tagBDSMClosing Time Ch. 02

Closing Time Ch. 02


After fucking both Jessie and Paul earlier that day, I was worn out for a while. They were a bit sore themselves, especially Jessie, who had been DP'd twice. We badly needed to eat something, so we would have the strength to fuck again.

"How about some catering from the bar? You like their food a lot anyway, don't you, Dan?" Paul suggested.

"Oh, come on. I want a fucking break from eating that food. It's good, but I have to serve the stuff everyday. Can't we eat maybe Chinese or something?" Jessie complained.

"She has a point, Paul. You have to admit that," I observed.

"True. Chinese delivery? Or are you wanting to go out?" he asked us.

"I'll take you guys out. We men can share the cost of treating her. I think that we can all use some time outside. I haven't been out all day and neither have you," I commented.

"True. How about it, Paul? I'll be VERY nice to you, even more than usual. I know I fuck that you all of the time, anyway, but I mean letting you have your way with me tonight," she pleaded.

"Sounds great, but where?" he inquired.

"I know a place. It's a buffet kind of restaurant. You should be able to get just about anything Chinese there," I told them.

We headed out there in Jessie's pickup, which meant that we were squeezed together like sardines. Even so, it was an easy, practical vehicle for our short trip. We weren't exactly going on a formal dinner date. This was semi-casual at the most. I made sure to give them the best directions that I could remember.

In about 30 minutes, we arrived at the buffet. Paul and I, despite our free-thinking views, escorted Jessie inside like gentlemen. We opened the doors for her and made sure that she had a seat first. After the hostess took our drink orders and came back with them, we all walked over the buffet itself.

I loaded up on sweet-and-sour stuff, as well as plenty of Mongolian beef. Jessie found herself plenty of seafood, which seemed to be her favorite. Paul chose a lot of BBQ chicken, rice, and spicy Kung Pao pork. I drank iced tea, whereas both of them preferred Coke.

All of us being famished, we had no difficulty devouring our late lunch. The kind of wall-climbing sex that we had just enjoyed used up a lot of energy, after all. Jessie kept staring at me between bites. I think that she had just never seen me eat something without booze before (not counting her pussy and ass, that is). Yet, there I was, stone cold sober and wolfing down some Asian cuisine.

"Well, at least I know that you're not an alcoholic," she suddenly blurted out.

"Excuse me?" I replied, quite stunned at her remark.

"Every time that I have seen you sit down to eat, you've had liquor and sometimes when you weren't eating," she noted.

"Yeah, I guess that you could easily get the wrong idea about me. I mostly don't drink on weeknights, for instance. It's just on Friday and Saturday nights that I feel like taking some poison. By the way, what's yours?" I probed.

"Rum. Paul here likes bourbon, just like you," Jessie informed me.

"Cool. By the way, don't worry about my car. I live in walking distance to the bar, so I headed there on foot and left it in the garage. It's a good way to get exercise, you know. So, what do you say the 2 of you submit to me tonight? I mean, let's face it, as nice as you handled it, you technically raped me. BOTH of you did. I think that you should make it up to me," I proposed.

"Okay, Master. Is that what you want us to call you? I have no objections if Paul doesn't," she replied with no real concern.

"It doesn't bother me. After all, I have been sucking your dick and taking your cock up my ass. Those are both things that are traditionally the duties of the 'bottom' guy or bitch in prison, which is where we would go if you pressed charges. I would much rather be your bitch than some fat, ugly guy's," Paul agreed.

"Or some fat, ugly cow's bitch in my case," Jessie snickered.

"Then call me 'Master', both of you. Do well enough and I may keep you. However, there would be a price for that," I announced.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Paul will have to be feminized. I may be bisexual, but I DO prefer women, and he would look better as a woman. Moreover, it's an irrevocable step. If it didn't work out, he'd be stuck as a girl. I love the idea of permanently changing your lives, even if the sexual relationship doesn't last," I told them.

"An interesting ultimatum, isn't it? Damn! You want my boyfriend here to take female hormones and wear girls' clothes? What about double-penetration? As much as I like the idea of you having 2 girls, I want some male attention, you know," Jessie reacted.

"Do you have a better idea? You have 30 seconds to save your beau's masculinity," I responded.

"Okay, how about Bobbie? She's single, works with Paul, and would probably enjoy having 2 guys to share with me. She might even be bi," she offered.

"God, I like her! Do you think that you can actually get her to join us? If you do, I'll let Paul here stay a boy toy, instead of making him become a slave girl," I declared.

"YES! I can persuade her. Believe me. Just let Paul stay 'Paul', not 'Paula'. It would be tough on his ego to be feminized," Jessie swore.

"Very well. Paul, you should REALLY thank your girlfriend here. She has fought to keep you a man. I knew that you would recruit another girl, Jessie. You just needed the right motivation," I answered.

"You bastard! You did all of that to scare us into finding another woman! Damn, you're clever," she said to me.

"I DID have you going, didn't I? No hard feelings, Paul? I didn't REALLY intend to feminize you. That was just plan B," I told them.

"Okay, no hard feelings," Paul finally spoke, a little embarrassed at having his manhood saved by his lover.

"I still want your submission, though. Even Bobbie will have to submit, although I may let her dominate the two of you," I explained.

"Dominate us how?" Jessie wondered.

"Have you eat her out, rim her ass, take a strap-on dildo, that sort of thing. She would only be an assistant domme," I clarified.

