tagMatureCoach King Ch. 12

Coach King Ch. 12


Author's Note:

The following is the twelfth and final installment of the 'Coach King' series. If you haven't done so already, I recommend reading the previous chapters before you read this one.

I'd like to thank all of my readers for the support they've provided me throughout the course of writing this series. You've made this experience incredible and have been wonderfully encouraging.



"Roy," Helen said softly, walking towards him slowly.

She looked beautiful. The years they'd been separated had been kind to her. Her hair was longer than it had been the last time he'd seen her, but her face was the same. She had the same boldly elegant cheekbones, the same full lips, the same enchanting blue-green eyes. She was wearing a white skirt and a yellow tank-top, showing off her California tan. She'd remained active, her figure athletic and carefully maintained. Roy realised how poorly his memory of her reflected her true beauty. He found himself as desperately attracted to her as the first time he'd set eyes on her.

Roy realised he'd been holding his breath and let it go.

"How've you been?" he asked.

They were the only words that came to mind. He felt tongue tied, overwhelmed by her presence. This had never happened to Roy before, he wanted to tell her how much he'd missed her, about how absolutely sorry he was for ever sending her away. But it wouldn't come out, and Helen looked disappointed by his reception.

"Good," she replied.

They were talking in hushed voices for some reason, as if they were afraid to scare the other away. They looked at each other warily, uncertain, afraid.

"When did you get back?" Roy asked.

"Earlier today, my aunt is doing some end of year paperwork and I thought I'd tag along to visit some of my old teachers," Helen replied.

She wanted to jump him. To press her body against his, to feel his lips against hers, but she stopped herself. Helen felt strangely afraid of Roy, unsure of whether he wanted the same. They could be together now, the age difference made things unconventional but she was no longer his student. But did he want to be with her?

"How was Stanford?" he asked.

The way she shifted her weight back and forth on her feet made him yearn for her, the old habit bringing back all sorts of old and pleasant memories. Roy knew he wanted her, he'd been waiting four years for her return, but did she want him? He'd seen the look she'd given him at the wedding, but had that been wishful thinking? She'd had four years to change her mind, four years with other men and women, in all likelihood she'd found someone other than him.

"Good," Helen replied.

Helen knew about his relationship with Jillian, and remembered Jillian's promise to leave before she came back, but still she was worried. What if she hadn't left? What if Roy was going to have to choose? Would he choose the love-struck student or the elegant woman Helen had met at her Aunt's wedding a year earlier?

Helen bit her lip nervously.

"You look beautiful," Roy told her.

She smiled, "You're looking good too."

It was true, the years seemed to have hardly touched Roy. He had a bit more grey in his dark hair, and the lines around his eyes were a little clearer, but overall he looked staggeringly similar.

"Listen, Roy... I..." she began hesitantly.

Roy's heart sank, a deep sense of sadness washing over him. She's found someone else, Roy thought to himself.

"Helen, it's alright. What's their name?" Roy asked.

A look of confusion crossed her face, "What are you talking about?"

"Who are you seeing?" Roy asked.

Helen laughed, "I'm not seeing anyone, I was going to ask if you and Jillian..."

"No, she's gone," Roy replied.

Helen sighed in audible relief, "Well that's good."

"Why's that?" Roy asked smiling.

"Because I'd have to take a page out of Kayla's book and 'deal' with her," Helen said.

Each strode towards the other, meeting each other half-way and wrapped their arms around one another. Helen squeezed him tight, and Roy held her just as tightly. They clutched each other desperately, tears of joy brimming in their eyes. Helen looked up at Roy, a radiant smile forming on her lips, a look of sheer and utter happiness on her face. Being in his arms once more, his warm body pressed against her, his familiar scent drifting up into her nostrils, it all felt so right. Roy ran his hand up along the familiar curvature of her spine, his fingers going through the silky soft mane of her hair.

Helen drew herself upward, her eyes closing and her lips pursing. Roy gripped the back of her head and pulled her mouth to his. Their lips formed against each other, Helen was shaking with excitement and nervousness, wanting so desperately for this to be as good as it had been before. Roy reached up with his other hand and cupped the side of her face, his warm hands pressing against her flushed cheek. She relaxed at his touch and the nervousness faded away, leaving only excitement. Their lips parted to grant the other's tongue access to their mouths. Helen's tongue slid along the underside of Roy's, the familiar taste of her mouth sent exhilarating shivers down Roy's spine. She moaned into his mouth, and pushed him against the wall.

