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It was the end of October, and the young stud-muffins Josh Hartnett and Jaret Leto were on the set of their new film "Temptation."

"Cut! That's a rap for today...I'll see you all tomorrow morning at 7am sharp!" director James Cameron yelled. "Good," said Jared, "I need to relax!"

"Same here. Cameron's such a goddamn slave driver," Josh agreed. "Well, see ya' tomorrow," Jared said, with a smile. Josh smiled back, and they both headed to their trailers.

A few hours had passed, and it was now 11:34pm. Jared lay on his back watching T.V. thinking about Josh. "He's so cute...I wonder if he knows about 'me'..." he said aloud. Just then, there was a knock on his trailer door. He jumped, startled, then got up to answer it. He looked through the peep hole and saw Josh's face. His piercing brown eyes, his sexy jawline. Jared slowly opened the door, then said, "um...hey...what brings you here this late?"

"Oh...I'm sorry. Did I wake you? If I did, I can..." Josh began, but was interrupted by Jared, "No, no...it's fine. Do you wanna come in?"

"Sure," Josh replied, with a slight grin. He walked in and they both sat on the bed.

"So, what's up?" Jared asked. "Oh, I just wanted to go over a couple lines with you in the script, for our argument scene tomorrow..." Josh said. "Oh, okay. That's cool..." Jared said, disappointed, hoping Josh's visit would be more...'erotic.' Little did he know...

"Well, we don't have to if you don't want to..." Josh said, half grinning. "Well, what else do you have in mind that we do?" Jared asked flirtatiously. "Well...just...stuff, I guess," Josh suggested, as he slowly reached his hand over and rested it on Jared's left thigh. "OH FUCK YAH!" Jared thought in excitement.

Jared smiled. "Um...I didn't know you 'swung' that way." Josh replied, 'Yep. And I can tell that you do too. You're just too goddamn pretty to like bitches." They both laughed, then stared into eachother's beautiful eyes for a moment, then Josh leaned over and kissed Jared, full-tongue. They were kissing for a while, and as they still did, Josh crept his hand over to Jared's crotch, feeling his rock hard dick. They slowly pulled from their passionate kiss, and Jared smiled, staring at Josh's mouth, still tasting the wonderful kiss. Josh massaged Jared's cock until Jared had no choice but to take it out.

It was too hard to keep in his pants. He stood up, and Josh unbuttoned Jared's pants and slowly pulled them off. Jared wore a blue buttoned shirt, which he removed himself. Josh rubbed Jared's cock through his briefs, then pulled them down as well. He licked the head of Jared's cock for a few minutes, then swallowed it whole. Jared let out a long sigh, followed by a quiet moan. Josh was sucking so hard that Jared's legs began to get weak. He sucked and sucked and sucked, until his jaw began to get tired, but he couldn't stop. Jared began rubbing Josh's head as he gently moved his waist back and forth, pushing his cock in and pulling it out of Josh's mouth. As badly as he wanted to continue, Josh pulled Jared's cock out of his mouth and stood up.

They kissed, and Josh moved his hands over Jared's beautiful torso; first his stomach, then up to his chest, then he moved his arms to Jared's back, pulling him closer as they kissed. Still kissing, Jared slid his hands down the front of Josh's shirt and began massaging his cock through his pants. Josh moaned very slightly, and kissed Jared harder. He pulled away and pulled his white t-shirt off over his head, then unbuttoned his pants. Jared moved his head to the side and kissed Josh's neck, and kissed his way down to Josh's manhood. He began sucking Josh's amazing cock, moving it in and out slowly, then faster. He kept on for a few more minutes, then stood back up. Josh was biting his lower lip and half-smiling, and raised his puppy eyes to meet with Jared's baby blues.

Jared got on the bed, laid on his back, and stroked his cock, smiling up at Josh. Josh got on his knees on the bed, and Jared slowly moved his legs apart. Josh grinned and moved forward, and firmly yet gently slid into Jared. Jared closed his eyes and moaned softly as Josh began moving in and out of him. "Oh fuck...yah...mmm..." Josh moaned.

He leaned down and kissed Jared so passionately, so beautifully. Jared reached his hands up and rubbed Josh's beautiful chest, then began stroking his own cock. They had gone for a while longer, when Josh began to move in and out faster, his moans louder and more frequent. "Oh fuck...I'm gonna cum...mmm..." he whispered into Jared's ear. He pulled out and stroked his cock for a few seconds, started to moan, then came on Jared's washboard-stomach and smooth chest. He jacked off for a few more seconds then let out a long sigh, then leaned down and kissed Jared. He then moved down and began sucking Jared's cock, and it wasn't long before he was cumming too.

"Oh God...uh...mmm..." Jared moaned, biting his bottom lip. Josh pulled his Jared's cock out of his mouth and began sucking his balls, as Jared came, shooting onto Josh's face and up onto his own stomach. Josh leaned up and kissed Jared once more, then he laid on top of him, resting his head on his chest until they both drifted off to slumber.

The next morning came and they both awoke, showered, and reported to stage 6 for the day's film shoot.

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