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Club Inzest 01


Chapter 1: Post-Divorce Playtime

by Micaela Reynolds as told to BrettJ © 2009

My good friend BrettJ has consented to relate my story to you. I hope you all enjoy it. At times, I find it hard to believe its all real, but it is and I am happy in my life and wouldn't change a damned thing. Matter of fact, someday, I think I may have to thank my ex-husband for cheating on me.

I'm Micaela Reynolds -- some call me "Michy" -- and I run an underground establishment known as Club Inzest, here in Toronto, with my wife and business partner, Debra. We've been together for a bit over 5 years and married for 3. I love living in a country that allows me to marry the person I love most. I'm originally from Las Vegas, you'd think a town that swings that much would be more liberal, but I digress.

I wasn't always happy about being screwed around on and I never would have thought my life would go this way. I am happy to say that when my life turned sour, I made lemonade. *HaHa* When I found out he was screwing his secretary Angelica, I put all of Robert's belongings on the front lawn. I also set fire to his clothes, suits and anything I thought might burn nicely and lit a huge bonfire.

Spent a night in jail for that one, but it was worth it to see the look on his stupid face.

I couldn't really blame Angelica for being taken in, because Robert's a smooth-talking liar. He moved in with her and I got the house and the kids. As I had money of my own and the kids were both set to graduate High School, they were no burden. I decided I wasn't going to mope around and took a good look at myself. A single Mom with two teenage kids -- who would want me? I decided to be critical of how I looked, but there was nothing to be critical of, looks-wise. I still had a beautiful face at 40, great tits, long legs that were sleek and shapely, dark auburn hair and caramel skin, curves and my green eyes still sparkled. I could easily attract a man, if I wanted.

I come from a family with oodles of money, so I didn't have to work. I decided to enjoy the single life for a bit and went out on a shopping spree. I had my hair styled and highlighted, I got some sexier clothes and shoes.

Oh, this girl loves sexy shoes, spikier-heels the better. Nowadays, none of my skirts are longer than knee-length, I wear heels every day and underwear, if I wear any, is silk or lace and very sexy. I dress every day as if I am the sexiest woman in the world and it's helped my attitude, I've never been bitter about my divorce.

Sharon and Paul told me they had the sexiest Mom in town. Sharon confessed to me some of her boyfriends had told her I was a MILF. Paul blushed when his sister said that, but I had noticed my son checking me out a few times when he didn't think I was looking. I could never really understand why that gave me such a warm feeling.

Shortly after my divorce, another woman moved in next door. I went over with a cake and introduced myself to Debra. I liked her right away, and she took to me. Like myself, Debra was a divorced single Mom; she was 38 but barely looked 28. She had the sweetest face and baby-blue eyes, she was slim and adorable. Her hair, long and blonde, went down to her ass. Debra told me that she had two kids, like me, a boy and a girl who lived with her part-time and worked at a local Spa to put themselves through college. Her kids were twins, around the same age as Sharon and Paul.

Things just sort-of -- happened . We became coffee buddies and one day over slightly-laced coffee, I asked Debra what she did for sexual relief. She didn't even blink, she told me "I have lovers and if I'm between lovers, my kids make sure Mommy doesn't go without."

I was shocked. "Lovers? You mean men you fuck?"

"And women."

"And -- dear God Debra, your own kids? Both of them? That's perverse Debra, that's incest ."

"Incest is just a silly word some stuffy fools made up to vilify the ultimate expression of family love. Incest is best, Michy. My kids are sexy, vibrant young people. My son has a big cock and knows how to use it. Christina is a blonde slut , just like her Mommy, with a long tongue that knows just how to lick a woman in all the right spots. I love being a slut Michy, it's very liberating. Why don't you join me upstairs and let me show you how liberating it can be?" Debra stood up and her negligee slid to the floor, revealing her beautiful cupcake tits and slender body. I was supposed to run, so why did I find myself in Debra's bed with her tongue licking me all over, then sixty-nining with her all afternoon?

The answer was simple. Like Debra, I was also a slut and I was meant to be one. I became Debra's lover and she, mine. Our days were spent in languid love-play, getting wilder and more lurid. I met Chris and Christina and fucked them both and migod, those two kids knew how to fuck. Debra's current boy-toy, a young stud named Chuck, screwed my ass while I ate Debra who was munching Christina's yummy, shaved cunt. A few afternoons later, Debra brought over another of her lovers, a young Asian hottie named Denise. Denise was made our sex-slave for the day and the little nymph made us both see stars.

