tagGroup SexClothing Optional Day at the Beach

Clothing Optional Day at the Beach


Dan, Gina and Tori were good friends with many things in common. They were all 20, they all lived in the same apartment complex, they were all in college at a school on the east coast, and all three had significant others who went to school on the west coast. They met each other at the neighborhood pool, and after they discovered their common long distance relationship predicament, they formed a sort of lonely hearts club. They spent almost all their free time together, often sadly commiserating the difficulties of a long distance relationship. Fortunately for all three, the school term was coming to a close, and soon they would be reunited with their partners.

The other good news was the Tori's uncle had a beach house and had invited them to house sit for a four day weekend. With exams and classes all behind them, the three friends couldn't wait to spend a spring weekend at the beach.

The three hour drive to the coast went by quickly, and by noon they had made it to the beach house. By 12:15, they were sitting on the beach soaking up the sun.

"This is so awesome that your uncle is letting us stay here," Dan said. "This is the perfect way to end the semester." He corrected himself almost mechanically. "Well the perfect way would be if Ellen were here, but heck, ya'll are a close second."

"Thanks for putting us in our place," giggled Tori. "You'll be with Ellen soon enough."

Actually all three had flights leaving Sunday night. They hadn't seen their significant others since Christmas, and, as part of a pact they had made with each other, they had all been faithful. They called it the Lonely Hearts Club No Cheating Pact. It was actually Gina's idea, the plan was that if the three of them always hung out with each other, they wouldn't be tempted to betray their long distance lovers. It was also nice to have people to talk to who were in the same situation - the no-sex, no-lovin' situation. They had even taken to referring to their significant others as a group, known as the OTHERS.

"I don't know about you, but I'm not going to let my Harold out of my sight for a week after I get home," Gina said. "There's a lot of catching up we have to do!"

"I don't know about out of my sight, but I'm not letting Ellen out of my bed for at least three days," laughed Dan.

"Easy big fella," said Tori, patting Dan on the thigh. "I'm pretty horny for Stan too, but I don't know about three straight days. I'm sure the OTHERS are plenty horny too."

They laughed and joked some more about who was the horniest. The subject had come up so often that they had become pretty comfortable discussing it in detail. They also felt safe around each other, so there was always a lot of harmless flirting and sexual innuendo. They had even started referring to themselves as kissing cousins, because whenever they got together or said goodbye they always kissed. They all knew it was in fun, but individually it also fulfilled a need, the little flutter in the stomach, or an image to think of later when they were alone.

The spring day was just warm enough to be on the beach, except when the sun went behind a cloud, and unfortunately a big cloud rolled in.

"Curse you cloud," Dan said mockingly, shaking a fist at the sky.

"No worries," said Tori. "We can catch rays on the deck at the house, it's out of the wind — plus its closer to the blender."

The trio headed back to the house, Gina got busy making a fresh round of margaritas, Dan went out to set up some lounging chairs on the deck and Tori went in to change into a new bathing suit. Dan and Gina had already settled in to chairs and fresh drinks when Tori came out in a short cover up robe.

"So let's see the new suit, sexy lady," Dan teased.

"Okay, but understand this is just my back deck suit, I'm not wearing this on the beach," she said, nearly blushing.

For Tori to blush the suit must be something special, she had no reservations about dressing and talking provocatively. She took a big sip of her drink, sashayed across the deck, turned to face them and let the robe fall away. From the front, the red bikini was pretty small, but not too much different than what she usually wore at the pool. THEN she turned around, put her hands in her hair, and wiggled her hips at Dan and Gina, who were now wide-eyed. Tori had on a high cut thong bikini, showing off her very delicious ass.

"Wow," grinned Dan. "Very nice."

Gina was the more conservative of the two, and she had more trouble responding. "They forgot to put a back on your suit," she stammered.

Tori laughed hard. "Like I said, I'm not wearing it on the beach, just here on the deck where only my very discreet friends will see."

The deck was indeed shielded from neighboring houses by bushes, and while it had a great view of the marsh, only the birds and the fish would have a view. After Tori spent a few more moments showing off her new suit to the birds, fishes, and discreet friends, the three settled in to enjoy the afternoon sun. The deck was perfect, just warm enough, and as Tori mentioned, close to the blender. By mid afternoon, after several blenders of margaritas and a few joints that Dan had brought, the three were plenty hammered. The two girls had their chairs facing Dan, and Tori had rolled over on her stomach, showcasing the best side of her thong.

