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I climbed out of my pickup truck and headed to the entrance to the building. My leather mask was snuggly fit to my face with the elastic band as I opened the door to enter. On the outside, it looked like a small office building; around it were several large warehouses for other businesses. No one would recognize it as a club unless they knew what was inside the building at address 1369 Dutch Elm Street.

I had been here only once before, two weeks earlier and spoken to the one who ran the get together that had rented the place for their monthly get together. Though they were a gathering of swingers, the main reason for Club 1369 was for dominant and submissive couples into BDSM. I, at the time, was mostly interested in learning more about this side of the club.

As I paid for my entry to the event, an older gentleman in much better shape than myself came to me, recognizing me even with my mask, thanks to the distinctive clothes I normally wear.

"Mark, good to see you again," Jim said, reaching out his hand in greeting.

"Glad to see you too, sir," I replied, shaking the offered hand and feeling the strong grip that he had. "Are you doing a scene tonight?"

"Actually, I am. Liz is in the room right now, setting everything up and making sure all the items are here. Will you be watching?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world. Is this Liz?" I asked as a woman walked up, her black collar with a leash hanging from it.

"Yes, this is her," Jim responded as he took the end of the leash from Liz's hand. Liz, this is Mark and he's looking forward to watching our scene tonight."

"I'm glad to meet you sir," Liz said, slightly bowing her head to me.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Liz," I replied, nodding in return. I understood Liz was Jim's submissive and being called "sir" even though I was younger than her was Liz's way of showing respect.

"Mark, come by the room just a little before we start and I'll let you sit inside so you don't have to stand at the door."

"Thanks, Jim. That would be an honor."

The couple left the entrance hall and I made my way to the dinning area of the club to find myself a drink and something to munch on for the moment. I walked around with my cup in hand, sipping on the ice water and entering the many different rooms. It was still early and there was very few people wandering around; but already the music was pounding its beat inside.

As the time ticked away, the crowd began to grow. To make sure I did not lose my opportunity to get a good seat, I kept close to the door to the room where Jim and Liz were setting up their instruments. Finally, Jim looked up toward the door and motioned for me to come to him. I walked up to the door and he pointed to one of the two seats in the room. I nodded my thanks again and took the seat so I could learn more about this new world to me.

Liz stripped down to her bare skin and took her place in the center of the room, her back to the door and myself. Jim moved to stand in front of her and placed a blindfold around her head. As she stood there, he took Liz's hands one at a time and raised them above her head. He placed each into a wrist cuff that had hand grips on them. These were hooked to opposite ends of a bar that was hanging securely from the ceiling on a chain.

Jim then placed a cuff on both of Liz's ankles and hooked each one onto another bar that caused her to spread her legs a little more than shoulder width apart. He stood before Liz after this and leaned forward, whispering something into her ear before moving away. I thought I saw her lean toward him as if trying to give him a kiss, but Jim had move away before she could.

Jim began his work at this point, letting his hands start off caressing the front of Liz's body. I could hear her soft breathing begin to deepen and at times when I thought that maybe Jim was pinching her nipples or pulling roughly on them, Liz would moan a little. His hands caressed her body all over the front; but on occasion he would take them away from her before bringing them back to her body.

I felt the cool air in the dungeon like room and figured that the way she slightly whimpered when he took his hands away; she was missing the warmth they offered. Jim reached over to the large table in the room as one of his hands slid down her front to her thighs and picked up a couple of items that any person could recognize...clothes pins.

He held them in his hand as the other caressed Liz's legs softly and gently, sometimes touching her groin, eliciting a deep moan of desire from Liz. He did this a few times with just one hand; then he brought the other hand between her legs as she raised her hips to his already caressing other hand. Her hips slightly jerked as he closed the padded ends of the clothes pins on each lip of her labia. Her sounds went from mewling pleasure to a slight groan of pain, but her hips did not leave the area where his hands still touched her inner thighs.

I had learned from speaking with Jim and a couple of other dominants that what they do is throw the sense off balance by changing the nerves from receiving pain and pleasure when it's least expected. Done properly, the submissive can enter what some have called sub-space, others would call a euphoric high, a rush, or just pure bliss. Liz was certainly on the trip down that road already and Jim was going to lead her.

Jim moved away from her and I noticed again that he did not seem to notice I was there any longer. His entire focus was now on Liz, as it should be, he explained to me before this night. He walked over to the table and picked up one of the floggers lying there, and I was glad that he had showed me his tools before this event on a previous night.

