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Coach King Ch. 08


Author's Note:

This is the eighth installment of the 'Coach King' series. If you have not already read the previous chapters, I recommend you do so before you read this one. Thank you all for your support on the previous chapter, all your feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope you all enjoy.


November ended and December went by in a blur. Christmas brought Winter Break, and with it a near solid week with Helen and Kayla that had left Roy sore and exhausted. Today was the final day of this bliss. The girls had let Roy recover for most of the previous night spending time cuddling and watching movies on the couch. In its own way, last night had been the best they'd ever shared together; it demonstrated that they were able to spend time with one another without the need to have sex. Roy realised that their relationship was maturing, that they were becoming a genuine couple... or trio in this case. He and Kayla had grown closer since Thanksgiving, Kayla finally feeling as though she and Roy had a connection beyond attraction and Helen's consent.

Roy felt Kayla stir beside him, and he caressed her head soothingly. She settled back into a deeper sleep, comforted by his familiar touch. Helen shifted on his left side, using his chest as a pillow as she slept. They were all nude, with Roy on his back and a girl on either side of him. Helen was stretched over him, his hand resting on her lower back. Kayla was curled up against him, her front pressed against his side, his arm wrapped around her shoulders. The pressure in Roy's bladder became unbearable so he carefully left the tangle of limbs and the softness of warm flesh that surrounded him. He washed his hands and splashed water over his face, staring at himself in the mirror.

He found himself surprised that he looked younger than he remembered. He'd always been very fit, and his overall appearance benefited from the consistent maintenance. The stress he'd been under had faded away. All the exercise he'd been getting by training with his volleyball team along with the extracurricular activities with the two young women in the next room had strengthened his body further.

Roy felt younger too, with his conscious at ease. Pam and Wayne were happy together, and Roy was relieved that she'd found someone who treated her so well. Helen and Kayla had settled into their new roles at high school, the painful process of changing status within the student population having finally come to an end, for better or worse. And things were better than ever between Roy and the girls.

And today was December 30th, Roy's birthday. He was forty-seven, one year closer to a half century of life, one more year separating him from the girls he was falling in love with, one more year making their relationship impossible. He tried to ignore it, but there were thunderclouds on the horizon, and a storm was coming.


"Oh fuck, yes!" Pam cried.

They didn't have long. Pam had snuck away at lunch for a rendezvous with Wayne at his house a few blocks away from the school. Wayne's pace increased, his powerfully built body thrusting between her spread legs. Pam's breasts wobbled from the force of the impact, and her hands grasped the sheets on the mattress beneath her tightly.

Wayne's mouth attacked hers, drawing her into an electrifying kiss as he fucked her, his thick shaft driving her towards an imminent climax. Pam wrapped her stocking clad legs around him desperately, urging him to fuck her harder. He shifted above her, planting his hands right above her head as he took long powerful strokes into her pussy. Pam's golden hair fanned out beneath her, her white blouse from work unbuttoned and her breasts forced out of their cups from when he'd sucked on her nipples.

Pam peeled her lips off of his, "Harder," she growled into his ear.

Wayne increased his intensity, causing her ass to sink deep into the mattress with each thrust. His breathing soon became laboured, the force of lovemaking bringing both of them closer and closer to climax. Pam clawed at his back as he tried to nail her to the bed, savouring the sensations of his large shaft as it stretched her cunt. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist; it would have taken too long to remove it.

"That's it, like that, take me hard!" she ordered.

Pam felt her orgasm crash over her, her teeth sank into Wayne's shoulder as he began to spew his cum inside of her. His fertile seed flooding her protected womb, filling her channel with his hot spunk. Wayne drove into her with youthful energy, his ass flexing tightly as he drained his balls into her.

Pam's legs relaxed around him, and after a few more ragged thrusts Wayne's body became still on top of her. He brought his lips to hers lovingly, and Pam kissed him back with equal emotion, both being overcome by the euphoria that always followed their lovemaking. Despite being in their mid-twenties they were like teenagers, giddy about their relationship and constantly exploring new things with one another.

"What time is it?" she asked.

"You have ten minutes," Wayne replied.

