tagGay MaleCloseness Ch. 04

Closeness Ch. 04



It got more difficult after the restaurant. Much more difficult.

Archer drove them to Zazou.

Jesse realized he should have guessed where they'd end up based on the way he'd been told to dress—and by the fact Archer wore his tight jeans again. Archer had certainly learned well how to dress for clubbing, even if tonight his shirt was buttoned up and tucked into his jeans. He wore his gold flattened-link bracelet in addition—and a pair of earrings, which he rarely put in.

"Why are we here?" Jesse asked, uncertain he liked being in the position Archer tended to occupy in their relationship. The role-reversal had a terrifying aspect to it.

Archer glanced at Jesse, seeming uncertain now himself. "I wanted to come here again. I didn't think you'd mind." His words had the tone of an apology.

Jesse sat up in the seat, holding a hand out toward his stepbrother. "Oh, no, it's fine. I just wasn't expecting it." Anything to keep from upsetting Archer. He did not want to ruin this outing for Archer.

Archer grinned at him. "Okay. Let's go."

Jesse nodded and unbuckled himself with a shaky hand. Actually, his whole body was shaking a little now. If he'd thought he could get away with asking to go elsewhere without upsetting Archer, he would have.

The truth was, last week's visit to this club with Archer had been bad enough. Not because it had been bad, but because it had made him aware of what he could never have. It had taken everything he had to convince Archer to go dance with Carson, and he'd had to sit very still so he wouldn't follow them to the dance floor to watch. And the desire to watch had been as much about feeling protective over Archer as it had been about wanting to dance with Archer himself. He'd actually considered following just so he could interrupt the dance and take Carson's place in an effort to seduce Archer.

Jesse somehow got himself out of the car and himself and Archer into the club. As he'd half-expected, Archer found an empty booth and dropped into the seat facing the doorway's direction as he had last week. Jesse sat down more tentatively, wondering if he'd be able to keep control of himself this time.

When a waiter arrived and he gave his order, he requested an alcoholic drink. Just one. He'd have just one. He needed it to help him wrap his mind around the fact Archer had actually willingly come to a club—had thought of doing so himself, all on his own. They didn't speak to each other until they had their beverages.

"You wanted to come back here?"

Archer nodded and smiled. "It was kind of fun last week."

Jesse sat back, stunned by this confession. In an effort to drown his shock, he drank half his drink at once. When he realized what he was doing, he jerked the drink away and looked out into the club. There had to be something he could do to keep his mind off the situation he was in. Something which wasn't getting drunk.

"Go on and dance."

He faced Archer, who smiled and made a shooing motion. He could go dance. It was possible, but he didn't like the idea of leaving Archer behind again. He wanted to keep an eye on his stepbrother.

"I don't feel like it."

A frown bent Archer's expression for a moment, then he slid out of his side of the booth and came over to grab one of Jesse's hands.

Realizing what Archer intended to do, Jesse leaned back, shaking his head. Undeterred, Archer pulled him out of the booth. He went, mostly because he didn't want to ruin things. If he resisted and it devolved into an argument, it would just totally destroy the rest of the night. So he went, and Archer pulled him to the dance floor and into the crowd.

People hemmed him in. Jesse glanced around when Archer stopped and turned to face him, grabbing his other hand. To his horror, Archer clasped their hands together and stepped close. He had a moment of Is this the way Archer danced with Carson? before Archer tucked their hands, weaving their fingers now, at the small of his back and got right up against him.

Archer's cheeks flushed, but he didn't stop. His hips bumped forward, grinding against Jesse's, and Jesse closed his eyes, trying to evade Archer's steady gaze. If he hadn't known any better, he'd have said Archer was trying to seduce him. But no. Archer wasn't that way.

However, Jesse couldn't deny how close they were. He gripped Archer's hands, their palms sweating. After a minute, he realized he was mirroring Archer's movements with his hips and body and groaned, more turned on by it than he wanted to be. He opened his eyes, intending to make some excuse to break away and found Archer's gaze locked on his face, expression intent, cheeks still red, eyes glittering with something more than mere enjoyment.

Archer's lips turned up at the corners, recreating the smile they'd graced Jesse with at the restaurant. The one full of possibilities. The one which made him want to give in and forget their familial relationship and just go with the flow of things.

