Coach King Ch. 09


Helen's breathing changed, becoming short pants. Her laboured breathing became a low moan, rising into a cry. Her fists tightened around Roy's shirt, balling up the fabric in her fists as her muscles tensed up. She wrapped her legs tightly around him, pulling him into her as deep as she could and came hard. Her body was awash with pleasure; a cry signalling her state of rapture was ripped from deep inside her chest and escaped through her lips. Helen's legs flexed around Roy's torso, and she ground her pubic bone against him as she came.

Her wish came true, for a moment she forgot her pain and her grief, it was replaced by an explosion of bliss that kept sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her. Unfortunately her body began to relax, and no matter how much Helen wanted it to go on she felt herself coming down from her climax. Her body stopped shaking under Roy's and her eyes opened, looking up into his. Roy stared down into those sad eyes, blue-green irises surrounded by sclera discolored to a reddish pink from the amount of tears that those eyes had shed. He brushed a few stray stands of her hair that had come undone from her ponytail and kissed her lips gently.

"Thank you," she said.

"For what?" Roy asked.

"For being strong for me," she said.

Roy kissed her again, his aching cock still buried deep inside her quivering pussy. Her legs relaxed around him and he drew his hips back, withdrawing partially before driving his shaft back home. Helen gasped into his mouth when he bottomed out, but kept kissing him. It wouldn't take him long now, Roy kept thrusting into her, his lips pressed against hers as he got closer and closer to the edge. His ass flexed tight, pushing his hips forward and ramming his thick shaft into her channel. Roy felt a stiffening in his groin, a tightening of his balls against his body.

"I'm going to cum," he told Helen.

And after a few more thrusts he did. His forehead pressed against Helen's, his eyes shut tight and his mouth open in a low groan as his cock twitched violently inside her and his cum began to spill out of his cockhead. Shuddering pulses ran through his body, his shaft flexing inside Helen as he pumped his infertile seed into her womb. Her insides were painted with the substance, thick cords of his cum splattering against the deepest recesses of her channel. His thrusts became ragged and less forceful, and after a few more strong pulses his cock grew still inside of her and the flow of semen stopped.

Roy kissed her again, and her hands went to the side of his head, holding him to her while their mouths melded together. She didn't want this to end, she wanted to spend the entire night in Roy's car, letting him make her feel like this over and over until all she could do was feel better forever or pass out from exhaustion. But they couldn't do that, her Aunt was waiting for her, so the kiss came to an end, Roy withdrew and returned to the driver's seat, and Helen pulled her sweatpants and panties back over her legs. They left the parking lot of the campground and Roy drove Helen back to the corner of Fifth and Woodbridge and she kissed him once more.

"Can I see you tomorrow?" she asked.

"As long as you think it's safe," Roy said.

She nodded, "I'll text you again."

"Goodnight Helen," he said.

"Goodnight Roy," she said.

She left the car and went running off into the darkness, disappearing around a corner. Roy sighed, his chest heaving and his eyes burning with tears. He could afford to be weak now, for at least a short time, so he let it come. The pain exploded inside him, like an electric shock that left him unsteady. Roy breathed heavily, rubbing the tears from his eyes, he pushed past the pain and forced himself to keep moving forward. He put his car back into drive and pulled away from the curb, and a few moments later found himself on the highway heading for home.


Roy saw her the next night, and the night after that, there were different times and different meeting spots but it was always for the same purpose. Pam let Helen go for her runs, thinking that she just needed time alone. Instead she'd go to Roy upset and leave him feeling a little bit better, and then came Monday. Roy hated funerals. In all fairness to the Ward's it was a very nice ceremony, as far as such things go. The weather was beautiful, warm for March and sunny. Joan and George hadn't let it drag on, words that were needed to be said were said, and the people who knew and cared for Kayla were there. Those who wished to speak were allowed to, and an outpour of love for the woman's whose life had been cruelly cut short.

"...a young woman of great patience and elegance beyond her age. A wonderful dancer and a warm heart. We will all miss her very much," Mr. Ricci concluded tearily.

Roy breathed in, he'd been asked to say a few words on behalf of the teacher's of Wood Creek Secondary, and he had a speech prepared. It was carefully written and utterly devoid of any depth. He was up next to speak. He exhaled slowly and braced himself. Roy stepped out in front of the gathered crowd, surrounded by tomb stones, the only sound coming from the wind blowing through dead leaves and the occasional stifled sob. He cleared his throat and began.