"You might need some sunscreen on that uncharted territory," Gina said, pointing to Tori's ass. They all already had good tans from the pool, and the tan lines on Tori's ass were quite noticeable.

Tori craned her neck around to look. "Probably right, maybe Dan could rub some lotion in there."

Dan's eyes got big and he started leaning forward in anticipation.

"Yeah right, sit down you horn-dog," laughed Tori, handing the lotion to Gina.

Dan was only momentarily disappointed. While he didn't get to rub Tori's ass, he did get to see Gina do it, which was almost as good!

Gina seemed to enjoy it too, taking her time to carefully cover all of Tori's ass, and Tori didn't mind having her ass rubbed either. As Gina finished up with the lotion, she idly admired the way the thong made Tori's ass look.

In her inebriated condition, she spoke the words she thought she was only thinking. "I wouldn't wear a thong on the beach, but I'd wear one up here," she said absently.

Tori craned her neck around to eyeball her friend. "Really?" she said, smiling mischievously. "Because I brought an extra one."

"OOOOOOO, called on the DARE," Dan yelled. "Goody Goody Gina's mouth just got her ass in hot sunlight!"

Gina's eyes got big and she blushed. She was a lot more reserved than Tori, but she had also gotten tired of the Goody Goody label. Strong margarita was also a factor.

"I will," she vowed. "I'll show you both."

Tori and Dan cheered. "Top drawer on the left, blue suit, we're the same size so it should fit you perfect," Tori said. "Oh, and bring out some more margaritas when you come!"

Gina stomped off to the room, determined to prove she was just as edgy as Tori. When she tried on the suit, she had three thoughts. 1. it looked damn good on her. 2. she looked damn good in it. 2. she got fluttery thinking about wearing this in front of a guy, even Dan.

After what seemed like 20 minutes, GIna finally came back out on the porch, carrying three drinks on a tray, smiling broadly, and wearing the blue suit —covered by a beach towel. Tori and Dan roared with laughter at their red faced friend.

"I said I'd wear it, I didn't say I wouldn't cover it up!" she laughed.

She stretched out on her stomach and pulled the towel up so most of her legs were exposed.

"Wow, that's almost as racy as the suit you had on before," Tori teased her. She tugged lightly on the towel. "At least show us a little cheek."

"Okay, okay, I'll take off the towel," she said. Then she pointed at Dan. "But you have to close your eyes, and no peeking."

Dan laughed and put a hand over his eyes, immediately opening a gap in his fingers, which lead to another menacing finger from Gina.

Gina rolled her eyes and pulled the towel off, leading to a wolf whistle from Tori and an agonized wail from Dan. "C'mon, can I open my eyes yet?"

"NOT until after Tori puts some lotion on my ass," she hollered.

"But that's the best part!" whined Dan.

GIna rolled her eyes again. "Oh fuck it, go ahead and look," she said.

All three laughed out loud as Dan moved his hand aside and cheered. It may have been all in fun, but Dan was surely enjoying watching his very hot friends showcasing their asses right there in front of him. It was also divine watching Tori rubbing lotion into Gina's ass. It doesn't get any better than this, he thought to himself.

He was wrong, as just a few minutes later both girls undid their tops to avoid the string tan line, and he even talked them into letting him reapply lotion on their back. He scooted his chair up between them and used both hands to rub lotion in at the same time. Both girls cooed at him as he lovingly rubbed their backs, and if he had had one more margarita he may have been tempted to convince them they needed to reapply south of their waistlines.

Instead, he stopped at their waistlines and went in to get one more margarita.

When he got back the girls were giggling hysterically about something. "What's so funny?" he asked.

Tori propped herself up on her elbows, allowing him to just see the tops of her breasts. "I was just saying I wish I had brought one more thong, we think you'd look good in it."

The girls broke out in another hysterical giggling fit, Gina nearly forgot she was topless and almost rolled over.

"Laugh if you will, but I think I'd look rather striking in a thong," Dan grinned.

Gina was enjoying being the edgy one. "I'll bet you that you'd be too scared to wear a thong in front of us," she said.