Helen pressed her body against his, her breasts flattening against his chest as the curves of her feminine form molded to his masculine. Her fingers combed through his hair, her nails running along his scalp gently, pulling his mouth to hers in desperation. Roy's hand left her cheek and trailed down and around, pressing against her lower back. Helen's crotch pressed into Roy's groin, she felt so hot, flush spreading across her cheeks and lower in her neck. Her pussy was pulsing with need, wet and desperate to have him inside her once more.

Roy's hand crept lower, cupping her ass over her skirt. Helen moaned and pushed herself more firmly against Roy in encouragement, their tongues swirling together in a lustful dance. She wrapped a leg around him, her calf resting against the back of his thigh. Roy could feel the heat of her pussy, it radiated from her center, bathing his groin in her warmth. He reached lower under her skirt, hiking it up and pressing his hand against her bare ass. Helen trembled against him, feeling his touch on her skin after so long was sending little pulses of pleasure through her body. Roy reached lower, between her thighs, the tips of his fingers brushing along the wetness of her pussy. Helen gasped in his mouth, she hadn't worn panties; she never did with him.

His fingers strained further, running along her glistening labia, their tongues continuing their dance with an extra sense of urgency. Helen hadn't had a man since Eric over three years earlier, and Roy's touch, along with the euphoria of their successful reunion, set Helen off quickly. Her leg stiffened, her supporting foot going up on tiptoes, her calf flexing tightly as she gasped into Roy's mouth. She shuddered against him, her pussy flooding his hand with her nectar and her wetness trailing down her inner thigh as she came for him for the first time in four years. A blissful release of all the fear and uncertainty she'd felt over the past four years released in a few short moments. Helen's body vibrated against his, her chest heaving as her orgasm rocked it, disproportionately large to the amount of stimulation she'd received. Her heated pants slowly became steadier, and she pulled away, a smile and a wry quip ready on her lips.

Then a voice came from the door.

"Helen?" Pam said softly.

Helen jumped away from Roy as if electrocuted, smoothing down her skirt hurriedly. She looked at her aunt, and then back at Roy, then back at her aunt again. Roy stared at Pam, her form illuminated in the doorway, her blue eyes wide with shock.

"I..." Helen tried to say, but her words failed her.

For a full year they'd managed to keep their relationship a secret, and for four years afterward their true feelings remained unknown to everyone but Chloe and Jillian. The lies they'd told, the people they'd deceived, everything Helen and Kayla had given up making the relationship work with Roy. Now, after all that, after everything they'd done with each other in the school, in Roy's car, during the tournaments for volleyball, at his house, at Helen's house, all of it. Now, after being back in Riverside for less than a day, after being back with Roy for less than ten minutes, they'd finally been caught. There was no lie for what her aunt had witness, no explanation. They'd been careless for a few short minutes, and now the truth was out.

Pam gazed at them, confused, unable to believe what she'd just witnessed.

"Pam..." Roy started to say.

"How long..." Pam asked, starting to recover.

"Aunty Pam, it just started..." Helen began.

"No Helen," Roy stopped her.

Helen looked at him entreatingly, "Roy, no."

"When Roy? When did this start?" Pam asked as evenly as she could, her voice shaking.

They could lie, tell her that they'd started after Helen had left Wood Creek Secondary, tell her that they'd kept everything a secret for the sake of propriety. There was no proof to the contrary. If they told the truth, Roy would have to be fired. Pam would be forced to do so, anything less would be negligent on her part. Relationships between students and teachers was strictly prohibited, it was a basic and stringent rule. But he'd promised Helen, he'd promised her that if she came back after her four years of college and still loved him, he'd stop doubting his ability to make her happy, and be with her without secrets. He refused to start this new chapter of their lives together with lies, especially to someone who deserved the truth. Pam was the only family Helen had left, and she was someone Roy considered a close friend. Lying to her would be an egregious mistake.

