tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCo-eds Introduced to Nudism

Co-eds Introduced to Nudism


In college I had a girl roommate for a couple of years. Bonnie was a very good friend and we used to tell each other everything. We got so comfortable around each other that we both enjoyed walking around our house nude sometimes and once in awhile we went to the local nude beach.

We're not having sex or anything close, but we just agreed that it would be more comfortable, especially that we had to share a bathroom. We also admitted that it was a lot of fun being so open with each other and the teasing that goes on. We tell each other all the details about our separate sex lives, for I had a steady girlfriend and she had a few boyfriends throughout the time that we were roommates. It's our fun little secret and our respective lovers were never the wiser.

I enjoy exhibitionism and the sexual teasing immensely, which obviously needs a continually new audience. My big plan is to get more and more fellow students involved in this nude-around-the-house thing, and to eventually have a big blow-out nudist party at the end of the year. I described my exhibitionist desires to Bonnie soon after I moved in—and frankly expected her to either be outright disgusted or to just let me do my thing and not expect her to join—but to my delight, she was actually intrigued by the notion. Or at least willing to try it once.

For her first foray into public nudity, I convinced her to join my girlfriend and me for a day at the local nude beach. Bonnie and I had never even seen each other nude yet, so I was very excited to finally see her nude, and also proudly expose myself to her. She went, participated, and was hooked, wow.

So, as roommates and partners in exhibitionism, we struck a plan to slowly convince others into joining our new hobby and eventually have a big blow out party at the end of the school year. We envisioned having a house full of nude people all parading around, teasing each other and participating in lots of dares throughout the night.

Bonnie really surprised me when I first saw her nude. She's not much to wearing sexy clothes, and usually wears baggy sweats or loose t-shirts around the house. She looked uncomfortably hot most of the time, but said that she didn't mind. It was hot and muggy in Florida and the air conditioner always had a difficult time keeping up. I was usually wearing just shorts when it was hot, which was fun for me because I liked teasing her. I often caught her checking out my bare chest and back.

But was I totally surprised when she stripped on the beach.

She had an awesome body and really didn't hesitate stripping on the nude beach after seeing how comfortable my girlfriend and I was nude. I had a difficult time containing myself, as I tried not to stare at Bonnie with my girlfriend sitting next to me. My girlfriend took it in stride though, and whispered to me that I was allowed to stare, a little, but to not make a habit of it.

Being a typical Scandinavian, Bonnie was fair skinned, tall and had a very impressive rack—easily a D-cup and quite perky too. Boy, was she hiding those beauties from the world. As for her crotch, her hair was scarce and blond, which didn't do anything to hide the state of her pink folds. Seeing her nude during the rest of the semester, it was quite apparent when she was aroused. Those lips and nipples would swell up quite a bit. We kidded each other a lot as we walked nude around the house, as my dick was also quick to reveal my thoughts.

We do try to spread the fun around once in awhile and there have been a few times that we've felt adventurous and walked out of our bedrooms nude when friends were over. We act like we didn't know they were there but it's all planned beforehand. Our little plot to get a friend or acquaintance nude.

Ya know, there are just some people that you really want to see nude, but are not dating material or just have a great body. Bonnie and I are both really into this. It's fun. In one instance, I was at the library working with a couple of girls that I knew pretty well from class. Teresa and Sue were both very hot and I really wanted to see them nude while being a little show-off myself. Even if I didn't get them to take their clothes off, I could at least get a thrill from them seeing me nude.

We were studying in the library together one night and getting pretty hungry. So, the three of us headed out in my car to get some dinner. I made some excuse that I had to drop by my place on the way to the restaurant and get some money or something.

Just before I left, I called Bonnie to enact one of our little surprise plots on Teresa and Sue. As an excuse to get them to stay, hopefully nude, I told Bonnie to order some pizza and get nude.

This also would give us another opportunity to give the delivery guy a thrill when Bonnie answers the door in the nude, which we've done before. Once a girl delivered the pizza, so I answered the door while nude but made sure that a nude Bonnie was in plain sight so the delivery girl didn't think I was some sick flasher. That delivery girl even stayed a few minutes to chat, and was definitely checking me out the whole time.

