Club Night, Second Time Around


It was Danielle who took my hand. "Let's go to the balcony so we can sit down, my legs feel weak."

"You were shameless, I was amazed." I really was. I know that we might doing something sexual at the club, I just didn't know what, especially something like what had just happened.

"You know how to get me turned on and what I was seeing was incredibly erotic." She said it almost matter-of-factly as if what we had done was routine. I think my girlfriend was really getting into this.

We sauntered hand in hand back to the bar first to get fresh drinks. Danielle looked so wonderful. It was exciting to know that she was without her thong, as it was draped over her arm along with her top. The club was very crowded now with a packed dance floor and even the stage filled with dancers. We carefully threaded our way through all the bodies. I could see that Danielle was getting quite a few glances and some outright stares. Her state of undress didn't seem to faze her one bit. Could she be actually enjoying the looks?

With our drinks in hand, we made our way to balcony stairs. As I had on our previous visit to the club, I put a hand on Danielle's ass as we walked up. I made sure her skirt was pushed up high so I could get a long look at her nicely shaped butt. I think she liked feeling herself exposed that way. Once on the balcony we had a look at the main group room. It was crowded all sorts of naked people. It was so crowded that a completely nude couple was standing in the entryway, waiting for a space on the mattresses. I was disappointed because I so much wanted to take Danielle into the room right then and there.

"I was going to see if you wanted to go in but there's no room!" Danielle looked at me with a "poor baby" look in her eyes. "Then let's find an empty sofa so we sit down". Her voice was teasing and playful. We walked down the balcony to find all the sofas and plush seats occupied by couples. Some of these couples were in various states of undress or sexual play. We got to the point were the balcony turned left 90 degrees. That area of the balcony looked over the bondage area but we still didn't find a place to sit because the seats and sofas were also all occupied on this part of the balcony.

We ended up standing right at the handrail where the balcony turned left. Danielle looked over at the bondage area and then at the dance floor, crowded with people. To our left, two women were sitting on the handrail, legs wide apart, their long skirts hoisted high to their waists with a man servicing each woman orally. It was quite easy to see how the guys' tongues were lapping at the lewdly exposed pussies. Danielle hardly noticed them, her concentration was on the floor below. I was looking at the women towards my left and getting more and more excited by the scene.

I stood directly behind and Danielle and put my hand between her legs, just as I had done in while looking into the voyeur room. She had both her hands on the handrail. Then she spread her legs as I diddled her wet pussy in full view of anyone down below who might decide to look up. Danielle didn't respond with outright passion as she had done before, she just seemed quite comfortable with the stimulation and the situation.

There was movement to our left as a couple got up and walked behind us. One of the large, plush, and very deep chairs had become available. Danielle noticed it and took my hand the few steps so we could both squeeze in together, side by side. She placed her thong and blouse on one of the thick arms of the big, padded chair. We were parked right next to the women sitting on the handrail, a man's head between their spread legs. Danielle and I kissed passionately, feeling deeply sensual.

When Danielle pulled away from the kiss, she reached out to slowly rub her hand up and down my crotch. My erection throbbed with the attention. She then grabbed my zipper, pulled downward, and deftly plucked out my erection, taking a moment to stroke it to full size. Actually, it was more than full size, it was one of those desperate, throbbing erections that is the result of supreme sexual excitement. She circled the base of my cock with her thumb and index fingers and then squeezed gently, making my cock surge and fatten still more.

I didn't know what to expect, I was just reveling in the moment. There was cunnilingus to watch in front of us and my girlfriend was expertly handling me to bring me to the fullest of hard-ons. As we were sitting so close and side by side in the chair, it was too awkward for her to bend over and start sucking on me. Instead, she released her grasp and stood up leaving me breathless with wild desire. She looked down at me, her eyes full of mischief and desire. She stepped forward and began to straddle me.

With one hand lifting her skirt slightly and the other hand on my erection, she maneuvered her body over me her thighs spread around mine. Then slowly, deliberately, she guided me towards her wickedly wet entrance. She used her own wetness to lubricate the top of my cock by letting it move over the folds of her pussy lips. It was breathtaking.

