My mother got it first. I could tell it was Naomi even hearing only one side of the conversation. My mother had met Naomi several times and she really admired her and thought she was a good role model. My mom was asking her how school was going, was she ready for graduation and if she had landed a job yet? Finally, after what seemed like forever she handed me the phone.

I was so excited that I had to try and control my breathing as I heard her voice. "So how did the workout go?" Naomi's voice seemed rushed. I heard his voice in the background.

"Oh, it was hard, but I think it went well. Coach Lopez worked with me," I had sat down on the couch, settling in, happy to finally hear her voice.

"Yea, I talked to her earlier. She said she hardly even had to be there, that you did a great job pushing yourself, and all the other girls on the team even. She said your enthusiasm is contagious. I am so glad to hear that. Well, I have to run, Jim and I just got home and we need to take a shower. Oops, I probably shouldn't have put it that way, well anyway, keep up the good work and I will talk to you again later this week. Remember, tomorrow you go light. I don't want you overworking yourself. Work hard, recover. That is the way you will win."

"Okay coach," I hoped she couldn't hear the disappointment in my voice. "I will do that. I will talk to you later this week I guess."

"Yes, but I will be checking in with Coach Lopez. Goodnight." With that she hung up.

I just sat there looking at the phone. I had waited for two days and it was all over in less than a minute, and all because of him. I was having my first real feelings of jealousy. I wanted nothing less than to have Jim out of the picture. He was the reason we only talked for a few seconds. He was the one Naomi was going to take a shower with. He was the one that was keeping us apart. "No you silly girl," I said to myself, "the reason you and she are not together is that she likes men, not dykes."

A tear ran down my cheek as I hung up the phone. I went up to my room, got undressed and climbed into bed. Even as I tried not to, I thought of them together, in the shower, kissing, soaping each other. Finally I fell into a fitful sleep.

Over the next few days I started to get back to normal. While thoughts of Naomi still dominated all others, they were starting to get a little less of an obsession. I was resigning myself to the fact that she had no ideas the feelings I was having for her, nor would she ever, because I sure was not going to tell her. The only thing that I did that was out of the ordinary, and one I explained away by saying I had gotten a new bathing suit that was a little higher cut, was I had trimmed and shaved some of my bush so now it looked just like Naomi's.

Thursday night she called. I figured she would and found myself waiting for the phone to ring again. But this time the call came much earlier. I had barely finished dinner when my mom called for me to come get the phone.

"Hi," Naomi seemed her regular cheerful self. "Heard the week has gone well at practice."

"Yea, Coach Lopez says my form is the best she has seen since Lindsey T. back in the 80s." Lindsey was a legend, having held every school and state record at the middle distances for years. She still held the school records but I was close to breaking them.

"Great, hey, about Saturday," at this instant I suddenly deflated, sure she was going to cancel out workout to be with HIM, "I hope you don't mind if we change things around a little. I was thinking that after the workout, you and I could go grab some dinner and maybe catch a movie. Jim is heading out of town to go fishing with some buddies for the weekend, and I thought since if you didn't have any plans we could do something. It will also give me some time to tell you a little more about Coach Carmichael and the program over here. She says you are almost a lock for at least a partial scholarship if you want it. And if you win States, probably a full ride."

I don't know which I was more excited about, the scholarship or the prospect of going out with Naomi for the night. "I will have to let my parents know, but sure, I think it would be great to go out with you." That didn't sound right at all. I quickly backtracked. "I mean, I really would love to get more information about the program at the U."

"Great, tell you what, so you don't have to have your dad's car over at the school why don't I just pick you up before the workout. We will workout and then go get some dinner and then catch a movie or do something. I can drop you off. Think that will work?" Naomi had no idea how much she had made my day.

"Yea, that would be great. What time should I be ready," I could hardly contain my excitement.

"Make it 3:30, I plan to work you hard," Naomi finalized the plans. We spent about another 15 minutes on the phone talking about how the workouts went, what my times were and other generalities. Finally Naomi said she had to go and get some dinner herself.

