tagMatureCoach King Ch. 02

Coach King Ch. 02


Author's Note: Although this story has been categorized as mature (for the sake of consistency of the series), this could have been easily categorized under Lesbian Sex. If you are offended by such acts, do not read this story.

I'd like to thank those who commented on the previous installment, I hope you enjoy.



The July sunlight pierced through the shutters on Helen's window, cascading over her semi-conscious form. She had kicked off the covers as she slept, exposing her naked form to the warm breeze coming in through the open window. Helen simply lay there, reveling in the comfort of her bed, reliving the events of the previous evening. She recalled the feeling of Roy's hands on her breasts, the feel of his impressive cock in her hand, the sounds they'd made as they brought each other closer and closer to the edge.

Helen rolled onto her back, bringing her hands to her large breasts. She squeezed them softly, her eye's closed as she attempted to relive the experience. She wanted to commit the entire night to her memory before the details were lost. She was reimagining their first kiss, allowing one of her hands to trail down her taught abdomen to her aroused pussy, while teasing a sensitive nipple with the other. Her breathing increased as she recalled the weight of his hands on her hips as they'd kissed and the feeling of his hard cock in her soft hands.

It was so big.

She increased the speed of the hand at her pussy, rubbing her clit furiously as she ran through every detail of their sordid tryst, pretending it was Roy's hand bringing her the pleasure once more. Her fingers parted the lips of her pussy, pushing past her opening with two fingers of one hand while she continued working her clit with the other. She thrust her hips upwards against her hand, burying her fingers deeper inside her cunt. She found her g-spot with practiced ease, pressing her middle finger against the highly sensitive area. Her ass left the bed as she fucked her hand wantonly; perspiration forming along her brow from exertion, and from the growing heat of the July morning. Helen was getting agonizingly close to her climax, but wanted to prolong her pleasure, so with great force of will she forced herself to stop.

Helen panted as she came down from her near orgasm, her ass falling back onto her mattress, hands leaving her sensitive pussy. She allowed herself to sink back into the softness of her bed, running her hand along the lips of her sensitive cunt, feeling the wetness of her arousal. Helen brought her hand up to her mouth, and licked the juices from her fingers thoughtfully.


3 weeks earlier....

Helen and her friend Kayla had bought a dildo with some of Kayla's birthday money back in February, intending to use it to play jokes on their friends. Helen had known Kayla since the two of them had been in diapers. Their mothers had been friends in high school, and the separation from their husbands had brought the two of them even closer. The pair had been and remained to be nearly inseparable, and they had never gone more than 48 hours without speaking to each other. When Kayla's now stepfather George entered the picture, Helen and Kayla's mother's had drifted apart, but they remained extremely close. They never had gotten around to following through with their plans for the dildo into action, so it had stayed under Kayla's bed forgotten by Helen. This was the weekend after Helen's eighteenth birthday, and Helen had just broken it off with her latest boyfriend, Dave. He'd gotten drunk at their junior prom, and she had caught him making out with her former friend Karen.

She had sought comfort from Kayla as she always had in the past. Kayla had been having difficulty with her boyfriend Zack for a while too, and a break up was almost inevitable. Kayla raided her stepfather's liquor cabinet and the two of them proceeded to get completely hammered, as was the norm when one of them was feeling down. They allowed themselves to feel sorry for their lot in life, finding comfort in each other's company. Eventually the conversation turned to what life would be like without boys.

"We don't even need guys, not with this thing." Kayla declared giddily, as she reached under her bed, nearly falling off she was so drunk, to retrieve the scandalous eight inch dildo that they'd purchased months earlier.

"You still have that thing!" Helen exclaimed, both of them had become jubilant from the alcohol, laughing she said "Remember the look on the guys face when we bought it?"

Kayla laughed too, "Yeah, and then when you leaned over the counter to get your change, I thought he was going to cream his pants".

"That was totally not intentional!" Helen said indignantly.

"Oh, sure. You're always 'accidentally' showing off your tits." Kayla said, brandishing the false cock, aiming it at her friend.

Helen stared at it, transfixed "Have you used it at all?" she asked.

