tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCockboy Ch. 03

Cockboy Ch. 03


(To better understand the story please read Cockboy Ch. 01 and Ch. 02.)


Kristen and Mara sat together and wrote an email to Jeff the Cockboy the next morning.

"Hello, Cockboy. Mara and I are both very happy with your willingness to take your punishment. You did very well in following our instructions last night! The girls loved your performance."

"Isn't it strange to hate something and to love it at the same time? We think that's how you feel about this. So humiliated and so turned on!"

"You'll have a short break before we will demand step three of your punishment. Please make sure that you are available a week from this Saturday night at 9PM. And no masturbating that big cock in the 48 hours before our date. Until then, stroke that monster whenever you want! We're sure that you'll have to as you think about these last two nights."

"We're sure that you'll love/ hate the next time just as much as the first two."

"Your tormentors/ best friends, Kristen and Mara."


During the next week, Jeff saw all of the girls from the night at 'Teens and More' around the mall. They were all very friendly and went out of their way to come and talk to him. They all found ways to give his cock a squeeze or two when no one else could see.

He once sat in the food court with the twin red heads, Erin and Kate, while they ate their lunch. As they ate they rubbed his cock under the table. He tried to get up and leave but they wouldn't let him. By the time they had to return to work, Jeff was fully hard and they knew it. They giggled as they walked away. Jeff had to sit there for several minutes until his cock softened enough for him to get up and hurry to the back corridors.

Hot little Maria even called him Cockboy loud enough for other people to hear! She then leaned in close to whisper "sorry" but just used it as cover while she grabbed his balls.

But the best part came on Sunday. He and Andi walked around the mall for almost an hour just talking. He really liked Andi. He found himself able to relax enough to actually have a conversation with her.


Kristen and Mara had been busy getting the twins the perfect presents for their birthday party. The party was this Saturday night.

A friend of Kristen's was an artist and sculptor. They had taken her all of the pictures and measurements of Jeff's cock and balls and she had sculpted a perfect replica. Kristen and Mara had seen the work in progress. They gave Claire a few suggestions after they had felt and seen her work. Claire tweaked it until it was perfect.

Claire next connected them with a friend of hers who ran a small plastic injection company. He had helped her with her art before. Her friend Mike told them on the phone that he had made dildos before, and knew the proper formulas to make them just as good as any sold in sex shops. Kristen told him that the dildo had to have a suction cup base as well as a fitting that could connect to a strap-on. Mike assured her that it was no problem.

Now came the price. The girls asked for the price for two dildos for Erin and Kate. Mike told them that such a small run would cost $1500! Kristen and Mara were obviously dejected. They couldn't pay that much. Mike suggested that they all meet for a drink and talk it over. So that night found Kristen, Mara, Claire and Mike drinking beers at a downtown bar. Claire had a box with her that contained the sculpted cock and balls.

"Come on, Mike," said Claire. "You gotta help us out! Take a look at this cock that these girls found." She pulled the lid off of the box and set it on the table. They all peered inside.

"Jesus, you're telling me that this was modeled on a real cock?" asked Mike. "What are you planning on doing with it?"

Kristen and Mara proceeded to tell the whole Cockboy story to Mike and Claire. They left out nothing. Mike and Claire sat stunned as they listened. Then they told them about the twins' upcoming birthday party. Then they bought a round of shots.

"OK, OK, you win" Mike finally relented. "Here's the deal. You want eight of these?"

"No, nine." said Kristen. "One for Claire, too."

"Alright, nine. Hmmm. I'll make you nine of them. But, I'll need you to sign off and give me sole rights to the mold. I'll make more and sell them to cover costs. If you let me own the mold, and have full rights to it, I'll make your nine for no charge."

"Claire?" asked Kristen. "It's your work of art. Will you give the rights to Mike so we can get our Cockboy dildos?"

Claire smiled widely. "Can I come to the birthday party? This I've gotta see! If I can come to the party and get one of the dildos it's a deal."

Handshakes and hugs all around sealed the deal. Mike promised that they'd be ready by Friday morning.


Mara went by Mike's shop to pick up the box of cocks on Friday. "Thanks so much, Mike, you don't know how much this means to Kristen and me."

"Thank you!" he said. "I talked to a guy who ordered 100 of them for his chain of stores. He's paying $20 each and says he can sell them for $40 or $50. This is already a good deal for me. And I think that I can sell a bunch more. I'm marketing it as the 'Cockboy Dildo'."

