Coach King Ch. 09


"Who..." she began.


It was Pam.

"What are you doing here?" Alison asked accusingly.

"Helen called me," Roy said, a lie suddenly forming.

They were back at it, lying to keep their relationship safe.

"Who are you?" Alison asked.

"He's Roy King, he teaches at the school," Pam explained.

"I see, why would you call him?" Alison asked, turning her attention to Helen.

Helen tried to pull herself together, fighting back her fear. They could recover, they could get away.

"I didn't have anyone else. You were gone, Chloe's out of town, Mr. and Mrs. Ward have to plan..." she couldn't finish, she started crying again.

Roy desperately wanted to hold her, to make her feel better again. Pam went over, rubbing her niece's back consolingly.

"It's alright Helen, we're here now. You should have answered the phone, we were so worried," she said.

"Thank you for coming," Alison said to Roy.

He nodded, his heart hammering in his chest. Almost there, they were nearly out of trouble.

"You should have called Joe," Alison said to Helen, "He would have come over."

"I don't like Joe," Helen said.

Alison looked irritated, "He's perfectly nice."

Helen had long disagreed with her mother's assessment of boyfriend's character.

She pulled out of her mother's arms, "He's creepy."

"What are you talking about?" Alison asked, her voice rising.

"Alison, I don't think this is the time..." Pam began.

"He looks at me weird," Helen said.

Pam turned to Roy.

"I think you should go," she said gently.

Roy realised that the 'concerned teacher' he was supposed to be playing would leave at this point. Helen was with her family, he had no reason to still be around. He'd see Helen later, somehow he'd get into contact with her and they'd rendezvous. So he nodded at Pam and with a heavy heart he pulled away, he stepped through the door just as Helen's mother started to yell.

"What are you talking about?!"

"Ever since you started dating him, he gives me these long looks, it's weird," Helen replied.

"Please, not right now Alison. Her girlfriend just died," Pam said.

"Yes! And thank God for that!" Alison shouted at her.

Pam and Helen fell silent.

"Maybe now I can get my daughter back, not this... thing I've been dealing with for the past eight months!" Alison shouted.

"You don't mean that," Helen said quietly.

"She was always getting you into trouble, always making you do things you didn't want to. Sneaking out, lying to me, and disappearing all the time. No, you're a good girl, you wouldn't go against what I taught you, you wouldn't be something so disgusting, I brought you up better than that," her mother said, tears in her eyes.

"Alison, stop..." Pam started.

"And you!" Alison said turning on Pam, "You tried to turn her against me didn't you? Our mother's last wish?"

"You're insane! I've been helping her!" Pam exclaimed incredulously.

"You turned her into this, you and that black haired dyke! That little slut turned my daughter against me! Forced me to spend time with you, making everyone think I actually enjoyed your company, just so I knew what was happening in my own child's life!" she spat, her face taking on a crazed expression.

She went to hug Helen but she shoved her away.

"Don't touch me!" Helen shouted at her.

"Helen, it's okay, you're confused, you're scared, but it'll all be fine. I'm here for you now, I know it's been hard, but you can go back to normal now. You can be my little girl again," Alison said, a teary smile on her face.

She said it with such tenderness, with such sincerity. She was happy Kayla was dead, Helen saw; she'd prayed that this day would come. Alison had spent months holding her tongue, fighting back her impulse to save her daughter, waiting for her opportunity to take her back under her wing. She'd even let her foul half-sister into her life, the one their mother had loved, the one she'd given everything to after she'd died. Not a single thing had gone to Alison, not a single dime of her fortune. She'd made one mistake, one error in judgement and she was forever damned to be nothing but the killer of an unborn child in the eyes of her mother.

"I'm not your little girl," Helen said horrified by her mother's words.

Alison smile faltered, "Of course you are, it's alright honey. I forgive you, we'll move past this. You've been provided with a second chance," she replied in the same manic tone.

"I gave you a second chance Mom," Helen said, "After you slapped Kayla I came back to you, I thought you still loved me."

"I do, of course I do! Helen, sweetie, please. Come here honey," Alison said opening her arms.

Helen took a step back, "You hate me. You hate what I really am."