Kayla blushed, and then admitted that in the last few weeks it had been the only thing keeping her from losing her mind. She'd been holding out on Zack, since she'd found out that he was messing around with another girl at school; their relationship was on the rocks.

"Does it feel good?" Helen asked.

"Oh yeah. It was sort of overwhelming at first it's so big. But after you get used to it it's great. Do you want to try it?" Kayla asked with a salacious smile.

Normally this would have been a joke, Helen and Kayla has messed around with each other before, but toys had never been a part of their experimentation. As they had begun to develop they had experimented with each other fairly extensively. First they'd taught each other how to French kiss; practice for Kayla's first real date. This had led to fondling each other's breasts, and eventually this had escalated further as the two learned to get each other off with their fingers and mouths. Helen supposed they would be categorized as bi-sexual, although that really didn't seem accurate as she'd never been attracted to any other girl besides Kayla, and as far as she knew Kayla hadn't had any erotic thoughts about any girl besides herself. Maybe it was the fact that they'd known each other practically since birth, and had shared everything else with each other already; a type of natural progression. That night both felt sufficiently horny, drunk, and affectionate for the other that soon Helen was laying on her back fully clothed on Kayla's bed, watching as her friend lubed up the dildo with a bottle of KY jelly which she kept in the bottom of her sock drawer.

Kayla lay down at Helen's side, wearing a pink t-shirt and naked from the waist down. Kayla had an absolutely gorgeous body; she had danced competitively, and had begun to teach at the studio instead when school had become too intense last year. She was more petite than Helen, with much smaller breasts that fit her slender form perfectly. Kayla leaned forward, pressing her full lips against Helen's, their tongues entering each other's mouths. The pair continued the kiss, the plastic toy sandwiched between their torsos, both getting more comfortable with the idea of what was to come. Kayla's hands trailed upwards, up beneath Helen's pink tank top to squeeze her large breasts through the plain white bra she was wearing. Helen raked her fingers through her friend's lustrous black hair. The kiss was getting both Helen and Kayla very excited, however it ended when Kayla pulled away to pull Helen's jeans and panties down her legs, leaving Helen naked from the waist down. Both were feeling more sober after the kiss. The pair kissed passionately once more, as Kayla ran the false cock along the folds of her friend's young pussy.

The plastic toy had grown warm from their combined body heat, Helen gasped at the feel of its head against her wet cunt. Kayla repositioned herself, straddling one of Helen's legs, which afforded her a better position from which to penetrate her friend's pussy with the dildo. Kayla pressed the head of the dildo against Helen's tight opening, keeping her mouth on her friends, muffling her moans so that her mom or stepfather wouldn't hear them from downstairs. There was no need for further foreplay by this point, Helen's cunt was drenched from the anticipation and the kiss by this point, and she felt an explosion of pleasure radiating from her cunt when Kayla penetrated her with the false cock, it was huge and stretched her pussy tightly.

Helen cried out so loudly into Kayla's mouth that Kayla grew concerned that she had hurt her friend, despite the effort she'd made to make the experience pleasurable.

"Does it hurt?" Kayla asked.

"No," Helen replied breathlessly, "It feels incredible, please ... don't stop." She pleaded.

Kayla inched the dildo into her friend carefully, the lubricant along the shaft and Helen's arousal aiding its progress. She was careful to go slowly, knowing Helen lacked experience when it came to sex.

"How does that feel?" Kayla asked breathily, once the dildo was buried up to her fist.

"I...It's amazing. It's like... like it's hitting all the right spots at the same time." Helen replied, somewhat incoherent as she adjusted to the intrusion. She'd never experienced something of this size inside of her.

Kayla began to saw the dildo in and out of her friend's tight pussy gently, while also resuming the incredibly erotic kiss. The dildo filled Helen completely, and soon she lost most concentration on their kiss, so focused was she on the feeling of fullness from the dildo and the pleasure that her friend was giving her. Kayla had become incredibly aroused by the kiss and Helen's moans; she begun to hump the leg that she was straddling, matching the rhythm of the dildo fucking Helen's pussy. Despite the air conditioning combating the June heat, sweat beaded on Kayla's body as she brought such exquisite pleasure to her friend with the toy and to herself as she ground her pussy against the bare flesh of Helen's thigh. Both had become too distracted to keep up with the kiss, Kayla's mouth was simply pressed against Helen's as the two moaned desperately in harmonious pleasure. Helen's hands had the sheets of Kayla's bed in an iron grip as she lay their passively, allowing her friend bring her the inevitable orgasm that was to come.