"I met Kayla last summer, I was filling up my car at Cindy's gas bar. I didn't know her, but I knew right away that she was someone special. Kayla was well loved by a great number of people, but most of all by her family, her girlfriend Helen," people had ignored Helen's relationship with Kayla so far, trying to skirt around a sensitive topic, Roy was being honest, "and..." he paused, almost tearing up, he wanted to say 'me' but couldn't, he coughed to clear his throat, "her friends. She was a hard worker, teaching the young and the old how to dance, helping George at the shop, and in her school work as well. She would always come to a friend's defense, and no one doubted her word. I wish I had known her longer, seen more of this wonderful, brave, and kind young woman. May she rest in peace," he concluded.

He walked away unsteadily, he shook George's hand and gave Joan a hug before returning to his spot. Mercifully they hadn't asked Helen to speak, she'd been devastated from leaving home so soon after Kayla's death. She looked as if she hadn't slept in days, and her eyes were red from crying. Roy had been the last of the guests to speak. George got up and said a few words before Joan placed Kayla's ashes into the pre made hole in the ground. She held onto George's arm for support as they walked away from the grave. Seeing the grief on their faces was painful, but seeing it on Helen's was excruciating. She seemed lost, clinging to her Aunt's arm desperately as she stared forward almost unseeing. A few minutes later the final words were said and the ceremony ended. Roy approached the two of them.

"How are you?" Roy asked gently.

Helen looked at him desperately, "I'm..." she didn't finish.

"She'll be okay, thanks for doing the speech," Pam said.

Roy nodded. He wanted to say more, he wanted to do more, to be there for Helen completely. But he couldn't, he was barred from that part of her life, his status as her teacher made it impossible for him to comfort her like he wanted to. He supposed he could, but it would damage Helen's life as much as it would his. She'd had enough hardship, she didn't require any more.

He left them, returning to his car and getting in the driver's seat. His hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles turning white from the force he exerted. Roy wanted to fight back, to tear down whatever cruel entity it was that had chosen to take Kayla away. His muscles flexed tight, his arms shaking from the exertion. Then he relaxed, the tension released. Roy sat back in his chair, he was out of tears, no more would come. He was angry, so very angry: at himself, at Helen's mother, at the citizens of Riverside and the nearby Deer River. He knew he had to let it go, that the anger wasn't going to help.

Roy decided to go to the school. It would be empty and he could go to the weight room and blow off some steam. He stopped at home first to change out of the suit he'd worn for the funeral and to get his gear for his work out. He drove to the school and used his key to get in, once inside he made the walk to the change room.

Roy went down to the workout room, put his music on and hopped on the treadmill. He ran, and he kept running. Roy wasn't sure how long he'd run for, and he didn't look down at the display to find out. He stared straight ahead, running until his legs burned, until his breathing became laboured, and kept on going with sweat streaming down his face. He wiped it away, and kept going.

He eventually fell into a rhythm, where all he could feel was the burning of his muscles and his heart pumping hard in his chest. Roy worked himself to the point of exhaustion, leaving the treadmill to lift weights. He worked his body until he could no longer move and lay panting on his back, sweat coating his red face and soaking into his t-shirt. As he lay there the pain came back, the anger returned, but it was dulled through the fog of his exhaustion.

Roy showered and went home, making a beeline for the alcohol cabinet and pouring himself a glass of whiskey. He took the bottle with him, sat back in his couch, and proceeded to get as drunk as he could. Roy woke up sometime in the early hours of the following morning still sitting on the couch and went to the bathroom to relieve himself, his head protesting the activities of the previous night.

He showered, the hot water relieving some of the soreness of his muscles from his work out the previous day. Roy wanted to sleep, he still felt exhausted, but when he went to his bedroom all he could think of was the last time he'd been with Kayla. Every place in the house held memories, even the kitchen where they'd had their first time alone.

He retreated to the basement. Roy had originally planned to put together a home gym down there, but it was still filled with boxes and unused furniture. The boxes were mostly empty, he just hadn't gotten rid of them yet. He went to one that still had some stuff in it, it had a picture of him and Lorie in it from back in college. He looked at himself in that picture, so young, so happy, so full of life. He wished he'd been born twenty five years later, or that Helen had been born twenty five years earlier.

