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Club Paradiso


This year my wife, Lorraine and I decided that we didn't want to spend another Valentine's Day in the white cold of Chicago. Being modern nudists/swingers we surfed the web in search of a place that would meet our needs. After an hour of checking out the nude beaches of Australia, the golden sands of Rio and the palm trees of Phuket, we discovered a swingers' nudist club in sunny South Africa, called Club Paradiso. We decided to overcome our fear of flying, and go for the "zipless fuck".

After about 24-hours of travel, we were apprehensive when we arrived the day before Valentine's Day at Sun City, our scenic inland destination. Club Paradiso is about a three hours drive from Johannesburg, the city of gold or Egoli, as the locals call it. The friendly owners, Piet en Marie, a white Afrikaans couple, greeted us in the reception area of a beautiful thatch-roof building. Marie wore a large t-shirt that barely covered her naked bottom and around the waist of Piet's beautiful hairless muscled body was a small towel. I could see the bulge his cock made underneath that flimsy towel. He must be well endowed.

"Welcome to our guaranteed disease free club," said Piet. I mentally gave a sigh of relief.

Once we were booked in, Marie escorted us to our room. As we left the reception area, Marie slipped off her t-shirt and walked naked in front of us. Her swaying ass cheeks, her long legs and the sides of her large pendulous breasts caused a stir in my pants. Lorraine squeezed my hand, signaling her own arousal. This promised to be an unforgettable holiday.

In our room, Marie turned around and flopped down on the queen size bed. "Please make yourself at home," she said, opening her legs to show us her shaved pussy. My cock sprang to attention. I never suspected South Africans could be so blatant about their sexual intentions. Marie didn't stop there. She inserted two fingers into her wet pussy and slowly grinded her clit against the palm of her hand.

Lorraine was the first to recover from her shock and dropped to her knees between Marie's legs. I could see how Lorraine removed Marie's hand and licked her sloppy fingers before she began to feast on her cunt. I've seen Lorraine licking another woman's pussy many times, but this was something else. Marie pushed my wife's face further into her cunt and gyrated her hips to get the maximum pleasure.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and moved over to Marie. She pulled my cock closer to her mouth and swallowed it in one move. I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat while she rolled her tongue over my shaft. I slowly pumped my aching erection into her mouth. I nearly came when she pushed her finger in my bum hole and played with my balls. Meanwhile Lorraine used her stiff tongue as a cock and fucked Marie's cunt.

Suddenly Marie stopped sucking me and pulled Lorraine on top of her. She removed my wife's clothes and flopped her on her back. Marie waved her beautiful ass at me while she played with Lorraine's twat. I got the message and slipped my dick into her dripping pussy. It fit like a hot velvet glove. Lorraine moved her head from side to side in an orgasmic build-up.

I quickened my pace and snaked my hand over Marie's belly to rub her clit between my fingers. With my other hand I cupped one of her large breasts, tweaking her nipple. Our continued attention to giving maximum pleasure had the desired effect. After a while Marie brought Lorraine to a climax as I exploded inside her, which triggered her own orgasm. After the waves of passion swept over us, we crumbled in a heap on the bed. Lorraine and I kissed Marie on the mouth and I tasted both women's cunt juices.

Just then Piet walked in, sporting an erect nine-inch cock.

"How do you like South Africa so far?" he asked, walking towards us and then pushed his dick between our faces. His knob brushed past my astonished lips into Lorraine's open mouth. I started to lick his balls while Marie joined my wife in sucking the rampaging manhood. My hands crept up his buttocks, over his six-pack stomach to pinch his nipples. I stood up and kissed him on the mouth. He pushed his tongue between my lips and played with my teeth. I could feel some life returning to my flaccid penis.

Piet suddenly turned me around and pushed me onto the bed. Marie lubricated my bum hole with saliva and inserted two fingers in. I saw Lorraine wetting Piet's cock with more spit. Suddenly Marie pulled out her fingers and Piet pushed his dick against my pincher. I didn't know if I could handle his monster. I tied to relax when Piet slipped his cockhead inside me. Pain and pleasure flooded over me and I could feel my penis throbbing between the bed and my stomach.

Then Piet filled my ass completely. The pleasure was overwhelming but I had nothing left in my balls to shoot. I concentrated on Piet's pleasure by manipulating my pucker muscles around his dick.

Our two wives encouraged our fucking by eating one another's pussy in a 69 position on the bed in front of me. I could see Lorraine sticking her tongue into Marie's vagina and playing with her clit. Then Piet groaned and shot his load into my asshole. He fell over me and licked my wife's pussy before he kissed his wife on the mouth.

Marie disentangled herself from our naked bodies and getting up from the bed she said, "Oh, remember, the only items you may wear are shoes and a smile," she said, taking our luggage and stuffed it in a large trunk.