"Great!. So can I ask one more favor? Can you please please give me six more? There are going to be more girls at the party and I need a few spares. Please, Mike?"

Mike smiled and went into the shop area. He returned with six more Cockboy dildos and tossed them in the box. "That's the last of the freebies, Mara. Have fun with them."

Mara squealed and gave Mike a big hug then loaded the box into her car.


Kristen and Mara made a few more purchases and firmed up their ideas for Saturday night. They took Erin and Kate out to lunch on Friday and explained their plans. They were bringing Cockboy to the birthday party. He didn't know this yet. There was no mention of the Cockboy dildos.

Kate and Erin lived in a house with two other room mates, Tina and Shelly, who would also be attending the party. The house had a large basement room where the party would take place. The four girls discussed the props that they would need and how they would arrange the basement. Kristen and Mara would come over Saturday afternoon to help with the setup, then return that night with Jeff. Everything was set.


As instructed, Jeff drove to Kristen and Mara's apartment Saturday night. He had spent some time considering what to wear, and had settled on a nice pair of slacks and a cool shirt that he had bought just for the occasion. He'd even bought new shoes. He had no idea what was going to happen, and he knew that he'd end up naked, but he wanted to look good before somebody stripped him.

He felt his usual mixture of excited and terrified. Yet he was determined to do this. Three more "tasks" and he could put this all behind him. Maybe even find himself a girlfriend and get a real life.

Kristen and Mara met him at the door. They were dressed and made up and both looked super hot. Tall brunette Kristen had a great body, large tits and gorgeous face. Blond Mara had a tight, thin body and smallish tits that were perfect for her body. Jeff couldn't help remembering her long nipples when he looked at her.

"Come on, Jeff, we're going out. We'll drive." Kristen led the way as they made their way to her car. The girls had him sit in the front with them. He sat in the passenger seat and Mara sat on his lap.

As Kristen drove Mara talked to Jeff. "Alright Cockboy, here we go on task three. Do you agree to do as we say tonight?"

"Where are we going? What are you going to make me do?"

"Listen, jack-off-while-I-peep-on-the-dressing-rooms-guy, you know that we can make your life really miserable really fast. Do you wanna go down that road? Or, are you ready to do as we say and complete stage three of your punishment?"

She wiggled on Jeff's lap. "I'll bet you're already getting hard just thinking about it. No more questions. Will you be a good Cockboy for us tonight? Say it out loud!"

Jeff had no choice. "Yes, I'll do as you say."

Mara twisted and gave him a kiss on the cheek as Kristen leaned in and kissed the other cheek. Kristen turned up the radio and punched the gas pedal.


They pulled into an alley on a residential street. The girls led Jeff into the back door of a house and Mara pulled him into a bedroom. Kristen came in and handed Jeff a bottle of beer. There was music thumping up from the basement.

"One of us will be back to get you in a little while." Kristen sat him on the bed and leaned close into his face. "Stay here and no snooping. Don't let us down, Jeff." The girls left the room.


Kristen and Mara were greeted warmly and loudly as they came down the basement stairs. They got hugs from all of the girls and a few kisses on the cheeks.

"Happy birthday Erin! Happy birthday Kate!" Kristen and Mara greeted the birthday girls. The two red heads looked gorgeous in matching outfits with reversed colors. Kate wore a red top with a tight black skirt and black stockings and pumps. Erin wore black on top and a red skirt with red stockings and pumps. They looked absolutely great. Their breasts were full and their bottoms were tight.

They had all met Claire, who had arrived on her own. Claire looked like an artist, with long dark bangs and flowing clothing covering her thin body. The twins had known that she was coming and they became fast friends. Kristen and Mara knew Shelly and Tina and shared friendly hugs as everyone got comfortable. Tina was full and tall with big breast. Shelly was short and thin and quite pretty.

Maria was hot and spicy, her tight clothes showing her short, curvy body. Andi's tall, athletic body was snug in a tight top and skirt. Heidi was tall, blond and shapely, and Suzie was short and cute with the biggest breasts in the room. Kristen and Mara laughed with her and the others as the crowd mingled. The girls all wore short skirts and tight tops.

Everyone had a drink in their hand as the girls talked excitedly and swayed to the music. Mara pulled Erin out for a bumping, grinding dance while Kristen did the same with Kate. The party was on. Soon all eleven girls was dancing against each other.