I hurried up to my room and tried to finish my homework. Finally done, I laid down on my bed thinking about Saturday night. I was too excited to go to sleep. I lay there looking up at the ceiling, thinking thoughts I never should have, but ones that kept me awake until after my parents had gone to bed, and I could take care of the problem these thoughts created.

The following two days crawled by. Practice Friday afternoon seemed especially long since Coach Lopez kept yelling at me to keep my mind on the workout. After practice I went home and tried to do some homework and get some sleep, neither very successfully. Saturday wasn't much better. The morning was a waste and the afternoon I spent primping and getting myself ready. I put makeup on, and then scrubbed it off. I took a long, hot shower and shaved and trimmed my mound, laughing at myself as I did it. But I knew that Naomi was going to see it, and I was hoping she would notice how I had followed her lead. I toyed with the idea of shaving it completely bare, but knew that I could never explain that to the girls in the locker room.

Finally 3:30 came and I was ready. I had packed my best jeans, a blouse that I hoped would be sexy, but not slutty and a nice pair of sandals. I was dressed in my shorts, singlet and running shoes as I sat on the porch, my bag next to me, waiting for that little Miata.

And I waited, and I waited. 3:30 came and went, then 3:45, then 4:00. Finally at 4:05 Naomi pulled up. She waved me over.

"Sorry I'm late. Something came up at school. I will tell you about it later. Let's go," she leaned over and opened the door as I reached the car.

"I was just about ready to go in and call you, I thought you had forgot me," my voice betrayed me.

"Forget you?" Naomi laughed as I sat down and closed the door. "Just when I was getting you just the way I wanted you," she sped away from the curb. "I would never do that, and anyway I was really looking forward to tonight, it isn't often I get to go out with the girls anymore."

Naomi drove like she ran, fast but in control. We were at the track in no time. It was fun riding in this little convertible, watching the men check us out as we drove by. It felt great to be with Naomi.

Once at the track however she was all business. We stretched and then got right into running circuits. It was at hot day and in half an hour I was dripping with sweat and had already finished the water bottle I had brought. Naomi took out a cooler with several sports drinks in it and we kept on running. The major difference from last week is now Naomi and I were running almost exactly even. She was not longer beating me consistently. In fact, it seemed like it was her that was struggling to keep up. After an hour we stopped to get another drink. My legs ached and I was breathing hard, but Naomi was doubled over and seemed just about done in.

"Well, I think your workouts this week helped," Naomi said between gulps of her drink. "I didn't get much track time in this week and I think it shows. I think it is time that I coach and you run for a while."

The last hour of the workout was designed to improve my kick. She pushed me hard with sprints. If I thought I was sweating the first hour the second one left me totally drenched. When we were finally done I had drank almost a gallon of fluids but still felt completely wrung out. I gulped down a quart as we walked up towards Naomi's car.

"Okay, well you run up to the locker room, I will see you up there." Naomi said as she put the cooler and her other things in the car.

"What, I can't ride?" I was so tired that even though it was only a couple of hundred yards, I was looking forward to the ride.

"And make a mess out of my nice leather seats? Girl you are wetter than a dog left out in a thunderstorm. Plus, you are going to race my little toy here to the locker room. If you take off right now you just might beat me, and the winner gets to choose what we eat tonight." Naomi hopped in and grabbed her keys.

I took off as fast as I could. I had gone about 75 yards when I heard the car start. She would have to stay on the road, which meant she had about double the distance to cover than I had, and I had already covered a third of mine. I heard her tires squeal as she put the car in gear. I could hear the engine revving as I closed the distance to the door. But with 50 yards still to go she passed me and pulled up to the locker room and jumped out. She reached the door just seconds before I did.

"I win, but since I am buying I should get to choose what we eat anyway," Naomi was laughing as she unlocked the door. "Grab your stuff and get your little butt in here. You need to soak in the tub and get a shower."

I was bent over at my waist, gasping for breath. But I managed to find enough energy to go grab my bag and get into the locker room. The idea of that shower just seemed to inviting to pass up.