Then she positioned me at her pussy's entrance, ready for that first, incredible sensation of penetration. Down she went, enveloping me, bringing my cock into her. It was smooth and wonderful, her sexual heat had created generous lubrication. She was then all the way down - her thighs fitting nicely around mine and into the overstuffed chair - she kissed me forcefully. I was in awe of her complete willingness to have sex surrounded by people. She had abandoned any sense of restraint to indulge our mutual lust.

We kissed for a long time. My cock was throbbing and I know she could feel it. She leaned back to let her head fall back. I reached out to grab her breasts and bucked my hips up a little. I could feel my cock work its way deeper into her pussy. She replied silently by raising up and down, trying to get a thrusting rhythm going. She leaned forward, putting her face into my neck. Danielle was breathing very heavily now.

I put both hands slightly under her ass and used my arms to help her up and down in a steady, rhythmic motion. This helped. She put her hands out on each arm of the chair so that between her arms and thigh muscles, she could move up and down far more easily. My cock moved up and down effortlessly inside her. I reached behind her back and quickly unfastened her bra. It slipped easily away but Danielle had to move her hands from the chair arms so the almost wispy garment could fall onto my stomach. With the exception of her short skirt and stockings, she was deliciously naked, her breasts on display, he ass almost showing, her white, mostly naked thighs with the black stockings on either side of mine. The red high-heeled shoes hanging off the edge of the chair nicely punctuated her look.

I pulled her towards me so I could seize a naked, pert nipple into my mouth. Danielle growled into my ear. She let herself down in my lap completely. This made her gasp. She leaned back again and looked at me, fire and lust in her eyes. We didn't exchange any words, there was no point for words, just raw lust as we fucked away in the chair. I saw the red flush appear on her chest. I knew that her excitement was complete. I just had to keep my own lust from escaping too soon. My cock was throbbing strongly now, a sign that I would cum soon.

I reached out to firmly pinch Danielle's nipples. As her lover, I knew full well that she would react passionately to my forceful touch. I was not disappointed. She looked right into my eyes and then opened her mouth, her own eyes opened wide as if in surprise. I started bucking my hips up and down, pushing my cock deeply into her with each upward thrust. This set off Danielle ... OH!.... OH!... OH!" she cried with each of my upward pushes. Her climax was on her, in her, around her. She closed her eyes, still crying out with each of my upward thrusts...."OH!.... OH!..... OH......OH.....!!!!!" Again and again.

We paid no heed to the others around us. This was our moment. This was our time to share pure carnal excitement. Our bodies were enmeshed more than any lovers could be. I put my arms around her and squeezed tightly, feeling her climax as if it were my own. Her chest was heaving and her voice had become automatic. I suddenly stopped thrusting, trying to at least briefly delay my impending orgasm.

Danielle was oblivious. She was gasping, her body had tensed up. I felt her pussy throb and her pelvic muscles contract again and again. She held that position until I felt her relax in my arms, her stunning climax draining too swiftly away. I couldn't take any more. I thrust upward quickly and held up my body a few inches from the seat of the chair. My balls tensed up then I spasmed forcefully, my cock throbbing strongly as I felt my cum jet up and into Danielle. My erection pulsed several times, each time squirting more into her. My eyes had closed and I think I was making a deep noise as my breath rushed from my lungs. The pleasure was staggeringly intense.

As the wild pleasure evaporated away, my body lowered itself back into the chair. I opened my eyes and saw Danielle looking intently at me. I reached up to push her disheveled hair from in front of her eyes. I pulled her down so I could kiss her softly. Her skin was slightly damp from her sexual exertions and her strong climax. I was perspiring too.

When I stopped kissing her, I spoke softly into her ear. "That was wonderful, I think I love you."

"I will I'm not sure I love you," she replied coquettishly.

I looked at our surroundings. The women sitting on the handrail were still there but no longer were the two guys licking their pussies. Instead, the women were playing with themselves as a show to the two guys sitting in chairs, directly in front. They were casually stroking their exposed erections sticking out through their respective pants. Something occurred to me.

I whispered to Danielle, "Ummm, we have small problem."

"We do?" She looked surprised.

