You finish washing your hands in the bathroom, and you hear the handle shake. Someone's trying to get in. You scream over the music in the club for them to wait. A pounding comes on the door. Exasperated you unlock and fling open the door.

There I am staring at you. I push you back into the bathroom and lock the door. You let out a little squeak of surprise as I push you back against the wall and kiss you hard on the mouth. You stand in petrified shock for a moment until you melt into me. Pressing your body against mine.

I run my fingers up your back and tangle my fingers in your hair. You moan as I pull your hair and then bite your neck. You grab my hair and steer my mouth back to yours. My fingers trace up your thigh, over your stockings, stopping to play with the lace band around your thigh. You gasp a little and push your tongue deeper into my mouth. Your hands drop to my shirt and begin to unbutton the black dress shirt I'm wearing.

The bass from the club's sound system vibrates the wall behind you as you open my shirt and run your hand up my stomach to my nipple and twist hard. I moan and grab at your ass. You arch your hips into me and you can feel the stiffness in my pants. Your hand slides over the front of me rubbing my swollen cock, your fingers tracing over the veins.

I frantically rip open your blouse and open your bra. Lowering my face to your breasts I take your right nipple into my mouth and bite, not hard, but you feel my teeth digging into your skin. You throw back your head and gasp.

You drop to your knees, as somebody is pounding on the door to the bathroom, open my belt, and undo my pants. My cock jumps out at you and you look up at me and smile. You begin to stroke my dick, gently licking the head. My eyes close, waiting in anticipation. Your mouth comes slowly over the head as your slowly stroking the shaft. I let out a stifled moan. We can't be too loud. People will hear us.

You pick up the pace, taking more and more of me in your mouth. Your hands rubbing up my stomach, playing with my balls. I'm panting now as you're working at a fever pitch. I pull my cock from your mouth and stand you up. My hand sliding under the skirt you're wearing. Tracing the outline of your pussy, finding your clit with ease. I begin to play with you as I kiss you hard on the mouth again. You arch your pussy deeper into my hand, begging me to finger you. I hook the side of the satin and lace thong you're wearing with my finger and rip them.

You're stroking my dick as my finger slides deep inside you. Still kissing we're both moaning into each other's mouths, desperately trying to stay quiet. You pull away and tell me that you want me inside of you now. I move in front of you as your hand guides me into your wet mound. First you toy my shaft on your clit, rubbing it slowly. You're biting your lip as you guide my dick into you. You stand as high as you can on your black heels as I slide my dick deep into you. You gasp and bury you face in my neck as the first hard orgasm starts in your heels and rips up your thighs and makes your pussy clench around my cock. I bury my face in your neck and bite your collarbone. You press your head against the wall and moan.

You push your hips out so that I can pound deeper into you. I grab your hips and force you onto me harder and harder. Your breath catches with every thrust. You stare deep into my eyes and tell me your cumming again as you pussy clenches around me, spamming hard while I'm still stroking into you. I pull myself out of you and spin you around, your hands planted on the sink, face pressed against the mirror. I jam my cock back into your wet box. I slap your ass and you gasp again. The door rattles in the frame with someone trying to get in.

I'm humping you with a frantic pace. My hands slide up your stomach to your tits. I grab your nipples hard, you moan again. Humping back hard, you tell me you want me to cum in your mouth. I pull my throbbing cock out of you as you spin around and drop to your knees again. Your hand starts stroking the shaft of my dick as you're licking the head of my dick. I tell you that I'm about to Cum and you lock your lips around my shaft and start pumping your mouth fast. I involuntarily moan as I let myself go in your mouth. The hot cum floods your mouth, you can feel my cock flexing and relaxing as your tongue circles the head. You pull back and swallow the load.

Just then the door to the bathroom flies open and there is a bouncer in the door. He yells at us telling us to leave the club. We quickly dress and exit the club, we flag down a taxi, lighting cigarettes. We hop in the cab and collapse into each other as we glide silently into the night...

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