I watched as he took his position behind Liz and began to swing the soft leather of the flogger, just barely touching her rear end with a slight up swing before swinging it fully around and bringing it down on her upper back. Each touch on Liz's ass made her raise it up, exposing her back to the flogger's true strike on her back. Moans of either pain or pleasure, my own ears could not really tell, came from Liz with each touch of the many strips on her flesh.

Jim wasn't hitting her hard, at least it didn't seem like I would consider it hard myself; but I wasn't on the end of his swings. I could tell from the way Liz reacted, it was a little painful, but she didn't try to escape it too much at the moment. Just when I thought Jim was getting into a rhythm, he changed it and began to swing the flog in a sideways figure eight pattern, catching Liz's upper back with each stroke, now a little harder than before.

Liz was now trying to walk in the tips of her toes forward to escape the sting of the flogging, but with her bindings, she was unable to escape from it. Being the man that I am, and not liking to see a woman in pain, I almost left so that I wouldn't see anymore; but when Jim stopped swinging the flog and moved up to Liz, I remained seated out of curiosity to watch what he would do next.

The one hand holding the flogger raised high and he let the tips of the soft leather strands just caress her reddening back, as he leaned forward and blew on her skin. The sounds Liz made this time were definitely those of someone that was enjoying the feelings they were receiving. I understood then that the tips of the flog were soft and must feel like many gentle fingers caressing Liz's tender flesh as Jim's cool breath moved across the heated area that had been beaten.

Liz began to relax back onto the bottoms of her feet as Jim moved away and set the flogger back on the table and picked up another one. This one with several strands that I knew where leather as well, but much more coarse than the one he had just set down. He once again moved up close to her and let the edges of the many tips drag gently along her upper back. Quickly, he pulled it away from her back and swung it with what had to be a stinging blow from the upper right down to the left.

I flinched at the sudden movement, and I had seen Liz do the same but she quickly recovered when the tips of the flogger caressed her skin again. She moaned with the gentle touch of it before it was once again quickly used to sting her back once more, this time from the upper left to the lower right.

I didn't flinch this time or shut my eyes; and I noted that Jim was true to his word. He never let the strikes hit anywhere below the middle of the back; as he had explained to me before that it could cause injury to Liz's internal orgasm. I had also noticed that the initial strike may have stung some, along with the dragging of the leather cords when the crossed her back; but the soft caress between each strike was tender and gentle and these must be throwing Liz's senses off track.

Jim moved back to the table, and laid the flogger back down, picking up paddle made of two straps of soft leather. He moved beside and just behind Liz and touched her buttocks with the paddle. Liz jumped at the touch, as if she had just been struck, even though it was just a touch. She relaxed and was rewarded by an actual hard slap on one cheek with the paddle. She apparently tried to remain still when Jim touched her buttocks again, but her body still responded automatically and moved at the soft touch. When she relaxed, Jim gave her another swat on the opposite cheek.

Liz's back side was beginning to grow red with several swats from the paddle before Jim just held it to her back cheeks. Liz no longer moved away from it and even seemed to press toward it. I could hear her voice moans again, not sure if they were from pain or pleasure; and from her body's actions, I didn't think she could really tell anymore either.

Jim moved the paddle up her flesh with soft pats of it, tapping along her back and upper shoulders, and then moving back to her ass before giving her a couple more swats with it, for good measure, I guessed.

Jim then put it down and grabbed two floggers at once. He had shown these to me with some pride. The many wide straps on them were very soft, but they were also very heavy. He took one in each hand and softly lowered them onto Liz's red back, letting the soft material caress her skin again. He let them slide down then back up her back, eliciting a moan of approval from Liz before letting the straps hang across her shoulders and the handles hang over her shoulders.

Liz leaned forward so that the floggers would remain in place and Jim used this chance to grab a long plastic looking rod called a cane and touched the inside of Liz's thigh with it. From my vantage point, I watched the cane slide up between her legs and connect to one of the clothes pins that I had forgotten about. From Liz's reaction, she had forgotten about them too until the sudden stimulation of them being touched by the cane reminded her.

She rose up on the ball of one foot and when Jim switched to the other inner thigh, she switched her weight to the ball of her other bare foot. I watched her do this little dance as Jim began to swish the cane back and forth, just tapping the ends of the clothes pins with it as he swatted the inside of her thighs. I figured that at the moment, Liz must be receiving a fair amount of pleasure and pain at the same time from the way she kept swinging her hips and moaning aloud.