On the way over to my house, I mentioned that my roommate Bonnie was probably home and getting ready for some date or something. I said it in this way so they could expect to meet Bonnie, that she may be in some sort of undress and that we were just roommates. It was important that Teresa and Sue realize that I had a platonic relationship with Bonnie, so once the nudity thing was exposed that we were very comfortable and casual about our nudity. Hopefully, this would put the two girls at ease and convince them to join in.

Once I got them nude, it really opens the door to some reveling conversations. Being nude in front of strangers really drops those walls and people tend to open up about themselves. Of course this is the effect I want on Teresa and Sue.

So, as we enter the house, I lead the two girls into the living room and say that I have to get something in my bedroom and that I'll be right back. On my way, I see an excited Bonnie waiting in her bedroom with nothing on. I say a HI to her loud enough for Teresa and Sue to hear and give her the queue for her to greet our guests while I peek around a corner to enjoy the scene. I just love the look on somebody's face when they see a nudie that they didn't expect. The whole candid camera thing.

Bonnie was looking quite nervous and wasn't sure she could go through with it, even though we both discussed this game at length a couple of weeks ago. We were both excited about our new "thing" and couldn't wait to try it out. But, this was still the first time. I was totally excited and somewhat scared at the same time, which I knew went double for Bonnie. When we discussed this scenario in detail a week before, our primary candidate was her friend Barry, and I would be the one who would walk into the living room nude. Because as I told her of some of my past experiences, I've done this before and felt more confident. That's actually how we started walking around the house nude in the first place.

After living together for about four months, I was getting tired of hiding every time I wanted to change my clothes, and in the Florida heat, that was a lot. So, one morning I just walked out of my room nude and into the bathroom where Bonnie was primping. It was awkward at first, but she got used to me not closing doors when I changed or took a shower. After about a week, she started keeping the doors open and eventually got comfortable walking around the whole house nude. It was our little fun game between us. My girlfriend and her boyfriend never know what was going on.

So, back to our current game with Teresa and Sue. In trying to ease Bonnie's fears, I walked from my room, across the hall to hers — which might have been seen by the girls in the living room — and reassured her with some encouraging words. I told her to be proud, strong and cool about the whole thing. I also told her that I will be nude soon and that we'll all get a good laugh out of this no matter what happens. I even opened my shorts a little to give her a brief flash. Which of course always gets a giggle.

Bonnie takes a big breath and walks casually into the living room. All three give short little shocking sounds, but with Bonnie, it's an act.

The two new girls begin to coyly avert their eyes when Bonnie says, "Oops, I didn't know we had company. I really don't care though. I hope I didn't startle you too much." Teresa and Sue both reluctantly nodded as if to accept her nudity and that it didn't bother them too much. Once Bonnie got their approval, she kept walking into the kitchen and not back to her bedroom to cover up.

The girls were then a little taken aback that she wasn't going to put clothes on right away and just casually continued with her normal household things. I then walked out of my bedroom towards the girls. They were botching an attempt to let me know that Bonnie was in the kitchen and wasn't wearing any clothes. They were concerned about Bonnie's modesty and trying to keep me out of the kitchen. Just then, Bonnie walked into the living room all the while encouraging those big boobs of hers to jiggle rhythmically with each step. She knows I love the way they wiggle.

She was walking with confidence as if telling the world that she was nude and proud of it. Teresa and Sue turned toward Bonnie just as she asked me how my day went. Bonnie was very casual about it, and it was getting obvious to the new girls that Bonnie really didn't mind me seeing her nude even when we weren't a couple.

The girls still looked very confused, so Bonnie said, "Oh, he sees me without clothes all the time, especially when it's hot. We're both very open around here." Bonnie's response was preplanned to say that she's nude around the house for convenience sake and that "we're," meaning me too, are "open minded" around each other. The plot is being slowly set to get the whole house nude.

