thought. "I'm old enough to be his daughter."

Sarah clutched the nearby wall; she was shaken up and on the verge of crying. She couldn't believe he had the nerve to propose something like that to her. She was honest about her work and circumstance and he just tried to take advantage of her.

She wanted to make the old perv pay for his offence, but he was right about his point. Surely she would find a way to prove he harassed her, but that would take an awfully long time. She only had until tomorrow to make it to that damn list and so far she had nothing.

As much as she hated the idea, she needed to go back to his office and try to reason with the old prick, hoping he would come to his senses about the matter. She took a deep breath, straightened herself and headed back to his office.

"Sarah, looking good as always." He said with that stupid smile on his face, as she walked in and sat at the chair facing him again.

"I am willing to give you a chance for you to apologize." She told him straight up, making it look she was on top of the situation.

"Sarah, come on. It's a long way to the top, and you are only showing that you don't have what it takes to get there." Dwayne laughed.

"I am a hard working and honest professional and I love my husband! You should be ashamed of yourself, you asshole!" She shouted. Maybe she could convince him by showing an aggressive side.

"High moral standards won't get you anywhere. Besides, quit being a baby! I am not telling you to love me or some shit like that. It is strictly a business transaction: we both want something and we are trying to reach an agreement." Dwayne tried to rationalize it.

"I don't want it all that much!" Sarah promptly answered him.

"Is that so? How come you are back here, discussing it then? I may be an asshole, but I am not a hypocrite, I am not forcing you to do shit! If you want to go and report me go ahead, I don't fucking care, I just gave you an option!" Dwayne finally lost his temper.

Sarah was stunned. He had it all figured out. She wanted so much to get out of there, but she though about her her husband. They needed the money for their house. She sat there thinking and thinking.

"So what is it gonna be?" Dwayne finally asked her.

"I will listen to your offer." Sarah managed to say, trying hard not to cry.

"It has been a while since I had a woman, Sarah, and I can honestly say I never had one nearly as gorgeous as you." He told her as if it was a compliment.

"I am not gonna fuck you!" Sarah immediately answered.

"See, Sarah? You are learning how to deal. How about you suck my cock, then?" Dwayne continued.

"How about you masturbate your pathetic penis, knowing that you will never have me?" Sarah taunted him.

"That is the kind of attitude I expect from my employees, Sarah. But I am afraid that is my final offer, take it or leave it." Dwayne stated.

"I will not put my mouth anywhere near your excuse for a penis!" Sarah replied with a dry tone.

"You are one tough cookie, I'll give you that. How about this, you let me eat you out and that's it?" Dwayne insisted.

His propositions weren't going to get any better than this. Sarah was completely lost and didn't know what to do.

"You will perform oral sex on me and nothing more?" Sarah asked, a bit skeptical.

"That's the deal." He replied.

"If I let you eat me now, will you give me the promotion?" She whimpered as her predicament sunk into her.

"Sure, Sarah." Dwayne assured her.

"What about after?" Sarah continued.

"You go your way; I go mine, no strings attached." He tried to sound reasonable.

"You don't really expect me to cum for you, do you?" Sarah mocked him again.

"You don't have to enjoy it but you sure as hell must pretend it! Now lock the door, get over here and let's do it!" He smiled.

Sarah sat there with shock in her eyes. Slowly, she realized she had no choice. She was going to do it. She was going to do this for the husband she loved. Reluctantly she got up, locked the door and turned to face him. He was smiling triumphantly.

"My, you look pretty!" He laughed gazing at her young, firm body in a low cut, business suit. "Dressed up for me?"

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