tagGroup SexCockometer Ch. 01

Cockometer Ch. 01


(This story contains bi-curious situations. If you wish to avoid reading about two married couples exploring all aspects of their sexuality, please choose another story.)


Ben and I finished the Oahu project ahead of schedule and had two extra days, and more importantly, we had two more nights. The four of us stayed up late played cards --strip poker, of course- until were half crocked and mostly naked. I was down to my boxers and Ben was still was wearing his tank top. He'd given up his boxers early in the game and both our wives snuck glances at his cock when they thought we wouldn't notice. It's not that he's huge or anything, I think it was just the novelty of watching our long-time friend strut his stuff in front of us. When we reluctantly said good night, Lori pinned me against the wall as soon as I closed our bedroom door. She got no argument from me; I'd just spent the last hour watching our two wives blush at their nakedness, ignorant of how many times they'd accidently brushed their bare breasts against each other.

It could have easily happened last night; we were all turned on by the sex talk, the tension of stripping off our clothes at the turn of the cards, the unabashed flirting and Ben's brash display of his erection. Apparently I hadn't been immune to the drama either; when Ben returned from the kitchen with a handful of beers, my wife caught me checking out Ben's package. I was still looking at his half-hard cock when the proffered beer entered my field of vision. I looked up at Ben's crooked grin, and self consciously took the beer from his hand.

My wife's look spoke volumes, but in our long marriage, I'd never figured out what language she was speaking.

Ben and I woke early and left the girls to sleep in. We found a coffee stand and I tried to put words to the fantasies that greeted me when I woke up: "What's your take on last night, Ben? I was getting the message that our wives were interested in a little swapping."

"Tell you what, if that's what they want, and that's what you want, then count me in. No offence, Buddy, but I'd love to get to know your wife a lot better" and with that little confirmation out of the way, we headed back for more coffee to tempt our sleeping wives.

A late breakfast was high on the to-do list and the four of us found a busy diner on the way to Honolulu. After seating us, our waitress brought coffee and headed to the kitchen with our orders. Ben's wife, Sheri, reached across the table and took my hand, leaning in close and confiding, "Arnie, I'm really happy you and Lori are sharing our time-share with us and I hope you weren't put off by Ben's parading around without his pants last night. He does have a nice cock, though, don't you think?"

Ben suddenly found something needing his attention just outside the restaurant window and he studiously ignored his wife's question about how nice his cock was. My wife, on the other hand, was looking right at me when she said something to the effect that yes, Ben did have a nice cock, and although it was not a nice as mine, it was in fact a nice one.

Sheri's blue eyes were sparkling and she had this impish look about her. Her light brown hair flattered her pixie-like face, and she graced me with her seductive smile. I was mesmerized; her pink lips were saying something, but I was picturing her face on my pillow, gazing into my eyes. Reality returned when I realized my wife had taken my other hand and the three of us were sharing some kind of secret message. I had no idea what the message was, but part of me seemed to have a clue because I was getting hard just in case. When the folks behind us headed towards the cashier Sheri continued "From the noises Ben and I heard through the wall, the two of you enjoyed last night as much as we did, and considering the four of us will be spending two more nights together, I thought you two might like to take our relationship to another level."

Lori blushed and I said a silent prayer to what ever gods brought the four of us together. Sheri had her other hand under the table and from the look on Ben's face, she touching some important part of his anatomy. She kept hold of my hand and watched my eyes as she continued, "While you and Ben were out this morning, Lori and I were talking about the rest of our stay here and we figured we needed to stop by the porn shop and pick up some things."

Thanks to the magic of internet mapping, we arrived at the porn shop just as they were opening the doors. While our wives chatted with a sales girl, Ben and I tagged along down the gauntlet of bubble wrapped day-glo green dildos , life sized plastic replicas of the female anatomy -- pussys, breasts, asses. There was isle after isle of them, and Ben and I -- we've all been in a porn shop, but never with our wives- we were trying to look nothing while our wives followed the very striking sales girl around the corner into a long isle of cocks, and the industrial strength harnesses that went with them.

