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Coach: A Novella

I had been running track all through high school and was just about to start my senior season. I had never been great, but good enough to make States last year in the middle distances. Up until this year our only coaches were your typical, out of shape, over the hill, middle aged women who only coached track because they were either mean old biddies who liked to boss around young women or were athletes themselves before they let themselves go and now wanted to relive their fantasies of victory through our hard work and sweat.

This spring though, things changed. I had just turned 18 in February when we had a student teacher that offered to help out with the track team. She had run track in both high school and college but had used up her last year of eligibility and now was working on her Masters of Education. Her name was Naomi and she was assigned the runners since she obviously was better at it than any of our other coaches. Not only that, but she was faster than anyone else on the team except our top girl in the 100. She could easily beat everyone else in any distance up to the mile. Add to that the fact that she was prettier than most of the girls on the team and our fragile egos were taking a beating. If she hadn't been one of the nicest and most helpful people in the world things might have gotten ugly. Instead, she became one of our best friends, as well as our coach and some of our teacher.

I don't know exactly why, but Naomi seemed to make me her special project for the season. From the first day of practice she pushed me harder than anyone else, spent more time with me and made sure that I pushed myself. Maybe it was because I ran the same distances she ran, but then again so did a few of the other girls. Maybe it was because she saw something in me that none of the other coaches had. I wasn't sure what it was, but at times I enjoyed the extra attention, at other times I hated it when she made me run the extra distance or work extra hard. She seemed to be able to know exactly how to get the best out of me though because by mid season she had me running the best times I had ever run and even a few college scouts were starting to stop by at our meets to check me out. There was even talk of me not just making States, but perhaps even winning them.

Now all of this would have been great except for one thing. I had also developed a very serious crush on Naomi.

I had known I was different for a long time. I always had crushes on other girls while I was growing up. I remember how much of a problem it had created in my family when at age 6 I told my parents I was going to marry my best friend Melody. I had never heard of homosexuality in my household and no one had ever told me that girls weren't supposed to like other girls that way. When I said what I did about Melody my father had my mother sit me down and explain that women didn't marry women and men didn't marry men. That it turned out would be the entire course on sex education I would get from my parents.

All through puberty I struggled with feelings regarding my sexuality. When I discovered masturbation I didn't masturbate thinking about boys or teen idols, I masturbated thinking about other girls and women. When I had crushes they weren't on boys in our class, they were on other girls. When we practiced kissing in our early teens, I wanted more. So even though my parents told me it was wrong somewhere deep inside I knew it wasn't. But still, I thought it was all a phase, something I would grow out of. I thought I just needed to meet the right boy and I would fall in love with him and want to kiss and make love to him.

Naomi wasn't the only crush I had suffered from growing up. I had more than my share, probably because I couldn't ever tell anyone about them. But something about her was different. I found, as well as most of the other girls on the team, that she was very easy to talk to. She sort of became the team's councilor and confidant. I know several of the girls talked to her about boyfriend problems and one girl even went to her for help when she thought she might be pregnant, although she was just having the horrible 'I am going on the pill next month so I will be late this month syndrome.' I guess you could say she became the big sister I, and many of the other girls never had.

That is another reason my crush was such a problem. I really liked Naomi as a friend and didn't want to ever do anything to possibly wreck that friendship. Since she was engaged to be married to an absolute hunk that occasionally stopped by practice and made all the other girls swoon, I figured that she was just going to be another lover for my masturbatory fantasies. By then I was used to that. I dared not even talk to anyone about my fantasies for fear that it would get out and I knew what would happen if it did.

So with the season winding down I resigned myself to the fact that I was in love with someone who would never know it.

States were four weeks away and as luck would have it Naomi's student teacher assignment was ending and she wouldn't be around to be our coach for the end of the season. She was going to be gone at the end of the week. She approached me at the end of practice.

"Lynne, you know I think you are going to do great at States but you really need to keep up your training and try and peak right then. I was thinking if you are willing to train on Saturdays I would be glad to work with you. The rest of my days are going to be tied up with classes and working on my thesis." Naomi said to me as we started walking back towards the locker room.

"I don't know," I said, even though the idea that she would be willing to do this for me made me feel like I was walking on a cloud. "I work until late afternoon on Saturdays and I don't want to make it too difficult for you."

"Well," She seemed to be thinking. "If you would be willing to put in the time I am sure I can do the same. You show a lot of promise and I was talking to our track coach. She saw you last week at the multi-team meet and was really impressed by what she saw. She is thinking if you win or place in States she might offer you a scholarship."

Now I couldn't turn her down. "A scholarship?" I screamed, jumping up and down. "Well Coach, I will do whatever you think I need to do to get a scholarship."

We made an appointment for our first training session. I was to meet her at the track at 4:00 on Saturday. She told me Coach Lopez had given her a key to the locker room so we could use it to shower and change after our workout.

Saturday afternoon came and when I arrived at the track Naomi was already there. I could tell she had been running because she was sweaty and slightly out of breathe. I checked my watch, worrying that I was late, but I was right on time.

"Hi Lynne," Naomi jogged up to me. "I got here a little early so figured I would get a workout in before we started."

