tagIncest/TabooClose to Home Ch. 08-13

Close to Home Ch. 08-13


Thank you to all who liked chapters 1-7 and I hope this is up to your expectations.

Chapter 8 Your Place or Mine.

The rest of the day was spent getting to know one another better. Not so much the persons that we were, we each had a good understanding of each other, but knowing the other psychically and intimately. I did not know that Reese was so ticklish around her belly or that she could be aroused to orgasm simply by rubbing her feet. She had no idea that rubbing my hair equated to giving me a sleeping pill. It was a very good day for us.

That night we had dinner at a waterfront seafood restaurant where the fishing boats came by. Occasionally we would see a dolphin or two trailing behind the boats scavenging. It was really great food and very romantic. After dinner we walked along the shore taking in the glory of nature as we made our way back to our bungalow.

Even after the events of the previous twenty four hours I was unsure as to Reese' intentions for sleeping arrangements and did not want to make any assumptions that would be embarrassing if they were wrong. I opened the door to the room and once inside turned Reese to face me. "Thank you for the wonderful day I've had and hope that you feel the same."

I paused before saying, "I don't want the night to end, but I'm not sure what you want." I leaned in and gently kissed her lips then forehead. "If this is goodnight, I understand. I am a big boy. It's whatever you want."

With a big smile and a tear in her eye Reese hugged me and said "It doesn't matter where you sleep. If you sleep in my bed I will be beside you, if you sleep in your room I'll be there, and if you don't want me to sleep with you I will sleep in the floor beside your bed to be near you." Reese was silent for a moment before softly speaking, "I don't want this night, any of this to ever end."

I kissed her hard but soft for a long time each allowing our hands to roam freely and our tongues to wrestle. When the kiss broke I took her to her room leading her by the hand, "Your bed is bigger."

I was awakened the next morning by the light shining in the window and the squawk of the seagulls. Rolling out of bed, I stumbled to the bathroom and took care of business. I called room service for breakfast and then stepped into the shower. It was nice to have an early riser to get the shower warmed up for you in the morning I thought. Reese kissed me good morning before handing me the soap saying we couldn't play this morning we really had to vacate the room by eleven. She chuckled at my best puppy dog face as she stepped from the shower.

I finished quickly and started to dress. As I checked my cell I noticed a missed call from my dad. There were, actually, two missed calls, one last night and one at 7:30 this morning. What was my dad thinking? While Reese used the blow dryer I stepped into the living area to give him a call. I was just finishing up when Reese stepped in to hear the final stages of the call, "Yeah Dad, I will see which works best and let you know. Tell Mom how much I love her and bye" At just that moment there was a knock on the door from room service.

We sat on the patio and ate quietly neither wanting our time together to end. Reese spoke a little uneasily, "How are things with you parents? Is everyone O.K.?"

"They're great." I answered, "Dad has been taking care of something for me." "One of my friends is liquidating his parent's estate and had some land with a small house on it." I continued, "I guess I bought it as much to help them as to have something besides a car to show for my baseball money" Then as if to justify, "Dad thought it was the right thing to do." Walking on eggs I said, "You know; if we take the interstate we will go within twenty miles of the farm. I know everyone there would love to see you!"

Reese' eyes dropped to her lap, "I know", She said slowly, "I would love to see them again too' but I just don't know. . ." Then after a moment she asked, "Would it be weird for you? Is it too soon for me to be happy in their eyes? Reese was conflicted. We finished breakfast in silence then went to our respective rooms and packed. After checking out of the hotel and refueling we headed toward home. There was about twenty or so miles to decide between the interstate or back roads.

I reached for Reese hand and gave it a gentle squeeze and smiled at her. "Either way is fine".

She returned the smile and asked, "What do we tell them about us?"

I thought for a moment and said with all of the honesty that I could muster, "Only the truth. That you have become my dearest friend and that I don't want anything to hinder that."

"Oh Drew, "she said, "I feel the same but that's not what I meant."

"My family wasn't at the wedding. And have no idea that there is anything going on between us" I answered.