Sheri turned to Ben, "Why don't you two go find us a DVD or two?" We looked at the sales girl for directions, and when she nodded toward a doorway, my wife called to us "get something with couples -- you know, foursomes!" Discretion has never been one of Lori's strong points.

My head was spinning, Foursomes, 'get something with foursomes'. Then I hear the voice of the cute sales girl over the in store loudspeaker: "Arthur, watch the front for me, I'm going in the back to demo the strap-ons to these two ladies."

Ben and I exchanged looks which turned into grins. Foursomes, strap-ons? Things were looking up.

While we were trying to concentrate on the DVDs, a large black man who turned out to be Arthur who watching the front, walked over to us and asked if it was our ladies who were looking at the strap-ons. He explained that sometimes women choose overly large cocks for their first strap-on experience and if they decided to try them out on Ben and I, he recommended they include the purchase of a smaller version might provide a much more pleasant experience. Obviously, Ben and I hadn't really thought about it, and a quick glance at each other, confirmed the wisdom if the man's advice. He smiled at our thanks and when Ben asked where we would find the 'demo' room, the clerk held up his hand and keyed his microphone "Connie, add two of the .075 Butt Pounders to the ladies order would you, maybe a Chub and one of those Long Toms?" Arthur left us with a note and the offer to stop by the cottage if the need for a little variety should arise. Ben and I nodded and I'm sure both of us checked out the man's package before we left the store. His off hand offer, which was no doubt well meant, would go unmentioned by the two of us; the last thing two older guys need is a young guy with a big cock roaming around our bedrooms.

The other shoppers eyed us while we stood at the check out counter, the girls (I call them girls even we're all on the far side of forty) selections spread out on the counter. The clerk acknowledged Ben and me with a bright smile as she zapped the barcodes with her scanner. In addition to the strap-ons, I noticed some skimpy outfits, some tubes of lubricant, our DVD, and a couple of magazines, one of which promised "games for group sex".

This was going to be fun, and I was lost in fantasy's about making love to Ben's sexy wife. I liked the way her hair flows over her shoulders when she turns her head, then sways back into place, and was thinking how I wanted to look deep into her eyes, and how much I'd like kiss her. Of course we'd both have to have our glasses on to see more that a fuzzy blur, but to think of two whole days and nights of sex and sex games had me buzzing with energy, and if I was being honest with myself, I was thinking it might be worth it to let Ben's wife work one of those Butt Pounders up my ass. It seemed a small price to pay to have sex with her. That's what I told myself.

Arthur had been right on about the big cocks, the girls bought some biggies which I hoped, I mean I really hoped I was going to see our wives strapped up and taking turns having sex each another.

On the way to the market we heard assorted giggles, groans, and occasional 'oh my god's' drift up from the back seat. It seemed the girls were checking out the magazine.

Ben and I picked up some beer, some Mai Tai mix and a bottle of rum and were back to the cottage in time to head for the beach. We played around in the water, got some beach time and had a really relaxing afternoon. I suspect the coming evening was on every ones mind, but just feeling the warm sun on my body without any deadlines to meet was wonderful. We talked and read, splashing into the calm bay when we got too warm.

Getting in the water meant repeated applications of sun screen and repeated opportunities for me to touch Sheri's slender body. I would guess her breasts were 36 c's and her sexy bottom was hard to keep my hands off of.

I was thinking about last night, and how it was a kind of foreplay for this evening. We'd all flirted and weren't rebuffed, we had shown each other some nakedness and no one had been offended, and had left unsaid what we all understood. There was no need for strip poker tonight, but I soon learned there was another game afoot.

It was called the Cockometer.

After a Thai dinner, complete with some innocent tasting drinks, we settled back down at the dinning room table and they watched as I rolled a couple of joints. It had been pretty easy to pick up some weed from the locals and this was supposed to be pretty good stuff. Apparently it was, because by the time we were forgetting whose turn it was, I was feeling like I was detached from my body and my head felt like it was filled with cotton.

