tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCNG (Cute Neighbor Girl) Ch. 04

CNG (Cute Neighbor Girl) Ch. 04


It had been several days since I last hung out with Danni. The last time we spent any time together was a back rub that probably went a little too far before she abruptly ended it. We hung out a little that night, and watched some TV. We were naked, of course, as that seemed to be the dress code at her house. However, despite being naked and sitting rather close on the couch, my mood the rest of the night was just slightly this side of pissy.

I knew there'd be no avoiding her at work, however. It was with some seriously mixed emotions I went in to work. I'd love to see her. I'd dread seeing her. Mondays are bad enough as it is... I headed towards my desk like a man condemned to die in the most pleasurable of ways.

"Hello, Babycakes. I brought doughnuts!" was how I was greeted. Could have been worse.

"Hmmm, doughnuts. Thanks. What's the occasion?" I asked while pilfering a chocolate cake doughnut with sprinkles. You can't go wrong with sprinkles. This Monday, at least, was looking up.

"Remember that cute IT guy who helped me last week?" Danni started to explain.

"The one looking down the 'valley of your dolls' the entire time?"

"I guess so. Well, since I helped me, I brought in a dozen doughnuts for him. I even brought in some for you. Aren't I the nicest girl EVER?" she asked, I hoped, rhetorically.

"Sure thing." I sat at my desk, and started to fire up the laptop. The sooner I could 'work' the sooner I could avoid pretending to not avoid talking about what we avoided happening Friday night.

"Do anything fun this weekend?" Danni asked. Boot faster, damn machine! Spin that hard drive! Go go go! It wasn't that I didn't want to talk to her. I did, a lot. But it just felt like there was an elephant there we needed to discuss. Of course, it could all be in my head. My head is an odd place, filled with weird things. Imaginary sexual tension could very well have a home there.

Of course, the Elephant in the cube could not be talked about at work. Too many others around and the conversation was likely to be a little to graphic for the watercooler. 'Hey, when you had your finger in me...' Just wouldn't cut it at work.

"Nope, just kinda hung out. Went to the bar with a couple of friends Saturday. Read a bit. Really, nothing special. You?" I asked, more to be polite than anything else.

"I just cleaned the place, caught up on book club reading, that sort of thing." Yes, cleaning. I do have to admit I did see Danni vacuuming her living room over the weekend. She appeared to be wearing only headphones. Her breasts were mesmerizing, swaying rhythmically as she moved the vacuum cleaner back and forth. I only caught a brief glimpse, but it was worth it. Again, how can I hold two such opposing viewpoints in my head at once?

We made a little more small talk until my PC finished booting and she discovered, much to her alarm, she had yet to have any coffee this morning. She went off in search of caffeine, and I was able to pop my headphones on without being rude. We didn't talk much the rest of the day, it was pretty uneventful.

That night, I was just preparing another gourmet meal of frozen pizza when the doorbell rang. It was Danni.

I of course let her in. She was wearing an oversized T-shirt and flip flops. She had brought over some beers, and said she wanted to talk. I graciously accepted the beers from her and with a sweep of my hand motioned for her to go up the stairs. As I followed her up the stairs, I realized that the T-shirt was all that she was wearing, mainly because from the angle I had, I could see her nice, round ass and zesty pussy lips as she climbed the stairs.

"So, did you get all dressed up just to see me?" I asked. With that, and without stopping, she pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it at my head back down the stairs. OK, I can deal with naked girls who bring beer over. But, if she just wanted to talk, why did she need to be naked? And, of course, that meant that in about five minutes, I'd probably be wearing only my watch.

Four minutes later, we were seated on opposite ends of my couch naked, and holding beers.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" I had to ask.

"The other night when you were rubbing my back. It felt really, really good. And, I could tell that it was going to feel much, much better in about five minutes. I was telling you the truth that if I came, I'd probably tweak something in my back. But, I dunno, I felt like we were moving too quickly or simply doing something we shouldn't since we spend all day together."

I had nothing to say at that point, and just continued to regard the label on my beer bottle. I would have been staring at my shoes if I had a pair on.

"In fact," Danni went on, "my back felt A-mazing the next day. Thank you so much for that, I would have been miserable all weekend. Forget the guy at the gym, you're massaging me from now on, if I can ask you to. I wanted to say thanks at work, but I thought we shouldn't talk about it there. We should keep everything cool at the office."