But Archer couldn't know what he was doing. Aside from last Friday, he was a total innocent to things. He couldn't know what his smile invited Jesse to do. He couldn't be aware of what a turn-on it was to dance like this. He couldn't be thinking the things Jesse wanted him to be thinking, about kissing, and sex, and waking up together in the morning for more. He couldn't know.

The song ended, and Archer released Jesse, stepping back minutely. The crush on the floor didn't allow for much movement away from each other. He glanced away, took Jesse's wrist, and led the way off the dance floor.

Jesse went breathlessly, more horny than he'd been in a long time. Sure, he'd had boyfriends since he came out, but none had ever teased him like Archer just had. And it had to be a tease. Not an intentional one, but because Archer wouldn't follow up on anything he'd been unconsciously offering.

Jesse dropped into the booth and grabbed his drink. It took only a few swallows before it was gone. It was at the top of his mind he wanted to suck something besides a straw, but he knew he wouldn't get an opportunity to. When their waiter came over again, he ordered another. Now he needed something to help him get rid of the arousal, and accepted his fresh drink with alacrity, determined to drown his libido.

He was on his fourth drink when Archer again tried to convince him to get up and dance by himself. Jesse knew it was wise to listen, but he didn't feel like it. He really didn't want to dance alone or cozy up to some other lone dancer on the floor. He wanted to dance with Archer, so he refused, trying to make excuses, until Archer grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the booth again.

On the dance floor, pressed groin-to-groin with his stepbrother, he realized the mistake he'd made listening to his lowered inhibitions. His arousal, which hadn't been far away, returned the moment they faced each other and only increased when Archer got close. This time, Archer wrapped his arms around Jesse's neck, and Jesse couldn't resist the unspoken invitation to return the embrace. He did, however, manage to keep his hands off of Archer's rump.

If he hadn't swallowed his drinks so quickly, Jesse knew he may have had better self-control. The food he'd eaten didn't seem to be doing much to soak up the alcohol this time around, and he was certain Archer had stuck to colas. He didn't usually drink this much, even when he was out with a boyfriend—at least, not unless he was at home.

Their cheeks brushed, and Jesse closed his eyes at the feel of Archer's stubble, tightening his embrace. They weren't even dancing now, just somehow evading making out on the dance floor, their hips rocking back and forth against each other to the beat of the music, adding stimulation to his arousal. He thought he could feel Archer's erection, but it didn't make him want to pull away. It made him want to drag his stepbrother out of the club and to the car to make out, maybe give Archer a blow job. Jesse moaned.

As if his sound was a signal to Archer, Archer pulled away slowly, gaze examining his face. Jesse tightened his embrace again, not wanting to let go, but Archer withdrew his arms, stepping back, and kept hold of one hand to pull him off the dance floor.

Archer wasn't acting disgusted, however, and it worried Jesse. He'd expected disgust at some point. They were brothers, if only by marriage, and he kind of wanted Archer to be disgusted. It would enable him to reclaim his own resistance to whatever this was between them—because now he couldn't deny there was something more than mere fraternal feeling between them.

At the table, Archer urged Jesse to sit down. Jesse dropped onto the seat and reached for his drink. Archer grabbed it and slid it out of reach, giving Jesse a hard gaze. Swallowing, Jesse withdrew his hand and set it with the other in his lap.

They sat quietly while Archer paid the tab. When Archer rose, Jesse just gazed at him, something within breaking. Jesse didn't know if it was his inhibitions collapsing or if he'd simply reached the limits of his self-control, but when Archer pulled him out of the booth again, he wrapped his arm around Archer and left the club with the certainty they'd end up in bed—and he didn't care.

Well, he did, but only to the point of wanting it to happen.

The ride home passed in a blur. By the time Archer was pulling him out of the car, Jesse was ready for anything. He'd spent the whole ride half-aware of rubbing his own erection, too aroused to worry about freaking Archer out. Archer got him up to his own apartment, into the bedroom, where he shooed Stark off the near pillow, and stripped Jesse.

Jesse dropped onto the side of the bed as Archer folded his clothes. This wasn't working out as he'd thought it would. Archer wasn't undressing, there'd been no kissing or touching. When Archer returned to him to urge him to lay down, he wrapped his arms around Archer's hips.

"Don't leave me." He pressed his cheek to the fly of Archer's jeans, facing the cock within and deliberately exhaling on it.