We'd moved to the living room and were feeling pretty good when Sheri got up from the couch and went into the bedroom and got the porn shop bags. She set the harnesses and the 'hand crafted' cocks on the coffee table, plopped the magazines on the couch and put one the DVD in the player. When the advertisements started she muted the sound and sat back down between Ben and I, looking lovely as she put an arm around both of our necks.

Sex was on the way, but first Ben and I had to pass the Cockometer Test.

The girls had taken a leaf out of the dinning room table and laid it across the backs of two chairs. We were offered the choice: either go along with the test or the sexy clothes, and the strap-ons would go back to the store and there would be no extracurricular activities for the rest of our stay on the island.

Talk about an offer you can't refuse.

I relit the joint and held my breath for as long as I could, and blowing the smoke toward the celling, I passed the joint to Ben.

"You game?"

Ben nodded as he tried to get comfortable on the big couch; it seemed his pants were suddenly too tight.

"OK, we're in."

We watched the preparations with interest, amazed how sexy it is watching the two woman move furniture. The bending, the tiptoe stretching, and the heavy lifting was like watching girls playing volleyball on the beach and not getting a poke in the ribs for it. With the table leaf in place across the backs of the chairs, we were lead, one at a time, to the makeshift docket. I felt breasts pressing against my back and felt nimble fingers unbutton my pants and pull them down to my ankles. They weren't my wife's breasts either.

Who ever had taken my pants off reached between my legs and pulled the front of my boxers down over my half erect penis- I only think of it as a cock when it's hard, and I shivered when her fingernails scraped down my butt cheeks as she pulled my boxers down and let them drop to the floor.

The test was this. The girls found some questions in the magazine, and they would read them to us, one after another, gauging our answers by whether our erections became harder or drooped toward the deck. I was thinking this could be fun, mysterious even -- I couldn't see Ben's cock and he couldn't see mine, no comparing notes; the answers could be a little embarrassing, but it was foreplay, upping the threshold, and I'm the first on to admit that I love the kissing, and the tonguing and the touching almost as much as I like the screwing. I was ready and my cock was ready.

They sat on the bar stools opposite us , seemingly unable to get comfortable -- they crossed and uncrossed their legs, whispered to each other, gazes fixed the metering devices and nodding of heads. They were five feet from us, and I was sure the chances were good we'd all end up in bed together.

I was getting an erection just thinking about what the evening held in store. Lori had settled down with her legs spread and Sheri had her legs crossed in front of her. Ben looked at me and with an indulgent look on his face and had just started to roll his eyes when his wife spoke up.

"OK guys, remember we're talking to your cocks here, your cock's are going to tell us all about you two."

Sheri cleared her throat and in a hesitant voice read first question 'have you ever gotten a little hard when a story includes the virgin guy draped over the arm of the couch; his pants down around his ankles, his girlfriend straps on a cock and then jacks him off while she shoves that long dick up his naked ass?"

Ben did a double take and started to open his mouth.

Lori looked on as Sheri fixed her gaze on me "How about you Arnie, ever get a twinge when you think about things like that; it says here that men think about all kinds of crazy shit then they can't quite get off, like imagining a finger or two up your butt?"

I was sure I grew harder at that one. I couldn't resist, her word pictures were too vivid, and I wondered if I looked as wild as I felt.

I seemed to earn a reprieve and Sheri turned her attentions back to Ben.

"What about High School, Ben, you stick you hand in any boys pants in high school?"

Ben laughed. "No boys in high school, I can tell you."

"How about you Arnie, anything you want to tell us about?"

"Nope, same as Ben, just trying to make out, cop a feel if I could, and nights spent jacking off."

Their questions were getting a little too personal.

"So how long is this inquisition going to last, we've all thought about things we don't want to talk about, so what's the point of this?"

"You're thinking short term there, Ben. Long term is me laying in your bed sucking on your wife's tits while she fingers my pussy, and then maybe she fucks me with one of the strap-on's we bought today." "We're going to be here for two more nights, guys. We'll do fun things for you, we'll do them with you, but we want more than a couple of nice stiff cocks in return, and this magazine article suggests it's better to let your own cocks speak for themselves."

"So there's three parts to this - first part we ask and watch, the second part is more hand's on, and the third part is an action item, where we make the decision what will happen next.