Dan bowed up his chest mockingly. "I would never be too scared to wear a thong, provided that I was able to verify that you really don't have another one in your drawer."

"I have a pair of scissors in the kitchen," she grinned. "If you had any guts, you'd cut the backs out of one of your boxers and show us some man-ass."

"Woooo, man ass!!!" yelled Gina. The two girls started a chant. "Manass, manass, manass..."

Dan took a long slug off his margarita. "Man ass it is!"

He stumbled inside, found a pair of boxers and made his way to the kitchen, where he was unable to find the scissors. Undeterred, he found a butcher knife, which he decided would be just as good.

As it turned out, it wasn't just as good, especially in his inebriated condition. He ended up hacking some holes out of the back of the boxers, but it ended up looking more like a grass skirt, with strips of cloth hanging loose in the back. When he stumbled back outside and showed off his home-made thong, it set the girls rolling in laughter, which was good for him because he could catch glimpses of their uncovered breasts.

"That's one ugly thong, but one good lookin' ass," hooted Tori.

Dan was laughing hard too, as he pulled the shards of cloth aside to show off his ass. He was laughing hard, but he was also getting hard. Having his ass on display to two half naked girls was starting to get to him.

He was a bit embarrassed to show his friends his boner, so he lay down on his stomach on the lounge chair, facing away from the girls, and then parted the shards of cloth to expose his ass.

"I think you'd better put some sunscreen on that white ass or you won't be sitting on it for a while," said Gina.

"What, I don't get any help?" Dan asked.

Gina looked at Tori and they both grinned. "I'll do the right side if you'll do the left," Tori smirked. "Close your eyes though, and no peeking."

Gina nodded and to his shock, Dan felt two, then four lotion covered hands rubbing and caressing his ass. He let out a series of exaggerated groans as the girls giggled. It was funny, but Dan was also glad he was facing downward and was able to hide his erection, which he was grinding pretty hard into the chair.

After what seemed like five minutes of lotion rubbing, the girls gave each cheek a gentle swat and moved back to their chairs and laid back down on their stomachs.

"THAT was epic," said Dan. "It says on the lotion we need to reapply every thirty minutes, just to be safe."

Sadly for Dan, the sun went behind a cloud so reapplication would not be needed, and it was late in the afternoon and cooling off, so the three friends decided to go inside. The girls decided not to put on their bikini tops, opting instead to just wear their robe coverups, while Dan stayed with the grass skirt shredded boxer look, which he claimed had potential in fashion.

It may have been the booze, or the spring air, or maybe the fact that all three were incredibly horny, but the mood became progressively sex charged as the afternoon went on. The girls were overtly flirting with Dan, slapping him on his partly exposed ass, making sexual comments, even challenging each other to see who would unbutton their robe down the furthest. Actually, they both got down to one button, allowing Dan lots of free looks. Both girls had fabulous, pert breasts, just the right size, and Dan couldn't help but look. It seemed apparent to him that they were showing off on purpose. He got in his share of ass slaps as well, when they bent over in front of him teasingly.

Tori decided she couldn't handle his shredded boxer look, and made Dan stand still while she cut away all the shards in the back, leaving him fully exposed in the back with a loose flap covering up the front. He loved the feeling of being nearly nude, though it was becoming more and more difficult to hide his elevating arousal. It was also apparent that the girls noticed it as well, he saw their long glances and giggly whispers.

Then things got really crazy, when Tori was picking on Gina for being too prudish.

"I'll bet you've never even flashed your tits to a guy," she grinned. "A guy you WEREN'T dating."

Gina thought about this before blushing and admitting she never had. "But I would, if I ever had the chance." She said this without thinking it through, and Tori jumped all over it.

"Well now is your chance," she yelled. "You've got your guy right here!"

Dan grinned and nodded in full agreement, but Gina still looked reluctant.

"I'll tell you what," Tori said. "For every second you flash Dan, I'll flash him two seconds."

Dan grin got even bigger. "That sounds fair to me, Gina."

Reluctance was overcome by competitiveness, and Gina walked over and stood in front of Dan, who was leaning back against a bar stool. She unbuttoned the bottom button on her robe, gripped both sides, closed her eyes and whipped the robe open and then shut so fast that Dan didn't even get a glance.

Tori howled with laughter. "Well that was 1/4 of a second, so get ready Dan, here comes a half a second."