Jeff heard the partying going on below his feet. He was scared, really scared. But he couldn't help slowly rubbing his cock through his pants as he listened to a large group of girls carry on.


On the cue from Kristen, Mara slipped from the dance floor and quickly went up the stairs.

Kristen was feeling the alcohol. She shouted out. "Who wants to see a big, fat cock?" The girls all turned to her with a look of disbelief followed by excitement. Just then Mara pulled a blushing Jeff down the stair case. She pushed him out onto the dance floor. He was immediately surrounded by bumping and grinding girls.

Erin and Kate slid up tight against Jeff. They rubbed their crotches, tits and asses against him and spun him around. The crowd cheered as the twins rubbed themselves on the blushing boy.

"You look nice tonight, Jeff. Sexy. Way better than your security guard uniform!" Kate was in his face.

"Yeah, Jeff," Erin said loudly. "You're quite the stud!" The dirty dance with the twins continued until they pulled him from the dance floor and to the side.

Erin and Kate didn't hesitate. They started to take off Jeff's shirt. Jeff shot a look at Kristen then at Mara. He could see that it was no use trying to plead with them. This was going to happen. He let the twins pull off his shirt.

When he was topless the twins waved over Suzie, Maria, Heidi and Andi. Erin spoke to them. "You didn't get to strip him last time. Come on, get his pants off."

With a hoot the four stripped off his pants, shoes and socks. Jeff was left again in just his boxers. He was blushing down to his chest. Then the twins knelt in front of him. Each rubbed her face against his covered hard-on as the crowd cheered. Mara had her good camera and was clicking away. Then each twin grabbed his waist band and tugged the boxers down and off of his feet. The girls went wild with applause. Jeff was naked and hard in front of the eleven clothed girls.

The girls cheered as first Kate and then Erin sucked his big cock into their mouths. They each gave him a big suck while they pumped his shaft. Then they both stood and shoved him onto the dance floor. He was soon surrounded by the mass of girls as they danced, rubbed against him, and grabbed at his cock, balls, ass, and everything else. The twins took turns, pushing his hard cock down and trapping it between their thighs and pumping, while dancing with him face-to-face. Kristen and Mara did the same, and soon all of the girls had danced with his cock sliding against their panties along their warm pussies. Jeff was overwhelmed in the swirl of hot flesh and perfume.

Kristen grabbed Jeff and pushed him to the side of the room. She pulled him to a tall armless chair and pushed him onto it. The seat of the chair was 28 inches off the floor and the back rest went to just under Cockboy's shoulder blades. He was sitting with his feet off of the floor and his cocking pointing upward.

"OK everybody, settle down and listen." Erin turned down the music as the girls gathered around the tall chair and looked at Jeff and Kristen. "You all know that we are punishing Jeff. I'm sure that Kate and Erin have told Shelly and Tina, and Mara and I told Cockboy's story to Claire. Here is something that you don't know. Mara and I caught Jeff peeping at us while we were topless in a 'Teens and More' dressing room. That is why we are punishing him."

The crowd of girls all started talking. "He's a peeping Tom!" "Oh, Jeff, you naughty boy!" "You peeked at their tits?" "No wonder you're being punished!" Jeff looked down and blushed like never before.

Kristen raised a hand then continued. "That's why Jeff owes us. As his punishment, we all get to see him but he can't see us. The rules are the same. No matter what, Jeff doesn't get to cum until Mara and I say so. And no matter what, he can't see any of our nude flesh."

"To keep his hands off of his big cock tonight we are going to tie him to this chair. Then Mara and I have another surprise. Now, Claire has told me some amazing stories about tying up her boyfriends. Claire, dear, will you tie up our Cockboy? Andi, you and Maria help her with the ropes."

Kate pulled a box from the corner and handed it to Claire. She reached inside and pulled out a bunch of lengths of soft rope. She selected one then handed the rest to her helpers. The first rope wound around twice then tied Jeff's chest to the back of the chair. Another wrapped around his hips then under the back of the seat. It didn't take long until his feet were secured to the chair legs and his hands were tied snugly to the rear legs of the chair.