Piet also got up. "You may fuck whoever and whenever you want, but only with their permission," he said.

With a wiggle of her bottom, cum still dripping from her pussy, Marie turned and disappeared through the door, followed by Piet. Then her redhead popped back. "Valentine's Day Orientation Dinner is at six in the lounge."

Lorraine and I looked at each other, dumbfounded. We lay there for a moment before we burst out laughing. My stiffening cock told me that I was ready for more action and I could see that Lorraine was also ready for more. Before I could do anything Lorraine dropped to her knees next to the bed and took my tool in her hand and pumped it a few times. Then my cock-head disappeared between her red lips. The warmth of her mouth increased the temperature of my awakening cock. She flicked her tongue across my penis' eye and then swirled it around my penis. Lorraine played with my balls while she licked and sucked on my manhood.

After a few minutes I pulled my dick from her mouth and pushed her onto the bed. My need for another release had increased beyond reason. Lying on top of my wife, I pushed my right hand between our bodies and played with her clit while I inserted my cock into her wet pussy. The excitement of the resort, the unconventional hostess and the promise of variety drove our passion into a frenzy. Lorraine hooked her legs behind my back as I pounded her hot cunt with everything I had. She contracted her pussy muscles, causing more friction on my cock. The sensation of a tight velvety wet canal torched my passion. We climax together.

My own orgasm ran through my cock, to the base between my legs, spreading through my entire body. I convulsed as I exploded inside my wife. I collapsed onto Lorraine's slippery wet body.

After we showered and rested awhile we made our way to the lounge area - naked. We were giddy as two horny teenagers on their spring break when we met the local swingers. There were about twenty horny couples but I didn't catch any of their names. They were all naked as Adam and Eve before the Serpent. Their all-over tans were dead give-aways that they must have been swinging naked in the sun for at least a week. There wasn't a black body in sight – apparently they have better things to do than fuck in the sun.

Piet, with his nine-inch cock and the sexy Marie moved everyone to the grass patio overlooking the man-made lake. My sensitive bum-hole reminded me of the power of than manly flesh. Five low tables formed a circle around a bonfire. Large cushions were strewn around the tables. The sun was still a warm red orb in the western sky.

We were assigned a table with two other couples, George and Marge, and Andre and Amanda. They were also in their thirties and very sexy. Marge was a tall blond with small firm breasts. She had a trimmed yellow pubic patch while Amanda had raven black hair, a smooth shaven pussy and big breasts. They all gave us naked hugs, even the men. My eight-inch cock slipped between the legs of Marge and Amanda while it sparred with the smaller penises of George and Andre. The women caressed Lorraine's backside when they hugged, crushing their breasts together. My brain sent more blood to my penis where I will need it later.

Marge and Amanda sat cross-legged next to me while Lorraine seated herself between George and Andre. I felt two hands creeping up my legs while Amanda told us they have all been swinging for three years. They confessed that their marital love was stronger than ever.

Marge and Amanda's hands met at the base of my cock. I looked across the table and saw Andre sucking on Lorraine's nipples. George was between her legs, eating her out. With her legs spread open, Lorraine was already beyond care. She gave me a wicked wink.

My hands found their way to the wet pussies of my two female companions. Amanda dropped her head to my lap and started to suck on my cock. I could feel Amanda's tits on my thigh when Marge stuck a nipple in my mouth. I sucked on this Valentine gift while I cupped the other small perky breast with my free hand. I tweaked the hard nipple between my fingers.

I ended up on my back with Marge impaling herself on my cock while Amanda sat on my face. I nibbled on her pussy and sensed that the two women were caressing each other. I licked Amanda's smooth cunt, tickled her clit and stuck my tongue into her love canal. I used my chin to stimulate her clit while I lapped her pussy nectar. With my nose close to her bum hole I had to concentrate on my tongue fucking. Marge was rotating her hips in small circles, fueling the fire in my cock. She was the first to climax. I was close to my third orgasm of that day.

When Amanda and Marge changed places I heard Lorraine moan. She was sandwiched between Andre and George, getting true value for her passion. Andre was fucking her pussy while George gave it to her in the ass.

Amanda's cunt was so wet that it devoured my eight-inch cock with ease. She bobbed up and down my shaft while I lapped the juices from Marge's sopping wet pussy. With my face buried in the puffy folds of her pussy, I shot my load into Amanda's vagina. Her own orgasm caused her cunt muscles to contract, milking me dry. The two women collapsed on top of me. They then proceeded to lick their juices nectar from my face.

I looked over to my lusty wife in the arms of her two male companions. They were suckling on her teats like two blissful babies. The silly satisfied smile on her face was proof enough that we our fears were misplaced and that we were actually in paradise.

During the evening I remember we had something more than sex nectar for dinner.