She continued. "I really like you, and I'd like to keep hanging out with you. I like the fact that you're laid back enough to hang out nude like this. And, I think I'd be happy doing something really stupid like sleeping with you, but in my own time. Can you be cool with that?"

"Yep, I can dig it," I pretty much lied. I'd have to dig it. I'd also have to restrain myself and not smother Danni like I was little kid who'd hug a kitten to death. I was developing real feelings for this little nudist tease of a girl. I knew we'd only been hanging out for a week or so, but it felt so goddamn RIGHT. She was special, even if you factored out the fact that she was horny all the time and had no problem expressing her sexuality with me in the room.

"So, what are you making me for dinner?" she asked. This girl knew when the conversation had run its course and it was time to change the subject.

"I've got a frozen pizza going, if that's OK with you."

"Sure, if you don't mind. I pretty much just invited myself over, didn't I? I figured if I brought beers and did this" she got up and pushed my face between her boobs, "you'd be OK with it."

"Of course, that's cool," I said. But, with my head stuffed between her tits, I'm sure all the sound that got out sounded like 'Obcurfmetzool.'

Danni sat down, and tossed her head back and laughed again. I had to look ridiculous with my hair messed up and a shit-eating grin on my face. I liked it when she laughed, though. I had to admit I enjoyed seeing her uvula as much as seeing her vulva. This was a sure sign I was hooked.

"How long until the pizza is done?" she asked. "I'm hungry now," she mocked whined.

I consulted the only item of adornment I still had on. "About 15 minutes. I've got something you can snack on... if you'd like," I said with an arched eyebrow.

"Maybe for dessert," she said, with a little more laughter.

"So, do you have any porn?" she asked, not rhetorically. With that she was up and browsing my DVD collection. I did have porn, all sorts of types, but nothing on DVD. I'd let her skip through the collection, however. She seemed disappointed to come up empty handed in her search.

"If I did have porn, and I won't admit it either way, I wouldn't leave it out for everyone to see, would I?" I asked her.

"You are a single guy. It's here somewhere!" With that, she turned around and started to walk towards the small bedroom that was on this floor of the townhouse. Her unit and mine had the same layout, she knew where most things would be by default. Just like at her place, the small, third bedroom on this floor was pretty much just useful as an office. My computer and bookcases were set up in there.

Danni sat down in my computer chair without asking, and jiggled the mouse. Sure enough, the last webpage at which I had being looking just happened to have naked women on it. What were the odds?

Well, to be truthful, the odds were pretty good, really. This site, thankfully, was just a site with simple, cute nude women. I'm not in to images of women blowing goats or having pineapples rammed home, otherwise that would have made an already weird situation downright uncomfortable.

"So, how many times have you sat in this very chair and jerked off?" Danni asked. With that, she turned the chair towards me so she was facing me, tossed her feet up on my desk and spread her legs. Essentially, I had a perfect view right at her smooth snatch. Her tossed her head back to one side and grabbed her right boob with her left hand. With her right hand, she spread her pussy lips, and started to flick her clit.

"Ugh... Oh, ah, oh GOD YES!" she shouted as she faked an orgasm, very very loudly. "Mmmmm, feels so good. Fuck me, Phil, fuck me! Yes, yes... OH. MY. GOD. YES, Ah, Ah, OOooooH!" she shouted as she continued to pretend, convincingly, to masturbate. She dropped her tit and started to pound on the desk with her free hand, swinging her head side to side, sending her hair flying all over the place.

"Shhh, quiet, the windows are open!" I said, laughing.

Danni stopped her 'fake' show. "What, you afraid someone will think you had a girl in your room?" She giggled, and pulled her feet down. "Too, bad, you could have watched until the pizza was done."

"It sounded to me like you were already almost done."

Danni stood up and walked towards me. She didn't stop until my newly hard penis poked her in the stomach and her tits were pressed right against me. Her hair was still all over the place, giving her that 'freshly fucked look.' I looked down right in to her eyes, we were almost nose to nose, maybe three inches apart. "I'm not done with you yet, darling. I've just started," she didn't speak the last words as much as exhale them. Holy fuck, I wanted to kiss her.

She gave me a sultry look with pouting lips, which quickly softened to a mischievous ear to ear grin and a giggle as she backed away. She blew me a kiss, winked, and then skipped down the hall to the bathroom.