Ben and exchanged looks at the term "action item."

"What about it boys, ready for round two?"

Another question with no answer required.

"This is going to take a minute or two, so if you want a drink or something..."

My mouth was dry, and before I realized what I was doing, I asked Ben if he wanted something from the kitchen. The trip out to the kitchen was not the problem, it was when I headed back that I noticed Ben watched my swinging erection bob back and forth as I brought the drinks back and put them on our makeshift table. He didn't give his thoughts away as he took a big swig on the frosty Maiti and watched me maneuver my hard-on back out of sight. Well, I'd sure checked him out earlier and I'd be willing to bet he saw me do it too.

But I still I didn't know where he stood; was he turned on too, or was it just me?

A few months ago, the whole question of my teenage behavior would have meant nothing to me, but after I read a short story my sexual fantasies turned in a most unexpected direction. The story was about a guy who's in the back of a chauffeured limo when his wife tells him she wants him to give the driver a blow job. He doesn't think, he just nods. The car stops. The guy is naked in the head lights, kneeling, sucking the driver's cock, and his dick is sticking out like an iron bar.

Ben and I sort of watched the DVD while we waited for the 'test' to continue, and when it came time for the male members of the 'cast' to have their solos I looked at Ben and he was looking at me, his eyes wide and a deer in the headlights look on his face. A strap on up the ass is one thing, making out with a guy was quite another matter. What the hell had we agreed to here?

When the girls returned from their bedroom conference, the moved their stools closer and when they went to sit down, the two women changed sides. I found myself looking into Sheri's pretty brown eyes.

Loir explained while Sheri handled the play by play.

"You can't see it Ben, but you can tell by the look on Arnie's face that your wife has taken hold of my husband's cock, and she did it something like this."

Ben looked surprised and then so very contented. My wife has very knowing hands and she certainly knows their way around my cock, my balls, and everywhere else she wants to put them.

I took a large sip from my drink; Ben's long look at my swinging hard-on had made me a little warm.

Sheri could feel my stirrings when Lori asked:

"So, no cocks for either one of you in school, huh."

Would she just shut up about the dicks. Talk about pussy or fishing or anything but cocks.

"How about later, we all grew up in the valley, either of you guys ever stray over the hill to Hollywood? A little experimenting; maybe searching out a gay bar and a little messing around in the back seat of a car?"


Sheri kept hold of my cock while Lori was asking about the back seat of a stranger's car. Only pulling away long enough to unbutton her blouse, unhook her bra, and drop them both behind her. Her breasts jutting toward me as she stretched then swayed invitingly when she straightened in her stool and wrapped her warm fingers around my hard cock.

You like my breasts, Arnie? She squeezed my cock and I noticed my own bare breasted wife doing something to Ben's cock under the table.

Sheri had slipped one hand down to my balls, but there was no way she missed the surge of lust that swelled my hard-on when Lori asked the next question:

"You're on a construction site, it's been hot week and you're one of the last guys to get your tools loaded up. A laborer you'd seen around the job site walks over with a couple of bottles of water. Handing you one, he offers to help you lift your heavy box of parts up into the pickup bed. After the box is in the truck, he leans against the side of the truck and mentions he's headed for another job out of state. He pulls a bottle of hand cream out of his pocket and the next thing you know he's got you pined against the side of your truck, his beefy forearm pressing you so tightly you can hardly breathe. You hadn't been paying much attention to what he was saying, but he has your attention now. You watch the bottle of hand cream he's tossing up in the air, catching it in his free hand. When your gaze returns to his eyes, he says 'sometimes when I leave a job, I get a chance to say goodbye in my own special way, and today is your lucky day. You have two choices here, either you drop your pants and let me pour this hand cream on your cock, or you take a week off while you ribs heal up.' Without waiting for an answer, he catches the bottle, puts it down on the bed of the truck, pulls your tool belt suspenders off one shoulder and unbuckles you belt. You know that if he pulls the other suspender down, the weight of the tools will pull your pants off and he will see that you don't have any underwear on. The question is: will you have a hard-on when he squeezes the slippery cream on your dick?"

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