"Almost five years ago, less two weeks," Roy replied.

Helen looked dismayed, but understood what he was doing. She'd been hoping to do this differently, to explain it to her aunt carefully, to somehow make her understand that this wasn't the sick thing it appeared to be.

"How could you?" Pam asked, her voice low and dangerous.

"He didn't start it, I did," Helen said, "The summer before I entered twelfth grade, I wasn't his student yet," Helen said, trying to build a defense.

"The summer? You mean while you were fucking me too?" Pam spat at Roy.

"Pam, I know that this looks really, really awful, but I assure you it wasn't like you think it was," Roy said.

"What? You weren't fucking me while you were fucking my niece? Was I not young enough for you? You needed a teenager to get off?!" Pam shouted.

"No, it wasn't like that," Helen insisted.

Pam's gazed stayed fixed on Roy, it was almost as if she didn't even register Helen's presence.

"Have there been others?" Pam asked.

"Yes," Roy replied.

Pam's hands went to her temples, "Who?"

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. How had this happened? How could this man, a man she held in such high esteem, a man she'd thought she might have loved once, how could this man be something so abhorrent? She trusted him, she believed him to be noble and good. He'd motivated her to find someone who was kind to her, he was the reason why she'd began her relationship with Wayne. The one who taught her she was capable of love.

"Kayla," Helen answered.

"Kayla..." Pam said softly, the pieces falling into place.

"We came out, but told everyone we were gay instead of bi. It let the three of us be together, and it helped me figure out who I really am," Helen said.

"I trusted you, I thought you were a good man!" Pam screamed at Roy.

Roy stood there impassively, letting her shout at him.

"You're a pervert! A vile piece of shit that took advantage of two young girls, and then, even after one died you didn't stop, did you?" Pam asked.

Roy shook his head.

"Of course you didn't. What did you say to them? Did you tell them that you loved them? Did you promise to be with them forever? That you'd provide for them if they just kept fucking you? He never loved you Helen, he's just a sad, lecherous man," Pam spat venomously.

"No," Roy said darkly, "I gave her up. I sent her away. I refused to see her, and had virtually no contact with her for four years. I told her to meet new people, and said whatever I could to make her feel okay with doing it. Yes, I fucked up when I started our relationship, but I did the best I could to end it," Roy said.

Helen's eyes welled up in tears, Roy's words wounded her.

"I thought you wanted to be with me," she said softly.

"Helen, I love you. I want you to be happy, and I want you to have a long life with somebody you love. If I had been born twenty-five years later maybe we would have had a chance, but as it stands I can't let you do this to yourself," Roy said.

"No!" Helen shouted, tears in her eyes, "Get out!" she shouted at Pam, squaring off against Roy, facing him.

Pam looked at the two of them, unsure what to make of this turn. There was clearly more to this dynamic than she'd originally thought. There was obvious and clear love between the two of them, and Roy was pushing Helen away, why would he do that if all he wanted was a sex partner? It would be easier to just turn them into tragic lovers and proclaim his love, to cast herself as a villain who didn't understand. He didn't have to do what he was doing. What's he playing at? Pam asked herself.

"Out, now! This is between him and me, you don't have a say!" Helen shouted at her aunt.

Pam took a step back, the look on Helen's face was terrifying. Pam only seen it one other place, her mother's. Erica Hall had had that same look, that look of controlled rage, passion contained and directed. Helen had never shown this sort of anger, certainly not towards her, not even towards her mother the day they'd last seen each other.

"I won't say it again: Get. The. Fuck. Out," Helen said dangerously.

Pam took another step back, and another followed it, cowering away from the blaze of Helen's anger. She shut the door behind her and stood in the dimly lit hallway, her heart racing.

"Now," Helen said, turning her attention back to Roy, "You were telling me who I should love."

Roy didn't cower like Pam had. She'd reminded him of all the reasons he'd sent Helen away, all the reasons he'd allowed himself to forget because of the honey Jillian had poured into his ears. Her gentle assurances that what he'd done was alright, that what had happened wasn't some sort of abomination, but a beautiful flourishing of love out of hardship. No. Pam was right, he had taken advantage of Helen and Kayla. Now it was time he set it right.

