tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCoach Finds Her Photo

Coach Finds Her Photo


He watched her, smiling to himself as she walked into the locker room to change for gym class and then glanced down at his phone again. She emerged in a pair of shorts that showed off her round ass beautifully and a tank top that hugged her perky tits. He tore his eyes away.

"Julia, can I see you for a minute?"

Her eyes flashed to him, surprised, as the football coach taught some gym classes but wasn't usually on hers.

She nodded and came over. He motioned to her at his office door and she walked in past him. At just over 5 feet, she was more than a foot shorter than him and he smiled to himself about how easy she would be to move around.

He shook the thought away temporarily and closed the door.

"How are you doing now? I haven't had you in a gym class since your sophomore year."

She nodded and took a seat as he motioned, puzzled.

"I'm fine, she said.

Her eyes followed him as he leaned against his desk.

"And that boy you were dating, what was it, Jeremy?" he asked.

"Jake," she said, looking away. "He and I are over."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that," he said kindly. "What happened?"

She looked up, surprised at the personal question.

"I guess we just weren't a match," she shrugged.

He looked at her crossed legs and nodded.

"Sometimes two people can like each other very much and just not be compatible sexually."

"What??" her eyes turned up sharply. "That's not- He and I didn't even-" she sputtered, her face pink.

"Oh, so you never sucked his cock?" he asked, his eyes twinkling.

"What? No! How dare you?.." Julia started to rise.

The coach held out his phone in front of him on level with her face and smiled. "Hmm, the resemblance is uncanny," he murmured.

"Of course, this girl's eyes are closed in ecstasy," he murmured, looking at the image of a young girl's lips stretched around a cock, looking totally satisfied and eager at the same time.

Julia's eyes widened, horrified.

"No that can't be me," she whispered.

"Well, with the mouth being stretched open by a cock like that..." he agreed, "it's hard to say. But you can make out the breasts right here," he walked closer to her, holding out the phone. "And they look small and perfect just like yours," he nodded, glancing, seeing that her nipples were showing through her tank now.

He watched as she looked at the photo of her sucking her ex off. All the guys on the team had it. And probably jerked off to it every single night. He certainly had.

"It seems like Jake took the breakup pretty hard," the coach said, nodding, looking down at her.

She glanced at his crotch and then looked up at him, swallowing, nodding.

"I mean, to send out this photo so widely that even I got it... It's as though he's sending an invitation to every guy to put his cock in your pretty little mouth," he said, watching her shift in her seat. "I mean, the whole team must fantasize about you sliding your lips over their shafts, on your knees, looking up at them with your beautiful eyes as you start sucking slowly..."

He smiled as he saw lust in her eyes as he described it.

"But you wouldn't want that, would you? I mean, I bet you're glad to not have to put some guy's cock in your mouth anymore now that you're single again!" he laughed.

He watched as her eyes slid to the bulge in his pants again and she licked her lips without realizing it. She looked up at him.

"Mm, unless..." he said, coming closer, caressing her hair. "Unless you're just a little slut who gets desperate to suck cock, hmm? Who just bobs on a guy, not out of obligation, but because she can't help but do it every chance she gets, hmm?" he whispered in her ear, his hand tightening in her hair until her lips were parted and she was breathing heavy.

He positioned himself in front of her again.

"Julia, take my phone for a moment and look at that photo."

He kept her hair tight in his hand as she stared at the photo of her happily sucking cock.

She whimpered softly in shock as well as desire, then looked up at him. The sensation of his hand in her hair like that, trapped and unable to move turned her on even more and she could tell he knew it.

"Julia, put it down and do what you know you're here to do."

She started to protest, but eyed his bulge again, biting her lip. His warmup pants didn't leave a lot to the imagination, and she was curious. She leaned forward, giving him a nice view as she did. Then she came closer, hands on his hips, rubbed tentatively, paused and hooked her fingers underneath the fabric to drag them down.

"That's a good girl," he murmured stroking her hair again as she rubbed him over his blue boxer briefs.

She looked up, happy hearing him say that as she kissed the outline of his cock. He groaned, eyes closing slightly and stroked more, starting to press her head against him, wanting more.

She got the idea, removing his underwear next, groaning as his hard cock was released.

She cupped his balls and held the base of his cock. It was as though she loved it all so much, she didn't know where to start.

She dipped her head and started licking his balls tenderly. He gasped, not expecting such tenderness from an 18-year-old. Then she started stroking him slowly so his cock slapped her cheek gently.

"Ahhh, yes, that's it.. ohh...." he sighed as she slowly sucked one ball then the other into her hot mouth. "Mm, yeah, that's it...ohhh..." he groaned, starting to melt for this girl before him.

"Do you like that, coach?" she asked, gazing up at him, starting to lick long strokes from the base of his shaft to the tip. Her eyes twinkled.

"Oh, yes, you're very good," he nodded, pressing against her head again, wanting more, but letting her explore as she wanted.

"Mmmm, but I lovvvve sucking..." she murmured between licks. "It's very ... hard..." she squeezed the base of his shaft "to tease for long."

She licked the head over and over, then started opening her mouth over it. His breathing became a little erratic as he tried not to plunge his cock into her mouth right then. She stroked up his shaft, milking him to her mouth and then finally slid her wet lips down suddenly, taking a nice mouthful.

Julia moaned with him as he felt it, as though she'd been teasing herself also and was thankful to finally feel what she needed. His hand went to her head again, feeling her bob up and down, her mouth getting his cock so wet.

He could feel himself slipping closer and closer to orgasm already with this hot girl when she suddenly stopped. Her tongue traced his head inside her mouth slowly, but she didn't move at all. He opened his eyes, panting, desperate, starting to rock himself inside her mouth.

She groaned with pleasure and his eyes widened.

This girl wanted him to fuck her mouth!

He grunted with pleasure and grabbed the back of her head, thrusting in. Gentle at first, warming her up, seeing what she could take, then more.

He started fucking her mouth enthusiastically when he saw -- and heard -- how much she loved it. She was moaning like crazy while he used her little mouth. Her moans started getting more and more intense. He figured she just could taste his precum and knew he was close.

But then her moans changed suddenly and she sighed. He looked down at her squirming under him as he pumped. Her hands were on him, but he could tell she had just cum and cum hard.

He groaned, wondering what kind of mess he would find on his chair in a minute. That thought drove him over as he thrust into her mouth and came, holding her head down on him tight as she eagerly drank him.

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