"All of my friends said I was "glowing" this weekend and I even saw it myself in the mirror." then Reese chuckled a bit, "And your grandmother is E.T. or something!"

Reese was right about Grandma. "I know", I thought aloud, "I'll do something to piss you off just before we get there. Then you can sulk at me and they'll never know a thing"

We laughed hard as I turned right onto the interstate. Reese said, "I don't sulk".

Chapter 9 Road Less Traveled

I had been home at least every few months or so but it had been quite a while for Reese. She commented on the few changes that had been made to town and the road heading to the farm. One thing that had not changed was the weathered sign hanging at the end of the drive that read "C.B. Quinn and Sons Family Farms". Reese eyes dropped to her lap and she was quiet. I had no idea what to say so I held her hand.

You can't sneak up to the old farm house as it set several hundred yards down a gravel drive from the main road. The cloud of dust announced the arrival of anyone well before they actually got to the farm. Reese and I were no exception. Grandma and Grandpa were standing at the top step waiting to see who the visitors were as we pulled up to the house... When the dust had cleared and Grandma saw Reese in the passenger's seat she ran to the car, opened the door and was giving Reese a hug even before she had been able to stand. Tears were welling up in my eyes as I saw just how happy Grandma was. Reese matched Grandmas hug and they were both an emotional mess with tears of joy flowing freely.

Grandpa surprised me with a slap to the back and a hug of his own. After everyone had hugged we went inside where Grandma continued to carry on and force feed us cookies and sweet tea. Things were going well with my grandparents very happy to see Reese and catch up on what had been going on in her life. They were genuinely concerned and it was obvious that they still had a lot of love for her. The sentiment was true for Reese too but still she felt awkward being her first visit in such a while and having basically no contact with my family. There were questions that they asked about Bobby's estate and how the military had treated her. Grandpa offered to call his "friends at the Capitol" if she needed any help with anything. I thought my being there may have made her feel uncomfortable so when Grandpa asked if I wanted to see the new tractor I gladly followed him to the barn.

As we were heading across the yard Grandpa put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Andy, You've seemed to have done well for yourself. Be sure to take care and don't take it all for granted, you hear me son?"

Grandpa never wasted words. I was sure that these were placed there to tell me something that he thought was very important and it was my job to figure out what he really meant. He had to have known about the deal dad had been working on for me and the car and the rest of the money issues but I was beginning to wonder if Grandma was rubbing off on him. I simply nodded and smiled. Grandpa responded with "Good." and that was the end of it. The tractor was really nice and something that had been needed for a while.

When we came back inside the ladies looked at us and became immediately very quiet. I had the feeling we had interrupted, and by the look on Reese face she was glad. "I have to go see mom and dad and I know they would like to see you, but I can come back and pick you up when I'm done if you'd rather." I explained to Reese. She quickly stood and walked to my side while telling me that she couldn't come all this way and not see them. After more hugs and tears and goodbyes Reese and I were headed back down the gravel road and onto the highway for the mile trip to my parents place on the other side of the farm.

As soon as I had gotten into the driver's seat Reese shot me an evil look and said "I can't believe you were going to leave me there to face that inquisition alone! How could you even suggest it?" and finished with a slap to the arm.

"I was only trying to make them think there wasn't anything going on with us!" I said trying to defend myself and not burst out laughing. "Too late I'm afraid." she said, "You're grandmother said that she had not seen me looking this well since my wedding day and that she was thrilled for me. I had no idea what to say!"

I relayed my conversation with grandpa as we pulled into my parents drive and honked the horn. Soon we were in the midst of another 'love fest' as we greeted my Mom and Dad.

Mom insisted that we have lunch with them and set about to whip up a little gourmet meal. Reese offered to help and while they got the food ready Dad and I went to his office to sign the paperwork. Lunch was great and went well with the conversation pretty light and casual. As we were finishing up Dad suggested that I ride with him to drop off the papers at the lawyer's office. I looked over at Reese who spoke up, "I'll help your mom clean up and then rest a little, and we have a long ride yet. You go on; I'm not in a hurry to get home". I thought that I saw mom smile at dad but wasn't sure.