"Well, at least that will make it a little easier for me to beat you Coach," I replied. I put down my bag. I had changed before I left work so I had on my shorts and singlet already. All I needed to do was stretch out and put on my running shoes and I would be ready to go.

"That sounds like a challenge to me," Naomi laughed. "I hope you are ready to run because we are going to run and run hard. Get your shoes on and stretch out because for the next two hours your ass is mine girl."

"Oops," I thought to myself. Naomi was a good coach and she normally worked us hard and when she wanted to she could work us really hard. I had a feeling that by the end of today I would be worked like I hadn't been worked before.

Sure enough, as soon as I finished stretching Naomi started to work me and work me hard. But everything she had me do, she did also, usually better and faster. When we finally got to running for times we both were soaking wet with sweat and sore. But she kept pushing and in our third set I actually beat her and set a personal best for that distance. But by the time we finished I wasn't sure I could even run back to the locker room. Naomi too looked tired, but not nearly as exhausted as I felt.

We headed to the locker room and Naomi said she was really happy with the way things worked out. I was only a few tenths behind what the girl who was expected to win States had been running and Naomi felt if the training went as well as it had today I would be right there.

We got to the doors for the locker room and Naomi unlocked them and let us in. She locked them back up as soon as we were inside.

"Do you have anywhere you have to be?" Naomi asked as we got into the training room.

"Not really, I was just going to head home and get some dinner and then do some homework." I wondered why Naomi was asking.

"Good because I want you to hit he whirlpool tub before you take a shower. You worked hard today and the whirlpool will keep you from tightening up. 20 minutes should do it." Naomi turned on the water for the tub. "Here you adjust the temperature. You should have it as hot as you can stand it. I am going to hit the showers. I am meeting Jim for a late dinner and movie."

I put my bag down and adjusted water to a temperature I thought I could stand. Then I went into the locker room to get undressed and grab a towel.

Now, usually after a workout the coaches would be around the locker room, but if they showered they must have done it after the team left. So I was surprised when I walked into the locker room and saw Naomi standing there nude while she went through her bag. She had her shampoo, conditioner, a razor and a few other things on the bench next to her. I couldn't help but look at her well toned, and completely tan body. Even with all the time she spent with us in shorts and a singlet she had almost no tan lines.

She looked up as I walked in. "Grab me a towel too," she said as I reached over to grab one for myself my eyes never leaving Naomi's body. I grabbed her a second towel and walked over to her, trying not to look but amazed at how beautiful her body looked. So fit, so tanned. And I noticed she had almost no bush, just a little fur above her lips. She obviously trimmed and shaved most of it.

I felt foolish when Naomi finally said, "Well, can I have my towel please." She was standing there naked with her hand out, waiting for me to hand her the towel. I handed her the towel, trying not to look her in the eyes, or at anything else for that matter. I must have been blushing because Naomi laughed.

"I know what you are thinking," Naomi giggled. I hoped she didn't because the fact was I was thinking what it would feel like to touch her body. Kiss her breasts. Taste her nearly naked mound. "You are wondering where I get my tan. Well, if I was still teaching here I would probably lie to you and tell you I got it from a tanning bed but truth is Jim has a boat and I get to sunbathe on it whenever we go out on the lake."

"Oh," was my so intelligent response.

Naomi smiled at me, gathered up her stuff and the towel and headed towards the showers. I watched her tanned bottom as she walked away. "Hit the tub, I don't want you all tight for the meet on Monday."

From my locker I could see into the showers. I tried not to look but snuck a few quick glances as I undressed. As I wrapped the towel around me to head back to the training room I looked up and my eyes widened as I saw Naomi shaving herself. Hoping she didn't hear the little gasp that escaped my lips I rushed into the training room and climbed into the steaming tub and turned on the jets.

I couldn't stop thinking about Naomi as I lay in the tub. That she was naked in the next room right now showering. How great she looked. How jealous I was of Jim. My mind stated to fantasize about going into the shower right now and telling her how I felt. No, just walking in and taking her in my arms and kissing her. My fingers started to explore my own body as I sat there in the tub, water up to my neck, the jets caressing my body.

I lost myself in my fantasies and soon was masturbating as I sat in the tub the hot bubbling water completely covering my body. I was dreaming that it was Naomi and I out on that boat in the middle of the lake, both of us nude, putting sunscreen on each other. I dreamed that she would allow me to apply it to her beautiful bottom, to her breasts, even to her nearly naked mound. I was just about to cum when I heard Naomi's voice.

"Well, I said 20 minutes would be enough. Come on girl, I do have a date." She was standing in the door right behind me.

"Sorry, I must have lost track of time." I reached over the edge of the tub, hoping she didn't notice how erect my nipples were. I quickly hopped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around myself. "I can shower at home if you want me to," I quickly blurted out as I half ran past her.

"No, I still have to do my hair, but you will need to hustle." She said as I headed for my showers.

I got in and tried to be careful as I washed myself. I was so horny that I knew if I spent much time washing my mound I would be getting myself in trouble. To save time I didn't wash my hair, simply soaped up, washed off and wrapped my towel around me as I headed back to my locker.