The pleasure she felt was unlike anything that she'd experienced up to that point, neither Dave nor Rick had ever made her feel that excited. Not until her experience with Roy a month later would she be part of an event that approached this level of sexual intensity. By this point Kayla's own arousal was reaching a peak, and had also been quickly approaching an orgasm of her own. The firm flesh of Helen's thigh had become slick with the juices from her pussy as Kayla thrust back and forth wildly. She increased the pace of both the gyrations of her hips, as well as her thrusts with the dildo clasped firmly in her hand.

When Helen's orgasm exploded through her, there was nothing Kayla could do to suppress the cry of ecstasy that she exuded, so she didn't try. She held the dildo still as Helen thrust her hips upwards, her tight abdominal muscles pushing the dildo in and out of her tight cunt as the orgasm wracked her body. Kayla increased the pace of her hips, humping her friend's leg frantically, until she her own climax hit her, and matched her friends cry with one of her own.

Their cries ended in near unison, and Kayla collapsed on top of her friend, the dildo still buried deep inside Helen's pussy. They lay entwined, panting from exertion and arousal, a thin film of sweat coating both their flushed bodies. Helen recovered before her friend, kissing her flushed neck as Kayla recovered.

"Thank you, that was incredible." Helen said breathlessly.

This brought a smile to Kayla's lips, "See, we don't always need guys, not when we have each other to pick up the slack." Their lips met once more in a highly tender and intimate kiss, their hands gently caressing each other. This moment of bliss was broken far too abruptly by the sound of a male voice calling from the downstairs.

"Kayla, what the hell is going on up there?!" George, Kayla's stepfather, bellowed up the stairs.

Kayla hesitated only a moment, "Sorry! We're watching a horror movie, we got startled!" She had called through the door, her voice still husky with arousal.

"Well for Christ's sake, keep it down! It sounded like you gals were being murdered up there."

"We will, sorry!"

Kayla rolled off of Helen, both having regained their breath. She then pulled the thick dildo from her friends gaping pussy, noting the gloss of KY Jelly and Helen's juices along the shaft. The two fell asleep entwined together, pussies still glistening with their arousal.

The following morning Kayla gave Helen the dildo to bring home.

"We spend more time over there anyway, plus my mom's more likely to find it here. I think George would die if he found out I had this. At your house, your mom might just mistake it for one of her own." She joked.


They had yet to have an opportunity to do anything like that again; they hadn't seen much of each other since summer break had started. Helen worked a lot of the time at night, and Kayla worked during the day at her stepfather's garage as a receptionist or teaching at the dance studio, so their schedules didn't line up well. However, that hadn't stopped Helen from experimenting with the naughty toy on her own, and had discovered a very fun way in which to use it.

Helen had hid the dildo at the bottom of her underwear drawer. Since she did her own laundry, and her mom would never invade her privacy by snooping around her room, there was no risk that it'd be discovered there. Though Helen had a very healthy and happy relationship with her mother, she didn't relish the thought of having to explain why she had such an obscenely large sex toy in her possession. Helen rolled over to the side of her bed, leaning over to rummage through the drawer that contained the toy that had brought her so much pleasure since that night. She pulled it out and grabbed two of her pillows, laying the dildo on top of them so that it was parallel with the pillows longest side. Helen had used pillows to masturbate for years; it was easily one of the most effective ways for her to bring herself to orgasm. The dildo had added another dimension to this tried and true method of masturbation.