Debra and I were cuddled together in bed a few days later, having coffee. Our "coffee time" had changed a lot in those weeks and we always teased and played while we had coffee and cake. Both of us could afford to be a little decadent, between sexual romps and using my home gym, we were both in wonderful shape. Debra was resting her head on my shoulder and running her fingers through my hair. It was very naughty, yet very sweet.

"Michy, hon?"

"Yes, darling?"

"Micaela, do you ever wonder about your own children?"

I sat up and looked into Debra's eyes. "Do you mean what I think you mean?"

"Uh-huh. Paul is a very rugged-looking young man and Sharon -- oh baby, she's got those gorgeous grapefruit tits and that killer body and those legs and that yummy, bubble-butt. I would bet they're not virgins."

"Debra, I don't ... " and then I stopped myself. I didn't think of my children in a sexual way, but I had no idea why not. Both kids were old enough and Debra had a point, they were attractive. I couldn't say I was averse to incest, not any longer, having fucked both of Debra's kids. I didn't know if they were sexually active, to be honest, but I suspected Sharon might be, given her statements about her BFs checking me out.

I giggled. "Debra, you're so nasty. Now you've got me thinking all sorts of kinky thoughts about them both. Gawd, you are just such a slut !"

Debra's tongue began to lick down my body. "Of course I am, you little bitch. And so are you -- so are you !"

Debra was right, I couldn't deny it. My mind was becoming even more perverted, so I did something the old me would have thought unthinkable. I installed hidden cameras in both kid's rooms and began spying on them, recording their activities. If they had someone over, I turned the camera on. Most times, it was pretty routine stuff, but after a month, I had some interesting stuff. I transferred it to DVD and after showering and shaving my pussy clean, I put on a sexy little black teddy and bedroom slippers, slipped the DVD into the player and decided to have some pervy fun.

I had barely gotten my fingers damp with the juices from my horny cunt when I heard footsteps on the stairs and Sharon's voice calling "Mom, hey I came for a visit and ... MOM !" Right behind her was Paul, both were bug-eyed as they saw me rubbing my pussy and squeezing my now-exposed tits. I didn't even stop.

Sharon walked into the room, hesitant at first. She looked at me and saw the dreamy expression on my face, then she saw the DVD and a horrified look came over her beautiful face. "Dear God Mom, that's ME! Just what the fuck ... oh Christ, that's Paul!"

On-screen now was a picture of Paul screwing a lovely black girl named Ida, a petite little thing who really seemed to groove on my son's big cock. Paul had a much nicer hunk of meat than his father, that's for sure.

"Oh God Mom, what are you doing, watching us fuck, watching your own kids, your daughter, this is just so sick and wrong and ..."

"Don't be so fucking indignant, you little slut . Yes, you heard me -- see, there you are with pretty little Christina -- you're not so innocent ..." [ and I was thrilled that Christina had finally gotten her wish to bed Sharon ] "... you're as big a whore as I am! I love being a slut darling, there's nothing wrong with it! I'm having the time of my life and from the way you're howling on camera there, I think you enjoyed yourself."

Sharon buried her face in her hands and said "Oh God Mom, it's just all too fucking much ..."

I hugged her close, feeling her braless tits pressed into my naked skin. Sharon was all sex and honey, she even smelled sexy. Her brother stood motionless in the doorway, the big dope. I said "Get your ass over here, young man."

Sharon sat beside me on the bed, still trembling. The DVD now showed my son and Ida and another girl, a pretty slender brunette -- Terri something -- all whooping it up and Ida was fucking Terri in the ass with a dildo while Paul fucked her. My children's sexuality surprised me, how could I have been so blind as to what magnificent animals they both were?

I brought my lips to Sharon's and kissed her softly, insinuating my tongue between her lips. She protested a bit, but she finally kissed me back. Then I stood up, almost naked, and pressed my body to Paul's. I kissed him, hard and fierce and rubbed his big cock through his pants. It was time to take action.

"Sharon, Paul, listen to me, my darlings. Paul, come sit beside Mommy, Sharon, snuggle up." The kids did as I asked, slightly dazed, but attentive.