Bonnie says that she ordered plenty of pizza and that all of us should stay. I mention that we were actually on our way to a restaurant on the beach. To which Bonnie proceeded to insist that we stay. I asked the girls if pizza was OK. They were a little reluctant at first because they were understandably a little uncomfortable with Bonnie being nude and assuming that she would stay that way by the way she was so casual about it.

Teresa asked if Bonnie was going to stay naked. She said, "Ya, I'm a lot more comfortable this way. I hope it doesn't offend you." To which the girls indicated that they weren't to terribly offended. Great, step one complete.

We all chatted a little while waiting for the pizza and the girls finally started to relax. They would soon be treated to me nude but I wanted them to get more comfortable first and also after the pizza arrives. Bonnie and I were trying to create a very safe environment for them.

We finally heard a knock at the door, so I called to Bonnie down the hall that the pizza was here and she has the money. I'm sure Teresa and Sue expected Bonnie to just hand me some money and go back in the bedroom, but she just got some money out of her purse by the door and opened the door, still fully nude. The girls were shocked again with Bonnie's boldness. The pizza guy chatted a little during the transaction but didn't act shocked at all.

As Bonnie was taking the pizza into the kitchen, she said to the stunned girls, "Oh, he's seen me plenty of times. It's no big deal to him any more." The girls were almost totally flabbergasted at this point and just seemed to resign to expect the unexpected for the rest of the night. This is exactly where I wanted them.

So, with that I saw my opportunity. I said something about that we should eat in the living room, as I walked back into my room. I quickly took off all of my clothes and called for Bonnie to come back to my room so I can pay for some of the pizza. We both stood in my room just as giddy as all. Me walking out totally nude would see if all our efforts were paying off and they would let me stay nude.

So, Bonnie went out first with me just behind her. As Bonnie turned the corner the girls saw me nude for the first time. I quickly said, "Well, since we're staying, I might as well get comfortable too." I wasn't even going to ask if it was alright with our guests, I wouldn't give them the choice. I just casually walked into the kitchen to help Bonnie get the pizza ready for all of us. I was sporting a semi-hard on and I really enjoyed both of the girls take quick glances at it when I walked by. It was so exciting.

Bonnie and I were pausing a bit for their reaction and we saw the girls turn to each other and just scrunch their shoulders, indicating to each other to just accept it and go with the flow. Teresa and Sue followed our suggestion and took seats on the couch. Bonnie and I busied ourselves between the kitchen and living room setting up the coffee table as an impromptu dinner table. It was fun watching Teresa and Sue intently following our every move—both still silently shocked.

Once our serving duties were completed, Bonnie and I sat on the floor, making sure our fun parts were not obscured. Teresa and Sue were quite silent while eating their pizza, so Bonnie and I just kept chatting about the day. Finally, Teresa asked if we walk around naked a lot. I nodded and Bonnie said, "Yes, most of the time. We even have some friends that stop by once in awhile to join us or go to the nude beach with us. They like the freedom too and enjoy the company. It really relieves the stress at the end of the day. It works wonders."

As the girls were soaking that in, Bonnie said, "Hey, why don't you two join us and get comfortable." After a little more prodding, the girls started to warm up to the idea, but only if we agreed that they would not be pressured into any sex or forced to watch sex. And that included masturbation. Bonnie calmed their fears by explaining a little about the nudist lifestyle and that nude doesn't always mean sex; just a shared friendship among people feeling confident about removing their clothes that has come to represent a shield to their soul.

The two girls were obviously perplexed about this theory, so Bonnie returned, "You'll see. It's something you should just try to experience and don't try to analyze it too much."

I rose my right hand as to take an oath and said, "I promise, no pressure for sex or anything like that."

Sue and Teresa looked deeply at each other and came to a silent agreement to at least try it for a little bit.

Bonnie encouraged the girls by saying that the more they think about it and hesitate, the harder it is. Teresa was the first, and took off her t-shirt and bra in one quick motion. She looked great; the effort was all worth it. She was half Japanese so was a little on the small size, but still awesome to look at. Sue then took off her sweater and lace bra reveling a pair of milky white c-cups. She was attempting to cover them briefly with her arms but soon relaxed and reveled them to us.