Helen placed a thinner pillow on top of the first two, sandwiching the dildo between them. Helen straddled the mound, the bulge created by the dildo in her slit. She began to grind herself against the shaft of the plastic cock through the pillow, thoughts of Roy entering her mind once more. The motion of her hips matched that of when she'd ridden his cock. Her hips thrust forward, grinding her clit hard against the firmness created by the dildo. The heat of the day had begun to creep into her room, and the scent of her arousal was quickly filling the confined space. Helen began to thrust her hips more quickly, as she approached her orgasm, perspiration beading along her brow. Her head tipped back, mouth opened in a silent moan. Her long hair, dishevelled from sleep, cascaded down her back swaying along with each thrust of her hips. She brought her hands up to her breasts, pinching and pulling her erect nipples while she rode the mound of pillows.

The dildo added a wonderful firm spot for her to grind her engorged clit on, adding to the already pleasurable experience of riding the mound of pillows. Her breathing quickened as the pace of her thrusts increased further. She began to knead the soft flesh of her breasts more firmly; the extra tit flesh overflowed her petite hands. Her eye's closed as she pretended that she was once more riding Roy's cock, and that it was his large hands squeezing her breasts.

Helen had no fear of being caught by her mom; it was Friday morning, she would have left hours ago. So Helen allowed herself to moan loudly as she brought herself to orgasm. She increased the speed and intensity of her hip gyrations, and of the teasing of her nipples. She felt her orgasm approaching her quickly, her hands working her breasts hard. Her thoughts drifted to the moment when she had came on Roy's cock, and she lost control. Her hands left her breasts as she gripped the pillows as she remembered the sensation of his cum filling her cunt. This thought set off her orgasm, she trembled and shook as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

"Oh fuck!" She cried out, her tilted back once more, her back arched, and her toes curled tightly as she ground her clit aggressively against the dildo as she came, prolonging her pleasure. A guttural moan escaped from deep within her, and she struggled to keep the pillows in position as she humped them wildly. Tendrils of pleasure ripped through her body, leaving her breathless.

Finally her orgasm ended, and she fell forward into the bed, still straddling the pile of pillows. The sunlight poured into the room now, illuminating the dust particles floating around the room, and warming her flushed skin while her shoulders blades rose and fell as she gasped for air. Once her breathing and heart rate had returned to normal, Helen rolled over onto her back, reveling in the post orgasmic fog for a few minutes.

She raked her fingers through her sleep tousled hair, worried. Helen felt something then that surprised her; doubt and guilt. She tried to shake the feeling, not wanting to ruin something that had been so good. But she found herself worrying that she'd really taken it too far with Roy, and that she'd taken advantage of him in a vulnerable situation. He'd no doubt felt lonely and upset after his decision to leave his wife, and she felt guilty that she might have somehow hurt him. This confused Helen; sex had always been exciting and fun before, and last night with Roy it had felt that way. But this morning she felt sleazy, as though she'd unintentionally whored herself out. It hadn't been her intention to take things so far. Her speech entreating Roy to coach at Wood Creek had surprised her in its sincerity, and the tears she'd cried had been genuine.

She'd been planning on crying if Roy had still refused to take the position, appealing to his better nature, but the rush of emotion she'd felt from admitting her doubts about ever being able to go to college, and about her Dad leaving when she was little had struck her harder than she'd anticipated. The fact that her father had abandoned her and had never made any attempt to have anything to do with her life growing up had long been a source of confusion and pain for Helen. Helen wasn't usually one to wear her emotions openly, but these demons had been with her since childhood. The elation when he'd agreed to try and get the coaching position had been genuine, and the kiss on the cheek was intended to be playful, but had led to far more than she'd meant it to.

With a sigh she sat up, brushing her hair away from her face, and then got out of the bed to put it back in order. As she tidied up she attempted rationalize what she'd done. The realization that she hadn't done anything really wrong, that she'd brought Roy pleasure, and helped him forget something that was undoubtedly painful helped to ease her doubts.

He wanted to see me again; he wouldn't have if he felt bad about what had happened. She told herself.

Feeling somewhat better, Helen picked up the pillow from the top of the pile and examined it briefly, noting the wet patch she'd left on it. With a smile she pulled the pillowcase off, and tossed it into a pile of other soiled laundry. Surely something that had brought so much pleasure couldn't be wrong.


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