"You're full of my semen and when you stand up, it's going to be messy. I came a lot"

"I know, I can feel it inside me. I think it's sexy. Can't we just stay this way?" She was only half joking, I could tell.

My cock was still quite hard. "I think we could for a few more minutes." I tensed my muscles so my cock throbbed inside her.

"Ohhhhhh... do that again!" she said enthusiastically. So I did it again.

"I like that. It's erotic. I can feel you throb inside me" She looked at me intently.

Once more I made my cock throb, and then again a second later. She wiggled her hips in response. It was both a comfortable and deeply sensual moment between us.

I reached to cup Danielle's breasts, my fingers directly on her nipples. "You do realize that you're rather naked sitting on my lap and my cock is still deep inside you?... you're also in public."

She looked around to note several people on the balcony and the foursome to her right. Likely, someone had watched our performance. She took her hands and picked up the hem of her skirt. She revealed to me her neatly trimmed and dark pubic hair, the flair of her hips, and a bit of her smooth, flat stomach.

"I have an idea."

"Oh" I raised my eyebrows at her.

Letting her skirt fall back down, she reached to the right side of it and quickly undid the buttons. With a graceful move, she pulled it completely away from her body.

"Now I'm almost completely naked, sitting on your lap with your cock deep inside me." She smiled and put the skirt with the rest of her clothes on the chair's arm.

I tensed my pelvic muscles again. It wasn't easy, my erection had begun to subside. She looked at me. "You're getting me all horny again."

"So?" I replied.

"We can't do this again because I can feel you get soft." Unfortunately, she had a good point.

"So, what do we do about the mess?"

She reached for her skirt and put it down to the junction of where our bodies joined. "We'll let the skirt catch the sperm. I can always wash it again." It was a good idea.

She began to stand up slowly. As my erection slithered out of her, she quickly moved the skirt to catch the fluid dripping down. It was kind of sensual in a quirky way, knowing that our very public display of lust was responsible for something to clean up.

When my girlfriend stood up completely, she was still holding the bunched up skirt to her crotch. It was comical to a degree - red shoes, black stockings and nothing else except for her clutching the skirt between her legs.

"Don't laugh, I know I look ridiculous." She had a serious look on her face.

"I'm not laughing because I don't look exactly dignified." My cock had flopped over onto my pants leaving a small, shiny stain on the dark fabric. We took a moment to get collected. As gracefully as possible - very hard to do - I put my limp cock back in my pants and zipped up. Danielle wrapped her skirt back around her and buttoned it up. She collected her bra and put it back on. Finally, she scooped up her top and her thong.

"I need to use the ladies room and you should use the men's room." She was right, there was a bit more cleaning up to do. The rest rooms were downstairs and we made our way through the crowd after leaving the balcony to find the restrooms.

I finished first (cleaning off the cum stain on the front of my pants) and waited for Danielle outside the women's room. When she came out, her skirt was straightened out and she had managed to make her long hair in less of disarray. She exuded the air of fresh sex and from the appreciative glances of both men and women, it was pretty clear to all that she had just recently been fucked.

I led her back to the bar. If she were as thirsty as me, she would need some water too. As the club was crowded, it was standing room only at the bar. Fortunately, there were cups of water set up and we both drank deeply. We were getting jostled a little but we did manage to get two fresh cocktails from our bottle, but not from the cute bartender we had seen before. We stood back a few feet away from the crush of people and sipped our drinks. Danielle stood closely to me.

"Hey, it's the voyeur room couple!" came a deep voice. The couple who had witnessed our display in the hallway of the voyeur room was standing right next to us. The man had his arm around the brunette who was still topless, her big breasts and large nipples almost intruding.

She smiled warmly at us both. "So where did you two get to after you saw that scene in there."

I spoke before Danielle. "We had some drinks and then went up to the balcony to sit down."

"Oh, that's a fun place to watch." said the man. He had thick, dark hair. I put him be around 45 or so. His wife (or maybe girlfriend) was younger by a few years and looked good with her long legs, narrow waist, and long hair. Her boobs were quite impressive. I tried not to stare.