"Now listen, my sexy loves, we have a rare opportunity to really enjoy ourselves, to know each other in a way most people will never understand. Look at you both, look at Mommy -- we're a very sexy family, aren't we? So why not share that sex, be as nasty as we like and share our bodies. Sharon, I want to lick your pussy and have you eat mine and do sixty-nine and all sorts of naughty things. Paul, I want to suck your cock, have you eat me, have you fuck me -- even in the ass, if you'd like. I also want to see you two kids fucking."

"What? I'm not fucking Paul?"

"Sharon ... "

"Mom, I just don't ... "

"I'd fuck you, Sis," Paul spoke for the first time. "You're really hot, all my buds think so."

"Of course you'd fuck me Paulie, you're a guy, but hey -- thanks. You really think I'm sexy?"

Paul nodded. "We all are, Mom's right. We're a good-looking family and obviously, not quite normal."

I hugged my son and said "Baby, what's normal anyway? We're just people who love each other, just with more intensity. Your father was sneaky, we're going to be open and up-front about it."

Sharon was really smiling, it was if she'd been mulling it over. "Wow Mom, I have to admit, this is a side of you that's very interesting. Where'd all this come from?"

"You know Debra, next door?"

"Yeah, Christina's Mom." Sharon blushed as an image now came on-screen of Christina and Paul fucking. She was gazing at her brother's huge dick, as if not believing how well he was hung.

"Debra and I have been having sex with our coffee for a few months now!" Then, I added "I have also girl-fucked Christina and screwed her brother on several occasions!"

"Holy fucking shit, Mom," Paul said, almost falling back on the bed. Sharon just looked at me, then looked at her brother and shook her head. She laughed and said "Well, I guess we all know how hot Christina is!" Sharon leaned in and kissed me, like a lover this time, her hand stroked my cheek. Her eyes locked with mine and she nodded, she was in. I skillfully got her undressed and marveled at her unblemished skin, her flat tummy, long legs, her shaved [ like mother, like daughter ] pussy and the little piercing on her tummy. She rubbed her tits against mine and whispered in my ear "You were right Mommy, I am a slut, because I'm totally turned on and dripping wet."

Paul was getting naked and he pointed to the piercing and said "I gave that to Sharon last year, for her 18th birthday. It's very sexy on you, sis."

I hadn't noticed it before and I turned to Paul and said "You gave her something so intimate?"

Paul sighed and made a confession. "Yeah. I've been trying to get glimpses of Sharon naked for ages, Mom. I mean -- look at her, look at you . You're two of the hottest chicks ever, a MILF and a SILF." Sharon and I laughed and kissed softly again for our familial audience.

Sharon ran her fingers through my hair and began nuzzling my neck. I felt like the biggest whore in the world and it felt wonderful. My beautiful daughter was letting the last of her inhibitions go and taking me as a lover, sucking my pointed nipples as her hands trailed over my tanned skin. Her own youthful body was so alluring, yet I wanted her to be wild and crazy, to experience all the hedonistic pleasures I had, and more. I turned to Paul and grinned slyly, then back at Sharon.

"Baby, I want you to suck your brother's cock and get it ready for me -- for us."

"Mom, I'm not sure I ... "

"It's what a slut would do!" I added and that got her, she moved to her brother and with her skilled hands and mouth, she let Paul slide his manhood into her mouth. Even flaccid, he was impressive, as he hardened, a wanton look came over his sister's face. I knew that look, I'd seen it in Debra's mirror several times, pure depravity. Now my baby was gulping and slurping, really giving him head. I wasn't about to be left out of this little fuckfest, no sirree, I spread Sharon's legs and tasted her pussy for the first time. God, it was the yummiest thing I had ever known.

Sharon was really going to town on him, but from what I'd seen on the DVD, Paul would give her a run for her money. My stud-son was fucking her face now, Sharon's initial hesitation gone as she fellated him.

Her body was wriggling around now, her hips moving and I grabbed them as I sucked her wet cunt. "Ohhh, Mommy, yeahhh, eat me bitch!" she groaned and I obliged. I felt a thrill running through me as my daughter joined me in the depths of depravity, deep-throating her brother. I went one better and began rimming Sharon's gorgeous ass.