"You deserve better," Roy said simply.

"You're more than enough," Helen replied.

"I can't give you children," he said.

"Vasectomy's can be reversed. You aren't too old to start a new family," she countered.

"They don't always work," Roy said.

"Then we'll adopt. Roy, I've had four years to think of the flaws in this arrangement. Do you really think I don't have an answer for every single one of your problems? I'm not a moron, I know that you're much older than I am, but I'm an adult. I was an adult when I met you, you didn't take advantage of me I took advantage of you. I knew how upset you were about your wife, I knew that you found me attractive, and I knew that the girls of the team needed a coach. So I flirted with you, I made you interested, then I got carried away and now we're in the mess we're in. But it worked, you went to work at Wood Creek and three girls on our squad went to college that year on partial athletic scholarship because of their participation on our volleyball team. Yes, they weren't at the top schools in the country, but still they got college educations they might not otherwise had. Don't you understand that? The good you've done here?"

"Helen I don't..." Roy began.

"Shut up and for once let me talk!" Helen shouted.

Roy fell silent.

"You don't get why I love you do you? You don't get why Kayla did either, you just think we went gaga over you because you're some mature stud. Yes, you're attractive, that's obvious, but that isn't why I came back to you after four years," Helen said.

"Why did you come back?" Roy asked.

"Because you sent me away, because you refused to let me make what you thought was the biggest mistake of my life, and why right now you are trying to do it again even though it kills you inside. That's why, because you loved us. Not in the way that teenage girls love Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers, but in the way that makes me feel like there's only one possible person for me left on this planet. It wasn't like that before Kayla...," Helen paused, still having to brace herself to say the words, "before Kayla died," she finished. "But after, when I was alone, when I was scared, it was you that saved me. It wasn't my Aunt, it wasn't Chloe, and it sure as hell wasn't my mother, it was you. I love you for that so much it physically hurts, like there's this weight on top of me that only disappears when we're together. And then, after four years of that suffering, just when I think the weights been lifted, this time for good, you tell me I don't know what I'm saying?! That I don't really know how I feel?"

"Helen, I never said..." Roy began.

"You said you can't let me do this to myself," Helen interrupted, "Like I'm some sort of child that has no clue what I want. I've seen more hardship in my life at twenty-three than many see in a lifetime. I have a mother who despises who I am, the girl I loved lies dead in the ground, and the man I love is convinced I'm some sort of imbecile incapable of recognizing the fact that our love is unconventional. Fuck conventional, screw what society tells us is right, and fuck you if you tell me not to love you..." Helen shouted, stumbling forward.

Roy swooped forward and caught her. Helen looked shaken, suddenly weak. Roy held her and realised she was shaking with sobs, tears were trailing down her cheeks. She'd held it together long enough to plead her case, but now she'd broken. He held her tight, caressing the back of her head as he held it to his chest.

"I'm sorry," he said.

Helen started to cry harder, misinterpreting his apology. Thinking he meant he was still going to send her away. But he wasn't. For the first time Roy realised that he'd been the foolish one, and that he'd also been cruel. He couldn't send Helen away, not with the pain it would cause her, not with the pain it would cause him, he had to make good on his promise to Jillian. She'd been right, he was all Helen had, and all she wanted. He was just sorry it'd taken him so long to realise it.

"Helen no, I meant I'm sorry for being so stupid. For being so..."

He didn't get to finish, Helen's lips were back on his. It was a wet kiss, full of tears and saliva. Helen's breathing was shaky, but he realised she was laughing, giggling into his mouth happily as she kissed him. A wave of happiness washed over him, and of relief. The kiss ended after a long while, and Helen continued to hold on to Roy as if she were afraid he'd fade away. Pam re-entered the classroom after she heard the shouting stop. She stared at the two of them, seeing the affection, the genuine love between them, but it was still wrong.

"Roy, I..." she began, "I have to fire you," Pam said, "If someone figures out when you two started seeing each other..."

It was weird, but seeing the two of them together made sense somehow. They just sort of fit together perfectly. Pam didn't think it should have been possible, that the years separating them should make them incompatible but it looked to be the exact opposite. But it was wrong, so obviously wrong, but seeing them together...

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