Roy went through the rest of the boxes, and started putting the final pieces of his old life out into the house. It took a few hours, and when he was done he decided to clean the basement. He ripped up the cardboard boxes, compacting them before he stuffed them in a corner to be recycled later. Then he swept the floor. The work was monotonous, simple, but it kept his attention which was good. When his mind wandered it inevitably turned to Kayla. He'd been cleaning for about an hour when there was a knock at his door.

Roy went upstairs, the knocking grew louder as he approached, whoever was on the other side was determined to see him. He opened the door, it was Helen.

"How'd..." he asked.

"I ran," Helen said.

She was dressed for a run, a pair of sweatpants and a hooded sweater, and her hair tied back in a ponytail. Sweat brimmed on her brow, and her face was red.

"Come on, we don't have long, she'll be looking for me," she said.

"Hold on a second," Roy said.

"What?" Helen asked irritably.

"Are you alright?" Roy asked.

"I'm fine," she said, a clear lie.

"Helen..." he began.

"What?! What do you want from me?! I told you I'm fine, and I am. I don't need another person trying to tell me how hard this must be. How awful the entire thing is. Do they think I don't realise that? Don't they understand that saying sorry over and over doesn't bring her back? I need to move on, I need to forget," Helen was speaking rapidly, clearly distressed.

She walked past him to his living room, pacing back and forth nervously.

"Helen you need to calm down," Roy said.

"I am calm!" she shouted.

First rule about consoling a distressed woman: don't tell them to calm down. Roy tried again.

"Come here," he said, opening his arms.

She wrapped her arms around him tightly, squeezing her body against his desperately.

"What happened?" Roy asked.

"Nothing," she said weakly, burying her face in his chest.

"Did your Aunt do something?" Roy asked.

Helen shook her head, "She's been nice. Everyone's been so fucking nice. Suddenly now that Kayla's dead they've forgotten how they treated her for the past eight months. I can't leave my Aunt's house without someone telling me how sorry they are that Kayla's gone. How they'd always liked her. It's all I can do not to scratch their eyes out."

Hearing such anger from Helen was frightening. Kayla had been the one with the temper, Helen was always more passive. The stress she was under was too much for anyone, she needed to vent, to get away from what was happening for a while.

"How long do you have?" Roy asked.

"I usually go for an hour," she said.

"How long have you been gone for?" he asked.

"Twenty-five minutes," she said glancing at the clock on the TV.

"Come on," Roy said.

He was tired, his body was sore, but he'd find strength somewhere. This was one thing he could do for her. They went upstairs, Helen following Roy into his bedroom. He undressed, and Helen followed suit, dropping her sweatpants and pulling her sweater above her head. Roy pulled her shirt above her head and kissed her. They stood, Helen down to her underwear, their lips locked together. Roy ran a gentle hand along the smooth skin of her back, she sighed happily into his mouth and he felt her relax from his touch. He undid the clasp of her bra and let it fall to the ground. They were in a rush again, what they needed most was a day alone but that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

Roy pushed her back onto the bed and laid out on top of her, bringing his mouth back to hers for a quick kiss before bringing his mouth lower. He kissed her neck, and then lower, Helen gasped when his mouth reached her breasts. Roy gently fondled one and then brought his lips to the nipple of the other, sucking on the stiffening bud. He continued to squeeze her tits gently as his mouth continued its journey down her flat stomach, tugging on her hard nipples before bringing his hands down to the waistband of her panties. He drew them down her legs and unveiled her shaved pussy, the lips gleaming between her thighs enticingly.

He crouched on the floor in front of the bed, gripping her by the waist and pulling her to him. Helen gasped excitedly when his mouth pressed against her pussy, his tongue running along her slit. It flattened out against the hard bud of her clit, causing Helen to cry out above him. Her hands gripped his hair tight, pulling him against her mound as he ate her out hungrily, tasting her sweet nectar as she writhed pleasurably on the bed. He penetrated her opening with two fingers, causing her to buck up against him excitably as he began to saw his fingers in and out of her dripping sex. He brought his lips to her clit, sucking on it gently while he ran his tongue along it.