Now Mara stepped forward. "The girl at the sex shop told us that a guy physically couldn't cum if he was wearing this. It's a tight cock ring secured with velcro, attached to a ball harness that keeps his nuts pulled far down. Kristen and I have been waiting all week to strap our Cockboy into this thing. Come on, Kristen, let's make sure that Cockboy can't cum."

As Jeff watched them work the girls harnessed his balls then used four hands to tighten the strap around the base of his cock. His cock throbbed and his balls were stretched tight down.

"OK, girls, let's make sure that it works. Take turns giving his big cock a few strokes. Birthday girls first." Kristen stared into his reluctant eyes then surprised him by leaning in and giving him a passionate kiss.

"Together, sis." The twins came forward. Erin wrapped her hand around the base of Jeff's cock and Kate grabbed it just below the head. They started a rapid pounding of his fat cock. They smiled at each other and leaned in. Both sucked on a nipple while they stroked away. Pulling away from his nipple with a wet smack, Erin bent to lick the fat cock head. Kate pulled away and nudged her sister aside and took her turn licking the cock. Jeff moaned and tried to pump his hips, so the girls quit pumping and squeezes his cock hard.

"God I love it when he moans and wiggles while we torture his cock!" Erin said as she leaned down to give his cock head a final lick. Kate joined her and they licked the cock head together as they looked Jeff in the eyes. He whimpered as he watched the two lovely girls lick him.

Kristen spoke again, "OK, next, our other two lovely hostesses!"

Shelly and Tina stepped up, Shelly speaking to Kate. "Oh my God, you told us that it was huge, but....oh my God!" Shelly ran her fingertips along the length of the shaft then grabbed it firmly just under the head. Tiny grabbed the shaft and stroked slowly. Their hands switched places and they both pumped as they used their other hand to tickle his big balls.

Next were Maria and Heidi. They aggressively fondled and licked his cock. Maria then took about half of the cock into her mouth and bounced her head up and down. The crowd cheered as Jeff rolled his head side to side and groaned.

Andi and Suzie took their turn, first licking the cock all over, then wetly pumping from base to tip, Kristen joined Claire, and both used only their mouths and tongues to caress the cock and lick the balls. Mara got a solo turn. She pumped fast with both hands and kissed Jeff on the mouth. She then used her thumbs to open the cock hole and sucked hard. When she tasted the pre-cum she kissed Jeff again and stuck her tongue into his mouth. She looked at Jeff and stepped back.

"Poor Jeff, this must be driving you crazy." She went behind him and rubbed his shoulders. The other girls gathered around and they gently rubbed his arms, legs, face and body. Soon all 22 hands were caressing and stroking him. Jeff closed his eyes and moaned as his cheeks were kissed and his cock gently pumped.

As the girls rubbed Jeff, Mara slipped upstairs. She returned carrying a large box. She nodded at Kristen who then began her story.

"The day that Mara and I caught Jeff peeping we made him come to our apartment and put on a cock show for us. We measured his cock and balls and took lots of pictures. Now as some of you know, Claire is an artist and a very good sculptor. We took her the pictures and measurements of Jeff's hard cock and she sculpted a perfect replica made of clay. Our idea was to have two Cockboy dildos made for Kate and Erin for their birthday."

"When we showed Claire's clay cock to the guy who owned the plastics factory he offered us a deal. If he could have ownership of Claire's work and use it to make a mold he felt that he could sell a bunch of the dildos. In return, he would give us a box of the dildos for free. Claire agreed. So what started as a quest for the perfect birthday present turned into a present for all of us! Mara?"

Mara opened the box and pulled out a large object covered by a cloth. She stepped up to Cockboy and held it next to his erection.

"Introducing the Cockboy dildo!" Mara pulled away the cloth and held the big dildo next to the big cock. They were identical. "Happy birthday, Erin and Kate!" Mara grabbed another dildo from the box and handed one to each of the twins.

The girls all began talking at once as Mara handed out a Cockboy dildo to each of them. "Oh, Jeff! I'm gonna fuck you every night!" "This sure puts my other toys to shame!" "I don't know if I can take one that big, but it's gonna be fun trying!" "Jeff, will you autograph mine for me?"

Erin spoke loudly. "And a special thank you to Mara, Kristen, Claire, and Jeff the Cockboy!" The girls all hugged Mara, Kristen and Claire then descended on Jeff. Each girl held his cock in one hand and her new dildo in the other as she kissed him on the lips. Jeff was speechless as he accepted the warm, wet kisses.

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