The next morning I woke up with my face next to an erect penis with precum seeping through its slit. I also became aware that someone was giving me a blowjob. As I sat up to see where I was, my face brushed against the cock. Andre's mouth covered my cock while he fucked Lorraine. I turned around to see George tongue fucking Amanda who pumped a black dildo into Marge's pussy.

I had no choice but to complete the chain. Taking George's cock in my hand, I inspected it first. It was uncircumcised and as I pulled back the skin, I saw the glistening red-purple head begging for my attention. The precum lubricated the whole area and I bent down to have my first real taste of South African cock. The sweet-salty taste tickled my pallet when George pushed his cock into my mouth. I fought my gag reflexes and swirled my tongue around his dick. I played with his balls while I licked his dickhead like an ice-cream cone. With the tip of my tongue I circled the underside of the glans, then flicked it across the top before I pulled the slit open and fucked it with my tongue.

I could feel the orgasm rushing through his cock before George emptied his cum into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could and then closed my mouth over his dick. I could feel the last spurts hitting the back of my mouth.

I flopped on my back but my recovery was interrupted when Lorraine impaled herself on my erection. Andre moved in behind her and I felt his cock through the thin membrane sliding up in her ass, bumping against my cock in her pussy. It took us a few strokes before we fell into rhythm, fucking my wife. Andre bent over Lorraine and kissed me on the mouth and with his tongue extracted the last of George's cum. This was too much for me and I shot my load into Lorraine. Andre followed which brought Lorraine to her own climax.

After Andre and Lorraine got off me, I looked around to see where I was. The smell of sex hung in the room like fog over a lake. We were on a large bed in a room with glass walls. The sun was rising in the East turning the morning haze into a lush green paradise. After our orgy last night Andre invited us to their "penthouse" apartment in Club Paradiso. We continued our fucking and sometime during the night we must have fallen asleep.

Then Amanda's shaven pussy obscured my view when she stepped in front of me.

"Happy Valentine," she said, tweaking the nipples of her heavy breasts and then slipped a hand over her tummy down to her shaven pussy. She pulled the hood from her clit and spread her cunt lips with her fingers. Her pussy was glistening wet and swollen. She hasn't come yet and when I looked into her dark eyes all I could see was naked lust. Damn, don't they ever get enough? I thought. Well, I couldn't let America down. I had to fuck her.

I knelt before her spread legs and started to kiss and lick her left leg from her knee to her mound. Delaying my rush to her cock alley a little longer I repeated the procedure on her right leg. She pushed her groin into my face and pulled my head forward. My nose hit her clit and she wriggle my head from left to right to continue the stimulation of her love button. Circling my arms around her I grabbed her ass cheeks and kneed them vigorously. Then I slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed it over the length of her slit. She quivered at my touch, threw her legs over my shoulders and locked it on my head. I fell backwards with my mouth firmly on her cunt. My nose was buried in her clit hood while I lapped the juices from her gaping vagina with my tongue. I could feel my chin touching her bum hole as I drank from her fountain of pussy juice.

All sound seized in my ears as she clutched my head between her legs. She rode my mouth till she came in a gush of female cum. She let go of my head and fell on the bed. Shaking my head to clear my ears and get air to my lungs, I saw my fellow swingers in a sex-exhausted stupor. I wasn't ready to quit yet, feeling my cock coming back to life ready for the next session.

I wanted to get my dick into Andre's pucker hole. I crawled over the sprawled bodies to where Andre was lying on his tummy. Using both hands I spread his ass cheeks apart and started licking his pincher. I also used my precum to get more lubrication into his tight hole but it was Lorraine who came to my rescue. She loves to watch me fuck another man. She brought some water-based lube and stuffed it into Andre's hole and smeared it on my hardened dick. Taking my manhood in her hand, she guided it to the right place. I struggled at first to get past his resistance but once he relaxed I fucked him real hard. I loved his cheeks hitting my groin with every thrust. I had to get to his dick. His raging hard-on indicated that he loved this too. Lorraine in the meantime presented her pussy to Andre's mouth who immediately started licking between the folds of her cunt lips. I could see him sucking on her clit while he pushed three fingers into her vulva. She fell back on George's lap seeking his cock with her mouth.

Lying on our sides I masturbated Andre in tune with my own fucking rhythm. His cock was an extension of my own which doubled my pleasure. My oversensitive cock helmet couldn't take the abuse anymore. Spasm rose from deep within and I sent the last drop of my cum into Andre's ass. I increased the speed of my hand on his dick and suddenly he also had enough. He shot his load on the bed and on my hand. As I pulled my limp penis out, Lorraine exploded in a satisfying orgasm with Andre between her legs.

We were extremely happy. This was the depravity we were looking for and our South African lovers helped to make our stay more pleasurable. I couldn't wait to fuck more of the nudist/swingers.

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