She walked over in front of him, gave him a wink and flashed her tits to him, but she went over the half second limit by a few seconds that seemed like an eternity to Dan, who took in the display of beauty with rapt attention. Tori had nice tits, very nice, and she knew it, there was no need to be modest.

Gina was not to be outdone. She took a shot of tequila, stood in front of Dan and looked over at Tori. "You still going to flash for twice as long?" she asked.

Tori grinned and nodded.

Gina closed her eyes, leaned her head back and opened up her robe. All the way. And left it open, for at least five seconds. Dan was once again mesmerized, noting that Gina's tits were larger and might even be nicer than Tori.

Now it was Tori's turn to be nervous. A quick flash is one thing, but a ten second showcase was even setting her on edge. Still, she had made a bet. She took Gina's place in front of Dan and gave him a long, extended show, which did not help the chaos taking place in his loin cloth.

"That was quite a show," said Dan. "I had no idea my best friends had such awesome tits!"

The girls grinned at each other. "I think you owe us a flash," said Gina.

The two girls burst out laughing and ran over to the couch, sitting closely side by side. They pointed to the low coffee table in front of the couch and started chanting "table dance, table dance..."

Dan was only to happy to oblige. In fact, as the night had gone on he had been getting more and more aroused at the idea that the girls were stealing furtive looks at his cock. He couldn't wait to show them.

He stood up on the table in front of them, his waist a few feet above them. Slowly he edged the loin cloth up so that his proud erection was fully exposed to them. Both jaws dropped in admiration of his impressive cock, and Gina even slid her hand over to grip Tori's hand. Initially he was just going to do it for a second or two, but the captivated look of his audience compelled him to leave it up for five seconds, then ten. Finally, he eased it down, watching the girls' mouths slowly come back shut, though their eyes stayed wide open and they didn't speak for several moments.

Gina was the first to speak. "That reminds me," she said very slowly and seriously, pausing a moment to let the words sink in. "I'm starving."

Everybody broke out laughing, Dan nearly fell off the table, it was a welcome break from the sexual tension that had been building up. They ordered a pizza delivery, and Dan told the girls that if they had the guts to go to the door dressed just like they were, in thongs and open robes, he'd pay for the pizza just to see the look on the delivery boy's face.

Twenty minutes later they heard the car pull up, and the girls ran to the window to take a look at the soon to be world's luckiest pizza delivery boy. What they saw instead sent them rushing back into the kitchen.

"Well Dan, it seems as though we have a bit of a turnabout on the pizza delivery boy," Tori said smiling.

"Yeah, as in, the pizza boy is a pizza GIRL," grinned Gina. She handed him the money and Tori slapped him on the ass, as Dan went white in the face with the prospect of meeting the pizza delivery girl dressed in nothing but a loin cloth.

Dan took it like a man though, and after a few minutes at the door he came back into the kitchen where the girls were snickering hysterically.

"Well, the good news is, after she saw my outfit she told me she wouldn't need a tip," he said. "The even better news is, she gave me her number."

The pizza was devoured in minutes, and someone found a radio and cranked up the tunes, and before long all three were jumping around dancing in the den, robes hanging half open and loin cloths bouncing off and on. They had been dancing and laughing for a half hour when a slow song came on.

Dan held out both of his arms, and Gina and Tori both slid into his arms. The dance started with all three of them laughing and joking, but the sexual tension between the three was undeniable, and as the dance went on it became more intense. Near the end of the song, Dan leaned over and kissed one, then the other, softly on the lips.

"You know I love you guys," he said softly. "You've helped me make it through the past year."

The girls laid their heads on his chest and nodded in agreement.

"I wonder what the "OTHERS" are doing," Tori said.

"I don't know, but I doubt they're having this much fun," Gina said.

"Well, its a good thing we have those OTHERS," Dan said. He gulped and swallowed for courage. "If we didn't, we'd be having wild crazy sex right now."

Everybody shared one big, sad sigh, and then they parted from each others arms, everybody sharing one last quick kiss and then heading off to their respective rooms.

It was an hour before anyone went to sleep, and little doubt as to what each person was doing in the privacy of their lonely rooms. Each had elaborate fantasies about what could have happened, what might happen, what they would want to happen...if only it weren't for the OTHERS.

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