Pam got up quickly to clean up in the bathroom and then returned in a flurry, frantically pulling up her panties. Her skirt fell around her thighs and she smoothed it down. She readjusted her bra and buttoned up her blouse, running her hands along her body to fix any wrinkles.

"How do I look?" she asked, looking up at Wayne.

"Do a turn," Wayne requested.

She did.

"Now lean over," he said.

Pam started to when she saw the grin on his face.

"Wayne!" she admonished, laughing.

She grabbed her purse and got ready to leave.

"Let's go," she urged.

"Can't you call in sick or something?" he asked.

"Not all of us can take extra-long lunches, some of us actually work. Now get dressed and drive me back," Pam said, pulling her shoes on.

"Yes ma'am," he said, sitting up.

Pam managed to get to Wood Creek Secondary before the bell signalling the end of lunch sounded. She gave Wayne another quick kiss before leaving the car. He waved to her as she left, and she blew him a kiss, giggling when he mimed catching it. It was silly but Pam couldn't help it, she had never been so happy.

It was the first day back after winter break, and she needed to see Mr. King about his trip to Ashbridge for the first tournament of the girls' volleyball season. He needed a female supervisor to accompany him and she'd offered to fill the role, hoping to show him that they could be friends despite their shared history. They would be leaving Tuesday evening and not be returning until Friday night (assuming they made it that far in the tournament).

Roy had the period after lunch free, and usually could be found in the weight room training. Pam entered the front doors of the school just as the end of period bell went off and a flood of students went off in every direction. She stopped in her office to get some paperwork and answer a few messages that had been left on her phone. Pam left her office and headed for the weight room, feeling a slightly apprehensive about this little meeting.

Pam and Roy hadn't been alone since the evening he'd ended their affair, and she was worried how they'd react in the potentially awkward situation. She reached the door, and nervously entered through it. The room was filled with blaring rock music, and Roy was by the free weights doing rows with two very large dumbbells. He was bent over at the waist, his back muscles working to bring the weight up. Pam's eyes were drawn to his ass, and quickly she felt embarrassed.

She went over to the stereo and turned down the volume.

Roy turned, "Pam, hi," he said, placing the weights back in their cradle.

"Hello Roy, sorry to interrupt. We need to talk about Ashbridge," she said, trying to adopt her professional persona.

"Of course," he said, mopping sweat from his forehead with a towel.

He sat down on the nearby bench, "What's up?"

"Well, it's about the rooming arrangements," she said.

"Yeah, two to a room, shouldn't be too hard with an even number," he said, taking a gulp of his water.

For some reason Pam found his sweaty and flushed state distracting, he's doing it again. She thought to herself. Pam thought of Wayne, how good he was to her, how good he was in bed; that helped.

"Yes, well. Apparently one of the parents complained, they don't want Helen or Chloe rooming with their daughters," she said.

"That's ridiculous," Roy said angrily, "who said that?"

"Ashley's father, apparently she'd be uncomfortable, and he thinks the other girls would be too," Pam said.

Roy's jaw clenched slightly, he hated that two wonderful girls were treated pejoratively because of something that shouldn't matter. The fact that the parents were the same way made it even worse. As for the problem Roy thought of a quick solution.

"Well, it isn't too much of a problem. Chloe and Helen would probably want to room together anyway, they're friends," Roy said.

"That's what I told him, but apparently that isn't going to work either," Pam said.

Roy frowned, "Why not?"

Pam hesitated, "Well, the board's saying that since they're both openly gay having them room together would be like allowing a male and female student share a room, which isn't allowed. So either alternate arrangements are made or they can't go."

"That's insane!"

"Yes, but it's the situation we have, and since Helen and Chloe refuse to have anything done about it there isn't anything I can do. Even if Alison had any influence left over Helen, I doubt she'd get her to fight it anyway. She's too concerned about her status in the community. I could go and take it above the board but the girls have made it clear they don't want that," Pam replied regretfully.

Pam wished she had a bit more of her mother's killer instinct. If Erica Hall had still been alive she'd have figured out a way to deal with this injustice. As they talked it got easier for Pam to ignore her attraction to Roy, getting angry over how unfair the situation was and trying to come up with a solution was providing a good distraction.