We got in and Naomi had already started filling up the tub. She was going over some sheets that Coach Lopez had left her from the previous week on everyone's times. I walked into the locker room and undressed, wrapping a towel around myself. My clothes were soaked, one part of my shorts more than the rest. I couldn't help but touch myself, if even just for a second. I was horny and I was planning on taking care of that problem in the tub. I walked in and Naomi was still sitting on the training table, making some notes on the sheets she was reviewing.

I just stood there for a minute wrapped in my towel, fully expecting her to leave.

"Well," Naomi said, looking up for a minute, "What are you waiting for? In the tub, we haven't all night. I want something to eat." She sat there, watching and waiting.

I turned on the jets, dropped my towel and climbed in. Only when I was finally in the tub did Naomi go back to looking at her notes.

Without looking up Naomi said, "I forgot to tell you why I was late. I was meeting with Coach and she said that she is sending some people to your meets to tape you from now until States. She is also sending the same to your prime competition. Good thing is she is going to share those tapes with me so we will be able to see how well she runs and if she has any weaknesses. We will review them before States."

I didn't really pay attention to what she was saying. I had so hoped that Naomi was going to go in the office or in the other locker room at least. I really needed some relief for the feeling between my legs, and the hot, bubbling water was not relieving it one bit. If anything it was making it worse. And seeing Naomi sitting there on one of the training room tables, Indian style, in her sweaty shorts and singlet, was making it nearly unbearable. I sank down as deep into the water as I could and closed my eyes. But that only brought images of Naomi's naked body in the shower to my mind. My hand almost on its own reached between my legs and started to slowly, gently, secretly, massage my mound.

"Well, well, well, it really seems you are almost ready," Naomi suddenly exclaimed. My eyes shot open, thinking that she had figured out what I was doing. "These times all seem really good," she put down the sheets and stretched. "Not only have your times steadily improved, but you seem to be pulling the rest of the middle distance runners with you. You have all improved across the board."

I couldn't sit still in the tub. I needed some relief. But somehow I managed to blurt out a, "Yes, and we all have you to thank Coach. All the girls really admire you and they all want to be just like you." Now I felt foolish. This wasn't true. The fact was many of the girls were jealous of Naomi and were glad to see her leave. Even so the truth was she was good for us, our running had never been better and even the girls that down right hated her had taken her training tips to heart.

"Now lets not go that far. I know a lot of the girls thought I was too hard and they hated the fact that I was faster than they were, but thanks anyway. Being a coach is not a popularity contest." Naomi stretched again, her arms going high over her head as she arched her body backwards, making her breasts stick out. That is not what I needed right now. "And on top of it, I saw the way a lot of them looked at Jim whenever he came around. If you weren't all high school girls I would have been worried."

"All high school girls," I almost sank in the tub I deflated so much when she said that. Is that all she thinks of us, of me. Just a silly little schoolgirl? I could feel a tear welling up in my eye. It was like I had just been stabbed with an icicle through the heart.

"Well, come on, times up," Naomi reached over and turned off the tub. "Time to hit the showers." She hopped off the table and was taking off her singlet as she headed into the locker room.

"Silly little schoolgirl," I said to myself. "Well I will show you. I beat you today on the track. I am not just a little girl anymore." I climbed out of the tub and grabbed my towel, not bothering to dry off or wrap it around me. I looked into the mirror. This was not a silly little schoolgirls body, but a woman's. I was a little taller than Naomi, had bigger boobs and my trimmed and shave mound was at least as much of a woman's as hers was. I strutted into the locker room and into the showers, dropping my towel on the floor as I went. My body was steaming from the hot water of the tub as I entered the shower room.

Naomi hadn't reached the showers yet so I went over and turned one on, hot. I gave it a second to heat up and then slid in, oops, too hot. I cooled it down a little and started to wash up. I let the water run over my body and the water pressure, usually rather weak because of the number of showers that would normally being going at once now was hard enough to sting my skin. It felt good to have the water pound on my sore body. I put my head in the stream and let the water massage my face and soak my hair. I heard another shower start; Naomi was now in the showers with me. In my minds eye I could see her there, naked, her completely tanned body being caressed by the water. I could see her leaning back into the stream of the shower; the water running down her beautifully fit body. I could see it caressing her breasts, her erect nipples enjoying the warmth of the water. I could see her soaping herself, her hands running over her body.