His fingers pushed into her pussy, wiggling inside of her as he toyed with her clit. Helen squirmed on the bed, and hit a peak when the pads of his fingers brushed against her G-spot. She practically screamed her pleasure, flooding Roy's hand with her nectar as her pussy clamped down around his probing fingers. He brought his mouth lower, tasting her essence as her body thrashed on the bed. The flow stopped and Helen was left lying breathless on the bed. Roy pulled away and finished undressing, pulling his boxers down his legs and letting his mostly erect cock free.

He took his cock into his hand and gave it a few strokes to make it fully hard as he climbed into bed. Helen scooted back and welcomed Roy between her legs, spreading them wide for him as he got into position. She gasped when he penetrated her, her pussy still sensitive from her orgasm moments earlier. His mouth was all over her, kissing her warm flesh as his member burrowed its way into her. He bottomed out and a slight tremor went through her, a gentle vibration that made her feel warm all over. Roy brought his mouth to hers, she could taste herself on his lips as they kissed and a shuddering breath escaped her when he began to move his hips.

It was a gentle pace, a controlled rhythm that was steady but made intense by the amount of restraint he was showing. He could take her harder, as hard as she could possibly imagine being pleasurable and even beyond, but he didn't, instead he savored the feeling of her body as it lay beneath him, her lower half pushing up to meet his downward thrusts. Helen ran her hands along his bare back, her soft touch sending shivers of excitement through Roy's body. His pace increased as well as the force he put behind each thrust and their lips parted.

"That's it Roy, cum for me," Helen told him.

His mouth went to her neck, kissing it gently as he began to take her forcefully. Helen wrapped her legs around him, hooking her heels behind his knees. Her breasts wobbled and shook from the force of his body colliding with hers, and she moaned happily when his hand cupped one of the jiggling mounds. His thumb circled around the stiff nipple as he squeezed her tit, making it as hard as her clit which brushed against the top of his shaft as he drove into her. Roy kissed higher on her neck, just below her ear, making her breathe in shakily and her toes curl. She giggled when he took her earlobe into his mouth and gasped excitedly when he bit down on it gently.

Helen ran her nails gently down his shoulder blades, causing the hair to rise up. The force of his thrusts increased, he was taking her hard now and she held onto him tightly. His hand left her breast and went under her, pressing against the small of her back as he drove down into her with his hips. His other hand drew the elastic out of her hair and raked through it, feeling how wonderfully soft it was. He directed her mouth to his and he kissed her hard, his tongue tasting her before he straightened up. Roy gripped her waist with both hands and Helen gripped the comforter in her much smaller fists. He groaned as he fucked her, reaching his climax.

He felt his seed surge out from his body, going through his shaft and splattering inside of Helen's pussy. Her body grew stiff under his and he felt her legs tighten their hold on him as she hit her own orgasm. A gasp escaped her, joining his own groan of pleasure as he came. He lowered himself on top of her, his chest pressing against hers as he continued to pour his cum into her, and brought his lips to her. They moaned into each other's mouth as they climaxed, and breathed heavily against each other when their bodies relaxed and the flush of endorphins ran through them. They lay panting together, still joined at the sexes, their lips meeting over and over as they tried to feel close and catch their breath at the same time.

"You'd better get back," Roy said finally.

Helen nodded, "I guess."

He could tell she didn't want to leave, and he didn't want to see her go. There was nothing to be done about it though so he withdrew and started getting redressed. Helen got up from the bed and did the same, pulling her hair back into a ponytail before they left the room. Roy led her downstairs and they went to his car. He drove her to the corner they'd met at the first time, and dropped her off. There was a frantic series of kisses before Helen got out of the car and ran back to Pam's house, making sure she looked like she'd exerted herself before she got back.

The rest of the week was the same, Helen would slip away under the pretense of needing time alone and she and Roy would meet up. They didn't always have sex, sometimes Roy just held her while Helen cried or they talked. The conversation always wound up being about Kayla, she was an ever present force in their minds, but with each passing day it became easier to accept that she was gone. Alison made no move to contact her daughter, and Helen didn't do anything to encourage her. She'd said everything she was going to, and she was learning to accept that she'd lost her mother months ago. When Sunday came and with it the end of the break both were nervous to return to Wood Creek Secondary the following morning, things had changed irreversibly. Things were different now, Kayla was gone. They were on their own.

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