Roy pondered the problem, the team was already stretching their budget with the tournament fees, bus fare, and the new equipment he'd bought at the beginning of the year. Paying for an extra two rooms wasn't a possibility. Then an idea came to him, an exciting idea, one filled with trouble and potentially a lot of fun.

"Would it be alright if I roomed with a female student?" he asked.

Pam blinked, "I... Well if it were Helen or Chloe, I guess maybe. They're equating them to essentially male students, and you could room with one of them without any trouble. I guess as long as the student and the parent were okay with it there wouldn't be an issue."

"Then why don't we do that?" he suggested.

Pam felt relieved. Typically the two supervisors roomed together, a prospect that had terrified Pam given her history with him.

"Well, I think that would be fine. Helen could room with me and Chloe with you," Pam suggested, brightening at the thought of sharing a room with Helen.

Helen had been so busy lately with Kayla that before Christmas it'd seemed like weeks since they'd seen each other. Sharing a room for two nights with her would be like the sleepovers they used to have when Helen was younger. Pam felt herself becoming excited and looking forward to the trip.

Roy on the other hand was quickly disappointed, that wasn't the arrangement he'd had in mind. However, he couldn't come up with an excuse as to why he should room with Helen, so he let the opportunity go. Even if sharing a room with Helen for two straight nights was a highly appealing idea.

"Yeah, that sounds good," Roy said, trying not to sound unhappy.


"Helen, you're going to be late!" Alison called to her daughter.

Helen scrambled upstairs, making a few last minute additions to her suitcase. Kayla was waiting in the driveway, she was still uncomfortable being around Helen's mom. Any progress that had been made smoothing out the relationship between mother and daughter had been wiped away over the Christmas break. They'd fought about everything: the decorations, the dinner, even the movies they were going to watch on Christmas morning. It had become so bad that shortly after her Aunt Pam had left dinner at their house to see Wayne, Helen had left to Kayla's house to escape her mother.

She grabbed her heavy suitcase and hauled it down the stairs. Helen got to the front door and put on her winter coat and boots.

"You'll be home Friday?" her mother asked stiffly.

"Yes," Helen replied curtly.

This was their relationship now. They only spoke to deliver essential information, anything else led to conflict. Despite this it was still clear to Helen that her mother was unhappy about her daughter going out of town for even a few days, and somehow that was comforting. There was still love there; it was just buried deep beneath the surface.

"Call me on my cell if there's an emergency," Helen told her, and stepped through the door.

The icy wind of January clawed away at Helen as soon as she crossed the threshold onto the front porch, its cruel fingers clawing the warmth away from her body. Kayla was standing behind her truck, putting the tail gate down. She helped Helen heave her suitcase into the back and the two retreated to the warmth of the cab. Music drifted softly from the radio, set to the local Pop music station.

"It's not fair," Kayla said as she drove.

Helen rolled her eyes, "Well, if you'd tried out for the team like I said..."

"I'm too busy with musical theatre, you should have joined with me," Kayla retorted.

"I can't sing or dance!" Helen said.

"And I can't play volleyball," Kayla said, looking sullen.

"It's only until Friday, you've waited that long for Roy before," Helen said.

Kayla's face took on a doubtful expression, "Yeah, but usually I have you around."

Helen laughed, "Is that what I'm here for, to tide you over until you can be with Roy?"

"Don't be silly... I need you to help me with my homework too," Kayla said.

Helen slapped her shoulder playfully, "You don't mean that."

Kayla laughed, "No, you mean the world to me," she said, squeezing Helen's hand that lay on the seat.

The conversation had become serious quickly. Helen entwined her fingers in Kayla's, thinking about how much she was going to miss her, even for a short time. She wondered what they were going to do when they started college if things didn't go the way they were supposed to. The internet allowed them to communicate, but they wouldn't be able to touch each other, to hold hands as they were now.

As if reading her mind Kayla said, "I guess I'll use the time to study, make sure I get into Stanford too."