"I gotta pee," she apprised me of the situation.

"You are a fuckin' heartless, tease of a bitch," I said as she walked in to the bathroom.

"I know," she said without apology, but with a chuckle as she looked back at me. She winked again.

I was kind of surprised and kind of not when she didn't bother to shut the door to the bathroom. Too bad, again, I'm not in to girls peeing or I would have blown a load right there as I could hear the pee hit the bowl and see her head in the mirror. Instead of shooting a wad, I went to pull the pizza out of the oven.

I became acutely aware that one needs to be quite careful when cooking in the nude.

We dove in to the pizza. The thing about frozen pizza, they are like boobs. Even when it's pretty crappy, it's still pretty good. While eating, she asked if I would help her with a party for the coming weekend, for Memorial Day. Since it was a 3-day weekend, it meant one more extra day of fun and drunkenness, and who didn't want that? I agreed to help. She also asked me a very personal question.

"How many times a week do you eat frozen pizza?"

"I don't know, maybe 3 or 4," I replied.

"Hmmmm, let's see," Danni got up and went to the fridge. She opened it to find beer and mustard. Opening the freezer, she found 7 frozen pizzas, some ice cream, and corn dogs. She laughed.

"This is, like, a total bachelor fridge."

"I am, my dear, a total bachelor. So, I guess it makes sense."

"After we're done eating, let's get dressed and go to the grocery store. We'll buy some stuff so you can make me a real dinner tomorrow night," Danni said.

I got up and put my shorts and my T-shirt back on. Knowing she'd give me crap if I didn't, I went commando underneath my shorts. Danni put her shirt on, but that's all she had worn over to my place. Even with me being taller than she was, I could clearly see her ass cheeks.

"Dollface, you're going to need to put on some shorts or something. I can see your ass," I lightly smacked her bare ass as I walked past, and she gave a little squeal. A squeal that said it'd most likely be OK if I did that again...

"Can I borrow a larger shirt?" She asked.

I led her to the bedroom, which, thankfully, was not a wreck.

"Do you just want a T-shirt, or a something like a polo shirt?"

She took a blue polo shirt off of a hanger in my closet and put it on. Now, I normally wear an XL shirt, but men's shirts are cut differently than women's. The shirt was long enough that she didn't have to wear anything underneath it, but her boobs were pressed together. She left all three of the buttons undone, which didn't show much cleavage. However, there was still no hiding the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, and that would be the case even if she wasn't nipping out. And, thanks be to Venus, she was nipping out. Her nubs were sticking out enough that OSHA would recommend that eye protection be worn near her.

"You can't go out like that. I much as I find it totally hot, it isn't really appropriate." I offered. "Are you sure that you don't want a pair of shorts?"

"Dude, I see women pushing 300 pounds in the store wearing tank tops with no bra and sweat pants. You can't tell me I look worse," Danni said. "At least I won't trip over my own boobs since they don't drag on the floor. C'mon, let's go. You drive."

We got in the car and headed to the store. It was still light out; it was only about 7pm. It appeared that Danni was enjoying the car ride. Her shirt (well, my shirt) was bunched up around her waist, allowing me, and anyone in a truck, to see her pussy. I was a little nervous for her, but she didn't seem to mind. She leaned her seat back a bit and just seemed to enjoy the ride. I asked her how often she went out like this.

"Oh, I might go commando under a dress if I'm going dancing or something. But I always wear a bra, I sort of have to. This is fun, though."

We got to the grocery store, and Danni asked if I'd be a gentleman and get the door for her. I walked around to her side of the car and opened the door.

Do you know how women in short skirts are supposed to get out of cars? Well, this was more or less exactly NOT like that.

Danni left the shirt bunched around her waist and first swung one leg out, then the other. She stood up, allowing anyone who was outside to see her lady bits, front and rear. She then smoothed the shirt down. I looked around, no one appeared to be watching. We walked in and grabbed a cart.

"Relax," Danni said. "I'm the one with no pants on. Your head is like it's on a swivel. You keep looking around like that, and the employees here will think you're stealing something."

I guess I had become nervous on her behalf since she didn't seem to care one iota about being mostly naked. But, no one seemed to notice, yet, that she had no shorts under the shirt.

"OK, then, what do you want me to make you for dinner tomorrow?" I asked.