Just as Liz's breathing seemed to getting ragged, Jim stopped his torture on her thighs and pussy's lips and put the cane back down. As he moved, he picked up another flogger but the straps on it were made out of a very soft fur. It looked like maybe it was rabbit fur, but I had never asked. Jim moved in front of Liz and reached up to her head. His hand reached around behind her and grabbed a handful of hair and made her stand up far enough that he could get to her body but not so far as to case his floggers still on her shoulders to fall.

I watched from my position as he once again used the soft straps to gently caress her skin. I figured that he was moving it across her breasts and between them as he moved his hand side to side. Liz moaned with pleasure then a slight yelp and jump of her hips made me change the direction of my eyes. Looking down, I saw that Jim's hand, that had been holding her head in place, was playing with the clothes pins, just barely moving them and knocking them together. Liz moaned more and yelped less as her body seemed to give into his attention.

I thought I saw her lean toward Jim; and it was then that I could feel some form of energy in the room I had not noticed before. Liz was giving herself over to Jim; and he was accepting it. His let her head touch his shoulder as he reached leaned to her ear and whispered something to her. I couldn't hear his words but her reaction was quick. Her body shook and her moan was loud.

Jim took a small step from her and I saw in his hand the two clothes pins. He then returned behind Liz and pressed his body to hers. One hand reached the back of her head again, grabbing her hair and holding her in place as his other reached around and possibly played with her breast. I heard her moan again and whimper as I expected he massaged, pinched and pulled on her nipples.

When he stepped back from her again, his hands slid along her skin and up her back. They reached the handles of his two larger floggers and gripped them. He pulled them slowly over her shoulders and Liz leaned forward so the soft straps could caress her back. Jim let her have this soft touch before he began in earnest with the strokes.

His arms, wrists and hands worked with the floggers as if they were just an extension of his body. He swung them in opposite figure eight patterns for a bit, then held one behind his back as he just worked one for a little while. His swings were gentle arcs so that the straps would land hard and stroke across her back, causing her flesh to heat with the sensation.

Jim's flicking wrists then stopped with the strikes suddenly and slowly brought the straps in a gentle upward stroke, letting them first touch Liz's ass cheeks before caressing up her flesh and to her shoulder. He did this several times and I could see that Liz hadn't moved. Before, her body reacted to each stroke of such events. She would either jump to escape the sudden touch of material on her flesh or lean into it, even when it was striking instead of caressing. Now she stood still as the caress carried up and down her back and I thought about how she didn't seem to have moved even when he was flogging her with them.

As I thought about this, Jim continued to caress her back and buttocks before giving the upswing again that touched her buttocks and swung the back swing over and down her back again. Liz seemed to sway with these strokes and gentle tap on her lower backside. I watched her sway then stand still for a second as Jim watched. He would then touch her again the tips on the buttocks and strike down the back. Each time, Liz seemed to sway more and take more time to steady herself.

Jim seemed to notice this and he moved to set his two floggers down, the whole time never taking his eyes off Liz. He moved up behind her again, and placed his hands on her upper back, just barely touching the flesh. Liz only began to sway even more and more with each gentle touch of his fingers. Jim would just touch and pull his hand away as Liz swayed even more.

In the blink of an eye, Jim showed how in tune he was with Liz. He jumped behind Liz before she even began to fall back. He caught her in his arms and reached up to her cuffed hands. He had shown me previously how the quick releases worked and I learned how important it was at this moment for them to be that easy to release the sub. As her hands were freed, Jim took a knee then sat on the floor, holding Liz close with one arm as his other hand worked quickly to release her ankles from the bar holding the spread apart.

As soon as he had them freed, Liz's legs bent and she curled into a fetal position in Jim's arms and relaxed in his loving embrace. His hands stroked her hair and cheeks as he removed her blindfold. He looked into her eyes and they both must have loved what they were looking at as both giggled. I felt the sense of possession between the two of them and didn't know if I should stay or go during this part of their scene.

Feeling a bit out of place now, as the two of them loved one another in a manner that was beyond physical touch, I stood up and began to walk out when I felt a hand take mine. I looked around and a woman sitting in the other chair stood with me. I never saw her enter the room or cross in front of me to sit down. I had not noticed the beautiful woman, now holding my hand, until this moment.

"You will be mine," she said to me, leading me by my hand.


Copyright 2008 by Jason Morris. All rights reserved.

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