"No honey, I know what you really are. I see it better than you do," Alison said.

"I loved her Mom," Helen said challengingly.

Alison shook her head, "No! No, you didn't love her. She brainwashed you, but she's gone, you can be yourself now."

"That's a piece of who I am! I can't change that!" Helen said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Alison's face changed, the twisted smile she'd been trying to pass off as reassuring became a look of utter hatred.

"I should have gotten rid of you like I did you brother," Alison said.

Pam eyes widened, "Alison, no."

"What? She doesn't deserve to know? Doesn't need to know what I went through? What our wonderful mother made me do?" Alison asked.

"She didn't want that, she never wanted that," Pam said.

"Our mother made me abort my son! She forced me to kill my little boy before he was even born!" Alison screamed at her.

"What?" Helen asked, frightened by her mother's deranged expression.

She'd heard the rumors. That her mother had gotten pregnant when she was only seventeen, but that there had been some sort of accident.

"Mom never wanted that, she wanted you to give him up for adoption and you threw yourself down the stairs!" Pam shouted back.

Pam stood in front of Helen, shielding her from her mother. She was terrified, but she wasn't going to back down. Helen couldn't afford that. Pam never got involved in conflicts like this, she shied away from direct confrontation. Instead she preferred to make people want to help her. That's what her mother had taught her, but that wasn't going to work. Not today.

"She was going to throw me out! She was ashamed of me!" Alison roared.

"She wanted you to go to school, to finish your education!"

"She wanted to control everything in our lives! You know what she was like, how controlling she was, how cruel she was!" Alison shouted.

"Cruel?! She gave you money for Helen when Derrick fucked off, she paid for clothes, for food, your car, for this house..."

This Helen hadn't known, she'd always wondered where her mother got all of her money to pay the bills, have a relatively nice car, buy clothes, but only work part time at the hardware store. It had always been like that though and eventually it just seemed normal.

"She tried to exile me! But people knew, they knew what had happened. They welcomed me, they loved me. This town is my family, they're the ones who supported me," Alison shrieked.

"She loved you, she respected your distance. The 'town' as you call them only welcomed you because they were jealous of what she'd achieved. They aren't the only people that live here, lots of people respected her. You told her to stay away from Helen so she did! You asked her for money, she gave it to you! Our mother was a lot of things, yes. She was controlling, she had warped priorities, but she was never cruel. She loved you Alison, even if you can't admit it," Pam countered.

She grabbed Helen's wrist, it was time to leave.

"Where are you going?" Alison asked.

"We're leaving," Pam said, keeping herself between Helen and her mother, "Grab your stuff Helen."

"Come here Helen," Alison ordered.

There are moments in life where you come across a fork in the road. On her right Helen had her mother, her arms open, beckoning her. On her left was the stairs leading to her bedroom, and the bag she had packed for her trip to New York. If she took the first path all would be forgiven, her mother would love her again, but she'd be trapped. If she took the second she'd be free to love who she wanted and to be herself, but she'd lose her mother forever. The longer she took to make a decision the harder the decision became.

"I'll be right back," Helen said finally.

Alison's hands fell to her sides, her smile fell into an expression of shock. Helen turned and ran up the stairs. She entered her bedroom, tears in her eyes; she grabbed the bag she'd packed and went to her cork board, pulling off the photos of her and Kayla and putting them in. There were still plenty of pictures, she grabbed one of her and her mother from the previous year, back when they still loved each other and scribbled down a note on the back. Helen scanned the room, her vision blurred from tears, the room of her childhood, the room she'd grown up with. Helen noticed something, peeking out from under her pillow. It was the dildo she and Kayla had bought so long ago, Helen didn't know why but she grabbed it, stuffing it into her bag with the rest of her stuff. She shut off the light and closed the door behind her gently.

She placed the photo at the entrance to her room and walked down the stairs, bag slung over her shoulder. Helen reached the landing, her mother sitting in the kitchen, looking shriveled and weak, the fight gone from her. Pam stood by the door, staring at her sister, daring her to attack.