Archer moaned softly, his hand combing into Jesse's hair. "You're drunk, Jess."

Jesse shook his head as much as he could with his cheek pressed against his stepbrother's groin. "Not as much as you think." He tightened his embrace and squeezed his eyes shut, inhaling another deep breath to exhale against the ridge Archer's dick made in the tight jeans, making Archer whimper. "Please don't go. I need you here tonight."

For a minute, Archer was very still, even his hand in Jesse's hair unmoving. "Okay." He sighed it out, as if his patience had been exhausted. "But you get under the covers."

"Sleep with me." Jesse reluctantly released Archer.

Archer unbuttoned his shirt halfway, baring the russet curls of his chest hair. "Get under the covers."

Jesse nodded and obeyed, trying to watch Archer, who stripped to his underwear before going around to the far side of the bed. The moment Archer settled, Jesse wrapped himself around him. He snuggled close, nuzzling Archer's neck, kissing the warm skin, brushing his lips against the stubble on the corner of Archer's jaw, undulating as he tried to make them one.

Archer gently pushed him away, got him to turn over, and pressed his chest to Jesse's back. "No, Jess. You're not in your right mind right now. I won't take advantage of you."

Jesse tried to wiggle around, but the firm grip of Archer's hand on his left shoulder prevented his reorientation to face his stepbrother. "It wouldn't be taking advantage. I want it."



"If you don't behave, I'll leave."

Jesse froze. "Okay." He couldn't stop the pout.

Archer chuckled and slid his hand down to Jesse's side and around to the front, leaving it to rest on Jesse's abdomen. "Go to sleep. We can talk in the morning."

Jesse nodded, closing his eyes, and snuggled back against Archer's chest. Sure, he'd go along with this plan. For now. He just knew if he didn't take the opportunity he had now, he wouldn't get it later. Archer hadn't been disgusted or angry—against all the odds he would be—and Jesse was just drunk enough he didn't feel guilty about his own thoughts. If he didn't do this now, it would be too late.

So he waited until Archer relaxed behind him. It took a lot of effort not to wiggle his rump against the lump he felt between Archer's hips, but Archer had pressed up against him, front to back, from head to toe. Archer's breath warmed the back of Jesse's head, and his hand made lazy circles on Jesse's abdomen. It was actually as comforting to have Archer like this as it was arousing. When Archer sighed, his hot breath coming through the hair gathered at the nape of Jesse's neck, Jesse acted.

He wiggled around to his left side. Archer, startled, only leaned away. The moment he faced Archer, Jesse grabbed his head and pulled it close for a kiss.


Jesse resisted Archer's efforts at pushing him away, throwing his leg over Archer's cotton-clad hip. Archer responded to the kiss, though it wasn't very enthusiastic. Jesse nibbled Archer's lower lip and slid his hand down under Archer's underwear, grasping the erection there.

Archer moaned, lips parting further, and his efforts to push Jesse away lost force. Jesse kissed him again, throwing everything possible into it, and this time he responded with eagerness. His hands went from pushing Jesse away to pulling him closer.

Jesse wiggled until he was on top of Archer. Archer's legs split, and one of Jesse's settled between them, Jesse's hand still moving on Archer's cock. He propped himself up on one elbow, taking reassurance he would get his way when Archer's arms embraced him.

"Let me do this." He closed his eyes for a moment when he realized he was pleading. "Let me have this." He raised his head and opened his eyes to look into Archer's flushed face. "I promise I won't hurt you."

Archer blinked up at him, panting. His hands moved on Jesse's sides, one sliding up to tease a nipple. "Right."

The flat tone of Archer's voice made Jesse wince. "I promise. I won't."

Archer nodded, but it was clear he didn't believe Jesse. When Jesse tried to repeat his promise, the hand on his chest moved to pull his head down. With a groan, he gave up trying to reassure Archer and kissed back, now tugging at the waistband of Archer's underwear. After a couple seconds, Archer's hands joined his and pushed them down. Jesse rode the wiggling and jerking, doing his best to help get the underwear out of the way, finally hooking his foot on them between Archer's ankles and pushing them all the way off.

Archer sighed and spread his legs. The moment Jesse settled between them, they wrapped around his hips, pulling him closer. He groaned, thrusting against Archer's groin. Archer grabbed his ears and pushed his head up. Jesse met Archer's gaze.