Naomi was standing by my locker, my bag in her hand. "You might need this," she said. She put it down and started to run a brush through her hair. I waited for a moment, expecting her to leave. "Let's talk about what I want you to work on while you get dressed."

I am normally not shy around the locker room; in fact since I am proud of my body and the shape I keep myself in, you might say I am a bit of an exhibitionist. But with Naomi standing there, I suddenly felt self-conscious. Not only had I just masturbated thinking about her beautiful body, but also now I felt woefully inadequate. My tan lines vs. her beautiful, fully tanned body. My unkempt bush, not that it was a jungle since my hair was fine and not very dense, but still against her very well trimmed and shaved mound, it looked bushy and wild. My smaller breasts compared to Naomi's full and beautifully shaped ones. Even my small, but long nipples, compared to Naomi's beautifully shaped, large ones. I stood there too long, my towel wrapped around me, unsure. Not fully listening to Naomi as she brushed her hair and talked about what she wanted me to work on next week.

"Hey, you can dress while we talk," Naomi stopped brushing and her words snapped me out of my trance. "I do have someplace to go you know, and I don't want to be late." She giggled. "Well, maybe it wouldn't be that bad an idea. You know what they say, letting them wait a little isn't always a bad thing."

I finally took off my towel and felt very naked, not just due to my lack of clothing. What was worse was I was again getting aroused. While Naomi had seen me naked many times before, it was always in a locker room full of naked girls. Now it was just she and I, and I had also seen her naked for the first time and those thoughts kept racing through my mind.

"Now I wrote everything down and I will give it to you when we get to my car," I realized again that I wasn't listening to her but rather my mind was going places it should have. My nipples were rock hard and my mound was again starting to grow moist even as I felt embarrassed by my nudity. I was glad when I finally finished drying off and slid my panties up my legs and my bra over my shoulders.

It seemed like, once covered I was able to concentrate once more on what Naomi was saying. Yes I would make sure I followed the work out schedule she would give me. Yes I would call her to give her an update every night. Yes I would be ready for another workout next Saturday. In fact, I knew I would be looking forward to it more than she would ever know.

When I finally finished dressing we headed out of the locker room to our cars. I had dad's Buick and again I felt so inadequate when I looked at her Miyata. She had the top down and simply reached inside to grab her briefcase. She looked through it for a second and then handed me a piece of paper.

"Now make sure you follow it to the letter. I gave a copy to Coach Lopez and she will make sure someone works with you on this. I also told her about the scholarship deal. She knows how much that means to both of us."

I looked that the paper and saw I would be working really hard all week. It was going to be difficult but I vowed to myself to keep to it, no matter how hard it would be. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was disappoint Naomi.

What happened next was a surprise. Naomi reached over and gave me a big hug. She pulled me towards her and I could feel her breasts against mine as she squeezed me tight. My legs felt suddenly week, but in an instant it was over.

"I will give you a call Monday night," she said as she hopped into her car and started it up. "I want to see how you are doing."

As she sped away I stood there, the paper in my hand, my mind whirling as thoughts I never should have raced through them. I couldn't wait until tomorrow night to hear her voice, even if it was over the telephone. I climbed into dad's Buick and had the incredible urge to touch myself right there in the school parking lot. I managed however to wait until I went to bed that night. Only then did I let myself go, pretending that my hands were Naomi's as I brought myself to orgasm while biting my lip and trying to keep as quiet as possible, knowing my parents were just down the hall.

I had had minor crushes before, but this was my first big one. The whole next day I couldn't think of anything but Naomi. I knew I wasn't supposed to work out, but late in the afternoon I did go for a run, just to work off some of my nervous energy. I kept looking at how hard I would be working next week, not because I enjoyed the thought of burning legs and lungs, but because the piece of paper was something Naomi had done just for me. Even as I tried to do my homework, my mind kept drifting, thinking about Naomi, thinking about her and I. Then I would laugh and tell myself that I was fantasizing again about something that would never happen.

Monday finally came and again my mind was not on school, not on my classes and even when I was working hard at practice, not on my running. It was simply on the fact that sometime tonight I would hear Naomi's voice. I would be able to talk to her. Even as I was sweating in the spring heat of Arizona all I could think about was talking on the phone with Naomi, telling her how I followed her workout to the letter. Every now and then Coach Lopez would break me out of my trance with some more instructions.

"I have never seen you work so hard," Coach Lopez said as we were walking up to the locker room. Because of the workout Naomi had left she and I had to stay an extra 30 minutes at the track. I was exhausted. "You really pushed it. I think the extra work has really done wonders. You have dropped your times across the board in the last month and you are within a few tenths of being the fastest in the state."

I hardly heard a word she said. All I wanted to do was get home and wait by the phone for Naomi to call.

When I did get home I ate a quick dinner and then told my parents I had homework to do. I did, but found it very hard to concentrate. I just wanted the phone to ring. Every time it did I would run down the stairs, only to be disappointed. Finally, at almost 9:00 p.m., when I had almost given up hope that she would call, the phone rang.

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