She'd finally found it, found the spark her mother had had, the piece that had prevented her mother from being walked all over in a world dominated by men. There was a time when Pam would have stayed quiet, when she would have let her sister have her way, but not now. Helen needed to be sheltered, she was hurting and she was vulnerable. In the past Pam had let people walk all over her, using her body to bribe them into giving her what she wanted, and if that didn't work she followed what her mother told her to do. Now she only shared her body with Wayne, a man who loved her. She now fought her own battles. She no longer needed a commander.

"Let's go," Helen said.

Pam nodded.

They walked to Pam's car, Helen threw her bag in the back seat and slumped into the passenger. Pam fired up the engine and they backed out of the gravel driveway. Helen stared out the window tears in her eyes, the words of her note echoing in her mind.

Maybe one day we'll have this again,

Love, Helen

A choked sob escaped her as her aunt sped down the driveway, carrying her away from her childhood home for the final time.


Roy got home and walked aimlessly through the house. I should have stayed, he told himself. He felt weak, he felt useless. He went out through the backdoor and out into the woodland that surrounded the house, following a path created by the Jones' many years ago. He followed it for the full length, following the trail as it ran along the nearby creek. Spring had just begun and new growth was beginning to pop up amongst the trees. Roy generally enjoyed spring, along with autumn it was his favorite season, he preferred moderate temperatures and found the transition between winter and summer was quite beautiful.

He stopped by the side of the creek, the sun was getting low in the sky, casting an orange reflection on the shimmering water. Roy picked up a stone and threw it into the water, listening to the plop as it landed. He grabbed another, his thoughts tumultuous and unpleasant. He threw a few more before his thoughts were interrupted by a buzz in his pocket. He saw the time, a number of hours had passed since he'd left the house. How did that happen? Roy thought, he'd been so caught up in his pondering that he'd hardly felt the passage of time. The buzz had been a text message from Helen.

H: I'm at my Aunt's house.

Roy frowned, why would she be there?

R: What happened?

There was a slight pause as she typed her reply.

H: Mom went crazy, I left. I need to see you.

Roy paused, not sure how to reply. It had been easy enough for Helen to elude her mother, but Pam would be a lot more attentive, especially given everything that had happened in the past twenty-four hours. God, Roy thought to himself, not even a day has passed yet.

R: Can you get away?

There was a pause.

H: I'll tell her I'm going for a run. Meet me at the corner of 5th and Woodbridge in 20?

R: I'll be there.

Roy hurried back up the path to his house. It was now dusk, the stars beginning to show as the sun descended beyond the horizon. He went through the back door of the house and went straight through to the front, walking back to his car and driving off. The destination Helen had suggested was near enough to Pam's house that it was convenient and was near the highway so they could go and find a spot for their meeting. Roy came to the corner and parked his car, he had about five minutes to wait. He looked out the window, it was beginning to grow dark and the streetlamps would soon be turning on.

There was a knock on the passenger window, and Roy unlocked the door to let Helen in. She leaned over and kissed him hard, her hand going to the back of his head to pull him to her. Helen was shaking, her hand clutching his hair almost painfully. The kiss was frantic, Helen was scared, her lips trembled against his, her breathing came in sobs. She started to calm down a little from being with Roy, his familiar touch bringing her comfort. Helen pulled away and sat back in the passenger seat, grabbing hold of Roy's right hand and refusing to let it go. Roy put the car in drive and pulled away from the curb.

"What happened?" Roy asked.

"My mom... she was happy..." Helen said.

Her grip on his hand tightened.

"About what?" he asked.

"Kayla being dead," she replied.

Helen saw Roy's jaw set tight, his eyes staring forward and his hold on the steering wheel grow tighter.

"Why?" he asked.

"She thinks Kayla and my Aunt corrupted me or something, and that they tried to steal me away from her. She said all this weird stuff. She said I had a brother, or I would have... She said she should have killed me like she had him," Helen said, her voice barely a whisper as the final words came out.


Roy was at a loss for words, he had no clue of how to make this better. There was no way, there was nothing he could do. Helen had lost her best friend and lover, and now she'd lost her mother as well. He recalled Ashley referring to a 'slut and a baby killer' back at Thanksgiving; he'd assumed she was talking about Pam and Helen's mother Alison, but hadn't realised the significance of the latter.