As we headed down the steps toward the truck Dad tossed the keys my way and told me to drive. You see, when dad wanted to tell me something and didn't want me to be able to do anything but listen he always made me drive. It was just his way, probably grandpas too. He didn't say a word for the first mile or so and I was actually beginning to sweat. Finally Dad asked if I had been dating anyone. That was Mom's department, he was definitely going somewhere but I didn't know where.

"Son, do you know who Boaz is? He asked. I was silent, that was how this worked. "You should remember him from Sunday school." he said, "It's in the book of Ruth." "He was the kinsman redeemer," Dad continued on, "Ruth came and laid herself at his feet." "You know how we always leave that half acre in the bottoms unharvested? That's because of Boaz."

He looked out the window at the traffic for a couple of minutes before adding, "Teresa is a beautiful young woman, she needs someone, and she may have laid herself before you. That's fine, good even but Andrew, do it right" As was usually the case, Dad had timed what he had to say so that he finished just as we ended the trip. On the way home Dad drove and talked about baseball. He never changed.

While in town we had two stops to make. One was to my Uncle Mikes office to sign paperwork on the purchase of a piece of property and the other to real estate office to pick up the keys. Having knocked those out, Dad wanted to stop and pick up something to go with the dinner Mom had planned. We were heading back to the farm before four. It had been a good day so far and I was in a really good mood. Why did I have this nagging feeling that everything had turned serious and my world was about to change.

When Dad and I walked into the house I nearly hit the floor. Mom was dressed to the nines and the house smelled like an Italian restaurant. I looked for Reese but she was nowhere in sight. I turned to Mom who was smiling openly. "I figured tonight was a time to celebrate with you becoming a home owner and having our family with us again, so I got a little carried away." she said.

When Mom got carried away it meant that she cooked some fancy Italian dish her grandmother taught her and we dressed for dinner and ate in the dining room rather than the kitchen or in front of the television. Sure enough Mom told Dad to shower and dress in the clothes hanging on the bathroom door. Then she turned to me and asked if I could still wear the suit hanging in my closet or would I need to get something out of my car. I didn't know that I had a suit still hanging in my closet since had not lived there for about six years. I didn't question her and simply headed to get my suit bag from the car.

When I came back Mom said, "You'll need to use our bathroom when your dad is done, Teresa is set up in your old room." "I thought that it would be best to let her sleep in the bed and you on the couch." Mom added. I must have looked a Mom funny because she said "Don't argue with me!"

"I've cooked this big meal and there will be wine, and you're not going to rush through it so you can get on the road just to die when you fall asleep at the wheel!" More calmly mom said, "Enjoy tonight with your family, get a good night's rest and you can head out after breakfast in the morning." "That's Settled" she said. It was settled. She was Mom.

After Dad was done showering I jumped in and within fifteen minutes he and I were dressed sitting in front of the television watching baseball. I was watching the pitcher trying to get a clue from his body language as to what pitch he was about to throw when I heard my Dad clear his throat, stand, and then say, "Wow, my dear lady you are simply beautiful." I turned as he spoke and saw Reese descending the stairs. Dad was right; she looked incredible maybe even better than the first time I saw her in that dress at the wedding. Mom gasped as she stepped in from the kitchen and Reese blushed. I am not really sure why but I seemed to be full of pride that mom and dad made over Reese like that. They already knew her and loved her why should it matter that they thought she looked so beautiful tonight?

Mom broke the spell when she announced that dinner was ready. Reese offered to help but mom said everything was done. We all went into the dining room where mom had set the table with her nice china, candlelight, wine, and Chicken Parmigiana. I followed dad's lead when he held mom's chair. Reese complemented mom on the table and the preparation. She continued nearly gushing, that she was glad to dress up one more time how she hated spending that much on dress to wear only once.

Then dad really surprised me when he said that he wanted to make a toast. He raised his glass and said, "To Andrew, and to becoming a homeowner, and to Teresa for gracing us once again with her beauty and presence in our home".

Mom said "Here, here."

Reese blushed then looked at me with a questioning look.