"Ohhh Mommy, you're right, you are a slut, just like me! It's good Mommy, it's so fucking good!" Sharon was a noisy little cumslut, Paul's eyes were closed as his sister slurped his rod. "Paul, we should've done this ages ago, my bro has a nice dick, right Mom?"

"Okay darling, let's share that cock, Mommy's coming over there!" I watched as my daughter slid his mouth down to Paul's cock and I took the head of his wonderful dick into my mouth. My journey was complete -- both of my children were now my lovers and I felt complete. Paul's cock was hard and hot in my mouth, but I knew where I wanted to see it next.

"Fuck her Paul. Fuck Sharon. Sharon, Mommy's going to lower her pussy to your face. I've seen from the DVD you know what to do with a cunt, so eat me slut, eat Mommy's cunt while your brother fucks the stuffing out of you!" Paul almost jumped at the opportunity to screw his sister, his cock really rammed deep into her. My children were fucking -- really fucking -- and I know that thought was causing my cunt to juice. It didn't matter, Sharon was gobbling it up as fast as it came, my daughter was a fiend at eating cunt. I lowered my head and began feasting on the joining of my daughter and my son, licking his cock as it moved in and out of her cunt with precise strokes. This was every lewd thought I'd had cumming to life, my beautiful children and I sharing our love in the most intimate of ways.

"Oh Paulie, it's good, fuck me , fuck me with your fucking hard dick, give it to me, Mommy, tell him to fuck me!" Sharon howled.

"You heard the little slut darling, fuck her!" I commanded, looking into my son's dark eyes. His hair was a shade darker and matted with sweat as he screwed her, but he looked magnificent and I couldn't wait for my turn with him.

Paul made Sharon cum in short order and her Mommy cleaned her up. "Eat me Mommy, you're wonderful!" Sharon sighed as her brother's cock moved into my pussy and began fucking me.

"You can call me Michy in bed if you want, darlings!" I purred as Paul began making love to me. He was doing me in a different style than his sister, smoother and bit more gentle. It allowed me to concentrate on pleasuring Sharon, I could eat her with languid skill, skill I had not possessed months ago. I licked her beautiful nipples and saw her eyes look at me with love and lust. "Love you, slut!" I cooed as my tongue trailed over her breasts.

"Love you, slut!" she purred back as my body began to tremble. I could feel myself cumming and I drove my tongue into Sharon's mouth to keep from screaming. I felt Paul's cum flood my pussy and was impressed with his stamina. We'd been fucking for a few hours at that point.

"Oh Mommy, he didn't wear a condom. You could still get pregnant!" Sharon exclaimed.

"Well dear, if I do, I'll just have the baby. Wouldn't it be nice to have a little brother or sister made with the full love of a family?" I countered. My daughter gave me a smile that let me know our minds were on the same wavelength.

"It might, but let me clean you up, Mommy dear!" Sharon said, licking her lips and sucking my cunt dry. "If anyone is going to have Paulie's baby, it should be me!" she groaned.

That was a little under five years ago. We've been having family sex every night since then, the kids decided to attend a local University so they could continue to share my bed. If I was out with Debra or Christina or Chris -- or all of them -- I knew my kids were happily fucking at home, having a good time. Ida's been over a lot of times and Sharon says her little chocolate pussy is scrumptious. I agreed when I finally got to taste it, then we had a little all-girl orgy and we girls shaved her bare. Debra and I grew closer and we all felt like family, so one day, we decided to make it official and become one, big loving family -- emphasis on the loving .

We all continue to fuck and love each other. Paul and Christina are a couple nowadays, but that's only to the outside world. Paul belongs to all of us, as does Chris and everyone fucks everyone here. We're all planning to stay together and that thrills Debra and I to bits.

We did some research and found others in loving, familial situations like ours, who wanted to meet and play with like-minded people. Debra and I talked it out and with some funding from me and some loans, we opened the Club a few years ago. Our membership continues to grow and some of our members have given me permission to tell you their naughty stories. You'll be squirming in your seats with how sexy some of them are.

Living well -- and kinky -- is indeed the best revenge. Robert's secretary is coming over tonight, turns out the bastard has been cheating on her with his boss's secretary for a few months. Poor little Angelica -- she needs consolation. That's fine with me. Sharon and I, along with Paul, will make sure to console that little Asian honey until she can't walk straight.

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