"What did your Aunt do?" he asked finally.

"She got me out of there, you should have seen her. I've never seen Aunty Pam so angry, I was so scared," Helen said, "I couldn't do anything. I couldn't defend myself."

She started to cry, she leaned against his shoulder and shook quietly as tears escaped her already red eyes. Helen stopped herself quickly, pulling herself back together before she fell apart entirely.

Thank God for Pam, Roy thought to himself. She'd take good care of Helen, they loved each other and Pam seemed to be in a good place in her life. She had a good boyfriend, she was beginning to earn the respect of her employees at the school, and no longer had to rely on her mother's reputation to get them to listen to her. The students still loved her, and the people around town had started to see her as more than the daughter of Erica Hall.

"You couldn't have done anything Helen. It's your mother's fault, not yours. You've done nothing wrong," he assured her.

Helen nodded her head, laying it against his shoulder as he drove down the highway. He came to a campground, it would be vacant at this time of the year so he turned into it, heading down the gravel road until they were out of sight from the highway. He parked his car and shut off the engine once more. It was dark now, the only light coming from the moon and the stars. Roy wrapped his arm around her tightly, holding her to him comfortingly.

"The worst part is I thought she was starting to come around," Helen said dejectedly.

"Sometimes you can't know what people are thinking," Roy said.

"You know what I'm thinking?" Helen asked.


"I want to feel good again, like this morning. Even if it's just for a few seconds I want to feel good. Get away from the pain, away from everything that's going on and experience something good. The problem is I feel so guilty for wanting that. I shouldn't feel good, I should be feeling pain, I should be drowning in it, she's..." Helen couldn't finish what she was going to say without breaking out into tears again so Roy did it for her

"Gone?" Roy asked.

Helen nodded, "How is it you're able to hold it together?"

Roy laughed, a short barking sound with little humor in it.

"I'm not holding it together. I've been out of control since last summer. The only keeping me from cracking is that I need to be lucid for you," he replied.

Helen smiled, "You're the only thing keeping what's left of me standing."

She kissed him then, this time without fear or trembling. There were no tears, only affection, gratitude and love. Helen kissed him hard, and he kissed her back. It was a promise, their vow to get one another through this, to be there for each other while they tried to survive what was happening around them. Her hand went to his groin, undoing his fly and reaching past the fold in his boxers to grasp his semi-erect cock. She stroked it gently, feeling it come to life in her hand as they kissed, shifting positions so that she was straddling his legs. Roy's hands went to her waist, running up her flank and around her front to her chest. He undid the zipper of her sweater and reached inside.

Helen groaned softly into his mouth as his hands cupped her breasts through her t-shirt. The pace of her fist on his cock increased, spreading the pre-cum oozing from the head along his stiff shaft as she prepared it to be inside her. They didn't have long; Pam would start to worry if Helen was gone for too long, especially given the events of the past day. Helen pulled away, leaving Roy to shimmy out of her sweatpants and underwear before pouncing back onto him. The both sighed happily when his cock passed through her opening and entered her tight channel. She lowered herself onto him, deeper and deeper until the bare flesh of her ass came into contact with the denim of his jeans.

Her hips rocked, his cock leaving her partially before disappearing once more into her warm depths. For her jog she'd tied her hair in a ponytail and it began to sway along with her hips as she began to fuck him. Helen increased the pace and length of her thrusts, raising herself up out of his lap and lowering herself back into it. Roy's cock pulsed happily inside of her as she began to ride up and down, but he wanted to do the work this time. He gripped her hips and rolled her over into the passenger seat, his cock becoming dislodged in the process.

Roy made his way over the center console and in between the legs of the beautiful young woman reclined in the seat beside him. Helen gasped when he re-entered her, penetrating her with one forceful thrust of his hips. Roy built a steady rhythm, his shaft sunk into Helen's pussy while she moaned pleasurably under him. Her feet pressed against the dashboard in front of her, her hands splayed out across his broad back. The angle of his penetration made his cock rub against her clit, the hard little bead sent pulses of pleasure throughout her body.

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