Both had applied. It was Helen's dream school and with her marks she was quite likely to get in, and with Pam's newfound wealth Helen wouldn't be struggling financially, even if she didn't get an athletic scholarship. Unfortunately Kayla had received relatively mediocre marks in past grades. However, if she did well enough this semester she may still get in, so she'd been working as hard as she could to keep her marks up. Helen had been helping her in that endeavor, even though they only had one class together.

The pair quieted, both pondering the future. Kayla hit a patch of ice as they were going around a bend in the highway, and the truck began to skid. She wrestled the vehicle back under control, but both of their hearts were hammering. They both laughed nervously.

"Slow down a bit, or we won't have to worry about Stanford," Helen said.

The rest of the drive was normal, they gossiped about what was going on at school, about their friends, about Roy. They arrived at the school to find a bus waiting out front, it was still early in the morning and the school buses had yet to arrive. Kayla pulled into the student parking lot and helped Helen with her suitcase. Roy was waiting by the bus, talking to the driver. He smiled when he saw them.

"Hello Helen, thanks for driving her Kayla," Roy said.

"Any time, Mr. King," Kayla said, flashing Roy a knowing grin.

She still had trouble following Roy's rules and frequently acted vaguely flirtatiously towards him. The driver helped Helen get her suitcase into the storage under the bus. Seeing the size of the luggage the girls on the team had brought for the trip Roy wondered if they understood that they were only going to be gone for three days.

"Bye," Helen said, holding Kayla's hands through her gloves.

"See you Saturday," Kayla said.

The two kissed softly, perhaps a little too long to be appropriate but neither cared. Affection poured freely towards each other and it came out every time they touched. They already missed each other.

"Good luck!" Kayla called as they got onto the bus, and then turned to walk into the school, bracing herself against the January wind.

According to Pam there had been a 'clerical error' that had resulted in them getting proper travelling bus instead of a small school bus like Roy had originally requested. The cost had been covered by an 'anonymous donor' to the school's athletics department. Having a boss that was loaded was proving to be a nice perk.

Helen got into the bus and sat next to her Aunt Pam who was already there. About half of the team had already arrived, and they waited for the others. Chloe was the last to arrive, late as usual, and sat next to Roy. It was either that or sit amongst girls who disliked her or next to the toilet. They shifted so that Roy could extend his long legs out into the aisle. It'd been easy to get her to agree to share a room with him, and her father had been surprisingly okay with the idea, provided of course that there were two beds. Lesbian or not, the thought of his daughter sharing a bed with a man nearly thirty years older than her didn't sit well with him.

"Hi," she said brightly.

She was dressed for comfort, a pair of sweatpants and a hooded sweater, but still Roy found her incredibly attractive. Sitting this close her scent filled his nostrils, working its way into his brain until he felt almost intoxicated. It was sweet and clean, like honey and lemon. This is going to be a long trip. Roy thought, forcing himself to ignore the presence of the bombshell to his right.

The crowded bus filled with chatter, excited girls discussing the days away from school and their parents. The driver pulled out, and began the six hour journey that would take them to Ashbridge. Chloe was rather chipper for so early in the morning, and talked to Roy exhaustively. They'd been talking for about a half-hour before the subject of his love life somehow came up.

"You know, Ms. Thomas is single too," Chloe said after Roy blushingly told her that he was in fact not dating anyone.

This was probably an inappropriate conversation to have with a student, though in light of everything Roy had done with Helen and Kayla this seemed trivial.

"Well... I don't think..."

"She's a bit younger than you I guess, but I'm sure she'd be okay with it," Chloe said.

Ms. Thomas was in her mid-thirties, reasonably attractive and actually fairly pleasant. If Roy had been looking for a relationship she might have been a candidate. The age difference Chloe referred to seemed inconsequential in light of the extreme age differences between himself and his most recent lovers.

"It's more that I... Well I'm not exactly looking for anyone," Roy replied.

Chloe's hand went over Roy's sympathetically.

"Too soon?" she asked.

Roy blinked, taking a moment to realise that she meant his divorce from Lorie. He hadn't really thought of his ex-wife for over a month. But he nodded anyway; it was as good as an excuse as any.

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