Danielle spoke up. "We found a chair up there. It was so crowded!" She wasn't at all distracted by having a conversation with a topless woman.

The woman laughed. "Honey, this time on a Saturday night, everywhere here is crowded. It was hard for us to find space on a mattress in the group room!"

My girlfriend looked around to note just how busy the club had become. "Wow, this is definitely crowded. I had no idea this was all so popular."

The man gave a knowing smile to the woman and then turned back to Danielle and me. "So, did you guys fuck on the balcony?" He was certainly direct with his question.

I fully expected Danielle to turn red or start stammering. But her response was just as direct and fast, before I could say anything. "We had a great fuck!" she said without any hesitation. I was the one who was almost embarrassed. Maybe the cocktails were having an affect on her. Maybe it was just the overall excitement of being there and actually fucking in publicly.

The couple laughed loudly and smiled broadly as if sharing a good joke. "You two enjoy yourselves, we might go on the other side of the voyeur room later. Check us out if you want!" They left us, disappearing into the crowd of dancers.

Danielle put her arm me and squeezed my butt. "We did have a great fuck, didn't we?" I laughed out loud. I liked that my girlfriend wasn't hesitant to talk about sex with me and was so candid with two strangers. I quickly kissed her on the lips. "We had an amazing fuck. You surprised me... all those people around."

"Once I got so turned on watching the scene through the window, I guess I saw no reason to restrain myself. Up on the balcony just seemed natural." I couldn't disagree.

I kissed her again. "Lover, it's only about 1AM, the club doesn't close until 4AM". She had a gleam in her eye and was clearly thinking about further possibilities before we returned to my apartment.

"Hmmmmm, that depends on what you can handle." She squeezed my ass again.

"I think we should find a quiet corner and give me time to recover."

Danielle rolled her eyes. "Men, never there when you need them." Her voice had a friendly yet slightly mocking tone.

I stuck my tongue out at her. "Come on, we can take our drinks over there." A few feet away was a long, sectional sofa with space at the very end for us to sit down. The rest of it had couples sitting down already. We plopped down and Danielle put her head on my shoulder and a hand on my thigh. From there we could see some of the dance floor and most of the bar. There was almost too much to take in.

There were three other couples on our long sofa and we didn't pay them too much attention. We were looking at the dance floor. It was quite the display of flesh and fantasy. Short of actually having sex, more than a few of the dancing couples and groups were doing pretty much everything else sexually arousing that people can do to a beat and standing up. There were quite a few women dancing together provocatively, men behind them, holding their partners close from behind.

We finished our drinks and put the empty cups on the floor. This gave us free hands to hold each other and kiss passionately, like a couple of horny teenagers on a third date. Since Danielle and I had already had some righteous sex, the kissing was less about foreplay and more about emotional and physical intimacy - for me, anyway. My girlfriend was getting aroused, again. We were sitting pretty much side by side. For once in the evening, I didn't have my hands between her legs or on her breasts. I was simply enjoying the togetherness. Danielle, however, was working her way into some sincerely feminine lust.

My girlfriend broke the kiss and stood up. She had an expectant look on her face. I didn't say anything. In the race for sexual excitement, I was definitely in second place and anxious that I couldn't catch up. Danielle would have none of that. She plunked herself down on top of me, straddling my hips, thrusting her bra-covered breasts towards my face. She reached behind her back, unclasped the bra and put it over the back of the sofa. "Suck my tits, now!" she demanded. I eagerly obliged and wrapped my lips around a nipple. She made a small sound of contentment. I reached behind under her skirt to grab both ass cheeks. I forcefully moved her whole body back and forth across my crotch, making sure that her legs were spread wide over me. I was using my mouth aggressively on her nipples taking care to use only my lips and tongue. I think she was looking down at me, I couldn't be sure.

I felt a distinct stirring from down below. Danielle's hot arousal was affecting me. She leaned back and I replaced my mouth with my hands on her breasts. She continued to move her hips back and forth as if my crotch were a bottle and my cock a genie. It was beginning to work and she felt it. She looked down at me. "I feel something down there. It feels good." I deftly pinched her nipples. This caused her to twitch. "Are you ready for more?"

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