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Close Your Eyes... Now


... imagine a beautiful beach, the waves lapping upon the white, fine sand. The sun is slowly moving down, gently teasing the water with it's rays, causing a incredible collage of colors - reds, yellows, rust, and orange, all mixing with the beautiful blue ocean, and the darkening sky. A lone woman sits on the beach, watching the ending of another day. A gentle breeze blows her hair. She sits with knees up, arms hugging her legs, lost in thought. A big blanket covers the sand, still warm from the sun. It feels so good on her toes ... as she glances up the beach ... seeing a solitary figure walking slowly towards her. The light is fading, causing her to squint, trying to make out who it might be. The beach is deserted except for these two ...

The only sound is the waves caressing the shore, and an occasional gull, saying good-bye to the day. The figure moves closer, and she can make out it is a woman with strong legs, dark tan, and long blonde hair. A slow smile begins on her face... she knows this person, knows that walk, that smile.

I approach you swinging a basket, filled with goodies ... a sly smile on my face, the breeze blowing my hair around me, the last of the sun's rays highlighting my hair, my tanned skin, my eyes... full of mischief. You smile and say my name... knowing I have found you and that I must have something in mind ... with that look on my face. I walk up to you, not saying a word... and move to your back... sitting on my knees. You turn to say something, but I put my finger on your lips and slowly shake my head and I softly say "Shhhhhhh, not now just relax, this is my present for you."

Now, close your eyes ...

You turn head to the ocean again, curiosity getting the best of you, yet knowing it will be worth the wait. I open the basket and pull out some oil to massage your back, allowing my fingers to softly caress your shoulder, causing you to jump ever so slightly. I move forward and whisper in your ear.

"Relax... just close your eyes and let it happen. I won't hurt you ... promise" My voice is low, and sweet, like honey and you find yourself doing as I say without a second thought. I pour the sweet oil into my hand, and begin working it into your shoulders, moving my hands in slow circles, feeling you begin to relax under my touch. I spread my fingers and let them begin to work the muscles... getting all the stress and tension out, my fingers working deeper and deeper.

The sun has painted the sea a multitude of colors as my hands move further down your back... moving down your spine, and outward... long, strong strokes.

You have your eyes closed and so very softly I begin to nibble on your shoulder ... my tongue moving in sensual circles across your skin, my teeth so very gently biting your neck. You catch your breath as my warm, soft lips move up your neck, my hands and fingers moving lower... along your lower back... moving out from your spine, easing the tension. You can feel my firm, full breast against your back, my nipples teasing you with their hardness. As my hands move lower, I pull you against me, my hands moving around you... moving up your body... to feel your breast, your nipples hardening with my fingers touch. My lips move to your ear, and I whisper... "Let's take off those clothes, I don't think you are going to need them for a while."

You can only close your eyes, breathing in deeply, as my hands move to pull off your tank top... letting my hands move caressingly over your skin. I move and lay you down on the blanket, looking into your beautiful eyes and smile... my fingers lightly tracing a path down your body... down your belly, moving to your shorts, running my fingers inside the waist band, moving them slowly down your hips letting my nails run over your smooth skin, causing you to gasp ... and close your eyes again ... going with the sensations. I spread your legs with one of my hands, and move between them, my other hand never having left your shorts still pulling them lower and lower... seeing the light trace of hair appear, and you stiffen and open your eyes. Seeing my eyes and smile, you know that soon you will be feeling more intense sensations.

I take my hands and lift your hips, sliding the shorts down your legs... letting my hands caress your hips, your thighs, moving slowly down your leg, until the shorts are in a bunch beside you. My fingers move to your feet... massaging more oil into your skin, working the muscles evenly on both feet, my fingers so strong, my palms moving in circles on your arches, the balls of your feet. Moving up your legs... my fingers and hands work on the muscles, making you relax into such a peaceful state... forgetting where you are. Just lost in the feeling. As my fingers move up to your knee you open your eyes, watching me, with a sweet smile on your face. I lean up and blow soft cool air on your sweet pussy... and you shiver.

We are in total darkness... the only light from the few stars and the awakening moon behind your head. You can see the moonlight in my eyes, and see my desire, my need to have you, to make you feel such sweet ecstasy. My hands move to your inner thighs touching the soft skin and I lean further up, taking one of your breast into my mouth,causing you to moan ever so lowly... your nipples getting even more hard in my mouth... my tongue running over them, my teeth playfully biting them, making you jerk. My hands are on your hips now... working the muscles, caressing your lower belly teasing you with the closeness. One hand moves up and takes your other breast, cupping it tenderly and moving my fingers around and around... finally taking the hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and rolling it back and forth, as I suck harder and harder on the breast in my mouth. Spreading your legs even further, I press against you... feeling your heat and wetness.

My hips move against you and you meet me, knowing so very well the sweet rhythm we will soon share between us. I move my mouth to the other breast... biting it, making you shiver with delight. My hand slides down your side, stroking your hip, moving inside you thigh as I suck your other breast... and with slow movements, my fingers move inside your folds.

So soft, so velvety so smooth and soo very wet. My lips move down your belly... and my fingers move inside teasing you... playing at your opening, moving just inside feeling you tense... my tongue licking closer and closer... finally moving to your folds... and moving inside, finding your clit so very hard and eager for my touch. As my tongue moves against it... in circles and up and down, I press my fingers inside you, 2 and then 3... moving in a slow, steady rhythm, knowing you are already so very excited. I curl my fingers, reaching inside... and finding that wonderful spot that causes such intense pleasure, stroking it... making you cry my name. My tongue moves faster over your clit the juices are already flowing from you... you are sooo wet, and getting wetter. I press deeper inside you, moving with you... your hips pressing against me, deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

I lick you up and down, side to side, the touch of my tongue soft, then hard, just the tip, then all of it... You are starting to squirm, and I know you are so very close to release, to an incredible orgasm.... I stroke you faster... and faster... moving in circles, in and out, deeper and deeper. Your clit is so very hard ... finally, as I know you are about to explode, I bite it and press inside you finding then stroking your G-spot, and you yell my name, your hips move up, your muscles tense...

I press deeper and deeper inside you,feeling the spasms of pleasure... then one hand moves to the basket and I get ice and touch your belly... causing you to scream and cum again, so very intense ... your muscles clinching on my fingers and I move up and kiss you softly. You wrap your arms around me, and our kiss deepens ... and you have wave upon wave of sensations move over you just as the waves are lapping against the shore ...

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