"Hmm... sounds like fun. I've always wanted to try it with a dominatrix. I just didn't have the guts to do anything about it. It doesn't fit the macho image of a sailor," he broke in.

"That's sad for you. You helped to defend our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You even lost your fertility to your patriotic service, but were unable to fully enjoy the freedoms that you fought to defend, just because of society's scorn. Talk about unfair! If a serviceman wants to indulge himself in a kink, he above all should be beyond criticism for it," I expressed my outrage.

"I like the way that you think. I'm a simple man, after all. I like simple pleasures: whiskey, women, men, and food," Paul stated.

"Well said," I remarked between bites of my dessert, which was soft serve ice cream.

Jessie reacted by simply giggling. She found the whole conversation hilarious, now that she knew that she could keep fucking 2 men. I got the impression that she really DID love her man, regardless of their fetishes.

When we got back to their place, I made a point of getting undressed ASAP. I wanted them to take my hint. They did, quickly removing their clothes.

"Okay, Paul, I want you to suck my dick and get it hard. Jessie, you will get on all fours. I plan to fuck you doggie-style, once I am stiff enough. Paul will fuck your face at that point," I instructed them.

"Yes, Master," they both replied.

Paul obediently got on his knees and put my cock in his mouth. He did a very impressive job of stiffening my dick. His tongue licked and sucked the head of my manhood, expressing his servile attitude and interest in my meat. There was no doubt of his sexuality. He was definitely a "switch-hitter", just like me.

I was most amazed by the couple's willingness to submit to me, especially on the mere suggestion of blackmail. Obviously, they were BOTH natural slaves, just waiting for the right Master or Mistress. I would make sure to fully enjoy my new sluts. They clearly wanted to be fucked often.

Jessie was eagerly awaiting my cock, so I pulled out of her beau's mouth and got behind her. I didn't waste time lubricating an already soaked cunt. I just rammed her pussy with my dick. My large manhood ravaged her mercilessly, while I spanked her cheeks to redness. At 8 and a half inches, my fully erect meat was big enough to go far inside her wet hole. It was also rather thick, stretching her out.

She didn't have much time to think about it, though. Her mouth was occupied with sucking Paul's 6 inch cock. It was certainly fulfilling for her, although it was not as large as my own. She continued to lick and deep-throat his throbbing dick, savoring the taste of her beau's bratwurst.

As for me, I pounded her cunt more vigorously, while I thought of knocking her up. I certainly hoped to give her plenty of my seed in the future. She would bear me a few children, as would Bobbie. The 3 of them would also keep my cock satisfied. I would have no complaints about my sex life in the future and definitely no "dry spells".

The slutty cocktail waitress was soon milking me, apparently eager to drain my balls of any cum. She was also enthusiastically giving her boyfriend more head, letting him fuck her sexy mouth. As much as I disliked smoking, it DID give her plenty of practice with sucking on things. Evidently, it was a part of her phallic fetish. Her guy was undoubtedly enjoying the benefits of her oral fixation.

Her throat was too busy for her to say a thing, even though she grunted a few times as she sucked her guy off. I didn't help matters by slipping a finger into her sphincter. That was sufficient to make her climax after a few seconds, squirting onto my cock. Obviously, she had as much of an anal fetish as an oral one. Her ass pushed back at me as I slammed into her horny cunt.

Not long after Jessie came, Paul followed suit, filling her throat with his jism. She swallowed it desperately, wanting to impress both of us with her enthusiasm for spunk. Her lips and tongue then cleaned the rest of his cum from his dick. He later told me that the look on her face as she did that was beautiful. She needed to please her men, especially reminding her boyfriend that she still loved him, despite my new dominant role in their sex life.

I finally exploded into her pussy, filling it with my seed. There was a lot of it again, as her man had known how to stimulate me. With any luck, I would soon be a father. She might not have gotten the much desired competition to impregnate her for which she had wished, but she would become a mother. I smiled at the idea of a chance to set a new rule: no more smoking. That would reinforce my control of them and actually protect the unborn baby from birth defects.

"How was that, baby?" I asked her as we rested on the couch.

"Very nice, Master. I look forward to more doggie-style sex, especially the rough way that you do it. I really enjoyed getting it in the mouth and pussy at the same time," Jessie replied.

"You're definitely a sexy tart, slave. We'll have to keep that cunt of yours busy," I taunted her.

"My ass and mouth too, I hope. I really want to try ass TO mouth, you know," she teased me back.

"I believe that can be arranged, slut. Just remember that my title is 'Master'. I'm your owner now," I pointed out.

"Naturally, Master. I'll be a VERY good slut for you and bring Bobbie here soon. I promise," she apologized.

"Very good, slave. Something tells me that Paul here will appreciate that, too. Won't you, Paul?" I observed.

"Oh, I've been wanting to get into that Latina's pants for a while. I imagine that you have as well, Master. I particularly fantasize about watching her and Jessie get it on," Paul declared.

"Oh, they WILL. Is that clear, Jessie?" I insisted.

"Yes, Master," she agreed, grinning at the thought of tasting her friend's pussy. Paul and I weren't the only bisexuals in the room.

"Well, Paul, I think that you and your girlfriend will make excellent slaves for me," I laughed.

They both breathed a sigh of relief. Apparently, the day had gone MOSTLY as they had planned, even if it drastically altered changed their lives. They had a lot of fun, after all, and would have even more with me, albeit on MY terms.

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