"I want to bottom."

Jesse stopped breathing. His expression must have showed his uncertainty or something, because Archer spoke again.

"I mean it." Archer's legs tightened around Jesse's hips, and he slid his hands down to grip Jesse's rump. "I have toys, you know. I can take it. You're not nearly as big as my biggest dildo." His cheeks flushed as he made this confession.

Jesse blinked, coming out of his shock enough to suck in a deep breath. "So how big is it?"

The blush crept to cover Archer's entire face as he mumbled his reply.

Jesse smiled. "What? I didn't catch that."

Archer rocked side-to-side beneath him, making a weak punch in Jesse's side.

"Stop that. You brought up the subject." Now Jesse was grinning.

"Four inches diameter."

Jesse reared back. "Are you into fisting?"

The red slid down Archer's neck. "I dunno. Maybe." He set his feet on the mattress and bucked his hips up. "What's it matter? Just get on with taking my virginity."

Jesse got to his hands and knees, then froze again when Archer's words sank in. He'd known Archer hadn't dated anybody, hadn't even had a one night stand, but hearing it stated so bluntly gave Jesse the shakes. He closed his eyes. Maybe he shouldn't do this like he was—half drunk and thinking more of his own enjoyment.

Hands caressed his face, and he opened his eyes, expecting to see—he didn't know what he expected to see, but it wouldn't be good. Instead he saw a trusting expression as Archer smoothed a hand to the back of his head.

"You said you wouldn't hurt me."

It took many seconds, but Jesse managed to reply, trying to make it a joke. "Well, it shouldn't be possible with what you've been shoving up your own ass."

Archer laughed, slapping him. Jesse relaxed a little and kissed him. After a minute, Archer pushed him away.

"Grab a condom when you get the lube."

Taking a deep breath, Jesse nodded and scrambled for the nightstand which held what he needed. Archer took the condom from him and unwrapped it while he sat back and opened the lube. The moment the condom was on him, Jesse slathered himself with lube and moved back into position to test Archer.


Jesse nodded, withdrawing his finger, comparing. One finger wouldn't be much after four inches wide. He flinched a little at the idea of taking something so big himself.

"How many you going to stick up me?"

He glanced at Archer. "Two."

Archer shook his head, face reddening. "Make it four, and this time get my prostate while you're at it."


"You know, I'd rather fuck my dildo." Archer started to push up form the bed, withdrawing one leg.

Jesse dropped the lube and pushed him back. "Gotcha. Four."

Archer gave him a sharp gaze, but settled back down. Jesse nodded, more in thought than in approval. Archer wanted four fingers. How to do this?

He lubed up his whole hand and did his best to collect his fingers into a single mass before inserting them. Archer, who was still propped on one elbow, groaned and dropped to the bed. Jesse sought Archer's prostate, and sighed with relief over the fact his heeding of Archer's will hadn't resulted in harm. When he found Archer's prostate, Archer moaned loudly, digging his fingers into the mattress. Fresh perspiration broke out on Archer's body as he rode Jesse's fingers. Jesse watched, enraptured.

It took a few minutes before Archer's balls began to pull up, and Archer withdrew his legs. "O-okay. You now."

Jesse nodded, removing his fingers to put a fresh coating of lube on his covered dick because the previous coating had mostly dried. He positioned himself, intending to ease in, but the moment he breached Archer's ring, Archer's legs clamped around his hips and jerked him all the way in.

Archer gave a great groan which completely overwhelmed Jesse's whimper of surprise. While he tried to get used to the fact he was in Archer, Archer's hands gripped his back at the shoulder blades, nails digging in, trying to draw him closer.

"Oh, this feels so much better than a dildo."

Jesse buried his face against Archer's neck, trying to stifle his amusement. After about half a minute, Archer's body shook beneath him.

"Oh, God, that sounded bad, didn't it?" Archer asked through his laughter.

Jesse nodded his head, too breathless to respond. He pushed up on his hands and pulled out a little; Archer didn't seem to notice, but his own laughter stopped with a gasp due to sensation. He pulled further out, then, making what he hoped wasn't a bad guess, slammed into Archer.

Archer's mirth cut off on an incredible moan, and he met the thrust. Jesse settled on Archer's chest once more, pulling Archer's hands up to press against the pillow as he moved. Archer tried to wrestle his wrists free.

"I want more like the first."

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