None of us said anything for awhile, so I said, "Well, you might as well go the rest of the way, we are." They were both reluctant, so Bonnie came up with the plan for me to hang out in my bedroom for awhile until they get used to being all the way nude. So, I left as Bonnie convinced them to take off the rest of their clothes.

I could hear them strip and I just imagined what they would look like, no doubt gorgeous of course. I've been fantasizing about seeing these beauties nude for a long time now and when Bonnie and I started our games it was the perfect opportunity to get Teresa and Sue nude.

To get their minds on something else, Bonnie got them into the kitchen to clean up the pizza. After ten minutes or so, which seemed like forever, I called out from the bedroom if I could come out now. I got an "alright" from the now nude girls and walked into the kitchen. Teresa and Sue were behind the counter, but I could still barely see that they weren't wearing their pants any more. This was totally exciting for me to know that they were nude just behind the counter. I couldn't wait for them to walk around. Teresa was facing me from behind the counter and I could see her very curvy waist and hips, but the counter was high enough to hide any pubic hair.

Wow, I would've never thought with the baggy clothes she wears to school. I say something like, "Where have you been hiding that gorgeous body all this time." It eases her tension a little, but I could still see that this new territory is asking for a giant leap of faith. But, I've been working with these two girls for a couple of semesters and I've gained their trust.

Sue is at the sink and facing away from me, so I get to see just about down to her knees. Her skin is just so smooth, and the way her butt flows into her great legs is just so fluid that I almost loose my balance. This full view of her butt and legs are just breathtaking. So I say, "Sue, those curves of yours should be immortalized in a statue." Or something like that. I was pretty delirious at the moment, so it was difficult to remember exactly what I said, but I do remember that the few words that I did say were welcomed and appreciated.

Sue was done with the dishes in the sink, but was busying herself cleaning up the smallest of details. No doubt stalling for as long as possible before turning around and exposing her front to me. That's OK I thought. All in good time. We all stood there in silence for a long time, and I needed to move this along. So, I said, "Game time for everybody. We have that new game Pictionary that we can play in the living room." I picked this game because it requires each player to stand up at an easel to draw pictures for the other players. Thus requiring each of us to move a lot and be up on display.

I really didn't want a game that we all sat behind a table. That wouldn't be much fun. After a few agreeing nods, I said, "Great, I'll go set it up."

All three girls stayed in the kitchen chatting while I set-up the easel and stuff in the living room. I called the girls to make us some drinks while I did the busy work, all the time thinking about what I'll see when they walk out. Teresa was the first out of the kitchen with drinks in her hands. I just caught a quick glance of her crotch before she bent over to place the drinks on the table, but what a sight it was. She had lots of black hair that contrasted with her skin and it was trimmed clean around the edges.

Bonnie, Teresa and I were all settled in the living room and going over the game when Sue finally emerged from her hiding spot in the kitchen. She just stood in the doorway casually leaning against the side with her legs crossed and a beer in her hand. It was like she was announcing herself, trying to act all cool and all, but surprisingly wanting everybody to notice her. Although, I was the only who hadn't seen her totally nude yet. So, I suppose this show was all for me then.

Well, it worked. My previous half-erection was now on its way to full mast. Sue was gorgeous. Her curves were heaven like. She had very little hair that was on the brownish side of blond. Her crossed legs concealed the fun stuff, but I could only imagine that with the little hair that she did have, it won't be covering much. Bonnie had just about the same coverage, but was very blond.

After we all had enough time to soak in the show that Sue was putting on, she just as casually took her seat on the floor at the coffee table. Bonnie was next to me and was the only one who could see my large erection because the coffee table hid it from where Teresa and Sue were standing. She gave me a little smile.

I was in various states of hardness the rest of the night, but I also noticed that all three girls were aroused throughout the night. Their nipples were hard just about the whole time and I caught glances of wetness on Bonnie and Sue a few times. Teresa had too much hair, so I couldn't tell, but I bet she was wet too. Both Bonnie and Sue excused themselves to the bathroom a couple of times, no doubt to clean up.

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