"I dunno, how about something Italian?"

I headed to the produce section. I was thinking something with green peppers, onions, some angel hair pasta, some sausage or chicken, easy. I started picking some veggies out.

When I got to the cucumbers, well, it was too easy a joke to pass up.

"So..." I picked up the largest cuke I saw.

"Oh God, are you trying to hurt me? I'd be walking funny for a week. Plus, you'd look small next to that one, avoid the competition. Go for something smaller, with maybe a bit of a curve to it."

"How's this?" I held up a cucumber that was smaller, closer in size to myself when erect. It had a nice bend to it near the end, making it as close to a 'g-spot' cucumber as one would likely find this side of a fetish video.

"Perfect," Danni said while tearing off a produce bag and handing it to me.

"You're really going to buy this to use as your new best friend?" I asked.

"No," she replied, deadpan, "you are going to buy it for me. I'm worth waaay more than $1.39 a pound in cucumbers."

I had to agree she was right. As we moved out of the produce section, she stopped and started regarding the peaches. She looked over them, picked up a few, put a few back, squeezed them and seemed to be carefully inspecting them.

"Got a taste for a peach?" I asked. "Maybe with some vanilla ice cream for dessert?" I asked.

"Well, you grabbed Mr. Long Lean and Green there in the cart for me, so I thought I'd pick out something for you. Miss Georgia Peach."

"Thanks, but how is this going to be for me in the same way the cucumber is for you?" I had visions of her trying to push a peach up my ass. I'm not opposed to things going in my ass, mind you, but a peach seemed excessive.

"Oh, you'll see." Again, the evil grin. Give her a white cat with that look and she could be an excellent James Bond villain. Except instead of trying to take over the world, she's just aiming to rule my mind.

We moved around the store. Again, no one seemed to notice her breasts sashaying from side to side. Danni was as intent, it seemed, to stock my kitchen she was with just having me prepare one meal. She seemed to take extra delight in pressing her boobs against the open doors of one of the freezers in the frozen food aisle. That did two things.

First, it left nice, unmistakable boob prints on the freezer door, and two, it made her nip out enough that a small bird, perhaps a Robin, could have used her chest as a perch. Well, two Robins to be precise.

When got to the checkout, Danni picked the line with the gawkiest, most uncomfortable in his own skin looking, 16 year old cashier she could find.

"Hi! What's your name?" she asked him in her most perky, chipper, Sorority girl voice.

"Uh, Conner," his voice practically cracked. It didn't help that Danni had given a little shake when she said "hi," sending her unrestrained shirt occupants bouncing off in different directions.

Conner could not have described Danni's hair color if he had wanted to at that point, his eyes utterly locked on her knockers.

I started unloading the shopping cart on to the belt, and Conner started scanning items, without breaking eye contact with Danni's nipples. Danni did her part and innocently squeezed them together or absentmindedly picked a bit of invisible lint off of her boob.

When we got to the car, Danni's shirt had, amazingly, ended up around her waist again. She reached around behind her and grabbed the receipt from the grocery bag. Of course, when she did this, anyone outside of the car would have had the rearview of their lives. Danni didn't just reach in the backseat so much as kneel over the seat with her ass in the air. Nice, round, smackable ass, pink smooth lips, practically sticking out of the sunroof for all to see.

"Dude, look at this," Danni said while punching me in the arm. "It's like Conner back there like only scanned like every third item!" she gushed.

"Did you just use the word "like" three times in 5 seconds?"

"Seriously, he was so fascinated with my tits that he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. I'm definitely shopping there more often, it's better than coupons. Maybe next time I'll wear a white shirt."

"You'd use your boobs to get free groceries?" I asked mockingly. "Have you no dignity?"

"Hell, I use them to get free drinks almost every weekend, what's the difference?" she mused on the philosophical implications of using one's body for illicit gain. "Besides, I don't see you turning the car around to go back and pay for your free chicken breasts. So, which is worse? You using my boobs for getting free shit, or me using my boobs for getting free shit? I'm the one carrying these things around with me where ever I go..."

She had a point. We laughed about for the remaining 3 blocks to the house. 'Breasts for breasts' seemed like a good plan.

I pulled in to the garage and shut the door. Danni hopped out as the garage door was closing, said "Here's your shirt back" and tossed it in to the grocery bag.

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