Through dinner I explained how dad thought that having a home would be a good investment and when my friend's parents decided to relocate for their retirement that the opportunity had just seemed right and so I bought it. I explained that it was a small home on about fifteen acres and while it was simple, it had a certain charm and room for expansion if I chose. Right now the home would be a getaway spot. Reese complimented my dad for his sound advice and said that I didn't need to spend all of my money on fast cars and cheap women. Everyone laughed. We ate and laughed and talked and cried and drank for over three hours. Everything was great as mom was a wonderful cook. The time was well spent and I thanked mom for making me stay.

Quietly mom excused herself and reappeared a few minute later wearing sweats and carrying a stack of sheets and blankets. She said for me to sleep here on the sofa. Then she turned to Reese and smiled saying, "Teresa I put fresh linen on Andy's bed and you can sleep there."

Reese looked at me with a look of pleading. Mom though Reese was not wanting to put me out my bed. Mom said, "You are family but no lady is going to sleep on the couch with a man piled up in the bed. In this house the man sleeps on the sofa! Now that's that."

"I've got it mom." I chimed in, "We're going to finish watching this show then I'll get everything settled."

Reese and I went to change and met back in the den. A few minutes' later mom and dad excused themselves to turn in. Everyone said their good-nights and mom admonished me not to stay up too late with the long drive ahead. I hugged her and promised not to be up late and thanked her for the meal then they were gone. I turned to Reese and she was again giving me that pleading look. I hugged her and said "I've got it covered."

I was awakened by the sound of breaking glass and feet on the stairs. I looked but saw no one. I nudged Reese who was nestled into my shoulder to wake her. "Good morning," I said with a kiss to her forehead. She smiled back at me. "I think we must have 'fallen asleep' watching television and surprised Mom when she came down."

Reese smiled even more and said "I hate it when I 'fall asleep' watching T.V.". We laughed to ourselves knowingly while hearing footsteps coming down the stairs.

It was Dad and he was smiling broadly. "Morning you two!" he said. Mom was just behind him but didn't speak. She did begin to sweep up the broken coffee mug.

Breakfast was hearty and lively in conversation but without mention of mom finding Reese and I asleep on the couch with her in my arms. I was uneasy yet a little relieved that no one cared to discuss it. See, when something was a problem with mom and dad you never had to wait for them to get it out in the open and taken care of. That's probably the coolest thing about my parents. Friends would tell me how their parents would let things stew until it all blew up. Then things really became nasty.

After breakfast Mom and Reese cleaned up the dishes and Dad and I carried the bags (Including the one Mom had made with sandwiches and drinks for the road) to the car. Once done Dad put his hand on my shoulder and asked if I had really had a good night's sleep. I looked him in the eye and assured him that I had slept like a baby. He said, "I'm glad Son, Truly glad". After a pit stop we were all hugged up and ready to go with promises to call and come back really soon.

Chapter 10 To Be Determined

As we pulled onto the road Reese asked how long I would make her wait to hear all about this property I had bought. I said "It's on the way to the interstate and I was going to ask if you would mind a slight detour to see it?" She slapped me on the arm assuring me she would only mind if I didn't take her to see it. The turn from the highway was only a mile or so away.

The road to the house led by the lake and with the sunshine of a beautiful day it was too nice to talk so we made the less than ten minute trip in silence. I would occasionally look over at Reese who would look back and smiled like a kid going to pick out a new puppy. She was nearly giddy. I was nervous wandering how the house had changed in the years since I had seen it.

When I pulled into the drive I heard a little gasp escape Reese lips, "I know this place! This is the house were you had the after party at your prom!" she exclaimed, "Oh my god!"

I laughed at her as she became so animated over it all. "Yeah, it was Matt's parents get away spot. They only used it for weekends to get away from town. With his dad being the only dentist in town, he would have to leave or he would be working all of the time". I added, "This was their place to hide and he brought me a lot, with us both being without siblings, it gave us something to do." I placed the car in park and turned off the engine. I turned to say something to Reese but she was already out of the car running toward the house. I just laughed and chased after her.

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