"Hey, you are going to drain the reservoir if you don't start washing soon." Naomi's voice pulled me back to reality. "I didn't think I worked you hard enough that you would fall asleep in the shower."

Even with the fantasies that were running through my mind I was still mad about her comment about little schoolgirls. I quickly reached over and got some soap and started to scrub my body. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Naomi watching me, with a quizzical look on her face. Well if she was going to watch I would show her just how little a girl I was.

I started to wash myself in the most erotic way I could think of, short of actually masturbating right there in the shower. I kept reaching over for more soap and started to wash my breasts and upper body. I kept running my fingers over my breasts, over my nipples. I squeezed them together, pretending to be washing under them, even though I didn't have to lift to do this. Soon I started washing down my tummy. My hands slowly working their way down my body. My mound was responding to the attention the rest of my body was getting. I could feel myself opening, my pearl hardening. In a move that even surprised me for it's boldness, I bent over at the waist to wash my calves and feet, my bottom pointed directly at Naomi, my legs opened enough that she would have an unobstructed view of my aroused and blossoming mound. From behind me I thought I heard a small gasp.

Then suddenly I heard the other shower being turned off. "Hurry up," Naomi's voice sounded unsteady, "it is time for us to get out of here." She was gone.

Oh god, what had I done.

I quickly finished my shower and grabbed my towel. Naomi was nowhere to be found. I walked to my locker, got my blow-drier and makeup case and started to get ready even though I was sure Naomi was going to cancel our evening together. How could I have been so stupid in the shower? How could I have been so forward?

I dried my hair and put on the little makeup I wear and then went back to my locker to get dressed. Still no sign of Naomi. I thought that she wouldn't have just left me, I had no ride home but I had no idea where she was. She must be in the coaches' office but I was too ashamed to check. I got dressed and just sat there, waiting.

Finally Naomi came out of the coaches' office, dressed and ready to go. "Well, you hungry?"

Naomi looked stunning, and I felt very underdressed. Even though she was dressed casually, in a light summer dress, she looked fantastic. I felt awkward in my shorts and sleeveless blouse. Damn, I felt like that 'little high school girl' again.

"Well, you won the race, what would you like to eat? My treat," Naomi said as she reached down and picked up my bag. She started walking towards the door, "Or would you rather I pick since you seem to have been struck dumb?"

"Oh, sorry, guess I am just a little tired," I had to hurry to catch up. "How about Chili's?"

"Chili's? YUCK. We can do better than that. How about some sushi, or maybe Chinese?" Naomi opened the door to the locker room and we stepped outside. It was already starting to get dark.

"Chinese would be great," I said. "I have never been a big sushi fan."

"Okay, Chinese it is then. P.F. Chang's on Mill should do the trick." Naomi threw our bags behind the seats of her Miata and motioned for me to climb in. I guess I had made too much of the shower thing. She probably didn't even notice me, I mean; I don't make a habit of looking at other girls while I shower. Still, I swore I heard her gasp, and the way she suddenly walked out. I just chalked it all up to my over-active imagination.

It wasn't a long drive to Tempe, but long enough to be able to relax and enjoy the ride in the convertible. It wasn't so hot yet that a convertible started to lose it's appeal, in fact the night was refreshingly cool. The breeze had an effect on Naomi, and her spaghetti strapped sundress, one where a bra was not practical, made it easy for me to see that she had gotten chilled. I tried not to look at here very large, hard nipples as they pressed against the thin fabric. Funny, it was cool, but not that cool I thought to myself.

We pulled up to P.F. Chang's and Naomi let the valet park the car. He was a good-looking boy, probably a student at ASU, and he paid a lot of attention to Naomi as he gave her a ticket for her car. I felt that funny feeling again. Jealousy. I wanted to grab her arm or something, anything, to tell him she was with me tonight. But how silly would that have been? Instead I sulked as Naomi put us on the list for a table.

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